Is 200 degrees to hot to smoke snack sticks in a 17mm casing?

スリランカ人女性のウィシュマ・サンダマリさん(当時33歳)が名古屋出入国在留管理局(名古屋市)で死亡してから8カ月。かつて入管トップと ...

2022.01.23 13:32 FDC24 Is 200 degrees to hot to smoke snack sticks in a 17mm casing?

I have a Weber Smokey Mountain, and with all the vents shut except the one in the lid its still at 200. I did put them only on the top rack because it’s typically a little bit cooler then the bottom rack where my probe is reading.
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2022.01.23 13:32 Sensitive-Ad-3327 Djenfados

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2022.01.23 13:32 Physical-Call-9710 Top floor

I just got a top floor gamepass, I'll pay for someone to make it, no furniture, name ur price
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2022.01.23 13:32 Alexijordonrtn i am waiting for you just visit and enjoy

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2022.01.23 13:32 Nohan07 Jean-Jacques Savin qui doit rejoindre les Antilles à la rame, en grande difficulté dans l'Atlantique

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2022.01.23 13:32 JuanFidel Playing The Beat

Playing The Beat
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2022.01.23 13:32 Ralfop Bathroom Kitchen Strip Water Stopper 1. Wiping off the water and dust on the ground. 2. Determining the position of the water retaining strip and mark it with a pen on the ground. 3. Remove the adhesive and install the water barrier in the marked position. 4. Seal the rubber strip at the position

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2022.01.23 13:32 SpaceGenesis Chvrches live at Terminal 5 (Second Show), New York City, NY, USA, 2021

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2022.01.23 13:32 that_one_guy-17 We do a little trolling

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2022.01.23 13:32 Platypushat Does anyone know the name of this pattern?

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2022.01.23 13:32 ShadowMewtwo100 Duplicate 5 star pain

So I just spent 500 leaf tickets to get Shino's shrine, only to get it free in a gift from a friend. Not sure how to feel about this.
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2022.01.23 13:32 Disastrousluck2022 27F Halo!!! Witty, funny (recovering from the damn virus) and attractive Virgo looking for her star-aligned Taurus to VC with! [FRIENDSHIP] [CHAT]

Disclaimer: I don't actually believe in Astrology. its just for shits and giggles. Reddit is barely a place to be serious.
Guten Abend!
WFH is back that means:>! afternoon naps!!!!. do you like to nap? !<
Well, WFH is back and god knows I'm going to finish all my work in less than half the time I've been assigned. This means I have a lot of time to do my favourite thing; talk to wonderful people of reddit!
I've meet some wonderful and a little less wonderful people here.
I can't wait see if I can find some interesting, fun people to have a chat with.
I will probably be moving to GENL pretty soon, if you're from there and looking for friends or activity partners, I'M GAME!

- Happy, Healthy and recently fit person. (read curvy)
- love my work, it used to be my hobby, but no more. Straight up Ikigai.

- a Taurus
- able to hold a conversation (over a voice call. i can't have a meaningful conversation on text. Please spare us both)
- happy and healthy yourself as well!

So, you wanna shoot the shit with me, hit me up with a small introduction of yourself and we'll take it from there!
See you in my inbox!
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2022.01.23 13:32 FaisalAli_91 Are politicians tampering with the voting process to change the outcomes of elections and grooming mass denial about it through their media?

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2022.01.23 13:32 SnooPineapples2579 Rocket Bunny 180sx

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2022.01.23 13:32 Old_Truth6995 DHOOMKETU the COMET | धूमकेतु एक कॉमेट | Comedy Short Movie for Family | Ruchi and Piyush

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2022.01.23 13:32 Crafty-Bunch-2675 How should a man deal with a real life situation of a female admirer at work ?

Have any of you seen the movie OBSESSED ? with Beyonce and Idris Elber ?
I am the man in a similar situation right now, and I am unsure how to deal with it.
I am the supervisor of a young woman who obviously has the hots for me.
In the movie...Idris Elber's mistake was not telling his wife when it started.
So I have tried taking ahead by constantly telling my wife of each instance the junior makes a pass on me, and I tell her how I respond in each instance.
But each time I tell my annoys her. And she says I should "do more to stop her."
In my defense. I never flirt back, and I always leave the office or go into a group setting whenever the junior gets too flirtatious
So what more do I do?
Nothing the junior has done reaches the criteria for sexual harrassment...and I'm trying not to make a big awkward confrontation out of my work environment.
Besides, its more socially acceptable for a woman to reject a man in an embarrassing fashion/than for a man to do it to a woman. The last thing I want is to reject her in front of the rest of the office, only for her to then invent a story to slander me the next day.
I can't control how the other woman behaves. I can only control my actions I have not cheated. I have not done anything inappropriate with her. That's the most I have control over.
I wish women understood...that its not always possible to control what "admirers" do.
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2022.01.23 13:32 whiteraven_429 My husband and I don’t have sex anymore. I’m starting to lose my mind.

As the title says. But it’s gotten to a point where I have explained to him how important it is that we have sex again. I need that connection, the intimacy, the affection. I’ve been struggling with my body image this entire time during and after pregnancy. I just started working out daily. I walk every day. I’m trying to feel better. I started a diet. He swears that it’s just that his labido is low right now. I just don’t want to feel shitty anymore. We’ve had sex once in the last year. And I know having a baby is hard and takes away from things (our LO is 6 almost 7 months), but our relationship is suffering because of it in the bonding aspect. He works 12 hour days and I understand that’s hard too, but holy fck. I don’t know how much longer in this dry spell I can go. I feel unlovable and gross. I went up 11 pants sizes (mainly due to my hips shifting) so I know I look different but cmon now. After expressing my feelings, still nothing. Someone please tell me shits going to be okay.
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2022.01.23 13:32 earth2moth blue

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2022.01.23 13:32 Affectionate_Bad_220 Senko pogers

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2022.01.23 13:32 SumSnowMan Weird GPU usage and FPS drop.

I have a GTX1660 super and a Ryzen 5 5600g. When playing the CPU sits around 11-15% on 4 of the threads. Meanwhile the GPU is sitting at 100% and 70ish framerate. Then all of the sudden the usage drops to 60% and the framerate goes to crap, sometimes it happens when entering towns, and sometimes it happens randomly in the middle of the New Mexico desert (It happens in all parts of map). I have tried different settings no dice, I haven't dug into windows power management, but power plan is on high performance. I am lost. Any tips?
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2022.01.23 13:32 memoriesofcold Sanders says Republicans are 'laughing all the way to Election Day'

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2022.01.23 13:32 Pooter200 LF: shiny vulpix. FT: shiny ralts, shiny chingling, shiny machop, shiny budew, if there's a specific pokemon you're looking for I don't mind hunting for one.

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2022.01.23 13:32 Salsa-Brava Ich (F/35 Jahre) - lebe seit 3 Jahren Vollzeit auf einem Segelboot als Digitaler Nomade

Ich bin nicht am Meer oder mit Segelbooten aufgewachsen und lebe (auch momentan im Winter, auf Kreta) auf einem Segelboot und vermeide es möglichst in Häfen/Marinas zu sein und vor Anker zu leben.
:) Fragen?
(Nein ich bin nicht mit einem goldenen Löffel im H"""" aufgewachsen und habe mir das Geld fürs Boot lange erarbeitet. Ich besitze weder ein Auto noch ein Haus usw.)
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2022.01.23 13:32 Marechal64 Advice for negotiating salary?

Hi, what are some good tips / tactics for negotiating salary?
For context I started a new role (promotion) a year ago. I went from being at the very top of my last role’s pay bracket to the lower end of this one.
I’m mid 20s and earn circa £50k p.a working in Finance. This is composed of a base of £40k with the rest in bonuses.
I have a pay rise of circa 7% which will occur in February.
The challenge I have is that I accepted this role (it was only a slight pay rise of about 15%) despite being much more responsibility on the promise that we’d renegotiate my salary after the first year.
Going external I could earn a base of £60k (with bonuses pushing this to £70k+) but I really value home / work balance I have as a result of this job.
Sorry for the ramble - but really I’m just after tips to negotiate my salary upwards as much as possible.
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2022.01.23 13:32 Jox251 Not a meme, but needed

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