Armor marks by legion?

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2022.01.17 16:01 brekiy Armor marks by legion?

Looking to start a "paint the legions" project this year, starting with 1 tac squad per legion. I wanted to know if there were bits of fluff that would show which legions preferred which armor marks and stuff like that. Color schemes and markings are nice too but I can find those much more easily. I already know that Horus meddled with supply lines and that traitor legions got a ton of MKIV suits, but that's about it.
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2022.01.17 16:01 jatin_vision Ralph Emery, the Dick Clark of Country Music, dies at age 88

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2022.01.17 16:01 positivemango8 Would you say I'm pear shaped?

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2022.01.17 16:01 new-places-1234 After a few terrible days of unsuccessful searching for V-day squish, called a Cracker Barrel 30 mins away from me and they had one Sophie left. Then walked in and saw Babs! Just wanted to share my happiness and remind y’all sometimes searching sucks, but sticking with it is worth it.

After a few terrible days of unsuccessful searching for V-day squish, called a Cracker Barrel 30 mins away from me and they had one Sophie left. Then walked in and saw Babs! Just wanted to share my happiness and remind y’all sometimes searching sucks, but sticking with it is worth it. submitted by new-places-1234 to squishmallow [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 16:01 autotldr 'National suicide': Lebanon's electrical grid has collapsed due to lack of funding, forcing people to resort to more expensive back-up generators fueled by politically-connected importers

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In the end, more money was spent in 2021 on diesel imports for back-up generators - much of it subsidized by the central bank - than for fuel for the loss-making public utility Électricité du Liban, L'Orient Today estimates from its analysis of fuel arrivals and Finance Ministry data.
L'Orient Today calculated its figures using models for estimating Lebanon's generator fuel consumption - employed in Lebanon's official greenhouse gas emission reports and a World Bank study - as well as an analysis of detailed statistics of monthly fuel arrivals provided by the Energy Ministry's Directorate General of Oil, a price history of diesel cargoes on the Mediterranean market and EDL data.
L'Orient Today estimates close to 15.2 million tons of imported diesel were used to fuel the country's growing dependence on generators in that time.
While diesel fuel is used for other purposes - including heating, manufacturing, fishing and agriculture as well as road freight - generators take up the lion's share of the fuel.
Ayoub, a critic of fuel importers, concurs, telling L'Orient Today that the country's private sector fuel importers can count on several ways and channels to "Indirectly influence political decision-making."
Lebanon imported more diesel in 2020 for the local market than in any previous year - just shy of 3 million tons - with private sector fuel importers holding 67 percent of the market share.
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2022.01.17 16:01 jacksglt03 Theory: UK vs The World was created for the sole purpose to crown Jujubee

(This is a theory, not based off any spoilers)
Hear me out… these are the reasons I believe this theory is true. Feel free to share your opinions below…

Just to be clear, I am absolutely happy for this to be true because I am a Jujubee stan. Just keeping my fingers crossed
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2022.01.17 16:01 Qoki12 I am not okay

I am 29 years old. I have had severe anxiety and depression for a while now. I for a while now have been experiencing this recurrent thoughts that keep getting louder and louder, that I wont live that long. I am not suicidal but I keep feeling that I may pass away soon. My mind has weirdly come to terms with this and I'm not scared of it. This is however affecting my ability to plan my future or do anything to better my relationships, my career or education as I feel like there is no point if I wont be here that long. Has anyone else ever experienced this, and is it normal??
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2022.01.17 16:01 chairbornebg Руски академик: Липсата на антитела не значи, че липсва имунитет към Ковид-19

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2022.01.17 16:01 iamgarffi Astell&Kern SP1000m built in storage - confused?

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2022.01.17 16:01 CozyBadguy Fun, fresh, end game with style my people. [PC][XB1][PS4]

Friends, homies, androids... we are the Island Toys... full gang gang slang (lol). We are a group of gamers who are skilled but just started and decided to create a clan to do everything fresh rather than be carried. We are looking to add a few more members so we can run two raid teams at once plus a few alternates. We will keep the clan small though, probably a max of 20-30, so people can play together to build chemistry and camaraderie. This is a great place for new players who want to do end game and old players recently returning to the game.

Clan details:
- Mostly EST weeknights and weekend players. - Focused on end game but EVEN MORE focused on fun, positivity, and laughter... we play to have a good time. Jokes fly as much as bullets when we play as a group. - Raiding already, cleared VOG on our first try with the clan less than two weeks old. Multiple runs a week from here on out. We will be farming content to pick up the best drops until witch queen releases. - We're mostly adult professionals with a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. - All are welcome. The only things we don't welcome are hate and negative attitudes, with the former being the only thing that can get you booted. -Active Discord but we sometimes use in-game chat for content to accommodate the console players.
Hit me up on Discord if you also kick it with that gang gang slang.
- Cozy Discord: Cozybadguy#8607 Clan Page:
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2022.01.17 16:01 Free_Cut_3601 Am I looking at a Ragdoll? He's a stray hanging out at my house. More info in comments.

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2022.01.17 16:01 yyzworker Gardiner Expressway reopens but part of DVP remains closed as GTA digs out from major winter storm

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2022.01.17 16:01 Lizards867 [OC] Berries! Succulent, delectable berries!

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2022.01.17 16:01 wavedrown9 [FRESH] Yard Act - Pour Another

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2022.01.17 16:01 artsyRiira Good critique is appreciated :)

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2022.01.17 16:01 Colinmacus “We must come to see that the end we seek is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

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2022.01.17 16:01 JK1504 Welp.. it’s a FaZe X reskin

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2022.01.17 16:01 Independent_Light965 Update on “I’m terrified of my fiancé finding out I’m getting an abortion”

I just wanted to update people that I am safe, I had a successful medical termination January 5, 2022. I did have my car checked for any tracking devices and nothing was found. I changed my accounts such as my Google and iCloud since Google was able to track my every move (I think this is how my fiancé knew where I was) this isn’t a “I made it out” post. I’m not there yet. I had a long talk with him about his threats and I asked him how he knew where I was. I didn’t get a full answer, but we decided to just openly share locations with each other. I told him about my termination and he’s not handling that well but wants us to get married within a month, I told him he’s always threatening to kill me so no I don’t know if I want to get married. We had an argument he said it again, I called my mom and told her to come quickly which she did and I told her what he said and he didn’t deny it. Someone in my life knows now. My mom says Mexican men say things like that out of frustration but they don’t mean it, she told him not to say those things because I wasn’t fully raised in that culture and I would call the cops. My entire family loves him, as do I. He just said if I left he’d kill me. (I don’t believe he will, I think he just says things out of frustration and anger) I told him I wouldn’t leave, I’m not. But I won’t bring kids into this world with him. So the update is he knows about the abortion, we’re openly sharing locations now (for my peace of mind I like to think it’s me allowing him to know and trusting him to know) and he’s wanting us to move away from my family and start new in a new state. He thinks my family is toxic and wants to send me to visit his family for a few months in Mexico while he settles us down in a new state.
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2022.01.17 16:01 Psychological_Menu46 Love goes out to Beautiful Slovenia! (Lake Bled)

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2022.01.17 16:01 _or-ion_ this is what happens when you accept drugs from pale businessment

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2022.01.17 16:01 ZoolShop Europe reports a rising cases of severe flu viruses, concerns over a prolonged 'Twindemic' | WION - WION

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2022.01.17 16:01 jatin_vision How Intel is dealing with the global chip shortage, plans for Arc GPUs, more

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2022.01.17 16:01 Icy_Maybe8609 [Monitor] Gigabyte G27Q 27" 1440p 144Hz IPS 1ms - $269.99 ($329.99 - $40 - $20 w/ rebate card)

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2022.01.17 16:01 chairbornebg Канадското здравно министерство одобри таблетките на "Пфайзер" срещу КОВИД-19

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2022.01.17 16:01 dcaraccio Queue

I'd like to think I'm not an entitled little asshole or anything, but if I drop 120$ on a game, I damn well better be able to play it whenever I want to, stuck in a 13k queue. But like, upgrade your damn server capacity tarkov....
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