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So it begins

2022.01.20 10:08 DannyDodge67 So it begins

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2022.01.20 10:08 mjcponce Did you know that #GenesisShards has upcoming update regarding Genpad and Metaverse?? Presenting -- GENVERSE The NFT Collectible Characters. Join us 👇 #GenesisShards #NFT #GenPad #DeFi #IDO $GS

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2022.01.20 10:08 Marvynwillames [book excerpt: Devastation of Baal] Carceri Arcanum, the Blood Angel's Dark Cells

The Dark Cells are a place where the Emperor and the Custodes hide things that can potentially destroy the Imperium, from Dark Age tech to xenos artifacts to things from nightmares. However, they aren't the only with ancient vaults of dangerous stuff, some marine chapters also got them.
In the days before Leviathan's arrival, Mephiston paid a visit to said prision.

There were places in the Carceri Arcanum that actively denied the working of technology. Mephiston paused at the border of one, took up a torch of rare, resinous Baalian wood from a rack, lit it with a small fusion torch hanging by a chain from the crumbling brickwork, and went deeper within. Firelight supplemented the weak glow of the biolumen globes riveted to the vaulted ceiling. Water dripped from somewhere ahead. Baal was as dry as bone dust; the liquid came from some other place and time.
No one knew who had built the Carceri Arcanum. They were some of the oldest parts of the fortress monastery, if not the oldest. It had been suggested they predated the volcano they burrowed under, but they were of brick, and seemed to have been made by human hand, whereas the volcano was estimated to be over seven million years old. The tunnels had many peculiar qualities. If mapped against Baal’s physical terrain, they should have gone miles outside the Arx Murus, but there was no sign of them. Once, a curious Librarian had ordered a pit dug into the desert sands where the tunnels should surely be. He found the ruins of a defence complex abandoned after the sundering of the Legion, and no tunnels.
Many mysteries were attached to the Carceri Arcanum, but only one certainty, and that was that they were anomalous in every respect. They resonated with the warp, amplifying the power of the librarius. Because of this affinity, Mephiston held court in the Circle of Consonance at their centre, where his Quorum Empyric met to discuss matters of sorcery and the soul.
The Carceri Arcanum served a further useful purpose. Deep underground, only partially contained within mundane reality and with a fierce source of empyrical energy to tap, they were a fine place to house the Chapter’s most dangerous relics. The tunnel that Mephiston took led away from the centre of the labyrinth down one of its lengthy spurs. Short corridors curved off the passageway, their shadows resistant to his torch. In those corridors adamantium doors barred cells where ancient weapons languished. A sword which slew any foe, but that kindled the Black Rage swiftly in its wielder. The full armour of the bloodmad Chapter Master Araclaes, whose reign ended in such disaster for the Chapter it had been struck from every record. The skull of the haemonculus of Baal, a creature whose falsehoods almost brought the Blood Angels low.
There were devices salvaged from dead worlds, dangerous technology that had survived the fall of Old Night, idols to alien gods, cracked force wands whose splinters allowed a direct view into other realities, cursed blades, the shattered bodies of Necron lords held prisoner in stasis, bolters that fired true every time but which required the blood of the innocent to function, the crowns of insane emperors and the banners of fallen squads whose histories were blacker than the void. These and worse things were interred there.
As Mephiston went past the galleries of cells, the sense of strangeness clinging to the place grew. The grinding thump of heavy machinery rumbled the brick, though there was no machinery there. Ghost lights flickered across distant passages, daring chase. Shadowy shapes blinked glowing eyes from inconstant corridors. At one junction the thunder of a waterfall was carried on a cold draft that smelled enticingly of water, but if the sound were followed, both smell and sound petered out, and the explorer was confronted by a collapsed section of tunnel full of bones and black sand.
Mephiston strode by all these wonders and horrors. None held any danger for the likes of him. The end of the corridor was where the librarius ended, and whatever lay beyond it began.
The sandy floor of the Carceri Arcanum stopped at an iron door rough and purple with oxidisation, but the warding symbols on it were clear to see for those with the right kind of sight. To Mephiston’s eyes they glowed. He rapped three times on the door with the head of his torch, causing it to sputter and shower sparks over the ground.
With an unearthly moan, the door opened inward. Mephiston stepped through. His torch guttered out in a breeze rich with incense. It was so black that his sensitive eyes were blind. His warp sight was dulled by the counter runes painted on the walls. He saw only these, and then as a feeble glow.
Before he left the room, Mephiston drew his sword.
A chamber of marked contrast to Marest’s atrium greeted him. A smooth cylinder of rockcrete dropped away down to a machine comprising an upright disc spinning round at ferocious speed, shooting out noisy blue sparks. Embossed steel skulls around the shaft’s circumference stared up at him with bloodstone eyes. The cylinder was saturated with red light, the short bursts of electric blue mixing painfully into it. The limbless torsos of servitors were embedded in alcoves in the cylinder wall level with the top of the disc. Lidless eyes held the disc in eternal vigilance.
This unit accepted energy remotely broadcast from Idalia to power the vault’s mechanisms, for unlike in the greater undercroft, there were machines in the Vault of Marest, special devices shielded from the odd effects of the Carceri Arcanum. Using the power of Idalia, they formed the random energies coursing along the brick corridors and made of them strong psychic walls that none could penetrate. The Vault of Marest was a prison above all else. Every part of its physical and metaphysical fabric was dedicated to the purpose of confinement.
Dozens of fell things were kept inside. In the wider Carceri Arcanum were articles touched by Chaos, but those inside the vault were wholly of it. They were things that could not be destroyed for fear of unleashing the evil they contained, or simply because they were not destructible in any understandable way.
A catwalk ran around the circumference of the room. A single, silver-plated door led out again, covered in warding signs.
Mephiston went through this other door into the only pure chamber in the vault, and one of the largest: the Ecclesia Obscura. His footsteps echoed from distant walls. Stained-glass windows depicting scenes from Sanguinius’ life filtered light from an unknown source. No dust danced in the slanting beams, for the air was extensively scrubbed on its way in and out of the vaults by psychically active atmospheric filters. Whispers from the pallid scholiasts who inhabited the place murmured from the stones.
This was the home of the Scrolls of Sanguinius. In the vault they were safe from all harm, psychic or physical. Fifteen scroll casings as big as men hung in stasis fields, their tops closed with wire crimped shut with lead seals. Mephiston paused by the casings, closing his eyes and allowing the sanctity of his long-dead lord bathe his soul. Something in him recoiled at the touch of Sanguinius’ power, but he held his mind full in the fire, shuddering as it purified him.
Nothing else of goodness was kept in the Vault of Marest. The purity of the scrolls acted as a barrier to the evils that were housed in the deeper chambers.
Doors hummed with caged warp power. Grey rockcrete gave way to warded adamantium and back again. Each room was specifically tailored to the evil of whatever it contained, bespoke creations that melded warp sorcery and science. Whole tunnels had been adapted as cells for the larger obscenities. Giant pits had been dug into the unearthly soil, lined with sanctified silver and roofed with bars of purest iron. Sanguinius’ symbol was everywhere. Glass-fronted boxes projected hololithic symbols anathema to the working of the warp. Combat servitors prowled the complex, their brain cases stamped with counterspells, the first line of defence should anything escape. Maintenance constructs trundled by, constantly monitoring for malfunction, ready to summon aid from the forge to fix what they could not repair themselves.
Not everything there was an artefact. Some things had life, or a semblance of life, and were capable of action on their own.
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2022.01.20 10:08 Commercial-Ticket526 FUCK YOU people that talk behind my back and using every little flaw I have against me

Go lay on a train rail so I can live peacefully.
I have to endure the presence of dumbfucks around me everyday who are so fucking insecure about themselves that they need to make others feel worse.
Fuck your life and fuck society for it's norms which are the reason I can't say it right in your face because then everybody would believe I'm mentally ill (maybe I am, but who cares)!
Go die.
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2022.01.20 10:08 username2468_memes Help me find running earbuds that will actually work

My old bose soundsport frees are completely broken (case split in half, buttons falling out, fit nowhere near what it used to be). So, I've been looking for new running earbuds.
So far, I've tried the Jabra Elite Active 75t, Bose Sport, and Ultimate Ears Fits. I must have weird ears because the first two had a genuinely painful fit, which is what led me to the UE Fits. While those fit, they had absolutely abysmal sound quality - they sound worse than $2 walmart earbuds I've tried in the past.
Anyone have any recommendations?
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2022.01.20 10:08 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Erdogan pledges to tackle record inflation in Turkey | DW News ¦ DW News on Youtube

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2022.01.20 10:08 yyzworker Premier Ford to make announcement as sources say COVID-19 restrictions will ease for restaurants

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2022.01.20 10:08 Motticin Got my retard message.

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2022.01.20 10:08 Layhenkeai GHB changed?

Hi guys, I just noticed that my dmg in GHB doubled for the single target boss. And actually during the battle, I saw 2-line dmg there. So is not a single target boss anymore? Or is a bug?
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2022.01.20 10:08 coindicators Daily Top Reddit - Messages

Daily Top Reddit - Messages Daily Top Reddit - Messages
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2022.01.20 10:08 Zaqzorn Double Faces Help

I have this bug that only shows up when I go to use an item. I have tried many things to fix it. it doesn't do it on the battle menu only the use item one. any ideas?
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2022.01.20 10:08 CodApprehensive526 From your friendly upside down British Texan people :D

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2022.01.20 10:08 scuffo_ THIS is why you don't troll people kids.

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2022.01.20 10:08 ShokPlay Need a ride home? Only if I can ride you first (iftr)

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2022.01.20 10:08 JE_12 LC, did Mitchell & Ness Make throwback jerseys with current players early on? The tags look legit

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2022.01.20 10:08 basementcat13 Mana Crystals?! I must be dreaming! 💎

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2022.01.20 10:08 Safe-Ad4367 So I did a lil investigating/stalking on heathers old “worker” accounts - does this not sound similar to what she said happened to her with Dylan?

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2022.01.20 10:08 MavisTailXx W/F/L

Me: Mon cheri Skirt!
Them: December Dream Heels and Wedges in Wonderland!
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2022.01.20 10:08 Mysterious_Square_57 Strengthening faith?

I’ve been in sort of a panicky/anxiety state this past week due to not knowing what I wanted to pursue in the future in terms of my career. I felt very lost and discouraged and just overall in a bad place which happens to the best of us sometimes.
I decided to sit down and mediate for a bit. I was agnostic for a while, despite being raised catholic. As of recently, I found myself drawn to religion again and I’ve been trying to reconnect/find my faith. I sat down and asked for guidance, help, encouragement, and the feeling that everything will be okay.
Well after spending some time trying to work through my original issue, I ended up finding a solution to my problem and now I feel as if the path is clearer and everything will truly be alright. I have almost this sense of warmth and comfort. I just feel very grateful right now in this moment and want some further tips on strengthening/building my relationship with god and religion once again.
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