Booka Shade - Hallelujah USA (2016 Remaster) [Blaufield Music]

2022.01.20 11:34 assagitaz Booka Shade - Hallelujah USA (2016 Remaster) [Blaufield Music]

Publisher: Blaufield Music
Out Date: 2022-01-18
Quality: MP3 5.08 Mb / AIFF 22.28 Mb
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Booka Shade - Hallelujah USA (2016 Remaster) / (Key Dm, BPM 94, Length 2:06)​
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2022.01.20 11:34 dimyourscreen 华灯初上讨论楼

最近看了, 真香! 苏妈妈真是太好看太有气质了! 不是很确定凶手是谁, 好多人说子维,我觉得肯定不是。大家觉得凶手是谁呢?
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2022.01.20 11:34 -r4zi3l- Any of these feel familiar?

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2022.01.20 11:34 Future_Breakfast_647 (16 m) rate me / give advice

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2022.01.20 11:34 ArcadR_jpg Bug? Puzzle 31609731 [Appears in bottom left corner]

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2022.01.20 11:34 SCP-faundation Hand (hand)

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2022.01.20 11:34 RaceyDesiWithNoFacey Men of reddit, what's the kindest way a woman can tell you she isn't interested in anything more than friendship?

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2022.01.20 11:33 Waste_Win_6451 TFBX

My big love iş tfbx
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2022.01.20 11:33 AccomplishedCress726 Order Mechanics

If order cards can’t be attacked directly by creatures, why do they allow relics to target creatures with order? I understand spells being able to get through but it doesn’t make much sense with direct relic attacks.
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2022.01.20 11:33 nikgff Fred and George and the marauders map

So I was rewatching PoA yesterday and something that I never realized before is how did Fred and George figure out the password to the map?? Was that ever explained in the books? Last time I read the third book was a long time ago maybe I’m forgetting something
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2022.01.20 11:33 Prestigious_Serve670 Bruh this guy dodged me for the longest time, but finally he’s in my possession

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2022.01.20 11:33 Hombre_De_Maiz Followup To Why Legend Comics Is Moving

Legends moving was discussed quite a bit here. This is the reason for all the shifting: Noddle is building 19 townhomes on Leavenworth.
The resulting moves are knock-on effects from this project.
I hadn't seen this mentioned in those discussions and thought some might be interested.
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2022.01.20 11:33 bassistheplace246 Gee, I wonder why are there so many people quitting restaurant and hotel/restaurant jobs? 🤔🤔

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2022.01.20 11:33 snowman3000 Requesting advice about Legion 5 purchase with external monitor

Hi all,
I found a Legion 5 laptop with CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5800H and GPU RTX 3070. It has only one SSD 512 GB and RAM 16 Gb.
The price of this Legion 5 is 1200 pounds. For comparison, the Legion 5i with same specifics costs 1570 pounds and the 7i (although with 1Tb SSD) would cost me 1860.
Budget is not exactly the problem but of course I care about what's the best value for money given my setup. I would only use it for gaming, with a 2k external monitor or 2k on television and I don't care about battery life. I am a little bit worried about potential fan noise and overheating due to insufficient thermals compared to Lenovo 7.
I have been told that since I game on an external monitor, the Legion 5 would be fantastic for me since 5 Pro and 7 mostly bring to the table things I would not notice in this setup. Of course Intel might make a difference, but I have never used g-sync or freesync so I am not sure I would notice it either.
Any thoughts?
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2022.01.20 11:33 ogchowdhury Don't miss opportunity

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2022.01.20 11:33 Bonus1Fact Biden Chief Of Staff Klain Says Admin Wasn’t Surprised By Delta Despite Harris Admitting They Were ¦ GOPWR on Youtube

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2022.01.20 11:33 Opposite_Boring crusty ear & a little bit of pus after sizing up? (please read the whole thing)

Hey guys!
I've been at 10mm for about a year and a half; I've finally decided to size up to a 12mm (it fit to the next size without any hassle or pain as I've been wearing glass and stone plugs over the last year and a half, so there's been some gradual stretching)
I put some jojoba oil in my ear prior to stretching however I'm finding my apartment to be exceptionally dry and I think the stretch and general dry skin has been irritating to my left ear. My right is however is completely fine, no issues. I noticed last night it's a little tender with some pus and it just looks a little raw.
I have a humidifier running most of the day, and I'm cleaning and moisturizing the area x 2 a day. I'm just wondering if anyone has gone through this and can help. I'm scared in a couple months when I try to size up again that I'm going to struggle with this dryness and maybe someone can offer tips for the future so I can minimize dry lobes? Admittingly, I haven't been the best at moisturizing my ears over the years that I've had my lobes stretched; so maybe it's time I add this to my skin care routine.

I've always struggled with awful eczema during the winter (especially this year it's been almost 2x the dryness it's ever been for my skin in general)
Thank you so much for those who read and can offer some advice, you're appreciated!
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2022.01.20 11:33 RiceCooker8055BH 🛑BORROW RATE 78%🛑 Availability 100k shares for loan as more retail entered the market. Net shorts remain intact except they change owner with DWAC/GME & DWAC/AMC asset swap 💥MOASS is coming💥whale 🐋 collecting $77-$74, day trader selling $86-$88, barrier protection $100, stop-loss $105-$112

🛑BORROW RATE 78%🛑 Availability 100k shares for loan as more retail entered the market. Net shorts remain intact except they change owner with DWAC/GME & DWAC/AMC asset swap 💥MOASS is coming💥whale 🐋 collecting $77-$74, day trader selling $86-$88, barrier protection $100, stop-loss $105-$112 submitted by RiceCooker8055BH to DWAC_Stock [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 11:33 ewdavidddd Confirmed positive Jan 4. Recovered and now have sore throat again.

I tested positive PCR & home test January 4. I had an awful sore throat and aches. I recovered but now I’m sick again with a sore throat, congestion, and seems like I’m losing some taste. Could it already be Covid again? Has this happened to anyone else?
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2022.01.20 11:33 NatsWorldSeries19 Day 🤚 - five!

I feel like I am starting to regain my the balance in my head, emotions turn bipolar for me with betting and that is so unhealthy to live that way. Anyone else feel that way or notice those changes in mood?
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2022.01.20 11:33 jimillett Fun guy helping daughter prep for her science test

Last night I pulled a classic dad joke on my daughter. Normally this would make anyone groan but because my daughter is cool like me she loved it.
We were studying for her science vocabulary test. When we came to the word “organism”
she said: “Any living thing. Like an animal, plant or fungi”
I said: “You know people think I’m a fun guy (fungi)”
(Pause) she looks at me….
Her: “Oh I get it! “ then we laugh as she explains the joke I made. She’s 9.
Classic… My daughter is going to make a great “dad” one day…
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2022.01.20 11:33 Old_Quarter ЦБ предложил запретить оборот и майнинг криптовалют в России

ЦБ хочет запретить выпуск, обмен и обращение криптовалют в России. Регулятор предлагает ввести ответственность за эти действия, а также за использование криптовалют для платежей. В криптовалюте ЦБ видит риски для курса рубля.
Банк России предлагает ввести запрет на выпуск, обращение и обмен криптовалют, а также на организацию этих операций на территории России. Соответствующие предложения содержатся в докладе регулятора для общественных консультаций.
В декабре 2021 года агентство Reuters сообщило, что ЦБ хочет запретить инвестиции в криптовалюты на территории страны из-за риска финансовой нестабильности. В день публикации доклада Bloomberg со ссылкой на собственные источники сообщил, что глава ЦБ Эльвира Набиуллина согласилась запретить криптовалюты в России под влиянием Федеральной службы безопасности. По словам источников агентства, это нужно, чтобы исключить возможность пожертвований для нежелательных организаций и СМИ-иноагентов. В конце 2021 года Набиуллина выступила против использования российской финансовой инфраструктуры для сделок с криптовалютами: «Криптовалюты несут большие риски для розничных инвесторов из-за высокой волатильности и использования в незаконной деятельности, поэтому мы не можем приветствовать вложения в такого рода активы».
Что предлагает ЦБ
*Ввести ответственность за нарушение запрета на использование криптовалюты в качестве средства платежа за товары, работы и услуги, продаваемые и покупаемые российскими юридическими и физическими лицами. *Запретить организацию выпуска и сам выпуск, а также организацию обращения и обмена криптовалюты на территории России, в том числе криптобиржами, криптообменниками, p2p-платформами (платформы для проведения денежных переводов между физлицами). *Установить ответственность за нарушение данного запрета. Для этого необходимо разработать механизмы выявления операций и лиц, которые их осуществляют после введения запрета, механизмы блокировки операций по покупке или продаже криптовалют за фиатную валюту (то есть за обычные деньги), а также определить органы, на которые будут возложены полномочия по реализации этих мер. *Ввести на законодательном уровне запрет для финансовых организаций на собственные вложения в криптовалюты и связанные с ними финансовые инструменты, запрет на использование российских финансовых посредников и инфраструктуры при любых операциях с криптовалютой (приобретение, платежи и переводы) и для способствования подобным операциям, в том числе по хранению или по содействию принятию рисков через деривативы (ЦБ отмечает, что риски несет не только прямое владение криптовалютой, но и инвестиции в производные финансовые инструменты на нее). *Также Банк России хочет развивать мониторинг рисков, связанных с вложениями в криптовалюты. Сейчас ЦБ вместе с банками выявляет такие риски через мониторинг p2p-платежей, которые могут проводиться для покупки или продажи криптовалюты. По мнению российского регулятора, дальше необходимо выстроить взаимодействие с регуляторами иностранных криптовалютных бирж, доработать международные соглашения об обмене информацией для включения в них сведений об операциях российских клиентов на криптобиржах, а также обеспечить получение на регулярной основе у иностранных платежных систем информации о совершении платежей российскими резидентами с целью приобретения криптовалюты, в том числе с использованием платежных карт. «В настоящее время у зарубежных платежных систем уже реализована маркировка операций по приобретению криптовалюты», — объясняется в докладе. Еще одно предложение ЦБ: организовать информационный обмен между ФНС, ЦБ и Росфинмониторингом. Например, инфообмен с ФНС поможет установить, что человек владеет криптовалютой, поскольку в Госдуме уже рассматривается законопроект о порядке ее декларирования.
От сюда
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2022.01.20 11:33 murdoch625 so as we all know the scrap merchants will do anything to reduce the price they pay but this story one of my dads good friends told him was a bit over the top 🤣

so his name is Derrick and he collected scrap for a year then every december he took it to the “scrappys” and cashed it all in for a christmas bonus, well this particular year he had found a hell of a lot of copper pipe of various sizes, so he decided to put a couple of the smaller sizes inside the bigger to save on storage space and then done the usual stuff, flattened it out then folded it, fast forward to december he goes to his usual “scrappys” and they are out of business due to some unknown reason, he decides to go to this other guy he’d been told about that paid a fair price, so he goes and he’s getting his stuff weighed and this guy sees the folded pipe and says to Derrick “ehh that pipe looks a bit… thick are you sure thats all copper bud” Derrick says “aye pal its just bigger pipe with smaller sizes inside it” so this guy goes “i don’t believe you i think you’ve filled the pipe with sand or something like that” so the argue a bit and then this guy decides to cut every single piece of pipe in half with a grinder to make sure it was just copper, and his face was so red after cutting maybe 200+ bits of folded up copper pipe and finding nothing but copper and dust 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i was in stitches laughing when my dad told me that story 🤣🤣🤣 so at the end of the day that scrap merchant became “that tight bastard”
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2022.01.20 11:33 MemeTurk Shiba2k22 | Shiba 2.0 on bsc | 8k holders in 8 days | Shibatoshi nakamoto joined as advisor 🚀

Welcome to SHIBA2K22 the SHIBA 2.0 on Binance Smart Chain
SHIBA2K22 was launched on 11th Jan 2022 and in 8 days the project has been skyrocketing with crazy community backing up the coin. THE NEXT BIG MOONSHOT OF 2022
The Video Chat remains open 24/7 hour on their telegram which is crazy because they RAID/SHILL on twitter, telegram and reddit every single day and crushing it. Go search on Twitter their #SHIBA2K22 #SHIBA2K22ARMY It is trending every single day, because the community behind it is too POWERFUL. This should remind you of GAMESTOP REDDIT COMMUNITY, their impact was so strong that they made HEDGE FUNDS file for bankruptcy. SHIBA2K22 community is exactly the same bringing the same impact, the community is too powerful.

This project is so impressive that they took the attention of world renowned SHIBA INU (CO FOUNDER) Shibatoshi Nakamoto who was the co founder of SHIBA INU on ERC20 He was so impressed with what the community was doing on Twitter, he decided to jump on board and advise the core team to bring the SHIBA 2.0 to the next level.
He has advised the core team to prepare the project to do cross chain to Polygon to have trading pair with $MATIC/$SHIBA22
Impressive Tokenomics:
1 Quadrillion Total Supply 49% Initial Burn 51% Circulating
CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x768b88c10e24b8947398734aee37f376c6ecce97
Inital MC: $144k Current MC: $2.8M ATH MC: $5M
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2022.01.20 11:33 mrmomento "Out for the Count" Made 3 years ago in Captura.

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