Nuclear energy gains support, but current producers plan no new reactors [in Finland]

2022.01.17 04:08 jadebenn Nuclear energy gains support, but current producers plan no new reactors [in Finland]

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2022.01.17 04:08 1erdn What do you think? Rate map from 1 to 10

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2022.01.17 04:08 spiritthebrave Wrocław, Poland

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2022.01.17 04:08 SkepTones Absolutely horrible ground textures in BF1, settings maxxed out on a 3060ti/ Ryzen 5 3600 system. What gives?

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2022.01.17 04:08 OfficialRedhed [LFC] Maya Moonweaver, the Drow Water-Genasi Babe

Commission details below; will provide reference images!
Character Description
Race/Background: Maya is the strange combination of a Drow (Dark Elf) mother and a Water Genasi father, and follows the celestial bloodline of a goddess of beauty. Maya is considered to be the most attractive woman on the Material Plane, and this was confirmed by the goddess Ioun, the Knowing Mistress.
Before You Go Further: To address the prevalence of Maya being hot going forward: part of her backstory has involved uncovering why she has been gifted with unmatched beauty. She is descendant of Lolth, the Spider Queen, a goddess with a domain in beauty.
Physical Appearance: Her skin is a light indigo color, her hair is long and neon-blue that flows like water, and her eyes are a a darker indigo. She is the definition of a slim-thicc build, and quite busty (probably on the DDD to G side).
Outfit/Clothing: Her color scheme is strictly blue, black, and silver. She wears a form-fitting and moderately revealing outfit that allows her to be dexterous, but also with some flair (gotta have a little cleavage, c'mon). A blue scarf hangs around her neck. Her arms are sleeveless, but one arm has black wraps that come up just below her shoulder. She has black gloves on both hands, and black boots that rise up below her knees.
FlavoClass: Maya is both a monk and a powerful wizard, and she is nearly a level 20 character in my year-long campaign. She excels in charming people and using wateice spells.
Weapon: She carries an artifact sword called the Star Razor. The blade itself was reforged and gives the appearance of shimmering waves of water. She carries this in her left hand.
Equipment: She also carries an ancient tome made by a long-dead magocracy of incredible power. It's thick, ornate, and wear she keeps all of her spells written down.
Pose: Anything provocative. She knows she's very attractive and likes to show off.
Commission Information
That's Maya in a quick synopsis. She was never meant to be a lasting NPC, but she's unnaturally hot (because the dice rolled that way), so the players took a liking to her.
As far as the format, I would want it to be a full-body piece with color.
Time Limit: Literally whenever you can do it. This campaign has been going on for over a year, but it's coming to a close in about 4-6 months.
Pricing: Not sure? I'll put a cap of $100 on it for right now, but we can discuss for either more or less depending on how much I'm asking for. I've been furloughed from my job since the pandemic hit, so my I'm trying to be semi-smart with money right now.
Pose: In the reference images!
The images below are for reference. The character is the combination of different aspects from each of the images, so I'd have to be more specific and talk it out with you about what goes where.
Hope to talk more about this soon! Looking forward to finally having a consolidated piece of art to represent Maya Moonweaver!
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2022.01.17 04:08 ContentForager2 Threw some light strips in the woodshed! (/r/Hue)

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2022.01.17 04:08 cutiepiedaily k

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2022.01.17 04:08 BTD_Knives Old Knives Clean Up Nicely

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2022.01.17 04:08 josetheconquerer What the husband and I call OW Characters.

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2022.01.17 04:08 EternalJadedGod Campaign Suggestions

The following is the basic idea I have for the campaign, however, I would appreciate suggestions, especially for incorporating the Zhentarium and the Pirate Lords of Luskan more.

Campaign Basic -

Umberlee, Goddess of the Sea, bring her power to the coastal cities of the Sword Coast. Umberlee feels slighted by the wane in worship, and the uptick in her rival’s worship, Vulkar. Using her influence with other evil aquatic deities like Sekolah, Umberlee is driving the sea towards the coastal cities of Faerun, starting with the small town of Saltmarsh, and its neighbors Thornhold and Leilon.
To this end, Umberlee has called upon the aid of her chosen, Slarkrethel, Kraken Leader of the Kraken Society. Over the past few years, Slarkrethel has built an impressive array of creatures to take the entire swampy region of the Mere of Dead Men and Saltmarsh. The powerful Kraken has even managed to draw a small contingent of Aboleth who are raising an immature Kraken at the deadly beast’s behest, unknown to the Aboleth.
To make matters worse for the beleaguered town, Umberlee is actively working against the town’s primary interest, the fishing trade. The town’s fishing families and tradesmen have been struck with storms, deadly encounters with aquatic beasts, and mishaps. Prayers to Vulkar has abated these problems, but tensions are high in the small port town and with the addition of the Lords Alliance representatives working towards changing the foundations of Saltmarsh more towards those of larger cities like Waterdeep and Neverwinter, many of the town’s inhabitants blame the newcomers for their troubles. Tempers are high as Saltmarsh Traditionalists, and Alliance Loyalists fight for the heart of the town, while evil forces like the Zhentarium and the Pirate Lords of Luskan seek to prey on the already beleaguered town and use it to gain a foothold of their own.
All is not lost, however, as forces from both the swamp and sea seek to combat the Sauhaghin threat and prevent the bloodthirsty creatures from dominating the entire region of the marsh.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you!
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2022.01.17 04:08 SmolPinkEbifry My brother (22M) is still hanging onto an LDR despite it being over already. Is he being catfished??

I didn’t think of this subreddit sooner, absolutely my fault. Please provide me with some advice, thank you!!
Hello Reddit, i would really like an impartial view on this situation. Is my brother being catfished? And is there a way to convince him to let go of an ALREADY ENDED LDR??
I (23F) have a younger brother (22M) who was in a LDR for a little over a year with a girl (25F) from New Delhi he met on a socials app.
Originally, they started dating behind our parents backs because he knew how difficult an LDR would be despite being in the US. Due to this secrecy, as well as my parents’ concern and worry for a LDR, my brother took it upon himself to disclose as little as possible to me or my parents. He has stated she wants to meet our parents over the phone, but they weren’t receptive and he wasn’t very keen on them meeting either. I don’t know too much about his relationship either, I assume he wished to maintain everything in his control and to reduce the amount of fights he would get with our parents.
I’ve never been in an LDR so I don’t know if this is common, but he often would send her gifts over the mail, and these would include snacks/food, accessories, gifts and the like. It then became electronics, like headphones, gaming systems, games and even a cell. He also purchased a number of clothing items on online retailers for her at her request, and even promise rings. I am unsure if she sent any tokens to my brother. Due to their time zone differences, he would stay up all night talking with her, and wake up mid-sleep to answer her calls. This would be 1-3 times a night. She knows this time difference is huge but still called him multiple times in the night. He works a full time job and rarely gets enough sleep. This has reduced him to being very pale, having black eyebags and looking very tired with a short temper. He looks like a husk of his former self.
His family interactions have diminished, to the point that any family time is just him glued to his phone texting her. Whenever he is NOT texting her, she is messaging me or our cousins in a panic asking where he is. Our parents found out and over this year or so, there has been many arguments. Although she video calls him, our parents were suspecting that he was being catfished but there wasn’t enough proof to it. At most, there was a live video of her sitting in bed with another guy who was not her family (I assume a friend?) but there’s not enough info to get a basis from. My brother has lost friends and slinked away from his social circle as well.
Anyways. Two weeks ago, she revealed to him that her parents were against their relationship, and decided within that week that she is engaged in an arranged marriage and that she has no say in the matter. She is getting married in 2-3 months. They broke off the relationship and my parents were informed. However, he said that he would still be a friend to her and maintain close contact but... his behaviour HASNT changed from when they were dating. Not at all. He stills calls and wakes up at night multiple times. His health hasn’t gotten better. He even volunteered to fly to where she was but she profusely denied, saying it was pointless and that they weren’t a couple anymore. Granted, two months earlier on my brother was set on buying tickets to visit her by next year. He is still adamant on visiting her.
As someone who has been in relationships and is currently in a healthy one, I know that refusing to let go of a relationship will only result in long term pain and emotional consequences. I don’t know how to help him, or what to do, but I do want an unbiased opinion on how his situation was, and whether he was being catfished or was just unlucky to have experienced such a tragic result. Since the relationship is already over, should we intervene and stop him from contacting this woman?
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2022.01.17 04:08 Breakify My earthquakes moments in Tokyo

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2022.01.17 04:08 brokenband-aid i find that when drawing, not caring ab what you make really helps

lmao i know this, but i cant do it. ffs
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2022.01.17 04:08 CamboKun How can I fix my uneven jaw? (16 male)

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2022.01.17 04:08 Animefreak090 I am in love with this book.

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2022.01.17 04:08 Jony_Liu FACEBOOK AGENCY ADS ACC FOR RENT ( no flagged for unusual activity , no spend limit, support 24/7)

I provide quality accounts for rent (agency ads acc - high spend limit ads acc - history spend ads acc ). Support workers have 2 years of experience. The account is already set up in VPS (RDP), when it reaches the customer, it is ready to create campaigns
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- Hight spend limit with history spend: fee from 8% - 12% depend your product type and budget daily
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2022.01.17 04:08 22plants Unknown

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2022.01.17 04:08 Simaryp Metro 2033 redux black screens

Hi, this is somewhat like a last attempt at trying to play this series.
If I play the game everything starts fine, but I will get randomly a black screen for some seconds. Game and sound continues, but screen goes black. Then it comes back to be gone again and again. First thought it's meant to be, but it's a bug.
I didn't finish the game when released and bought redux bundle some years ago. With different hardware back then I had same issue. Now I wanted to try again. And it is the very same issue. Anybody has any clue?
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2022.01.17 04:08 EzraMusic98 What is the best non Marvel movie by an actor from the MCU?

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2022.01.17 04:08 jennifeet99 Nice sole view😘

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2022.01.17 04:08 Joshuas-GuitarYT Coconut Harry Nilsson

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2022.01.17 04:08 Brave-Ad-2864 As a very poor girl I’m jealous of rich people sometimes :(

I’m jealous of my bf :(
He’s INSANELY rich. And get everything he wants for his birthday. Today was his birthday and he got so much stuff😭💔
I probably won’t get any gifts because of how poor we are :(.
I know it’s bot good to be jealous and shit, but sometimes I wish we just had enough money.
My boyfriend will give me a whole gaming setup for my birthday ig, so that’s that. But I’m talking more abt from family
But anyways I love my bf for trying to give me things I wish for because my family isn’t rich enough to do so and he understands our problem<3
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2022.01.17 04:08 savedbythenell new headset and new hair color. kinda miss my copper hair 🥺 (23)

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2022.01.17 04:08 EnderPear The flag of Pristina, Kosovo.

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