Intense love does not measure, it just gives. --Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa "Intense love does not measure, it just gives." Mother Teresa "It is a kingly act to assist the fallen." Mother Teresa "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." Mother Teresa "It is easy to love the people far away. It is not always easy to love those close to us. Mother Teresa was an inspiration to countless millions for her lifelong devotion to the neediest and most vulnerable of the world. ... Intense love does not measure, it just gives. Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. CORRECTS THE YEAR TO 2022, NOT 2021 - FILE - An Emirates jetliner comes in for landing at the Dubai International Airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 11, 2019. Princess Diana: How the tabloid press treated her in the run up to her death. On the eve of the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, David Barnett looks at how the ‘People’s Princess’ became ... “It is love alone that gives worth to all things.” – Teresa of Avila “You give me the kind of feeling people write novels about.” “Intense love does not measure, it just gives.”- Mother Teresa “They do not love that do not show their love.” -William Shakespeare Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another's position. Definitions of empathy encompass a broad range of emotional states. Types of empathy include cognitive empathy, emotional (or affective) empathy, somatic, and spiritual empathy. Mother Teresa. Question 7 What type of TV show would you not want to miss out on? A sports match. A documentary. A talk-show. The news. A movie. An informative biography. ... Intense love does not measure. It just gives. Question 14 I would love to invest in _____. My physical strength. My education. My skills. Stocks. Something cool (meh) No. The text of news articles will match in both formats, but other content can be different. For example, the digital website format does not include many print features, including weather pages ...

2022.01.25 04:18 parizekd Intense love does not measure, it just gives. --Mother Teresa

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2022.01.25 04:18 Stephane7475 [Repost][Academic] Role of Emotion Regulation in Panic Disorder (people suffering from Panic Disorder, Panic Attacks and 18+)

Hello Everyone,
I’m conducting a PhD study on the behalf of Paris Nanterre University. The objective is to try to understand the role of emotion management and several cognitive and emotional vulnerability factors in the development and maintenance of Panic Disorder. This survey will take 15 min.
If you are suffering from panic disorder or panic attacks, the survey is anonymous and is available in English: and in French in
Once the questionnaire completed, you can freely download a Guidebook on how to better manage your panic attacks.
Please reach out to me via email if you need more information about panic disorder: [](
Thanks in advance for your support
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2022.01.25 04:18 mattsmithDW Would love to be able to less realistic creatures, such as this huge gelatinous blob.

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2022.01.25 04:18 qlfang RGB laser light engine for AR glasses

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2022.01.25 04:18 mootheworld Is it a contradiction to be a digital designer/developer and still be into dumb phones and digital minimalism?

Maybe a strange question, but I’m going to study Digital Design and Development in college and one of my friends asked me if that doesn’t contradict with everything that I want/aspire to do in terms of digital minimalism and not having social media and stuff.
What do you guys think?
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2022.01.25 04:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Fire, clash at nightclub kill 19 people in Indonesia | NY Post

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2022.01.25 04:18 FederalGain4772 Varanasi News- कथक सम्राट पद्म विभूषण बिरजू महाराज का अस्थि कलश लाया गया...

Varanasi News- कथक सम्राट पद्म विभूषण बिरजू महाराज का अस्थि कलश लाया गया... submitted by FederalGain4772 to indianews [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 04:18 DRAGEno01 TF2 is just great.

It's a good game. Who can say otherwise?
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2022.01.25 04:18 greem65 Gathering 1 million + data rows from API

Recently I've got assigned a project that requires acquiring large amounts of data, over 1 million rows from a public api. Since the api's have limits of 1000 requests per command, the output I receive is not sufficient. Is there any way to get all the required rows by using some sort of loops or any similar commands? I am very unfamiliar with the R studio platform so any feedback is appreciated, thanks!
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2022.01.25 04:18 eldijomo How to whitelist my LAN \ wifi.

In the Android app there is an option: Settings > connections > Network Options.
When Using the VPN and there is a new network, it "secures" that network. Because I installed the app at home, my LAN was the first contact, and it secured it. Hen I went outside I connected to 4G T-Mobile and secured it also. Great.
But How do I tell the app that it should turn off when on LAN? There is a slider to turn on and of, but I noticed that after turning off and coming home it turned automatically on again!?
Next problem, I use the TP-Link M5 Mesh. I have 3 pods for Wi-Fi. The VPN recognizes the main pod with SSID and secures it. The other two pods with the same SSID it does not recognize and calls them something like . Why is it that all hardware sees the SSID's but the VPN not?
There is also an option to Allow LAN traffic
What does that mean? Does it allow only my LAN to work without VPN or all LAN I visit like the LAN next door? Because all LAN use 192.168.x.x\255.255. Does it lock on a MAC address?
What does GPS spoofing do?
Will it terminate my sports app or Waze/maps location?
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2022.01.25 04:18 TartarasUnicorn While scrolling through movies, on description was written in German for some reason so I decided to attempt a translation even though I am at a beginner level. I would appreciate some help regarding word order and grammar

The movie was The Road (2009). I have never heard of it but the cast/crew looks great so I'm probably going to have to watch it.

Die Zivilisation, wie wir sie kennen, existiert nicht mehr. Ein Vater zieht mit seinem Sohn durch ein zerstörtes Amerika. Nur mit Kleidern am Leib und dem Wunsch nach einem besseres Leben wandern die beiden durch ein Land, in dem sich nichts mehr bewegt und die Sonne von Asche verdeckt ist. Was ihnen bleibt, ist ihre bedingungslose Zuneigung und der Wille, ihre Menschlichkeit nicht aufzugeben
My attempt at a translation:
Civilisation as we know it no longer exists. A father travels with his son through a destroyed America. With only the clothes on the (their?) body and the desire for a better life, the two wander through a land in which there is nothing more moving and the sun is concealed by ash (ashes?). What remains for them is their unconditional affection and the will not to give up their humanity.
"wandern die beiden durch ein Land" I assume it's read as "the two" but beiden is also "both". Is beiden used when you are referring to two people instead of the number two?
"Ein Vater zieht mit seinem Sohn durch ein zerstörtes Amerika"
I'm not sure if zerstörtes is meant as 'destroyed' or 'devastated' because devastated makes more sense in the context. According to my dictionary, zerstören: to destroyed, am Boden zerstört: devastated, verwüstet: devastated. What does the -es do to the word?
I translated this as "A father travels with his son through a destroyed America." Google translate: "A father travels through a devastated America with his son". How do you know how the sentence is structured? Where would the translated "with his son" be?
"in dem sich nichts mehr bewegt" is 'where nothing moves' according to Google. Is that simplified because 'in which there is nothing more moving' isn't really the best syntax? 'In the itself nothing more moves'. I'm guessing 'in dem sich' actually means 'in which'.
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2022.01.25 04:18 wendys-nutz Korean youtuber makes "Human Luwak Coffee" to satirize Kopi Luwak (Civet cat poop coffee)

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2022.01.25 04:18 LindokuhleMavuso CBD Health Benefits

CBD Health Benefits Learn more on this article;
#cannarite #cannabis #cannabisSA #dryherb #marujuana #cannabiscommunity #thc #cbd #cannabisculture
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2022.01.25 04:18 ApersoncalledTom Hey Matt o someone was trying to be you in bed wars

Hey Matt o someone was trying to be you in bed wars
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2022.01.25 04:18 sepientr34 BFG50 buff ammo switch

you can switch ammo type midfight because it only load one bullet
This will require you to remove old ammo and insert new one
key for this is v same as change fire mode
then press r to change ammo type
you pickup mekanic work normally
the ammo pool is also shared
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2022.01.25 04:18 w41k3r_19880 Does it matter fighting over second place in this season, or do I get the same award anyway?

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2022.01.25 04:18 Space_Kitty123 Yes

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2022.01.25 04:18 qabil_kills_habil زمان من اینطوری بود

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2022.01.25 04:18 _aspect_ratio_ Alexey Aronov, «Third call», 60x50 cm, oil on canvas

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2022.01.25 04:18 ravagekitteh26 If workplaces were democratic, wages were proportional to work put in and workers were protected from exploitation by law, why would private ownership of capital matter?

Under the current state of affairs things are obviously broken. However, if workplaces were made to be democratic (so workers get a proportional say), wages forced to be according to work put in (so no CEOs earning millions off of their workers) and workers were protected from exploitation by law (so conditions are always okay and workers do not fear poverty etc), would it matter if capital and companies were still privately owned? The main argument to my knowledge of abolishing private capital is preventing exploitation of the workers, and yet this hypothetical system seems to both be a form of Social Democracy and also would feature no exploitation. Would this alleviate socialist concerns, or are there other problems that would persist from private ownership?
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2022.01.25 04:18 HazzleNutss crazy fït

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2022.01.25 04:18 FuriousResolve What words that exist right now do you think will be swear words in the future?

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2022.01.25 04:18 blooninja Was an absolute pain building this but here's my mostly completed Enforcer Commander. Just waiting for a right-armed onager gauntlet

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2022.01.25 04:18 kavakitten Am I shadow banned?

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2022.01.25 04:18 OmegaLULee This game should be more popular + tips from a new player

Been playing around a week now and I'm enjoying the game a fair amount, so far the fists have been my go to weapon since the attack speed allow you to get many on hit effects and build combos quickly. Fate seems to be the best way to spend coins since the buffs can be fairly strong and apply to all characters. That said if you want to progress quickly then leveling the starting hero will get you results as the stat boosts are pretty significant, just don't level him past 20 otherwise you'd be wasting currency that could go toward a better character. Next up, spending gems. So the premium currency of this game can be spent on a few different things but the 2 that stand out are the tavern for hero shards and the lootboxes for gear. You'll definitely want to hoard the gems at the start as spending in bulk seems to be the best option in this game. For the lootboxes that means opening in groups of 10 so that you save 300 gems. For the tavern you want to hit the rare tile to get a new character and since the thing resets every 7 days you'll want to clear it in one go 'cause it's probably rigged. That being said hero shards don't seem too hard to come by and getting one character won't necessarily be that big of a power boost so equipment is what I'll personally prioritize.
Tldr: Spend coins on fate and save your gems till you can buy 10 equipment boxes for 2500
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