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Vampire danmei recommendations please 🙏

2022.01.25 04:27 ju-ju-ju Vampire danmei recommendations please 🙏

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2022.01.25 04:27 Janie_FM Question: I'm 24 years old and I want to learn math so I can pass the quant for GMAT

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2022.01.25 04:27 Alarming_Dot3456 Is it art?

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2022.01.25 04:27 WhyDidIShitMyPants Ravenscoon Full Set LIVE in Chicago

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2022.01.25 04:27 ___somebody_ Female Treasure Horder.

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2022.01.25 04:27 stxeep welcome me to the sub or youll have a new enemy

welcome me to the sub or youll have a new enemy
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2022.01.25 04:27 KAFKA_FAN Справедливая одежда

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2022.01.25 04:27 jobsinanywhere Zoi, a preventive care startup co-founded by a former Macron advisor, raises $23 million seed round – TechCrunch

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2022.01.25 04:27 Nightwing_1505 Help me find this SasuNaru fic where they travel in time to save Itachi and Nagato

I wanted to read this one but I can't remember the title for the life of me. It's surprising considering I remember most of the story but the ending
So here is what I remember. It's post-war and an established relationship and Sasuke is very thankful to Naruto for leaving his life there behind and coming with him cause they could never return. They either travel back in time or to another timeline to around when Sasuke left the village and once they land, they are 12 year olds again.( I guess they did chunin exams and Sasuke like went and talked to Hiruzen about mistreating him and Sasuke and told them they were leaving the village that night. Hiruzen said he would stop them but Sasuke threatened to leak infos to the village so hiruzen allowed them to go but said he would still brand them as missing-nin. I am not sure about this part.) They leave the village again on the same night Sasuke did but this time it's the both of them and they go to search for Itachi (the purpose for the time travel). Both of them have their powers (EMS,rinnegan, sage mode and all that stuff) but their bodies can't handle it so they start to train along the journey. They do find Itachi and convince him not to go through whatever he had planned for Sasuke and instead be there for him while traveling with them. Itachi agrees (I guess the part of why he agrees was because Sasuke already had EMS -again not sure). Now they have nothing special to do but then Naruto expresses his wish to save Nagato and disband Akatsuki so other jinchuriki won't get hurt as well (mainly gaara) and Jiraiya doesn't have to die as well. So they use Itachi's position and knowledge of Akatsuki to sneak into the Hidden Rain so they can talk peacefully once they find him and not cause commotion cuz they were missing-nin. They do find him, talk to him and convince him but Nagato raises the issue of money. Akatsuki was a very good source of income and he wanted to improve the hidden rain and remove it from poverty. Someone suggested (Sasuke ig) to trade their technologically advanced stuff that he observed which he hadn't seen anywhere else and pein can work on rebuilding and heavy lifting with Naruto. They do that and I remember Sasuke and Konan working on marketing a dishwasher and after that it's hazy. I guess after that Kakashi found them (Naruto and Sasuke) because he felt a sense of responsibility for his students. After that my mind is blank.
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2022.01.25 04:27 brumtown_badman0121 MSB, LSB and Programe Change

Hi guys I need some help, I use my Kronos 2 with my MPC and want my MPC to automatically know what sounds to load up when I open a project. I need to input the Program Change, Bank MSB and Bank LSB. Does anyone know how I can quickly find these while im on a preset. Ive looked in the manual and it does not go into detail.
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2022.01.25 04:27 Intrepid_Diver_729 Trapped in motivation porn

I(M28) started with selfimprovement 3 years ago and I improved myself indeed to a certain point, but I’m not at the point where I want to be and instead of being better person, I became a person with many unsolved to-do lists.
Yesterday, I saw a video about motivation porn and it was an eye opening event for me. I read a lot of motivational books, I watch motivational speeches etc. and I feel immediately like a better person and feel like I achived something, although I did nothing.
I think my brain took it as an execuse to not „act“.
Probably I knew it already.
Was anyone in the same situation?
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2022.01.25 04:27 TheosRW Not a political statement. Just thought the template was fitting for the “Healthcare bad” meme.

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2022.01.25 04:27 Global_Bro Tired

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2022.01.25 04:27 pivotangle3672 Played with photo editing in Procreate. Have no idea what to name this but I like it…

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2022.01.25 04:27 casualphilosopher1 Scots Tory chief whip says Boris Johnson will be forced out as prime minister but Douglas Ross is going nowhere

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Kindly reach me out for online classes and a pocket friendly price. May it be essays, quizzes, tests, assignments, projects, research papers, discussions, proposals and I will bag you with grade A.
DM me on discord custom_papers#1298, whatsaap +1(445) 895-1203 email superbwriters23@gmailcom and I will respond asap.
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2022.01.25 04:27 Jim_Carry_420 something, something about this song...can't just put my finger on it

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2022.01.25 04:27 Sir-Matilda Cult Classic ‘Fight Club’ Gets a Very Different Ending in China

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2022.01.25 04:27 NeitherSupermarket77 Sauce?????

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2022.01.25 04:27 Reasonable-Job-4447 How Jax's rayquaza has all stats 252 evs?? Source: trainers file unbound

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2022.01.25 04:27 brumtown_badman0121 How to work through low energy

Hi guys I just was wondering how you guys work through low energy levels and stay focused on a task. I work a 9 - 5 Job and want to work on my side hustle after work but have low energy levels after work. What are the different ways you work through this? Thanks
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2022.01.25 04:27 Raivene [When paths collide] Chapter 32

Commander Jeremiah Alton was enjoying a cup of steaming coffee with Captain Quentin Morgan of the Hephaestus.
“So,” Jeremiah began. “We get to be guinea pigs again for the next round of experimental, untested, untried and theoretical upgrades?”
“Yup,” Quentin said. The first round went so well they decided to volunteer you again.”
“Outstanding,” Jeremiah said. “So what new toys do you have for us this time?”
“Quite a bit actually. You are getting the Mark 2 of the inertial compensator. It should give you nearly a 50% increase in acceleration without killing you. Next you are getting a ‘Daughter’ AI. Kind of like a lesser version of one of the Mothers. They say it can fully automate the ship, even take control of it if all the officers are dead or disabled. Supposedly this one has named herself Pippi, no clue of where…”
“Wait a sec.” Jeremiah interrupted. “You mean I’m getting a backseat driver for command functions? Whose brilliant fucking idea was that?”
“Central command of course.” Quentin replied. “I’ve heard you are going to exploring all the warp points out to twenty jumps or so. That should keep you busy for a couple of years I bet. I hear Pippi has every video game, movie, video and book from the last 300 years in her data storage and she plays a mean game of chess.”
“Continuing on, your Marine detachment is going to shrink from 22 to 12. The quarter’s space is being converted to cargo space for your extended deployment. The increase in automation will allow your enlisted will be reduced to 18 with a similar increase in cargo space.”
“You won’t be getting any rolling thunders for this trip, they are all being kept in system for emergency defense, but you will be getting 36 slip missiles with variable yield warheads.”
“We’ve added four point defense rail guns fore and 4 more aft. Now for the best part, we’re installing a version of the Dilgreshi cloak. Initial tests show it to be about 60% as effective as the real cloak, but combine that with your stealth protocols and you should be damn near invisible.”
“Well, that’s a lot. Is it all going to work?” Jeremiah asked.
“No clue,” Quentin said. “I’ve got 20 on at least one failing on your first trip out.”
“That’s so reassuring Cap. Speaking of the first trip out, when will all these modification be done?”
“Two weeks Commander.” Quentin replied.
“I think I need a few Irish coffees.” Jeremiah thought to himself. “Hold the coffee.”
Malyshka watched Antonina and Hiram walking slowly towards their quarters chatting back and forth.
She yelled and the ever present stuffed animal saluted, “Major Mommy! Opa! You’re home!”
Antonina knelt down and picked Malyshka up. “Not Major Mommy any more! It’s Colonel Mommy now and Opa is now Sergeant Major!”
“Okie Dokey,” She said.
They moved to sit in the two recliner chairs, Malyshka climbed up in Hiram’s lap and all 3 dogs took up positions around them.
“So, Sergeant Major, have you given any thought to what your next assignment will be?”
“I’m not so sure I want another assignment.” He said. “With all that’s happened I think I may be done. Besides Maria’s memorial is here, someone needs to tend to it. What about you Colonel?”
“Just Toni I think. At least outside of official duties.” She replied. “I have been thinking about nothing else lately. First there is Malyshka and the Pups to consider. All the assignments I see as good options would be very difficult if not impossible for them to be with me. I have found I cannot bear that thought. This quite likely is the end for me as well. I put in paperwork a few days ago to official adopt the lot of them.” She smiled at the thought. “I think it will depend on the results of that to make my decisions final.”
“Did you hear they are holding elections for system governor and lieutenant governor in a couple of weeks?
“Are you considering a career change Toni?
“Well, I’m not sure I am right for the job, but it would solve a lot of issues and I suspect I could be transferred to the Reserves instead of just flat out retiring. If I do decide that I will need a running mate. You interested Hiram? It’s not like we can’t work together or anything and it should be relaxing after this posting.”
“Hmmm, that would solve a lot of my issues as well. Besides wouldn’t want the little one to lose her Opa! I really doubt the relaxing part though. I suspect it will be a lot more work. Running a Marine unit you have the final say in everything. Politics is not so nearly black and white.”
Toni looked over at Malyshka who had moved to the couch and fallen asleep,.listening to the adult talking having bored her to sleep. She was curled up snuggling her teddy and sucking her thumb. Murphy had crawled up on the couch with her his head lying on her leg. Buddy was directly below her on the floor and Kimi was superglued to Hiram’s feet. She went to the refrigerator and grabbed a couple of bottles of beer giving one to Hiram as she moved back to her seat.
“Well I guess we will see how the adoption paperwork goes. They are expediting all similar requests due to all that happened, so I imagine I will know fairly soon.”
They opened their beers and she said, “To the Corps!”
Hiram lifted his bottle and said “Oorah!”
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One Shots
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2022.01.25 04:27 PlatinumOriginal Why do the goblins hate molly

i don't get it
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