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2022.01.21 23:32 Genderfluid_Cookies What’s the biggest loophole that not many people know about?

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2022.01.21 23:32 Boston-Beaneater Jamestown, RI

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2022.01.21 23:32 cloudymlg82 fuslie - Do you know who I am!!??!!

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2022.01.21 23:32 h0whi What do Aussies call their best friends?

A prime mate
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2022.01.21 23:32 LordBenDover69 Investments

Who are some players that you are investing in? I am currently investing in Ryan Vilade for baseball and Kyle Dugger for football.
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2022.01.21 23:32 dorestad13 Mostly Hydro X custom loop

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2022.01.21 23:32 Successful-Plan114 I miss Rick Rypien.

That's all. He was a warrior out there. A guy who didn't care who you were, he'd still take you on. A guy who played hard all the time. He's still one of my all time favorites in our jersey, and with it being this time of year again, Hockey Talks, I just find myself missing him. Yeah... miss ya Ryp.
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2022.01.21 23:32 RaiderMan75 Buy or lease?

I want to get a car soon, but with the state of the car market, I don't want to overpay. So I was wondering, would it be better to buy or lease a car, or should I just continue to save up my pennies to get a car later, when hopefully the market becomes more reasonable?
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2022.01.21 23:32 Creative-Kreature The Ghillie, a Skeleton for the Jungle

The Ghillie, a Skeleton for the Jungle Apologies for FPS, but I hope the effort can make up for it, cause I really wanted to make a jungle skeleton.
The Jungle has been a biome that I feel is really lacking a dedicated monster. No creature truly matches its hot and humid environment, and most monsters suffer due to the sheer amount of obstacles the biome has them attempt to climb over or aim around.
Since Zombies got a second overworld regional variation, I figure it's only fair the new creature be a skeleton, plus, sniping in the jungle sounds like a more effective strategy than attempting to run through the jungle.
The Ghillie is a mob with a unique fighting style, focusing almost exclusively on ambushes than actually pursuing the player.
It also has a significantly slower fire rate than normal skeletons, but more range and the same damage.
Their spawning is to be carefully controlled to prevent them from getting out of hand. They are generally very spaced out in the jungle.

The Ghillie, a walking Shrub of a Sniper. The leaves in the hood around their head are based on where they spawn, generally being based on the biome, and the particular location in the biome.
Please ignore the fact that their bow is a paper cut-out. In-game, bows are fully modeled, and that's more cubes than I'm willing to mess with for this.

This time without the hood, so you can see what's underneath
Fun fact I learned while making this, apparently Ghillie Suits (which I named the monster after) are named after the Gille Dubh (which got subsequently misspelled by the English), a Scottish Fairy that wore moss for an outfit.

The main weakness of the ghillie is that they're extra flammable, thanks to all that shrubbery they're wearing. If they ignite, they burn until they either die or they find water, no in-between.
That hood isn't a hitbox, except for if something fire-based hits it, like a flame bow or a fire-aspect sword, then it combusts the ghillie. (It prevents them from burning in daylight, though)

The other weakness they have is tunnel vision. They have virtually no peripheral vision due to the massive shrub on their head, so while they may get an ambush on you thanks to their camouflage, you can also get an ambush on them if you spot them first and attack from a flank.

It doesn't regularly appear as above, because one of its abilities is its ability to stand/spawn inside of leaf blocks, which it uses to its advantage. (They don't replace leaf blocks, though, so they always alter the shape of the jungle from the norm).
Doing enough knockback to them can knock them out of their hiding spot, or if you head to cover, they might be forced to leave to get a shot on you.

Stealth Mode. Keep an eye out for eye holes, and poking toes and bows when venturing into the jungle.

On Occasion, they may attempt to quickly sneak a peak to their unavailable peripheral, misaligning their hood, which can reveal their presence far more easily to a careful player. This also comes with a somewhat loud and distinct crunching leaf noise.

Them in attack mode, significantly easier to identify because the hood becomes misaligned vertically, and they pull out their bow. Another loud leaf noise accompanies this action.

Their Natural Habitat, the Jungle Bush.

Also Spawn Locations. This is way zoomed out and at an unusual angle. Please ignore the lack of vines.
They also need to stand up in order to sneak a peek in either vertical direction, which they may do on occasion if they are, for example, on top of a tree and need to look down, or in a shrub and need to look up.

Oh, and for those people about to say something about fast video settings, I've decided to leave their hoods transparent, even if the rest of the leaves aren't.
While it makes them stand out more, being the only transparent leaves in the jungle suddenly and allowing the player to see their heads, the fact that the bushes they hide in are no longer transparent makes up that.

Pandas, of course, hate these things invading jungles, and will give them a swat at any available opportunity, especially aggressive pandas, and excluding worried pandas.
Wolves also attack them for being skeletons. If you struggle against them hard, consider a dog to root them out.
My excuse for how both can find them so easily is that they can smell these guys.

Ultimately, the best counter to Ghillies is awareness, as a careful player should reliably see them first. The other counter is clearing a path through the forest of obvious shrubbery for them to hide in, and bringing a flame bow to ignite them to death.

Ghillies cannot spawn with armor, as that would ruin the whole camouflage gimmick they have going on. That also ensures they are always at a certain degree of frailty.

Drops: (Here's where I get to really play around with in-game features)
0-2 Ghillie Arrows
0-2 Bones
and since I'm feeling extra fancy: 0-2 Ghillie Cloth Scraps

Ghillie Arrow
Ghillie Arrows are special, and only obtainable by killing Ghillies.
They have the power to pass through leaves without being blocked. Fully anticipate Ghillies to try and snipe you through leaves once you've made them aggressive.

In 3D!
They are affected by infinity and can be tipped.
These are also, hilariously, one of the best counters to other ghillies, as the fact that their legs are protected by leaves ceases being an issue.

Ghillie Cloth Scrap
Ghillie Cloth Scraps can be crafted into Ghillie Cloth with 4 scraps and 2 string shapeless.

Ghillie Cloth
Ghillie Cloth can be applied to leather armor in a smithing table to create Ghillie Armor. (It still counts as leather for powder snow purposes)

[No Textures Cause I'm getting real tired, maybe in an edit I'll add some here. You get the idea, lots of the same leafy green texture, but now in armor form.]

Ghillie Armor is focused on allowing you to hide in shrubbery, with each armor piece giving something different.
Boots - Lets you ascend/descend leaf blocks similar to leather boots in powder snow.
Pants/Tunic - Let you trudge horizontally through leaf blocks as if they were non-solid. The Pants allow your bottom half, Tunic allows your top half.
Cap - When crouching, deploys a leaf hood like the Ghillies have, for maximum sneaking.
It's said that if you wear the full set, and stand in some leaves, you become undetectable to all hostile mobs.

And.... That's it. I've been working on this for like two days now, and really need a break. Maybe I'll swing by for an edit to add some missing textures.
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2022.01.21 23:32 GnarlieHussle LPT #2 IN PUBLIC

don't you hate that when we you gotta take a shit it gets harder to hold in the closer you get to the toilet... when I get home to take a dump by the time I get to the door I'm fumbling my keys and right before I sit down Im damn near ripping my belt and pants off. this LPT should come in handy if you ever gotta go #2 in public and the toilet has a sensor flush. first take a piece of toilet paper and cover the sensor before you set down all the necessary barriers so that all the stuff you just put down to protect your bum from the grimy public toilet seat doesn't get flushed when turn around to sit on the toilet. This LPT can be a real life saver in some situations...
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2022.01.21 23:32 Maxxie2019 Arena rewards suck ass sometimes, but theres always that occasional box….

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2022.01.21 23:32 PeanutBrainCoder Spring 2022 Housing

Has anyone gotten an email about who their roommates will be? They say they will let us know early January, but nothing has been posted yet as well as the move-in guide.
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2022.01.21 23:32 Responsible_Ice8944 Heard there was a new evolution with garlic, got a very random build looking for it and died with 42 seconds left

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2022.01.21 23:32 Dramatic-Ad-4617 Heads up to: 🟢New Farm Fridays: The Double Double and 🔴Double Rewards have finished; Check the thread!

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2022.01.21 23:32 Adventurous-Ad4912 Golden eagle chai?

So my shift lead just let us know in our group chat that golden eagle chai is made with 2% unless requested with breve. My whole crew and I were trained that it automatically gets breve, even the website says it gets breve. Is it actually made with 2%?
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2022.01.21 23:32 Elvis_Onjiko CRD Network is the greatest DeFi program on the market, yet it is underused.

The CRD Network allows anybody in the globe to easily access stock market price activity. In my nation, if you want to buy stocks, you must be 25 years old or older, and you will be defrauded out of 15% of your money in fees, plus there will be inflation. The S&P 500 is widely recognized as one of the finest investments a person can make, yet it is out of reach for the majority of the "third world." I can easily buy an iPhone, but I can't buy Apple shares, which is a concern.
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2022.01.21 23:32 imstresssedforna Should I come out?

Most people wouldn’t even date me just because I’m pro life. If I come out I’ll be hated by both sides I don’t need that. I wouldn’t even be able to find a date so what’s the point? I can’t come out I should just stay in the closet I’m not accepted anywhere anyways.
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2022.01.21 23:32 Louisvanderwright Let's see how the Moo and Poos do in a soft rental market...

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2022.01.21 23:32 DarthVedik Monastery Teachings

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