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Three-ring Circus, A map that pits the players against a mad Ringmaster whose main goal is putting on a good show! Step into the ring of fire! This map and many others are free to download until the 26th.

2022.01.21 23:04 balatr0 Three-ring Circus, A map that pits the players against a mad Ringmaster whose main goal is putting on a good show! Step into the ring of fire! This map and many others are free to download until the 26th.

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2022.01.21 23:04 Thedistanthermit Major issue with PS Now Lego Star Wars clone wars

As the title suggests, I have encountered a huge issue with the game. There’s a section where you have to mash a button in order to defeat a droid that’s blocking your path. But no matter how fast I press the button, I still die. I’ve checked walkthroughs, and I’m doing the right thing. Is there anything I can do?
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What’s taking him so long?
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2022.01.21 23:04 Not_Omegon Austrian Acquisition in the Milky Way / Österreichischer Erwerb In Der Milchstraße

"Three! Two!... Jump!" A squad of Danube Confederation Weltraummarines began their descent onto the surface of the world of Takus. The 6th Debrecen Viharlovagok was the cousin regiment to the currently missing and lost Jovian Guard, both space marine regiments specializing in the more esoteric methods and weaponry that has been designed by the Danube Confederation. The jump packs of the marines kicked in and slowed their descent as they neared the surface, the principle of the packs using the same gravitic technology that allows space ships to have gravity without using centrifugal force.
The small contingent of Hungarians were sent to aid the natives of the Jornaka region of Takus who were currently rebelling against the Stedbri Union, one of the major powers in the Stellar Assembly of the Milky Way galaxy. The Stedbri were busy elsewhere and had payed very little attention to the Takusians, which they ultimately cared very little about. Peace talks regarding succession were planned but were put off by the Stedbri, and the Danube Confederation decided to swoop in and offer a deal to the rebels, they could join as a member state of the Confederation, with all the rights and privileges that come with it, and the Confederation would ensure that the Stedbri cede all claims of authority over the region. The Takusians agreed, finding the arrangement most beneficial despite the hidden existence of the aliens offering the deal. It was cheeky, the half million or so Takusians that would be made citizens would be a tiny minority in the country, but their territory would be far more valuable.
The Human nations weren't even officially discovered or known yet in the Milky Way, which suited the Viharlovagok just fine. The sleek triangular crafts they were arriving from began jamming every electronic signal in the operation zone, it was the opening stage of the securing of the city of Jornakik, dubbed Jornaváros by the marines. The Stedbri garrison immediately began moving about, tipped off that something was up by all communications going down.
This presented an opportunity for the marines as the garrison forces unwittingly gathered and exposed themselves to their assailants. One Viharlovagok commando approached within fifty meters of the confused Stedbri and took aim. A feat in of itself, the extravagant green and red armor of the marines didn't lend itself to stealth but confusion was enough to get by. He aimed his B14, a large weapon that utilizes silicon to launch ball lightning in the general direction in front of it with devastating effects. He put it to full power, enough to cause detonation of the projectile. It was a weapon that didn't receive a very good reputation among the Weltraummarine Corps, but the 6th Debrecen enjoyed its ruinous effects on electronics and less restraining ammunition requirements despite the unpredictability of the B14.
He fired off a shot and ducked back behind a large bamboo-like plant that was as thick as a tree. Another Viharlovagok observed the panic that ensued as the lightning approached the group. The magnetic pulse that the B14 uses to propel the lightning forward gave it descent enough speed this time, a good three meters per second was very fast for it. The ball lightning began to change direction, going straight for what was likely an officer dressed in a lot of copper or brass. The lightning eventually caught up with him, electrocuting him and the ball continued moving through him and towards another two Stedbri. The ball of lightning then exploded upon striking one of the aliens, shattering the carapaces of the other nearby Stedbri and leaving the one hit smoking.
Elsewhere around the Stedbri base outside of Jornaváros, more instances of ball lightning occurred. Explosions rocked the facility and heavily armored wheeled tanks were deployed to combat the now discovered marines. The tanks were heavily reliant on electronics and computers though, there was very little in the Stedbri machines that was purely mechanical and analog. The Zeus cannons mounted on every marine's arms unleashed torrents of lightning onto the tanks, frying their occupants and rendering the tanks broken and useless as computer systems were destroyed. The area west of Jornaváros was lighting up the daytime sky with the bright flashes that happened every second, and the constant thunderous roar was heard from miles around.
Commander Jun Grek of the Jornaka Liberation Force looked over his assembled warriors. They were numerous and angry, and they were ready for battle. The bipedal Takusians were far behind on the technological curve from the Stedbri, but their newfound friends, the Human Austrians from Terra, were seemingly capable of magic itself. "Proud sons of Jornaka, the time has come! The push to drive the Stedbri out has already begun in earnest, and today we will join our brothers of the Danube in crushing the shells of those Stedbri!" The Takusian freedom fighters shouted and raised their guns above their heads in celebration, the long and narrow black banners if the Jornaka Liberation Front waved in the air, while on the wall behind the group the black and yellow flags of the Danube Confederation were hung, a gift from one of the army generals in Vienna.
Jun Grek ordered the doors out of their compound opened and the Takusians charged out, lacking the rigid discipline of the Danube soldiers that began to join them. The Viharlovagok as the group of Human warriors were called began dividing the Takusians up into groups to be led by different Human squads as Jun Grek suggested. He was technically at their command due to the newly signed Jornakik-Vienna Concordat, which also meant that the Jornaka Liberation Front was under the Danube military and Jun Grek was a military governor of the Danube State of Jornaka. It was an akward position for him, trading one alien overlord for another, but he would take anything over the Stedbri.
"West Jornaváros Base has been subdued, the path is clear into the city. We attack in five." One of the marines informed Jun Grek, he had no idea what was meant by five, and found it distasteful that he was now being ordered by some gaudy space marine, but he assumed five meant soon. The strange triangular ships that were appearing overhead indicated that it seemed, and more of the marines were jumping out from the back of it onto the outer edge of the city.
He saw that the Takusians were lined up and boarding large armored vehicles that the Humans called armored personnel carriers. The green scales and black fur of the Takusians almost matched the paint of the vehicles, so he guessed the Humans had a sense of camouflage after all. Then the sky flashed bright white. The seven triangular Human crafts that were floating above in the sky shot bolts of lightning that began arcing all across the city. Power went out across the area and the pesky aluminum Stedbri attack drones were melted as they took off into the air.
Jun Grek climbed into another smaller vehicle with the Human commander Eszes, the man in charge of the military operations on the world. "The thunderrun into the heart of the city is going quickly and smoothly, the Stedbri resistance is focused around the northern part of the city, around the police station. Your Takusian forces are keeping them pinned though so that is not an issue. This is a forgone conclusion though, when the drop assault on the base to the east happens in two minutes, the region will be under our control. Here, take this phone, call the planetary governor for a peace talk."
He grabbed this device and saw that the Takusian runes for the governor's office contact was already typed in. The Human nodded at him, so he pressed a green circle on the screen of the device and held it up to his ear as the Human motioned him to. The Governor itself answered quickly, "This is the governor of Takus on the call."
Jun Grek gave his species equivalent of a smile, "hello governor Urklid, enough stalling, the Jornaka Liberation Front requests your surrender of the Jornaka region to us."
"Oh, it is that vermin Grek, hello you pond scum. Why should we listen to you hand over the territory, you lot just dance around in the wilderness, hardly worth noticing."
"We have taken Jornakik and defeated your army garrison in the area today, all it took was an offensive that lasted far less than a day. Twenty-six cycles is more than long enough for you to finally realize that lording over us isn't worth it. Twenty-sex cycles of killing should end now, surrender."
The governor chuffed over the phone, "I see that communications from Jornakik is out, what did you do? Blow up a powerplant? Is that your big plan? Say hello to the 1st Planetary Air Unit for me, they bring you a gift of bombs, again."
"That is kind of you, however I must decline, my friends here will take care of that for me."
Eszes facepalmed, he hoped that Jun Grek would refrain from mentioning them but suggestions were not perceived as orders apparently for the Takusians. When the governor began demanding what Grek meant by friends, Eszes figured best step in and play with a heavy hand rather than having the JLF negotiate as just themselves.
"Hello governor Urklid, Colonel Eszes of the Danube Confederation speaking. We have been beseeched by the JLF and found that they were justified after a short investigation, and so we have offered them to join us, which they accepted. Jornaka has been transferred to us and is under Danube control. We implore you to sign the treaty Mr. Grek sent to you five years ago, the terms haven't changed." He wasn't going to add in the part where it was they who found out about the JLF and offered them the support they were beyond desperate for. It was a good deal, hardly any real work for gaining a nice foothold in the greater galaxy, the first nation to do so. Not as nice as carving up an entire galaxy like the the officials in London and the Kremlin are doing, but the Milky Way is what matters, that's the neighbor's yard he was going to plant the black and yellow banner on.
"..." the phone was silent for almost a minute, then the governor finally spoke. "What? That stupid tale from some alien of an unknown species? How do you have access to classified documents? This Danube thing isn't public information that's for sure."
"Why are we classi... nevermind, not the point. It is clear I am speaking through an SA translator, no? We aren't a silly tale, our flag is over Jornakik, our soldiers are in the city, our ships are in the sky, and the... wait a fucking minute! Did you say there's a Human out there!? Unknown species!?"
"Uhm, yes, some SA department ha-" Eszes thrusted the phone into Jun Grek's hands, got up, and made his way to the rear of the vehicle. He then grabbed another phone from one of the other officers and started to call someone else. Grek knew some sort of major news came from the governor then, the colonel took off his helmet and was speaking in rapid Hungarian, and it sounded very urgent.
Jun Grek resumed the call, interrupting the governor, "Grek again, sorry about that. The colonel is busy talking to someone else right now. So, about that surrender, are you going to sign it?"
"Oh, video reception from the fighters are showing some strange things in the area. Have you really sold out to someone else just to get away from us? That's sad, you refused aid from the Kirikos only to be annexed by a nonexistent country." Grek then knew the fighters had come from the base on the other side of the Eastridge hills, meaning they were already in attack range. The Danube ships then launched a series of missiles eastward, seeing the fighters as well.
He could hear the governor grunt as the fighters were shot down. "Fine the, you can have your fun bring rural bums in some nonexistent country, representative Bidokor will fly to 'your' city and sign the surrender. This won't mean the full might of the Stedbri won't punish you later though."
Grek tried his hardest to contain himself, "that will do just fine, have your representative signal that he is hear to surrender when he flies into our air. Good day." He hung up, then shouted, "We damn well won! Stedbri get out, we won!"
Eszes finished up his call and gave Grek a thumbs up. One of the most important things may have been lost, the discreetness of the annexation, and his country may soon be in deep shit with the other Human great powers, but it was them who kept stalling the formal first contact with the aliens of the galaxy. Or second contact, given that there was a Human known to the SA, and it was almost guaranteed that the Russians were out subverting or undermining something out in the galaxy. Might as well get a head start and have a permanent habitable area of operations that the galaxy can actually get to secured, which was now Danube Jornaföld as it was Hungarians that first stepped foot on the land, excluding the non-Humans.
He could force the Stedbri governor to keep the entire thing quiet for the time being, but any ship with decent cameras would see that distinctly non Takusian activities were happening, and of course the stream of Danube ships entering the system would also be hard to hide. Maybe a gag order on the governor was pointless then, at least he can kick the issue up the ladder all the way to Vienna.
Bidokor stepped out of the shuttle with little fanfare. It was a rather bad occasion, for forty-three Terran years this JLF has been a relatively minor issue, just usual insurgency stuff, besides the three times they nearly had the entire region and almost forced the governor to give in to their demands. Now he was walking beneath foreign banners and symbols, being led by armored warriors to his most shameful moment.
"Welcome, Mr. Bidokor, as a representative of the Danube Confederation, I welcome you," another Human, this one not in armor, greeted him. "The terms have been amended a little, bit it is nothing major nor does it pertain to territorial ownership." The alien slid a piece of paper across a table to him. It was a primitive thing to use paper, but the Takusians were rather primitive themselves, only being gifted more advanced technology upon the annexation of their planet.
He read over the terms, the core ones were the same, the region of Jornaka would be ceded, now to the Danube Confederation at the behest of the JLF. All Stedbri assets are to be removed from Jornaka, airspace control over Jornaka is also ceded. The new ones were more curious. The right for the Danube Confederation to operate their ships freely in the system due to territorial ownership in the system was expected, but a demand to not release the details of the Jornaka Conflict to the greater SA, nor to release information regarding Jornaka, its inhabitants, and governing body is strange. "Does anyone have an explanation for these last terms? The order of silence?"
The diplomat that gave him the treaty answered that for him. "Due to some unfinished business back on our homeworld and backroom agreements with other powers, this mustn't be made public yet. It shouldn't be a problem for you, this world is a backwaters rock far from anything of import, so keeping this under wraps is easy. Tell your central government that the JLF has forced your surrender, and has promised no further attacks outside of Jornaföld with your surrender. If you don't, then perhaps our time would be well spent replacing some governors and their staff."
Bidokor understood the threat, so he signed the paper and handed it back to the Human. Jun Grek, who remained silent during the brief ordeal, looked beyond pleased with himself.
The diplomat slid the paper into the folder and turned to colonel Eszes, "well, the eagle is out of its cage then I guess, and there is distinct interest to start meddling in the affairs of the monarchies of the galaxy. If our republic could inherit half the galaxy that would be quite splendid, just be ready to defend it all."
"Plate is already full, I now have a section of land the size of Slovenia to organize defenses for. You can go do the hard stuff like sort out the shitstorm that is the Human out in SA space and getting the French to stop stalling the contact agreement." The colonel gave a wave as he boarded his transport. Already his email and calendar was filling up with things he had to attend to. Eszes dreaded the amount of paperwork that came with annexing new lands, especially inhabited land, but that was his duty. Though he wasn't envious of the Takusian officials that had just been brought into Danube government, they must be already neck need in paperwork and forms, and officials from the homeland were already en route to rebuild the state structure here. All he had to do was manage the guns and count the cost of bullets, and then spread those guns and bullets out accordingly. Then oversee the dismantling of the JLF, having an insurgency group in your borders was always bad, even if they're 'your guys'.
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2022.01.21 23:04 epsonnenburg74 Men who 'silverback' are so bloody tiresome (rant)

So I've been in situations in the past where older white men (and it's always older white men) feel they have to prove their point by beating their chests (metaphorically) and repeating themselves (like the 'silverback' gorillas) to express their dominance in certain situations. It happened more frequently when I was an academic (had a situation where two old dudes were arguing about something in the middle of my presentation that added nothing to discourse-I ended up politely telling them to can it until after). But it's been a few years. But today, I had a full on silverback experience where two guys decided that they needed to let us know who was the' bigger' expert (they both have expertise but in different areas ) and it's just so fucking tiresome. Rant over. On the upside, I described the whole 'silverback' concept to a male colleague who was also in the meeting, who laughed and said 'I am so glad you are here'.
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2022.01.21 23:04 CaChann so cookie oc's are a common thing apparently? so i took a random character i drew once and actually turned her into a character, whos the embodiment of a Almond Cookie simp? even tho she's married? i'm thinking about removing her husband from her story- (because he's not important)

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Has anyone had any side effects from Tongkat Ali? (Low e2, high e2, gyno, testicle enlargement, joint pain etc)
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2022.01.21 23:04 Caboose476 Returning Maverick

So I'm going to cancel my Ford maverick just got a 2021 nissan frontier so if you are in the maricopa, casa grande area of Arizona Jones ford will have a EB XLT in Cactus Grey after the week of March 7th. Good luck on whoever gets it
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I'm supposed to write an article on qualities you need/preparation you have to do if you want to pick physics as a subject for your ib exam (or A level or gcse or whatever in other countries?) and i have no idea please send help tysm
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