I went to Junior High with Deavanescence.

2022.01.25 04:23 espeealidoeshush I went to Junior High with Deavanescence.

Nothing seems to have changed since grade 7 or 8 (not sure which one). Same crusty ass look, fake hair because her real hair is fried to a crisp, and she still uses facetune religiously. She was also one of those girls who would slab foundation all over her lips to make them look pale which only made them look crusty and chapped. Definitely a wannabe scene kid who made evanescence her entire personality.
She would also lie about a lot of things for attention. I don’t remember much because honestly, she’s forgettable and boring. But IIRC, I think she would lie about having boyfriends, hooking up with mystery boys, places she’s lived, and don’t quote me on this one but for some reason I have a memory in my head that she told everyone at school her dad was dead or something bad happened.? Not sure it’s been a long time.
Deavan was like Lindsay Lohan in Confessions of a teenage drama queen, except 10x more cringe with no redemption arc.
If I go through my storage shed and find my old yearbooks, I could post her yearbook photo in the sub but I don’t know when I’ll get around to that! That had to be 10+ years ago.
Also, your opinions of Deavan and Elicia are spot on. Elicia seemed to be a dead beat mom because Deavan was never at school and one day she just stopped showing up. I doubt she has any education, if she does it would only be a GED at best. She wasn’t very smart and seemed like she had a learning disability or should’ve been held back a year or so probably because Elicia never made her give a shit about anything other than the materialistic stuff. It’s kind of sad.
Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the laughs and I can’t believe I am just now finding out that she was on this show. I can try to answer questions but I don’t have the best memory from those years!
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2022.01.25 04:23 KurisuYen Ran, where's your ear?

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2022.01.25 04:23 Raptorsquadron OSX equivalence for AntiDupl?

School's starting and I still haven't sorting all my collection of images. I've been using AntiDupl on my windows computer which is great because it's free, open-sourced, compares similar images (even at different sizes), quick hotkey control, and even would display minor differences.
It doesn't run on the OSX and I was wondering if there's an equivalence for looking up files/images that would even compare images with different sizes (so not just same/similar files, but if the images are similar in nature).
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2022.01.25 04:23 mxcuxs Can I round up the date of my last job??

I put two weeks in on Jan 22nd so my last day would be a Feb. 5 but they replied saying they will pay me the two weeks but my last day is this Friday, Jan 28.
Can I still round it on my resume to Feb. 2022??
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2022.01.25 04:23 femboymo I looked kinda hot the other day...

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2022.01.25 04:23 Islamrony FiPi Token

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#FiPi #Presale #FiPiIndexes #IDO #FiPiAPP
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2022.01.25 04:23 Raven3292 I (15M) am look for a virgin girl to push off a cliff and sacrifice to the sea gods

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2022.01.25 04:23 Kendrillion Color concepts for the Kotori or ‘Bird duo’ from the cancelled DecoBlog

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2022.01.25 04:23 thegooseisloose369 TIH baby teeth

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2022.01.25 04:23 McCorduroi Science fiction book (series I believe) where they look for chosen people to sing(?) to please the gods. If they don't have the correct resonance they believe their world will end --doesnt seem like science fiction until you realize that what they think are God's are space ships.

I only have a vague memory of this plot so my details may be very off.
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2022.01.25 04:23 Common_Village815 [18M]

HS senior looking for friends around my age. Love animals and anything to do with the outdoors. Currently questioning my sexuality. Would like to meet friends in a similar spot. Snap for faster response justinm8850
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2022.01.25 04:23 No-Love-555 Can we discuss the ignorant hostility in the states right now? Why is the country so divided, and why are the ones that make the least sense, the ones being so agressive?

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2022.01.25 04:23 flajjimier 刘学州这事完全是新京报的错误,和网民键盘侠无关

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2022.01.25 04:23 mshamirtaloo Best Quote of the Day! Lessons Learned True Indeed

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2022.01.25 04:23 Beneficial_Ad_5874 Tax Exempt Issues

Okay, so in my country, I am tax exempt. But some schools are asking me to upload a tax return for me as a student. Do I just upload the tax exempt statement my employer gave to me to those schools too?
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2022.01.25 04:23 Reasonable-Lion-5391 IG Storie

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2022.01.25 04:23 iamminenzl Trust funds & assisted living

So my Dad will need to go into some sort of assisted living in the next year or two. The family house is in a trust, so am wondering how much of it can the govt can take when goes into assited living / retirement home.
The trust is broken into two: 50% of it is in my dads name, the other 50% is in mine. It's important to note two things here tho: 1) My mum died about 2 years ago and I inherited her 50% of the trust. 2) My mum and dad were married but she kicked him out if her life and the house about 3 years before she died. So they had'nt been living together (or talking) but not divorced.
Can the govt touch myside of the trust when considering his total wealth or payments?
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2022.01.25 04:23 nicklolololololol Salve fratelli baresi, potreste aiutarmi con alcune domande per un progetto personale?

Sto facendo una ricerca per un progetto personale e mi servirebbero un bel po' di persone che lo compilino. Per essere più attendibile sto cercando d'includere più gente dalle varie parti d'Italia. Prenderà al massimo 4 minuti del vostro prezioso tempo e mi sarà davvero d'aiuto. Grazie mille, allego il link qui sotto.
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2022.01.25 04:23 Lemondita Organizer

Hi, if anyone knows any good organization companies at a reasonable price please recommend. More especially for a garage cause I really need help.
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2022.01.25 04:23 DoctorGeneral3432 Welcome to Saint Barthélemy Airport 🤩🛳🌴🍹🌺✈️ Another livery by Michael Hayward / Drawyah☺️

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2022.01.25 04:23 Cookie-Dunker IC10

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2022.01.25 04:23 TZHElvis 3 wild windy bees in mountain top field???

3 wild windy bees in mountain top field??? so...I was scrolling and reading through the wiki when
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2022.01.25 04:23 padsdotph Suggestions for next up from Blessing 2 Dusk

6 months ago, I made the jump from Airpods Pro into IEM (instead of AirPods Max or more expensive TWS). I ended up getting the Blessing 2 Dusk. I was really amazed by the upgrade in sound that I now experience.

I am now looking to upgrade or get my second IEM - hopefully with equal or better performance, but this time with more bass. I use the IEM for most of the day - while working and after work (watching movies, listening to music, playing games, etc.). I wanted to hear your thoughts, pros/cons, suggestions, comments before making my decision. I think 1k USD would be too much of a price tag, but if you feel your recommendation is on that price range, please go ahead and make a case for it.
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2022.01.25 04:23 Philthylynott Work at a dangerous foundry for $16.65 an hr "NoBoDy WaNtS To WoRk AnYmOrE"

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2022.01.25 04:23 DontTouchTheMasseuse Ravens fan sending his love for Bills Mafis

Hey great people of buffalo! As everyone else in north america i was watching the heart breaking loss for the Bills yesterday and I gotta say, WOW.
Im from Quebec Canada so im a Ravens fan by choice and not by heritage or location influence. Im now proud to say that I am also a Bills fan from now on. What made me love the Ravens is Lewis' passion and i have to say and admit that yesterday Josh Allen showed the same passion as Ray's and I fucking loved it. Guy is a fucking baller and won me 50$ his sophomore season ( friend bet me he would never be dominant, needless to say he proved him wrong lol ). Plus your unis are one of my favorites.
With all that being said, the Bills will be back i have no doubt about it. Theres championships coming your way
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