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You're just going to ignore the Apocrypha, such as the book of Enoch?

2022.01.17 15:54 KyletheAngryAncap You're just going to ignore the Apocrypha, such as the book of Enoch?

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2022.01.17 15:54 Smart_Kiwi8722 Preparedness post residency

Hey guys. I’m a third year family medicine resident in a highly competitive program. Now that I’m in my last year I’m getting more time in clinic than I have in the past two years. During my intern year I spent ten months in the hospital. This would make since had I decided to become a hospitalist but I’m not. My colleagues and I have been talking about how unprepared we feel for the real world. I’m seriously learning more studying for the boards in the past few days than I have in the past three years regarding outpatient medicine. Does anyone else feel this way? Any advice?
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2022.01.17 15:54 UnknownGhost5 Steins;Gate is one of the best anime I have ever watched

I finished watching Steins;Gate a couple of days ago and it's a true masterpiece. The animation, voice acting, plot and everything else is amazing. The humor was also very on point and never failed to make me laugh. And so here is my atempt at writing a review:
Every character was amazing and very well written. I really couldn't pick my favourite character here because I really liked them all.
I found the first few episodes to be average and naturaly I tought that the rest of the anime is going to be mediocre but boy was I wrong. After 6th episode (I think that's the episode in which they discovered that the Phone Microwave (name subject to change) could actually send things to the past.) I just couldn't stop watching and finished the whole anime in just 2 days.
When Mayushii died for the first time was one of the saddest moments of the anime. And when Okarin was endlessly going back to the past via Time Leap to save her was really heartbreaking and I was just expecting him to have a full mental breakdown and go crazy.
The part where he goes to the past to save Kurisu and ends up accidentally killing her which started everything off was a plot twist (although I kinda expected it since ep. 1 because I read that the anime is about them making a time machine)
I expected a very sad ending (In wich he wouldn't be able to save Mayushii) but thankfuly I was wrong and we got a really happy ending.
All in all this is a must-watch for all anime lovers out there.
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2022.01.17 15:54 Pale-Sheepherder-264 madden ps4 Draft league hasnt started yet

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2022.01.17 15:54 Reaper8000 I can not change my password because I can not get into my 2fa, and i can not reset my 2fa because I do not know any of my codes, help, please.

I logged off of discord on my phone, I cant log back in because of the 2fa, and I wanna change my password too, what do I do? I've already sent an email to [support@discordapp.com](mailto:support@discordapp.com), help please.
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2022.01.17 15:54 mickeythemau5 Percy Priest Breaks Open Wide

As someone who has recently discovered Jason Isbell (what rock have I been under?) I went down the rabbit hole of really listening to the lyrics of a lot of songs and trying to ponder all he means or if there’s any meeting at all. As an example in “Cover Me Up” he says “Percy priest breaks open wide and a River runs through.” At face value he simply talking about a river breaking through the dam but given the context of the song I’m wondering if this is a metaphor for an orgasm? The lyrics leading up to this verse obviously are insinuating they’re staying inside for some romantic time and thus toward the end Percy Piest breaking open wide with a river running through…
Maybe I’m nuts? I seriously can’t stop listening to this man sing.
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2022.01.17 15:54 terrellnowins Fitzpatrick shirtless in the stands in Buffalo

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2022.01.17 15:54 Square-Birthday-147 Helppppp

What is the cut off score for BS Bio major in Environmental biology??? Thank you!
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2022.01.17 15:54 BotDaBot Dobrý večer, potřebuji vyplnit dotazník do ZSV ohledně volného času. Dotazník má málo otázek a neměl by zabrat více než minutu. Předem děkuji za vyplnění.

Dobrý večer, potřebuji vyplnit dotazník do ZSV ohledně volného času. Dotazník má málo otázek a neměl by zabrat více než minutu. Předem děkuji za vyplnění. submitted by BotDaBot to czech [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 15:54 Isatashi Which role do you think is the worst right now?

In my opinion its top lane and then adc but top takes the award for the worst role because of the new TP changes and riot barely changing anything about the role
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2022.01.17 15:54 articulatehermit Antidepressant advice

I'm going to keep this as brief as possible. For the last 7 years I've been dealing with feelings of hopelessness, anxiety and depression. These feelings came on strong around the age of 21.
At this time I became really aware of the big issues in our society, both on a national and global level, on a worldly and a personal level. Homelessness, poverty, hunger, war, our shambolic political leaders, wealth division, the thought of working so much to just pay rent/increasingly slim chance of home ownership, increasingly slim chance of being able to afford children, increasingly slim chance of retirement, all of these issues and more have influenced my mindset and view of the world, and they only get worse as time is rolling on.
I've tried many things to sort my head out but to no avail, I'm absolutely miserable and can't motivate myself to try anymore because it's never worked before and quite frankly, I'm fucking sick of pushing this boulder that I never asked for or wanted up the hill only to watch it roll back down again.
At this point I'm ready to try anything. I've always been hesitant to try antidepressants because I fail to see how they are going to help me forget all this stuff about the world that has led to these strong feelings of hopelessness.
Has anyone been in a similar spot before and had good results with antidepressants? If so could you please tell me in some detail what changed and how you feel now. I'd really appreciate any input. I've spent so long trying to sort my own mind that my life has been on hold for years.
Thanks for any info.
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2022.01.17 15:54 mairuhdee Cat's mouth seems to be in pain

So, my cat was messing around with his mouth all morning and was having some obvious problems with eating and drinking. My boyfriend attempted to look inside his mouth but just kept getting scratched. We finally were able to get a look at his teeth and there is some type of gum issues (red on the very bottom of his teeth). This behavior only just started this morning and we are planning on taking him to the vet but with covid we are worried it might take awhile for him to get seen. We are just looking for any advice to keep him comfortable or something to help him eat. He's also diabetic I don't know if that's important at all. Any help would be appreciated!
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2022.01.17 15:54 iSuffee i’d be his friend

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2022.01.17 15:54 TopMindOfR3ddit coming from a group of people who are dying in droves

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2022.01.17 15:54 Scarlett_Shields Second to last post op for my foot surgery! Felt like capturing the happy face [33F]

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2022.01.17 15:54 Dolorem_Eglantine [For Hire] Commissions are open! - Fantasy art\ Illustrations\Portraits\Character art\Table games illustration\Game art\RPG book art

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2022.01.17 15:54 chubbsw 250-350 US Laptop with M2 SSD Upgradability?

Hi, I am looking for a laptop around the $300 range that has an M2 drive or a slot on the mobo for one.
It seems all the budget laptops now don't even have the M2 or SATA connections soldered onto the board. I'm trying to transfer my mother's old laptop M2 drive into a new machine for her. I would just manually transfer some other way, but the old laptop is bricked from a bad update. No other specific requirements... just the price and the drive swap.
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.17 15:54 Karak1O Does youtube.com lead to a specific server?

I have heaered that YouTube and other big websites use multiple servers, so how exactly does this work?
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2022.01.17 15:54 i_fuckd_ur_mother Woah I seem to be having a very masc day which feels weird after feeling more fem yesterday

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2022.01.17 15:54 Cheeky_Guy Gordon Keith interviewing Will Ferrell for Casa de mi Padre

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2022.01.17 15:54 sillychillly Remember the values and vision that motivated MLK

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2022.01.17 15:54 Knobbies4Ever Local NJ Democrats Want Election Ballot Reform, But Party Bosses Are Skeptical

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2022.01.17 15:54 NoFapMonster Predict my score - Exam in 3 days and wondering if I should take it?

I did about 92% of UW over the last 2.5 months. I didn't do any neuro questions.
UW percentage correct 62%
UWSA 2 is 215
I really don't want to take UWSA because I heard the curve is brutal and it'll kill my confidence. Currently reviewing some weak topics and biostats.
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2022.01.17 15:54 crimson117 In Angry Birds Friends, can you use special slingshots in Tournaments?

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2022.01.17 15:54 ForerunnerAI10 What Was PayPal (Confinity) Like In The Year 2000?

It was called Confinity at the time, only being called PayPal in 2001. Did any of you use it at the time? If so, what was it like?
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