Thank you Smile for locking me out of my apartment when wifi goes out!

2022.01.20 11:49 tradescantia123 Thank you Smile for locking me out of my apartment when wifi goes out!

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2022.01.20 11:49 Ripclawe [ZARIAN]Attack On AEW Advertising, Warner ad rep unhappy with WWE's Self-Mutilation shot

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2022.01.20 11:49 PferdSchlampe Nasty Platy

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2022.01.20 11:49 TheBigBangBeats Open question: What is God made out of?

I've seen people say God is a deity who created the universe. And I've seen people say God is the culmination of all things, the universe itself. So which is it? I personally have experienced the latter, and it makes me sad when Christians correct me. Is it common for Christians to believe that God is a force of power different from reality itself? Cuz I'm pretty sure God is in all things.
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2022.01.20 11:49 kingnyy Do i need the stinger mouthpiece on my vong?

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2022.01.20 11:49 sad_gardener Bagged plants™

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2022.01.20 11:49 bitcoinbp EV Battery Tech & IONiX Pro Receives Order for 10,000 Smart Miners

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2022.01.20 11:49 MrMeatagi Recommendations for a cold air gun?

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2022.01.20 11:49 NiftyDriftNFT New Token on the Block! DNT

Found this token: can be worth looking into.
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2022.01.20 11:49 stunk1337 Hvor lenge ville Breivik overlevd i det fri?

Vi leser artikler opp og ned i mente om hvor farlig Breivik er og at det er stor risiko for at han kan begå ytterligere alvorlig kriminalitet ved løslatelse. Derfor må han forbli bak lås og slå.
Men, tanken som alltid har slått meg er: Hvor lenge ville Breivik overlevd hvis han ble sluppet fri?
Han er landets mest forhatte person. Folk flest (?) mener det burde åpnes for henrettelse i loven for handlingene hans. Dette er en sak som preger oss etter 10 år, og vil garantert prege oss resten av livet. Alle som leser dette har et bilde i hodet av hvor de var og hva de følte da bildene fra Oslo og Utøya var på skjermen.
Jeg må presisere at jeg personlig er fullstendig imot initiering av vold (ikke selvforsvar). Men, hvis han ble sluppet fri, ville han blitt lynsjet eller snikmyrdet?
(Det må nevnes at han ville garantert fått 24/7 politibeskyttelse og enda flere av våre skattepenger.)
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2022.01.20 11:49 lookup-mr_kempa I think rapping My Mom with the accent is more impressive compared to most other of Ems songs

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2022.01.20 11:49 ratsmacker_2 I firmly believe DS needs to be nerfed in one specific way.

I had a game where two were dead, and two were running to a 99'd exit gate. I hit feng, and downed her right as the gate opened. Yun Jin proceeded to take a hit, then miss a flashy save and for it get downed too. I hooked Yun Jin, and Feng left. Yun Jin kobed so I baited the DH and downed her. However, I thought she had DS, but I couldn't do fucking anything about it because if don't pick her up she can just leave. Idk the best way to deal with this, maybe if in the exit gate area or something like that, but that is complete bullshit to me. Not even DH or COH can force a killer to lose a kill like that, it's completely uncounterable and needs to be taken out.
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2022.01.20 11:49 roranoazolo What champs do you choose to synergize well with teammates picks?

If i see a Yi jungle i usually go Galio mid because Yi damage plus my cc chain is insane and I can ult on him if he gets in a fight early to get him ahead. Plus roams are geat becuase of great wave clear and you can impact other lanes with ult if the Yi chooses to power farm. Any other examples of synergy like this you guys go for ?
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2022.01.20 11:49 JE3MAN Has anyone tried to play Yakuza: Like a Dragon at Legend difficulty starting from scratch? (Level 1, new save state)

Pretty self-explanatory. I want to know people's opinion on how it went and if it's at all possible.
In the same vein, how is Hard working out with the same conditions?
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2022.01.20 11:49 SuperBankOfferMan Get a $200 bonus with SocialGood App and my referral

SocialGood is an app that offers cashback and rewards paid in their native token "Social Good" (SG). The token is traded at exchanges like Bittrex and Bitmart and can be cashed out for free (see bottom for details).
With my referral you get a $200 reward paid in SG token. The reward shows up as soon as you sign up but will remain pending until you make a purchase of at least $30 dollars. Make sure your purchase amount is $30 or more. Various merchants are supported, I used eBay. In addition to the bonus you also get cash back also paid in the token.
Detailed steps for the offer:
1) Click/tap [to follow this link to sign up], it should take you to the app download and when you register, the code will autofill. If it doesn't, manually type it in: PL227C .
2) You'll immediately see $200 worth of SG pending
3) To unlock, buy something through the app for at least $30. I used eBay but there are many different stores available.
4) The transaction may take several days to track, but will eventually show up (7 days on average for me) on the buying history
5) The tokens will move from pending to fully credited and withdrawable (for free) usually around 30 days (sometimes more) after the date of the purchase
Information on how to cash out is outlined here:
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2022.01.20 11:49 Tomiiweii TIBIA ARDERA PK #shorts

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2022.01.20 11:49 xcitor [HIRING] UX Writer (Remote) at DappRadar

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2022.01.20 11:49 hemi2056 45 m Hagerstown

Looking to suck cock, can't host
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2022.01.20 11:49 CharyBrown Republican voter suppression is rampant. MAGA Dems Manchin and Sinema are complicit now

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2022.01.20 11:49 GangsterTwitch47 I like the changes

It's a bit weak in lane but it's fine since you just need a few points in E and you start to be strong in skirmishes. It feels like you can have much more impact in teamfights with Janna now. The heal & shield power in E goes really well with Moonstone Renewer and after 2 items your shield CD is only 6 seconds. I also like the new Q since it isn't super easy to dodge anymore and you can hit tornados even without fully charging them. Just feels Janna is more impactful in the game now at the cost of losing some poke which I'm completely fine with. I've been struggling to hit diamond this season but I think I'll be able to make it with these changes, so far with them I'm 4-1.
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2022.01.20 11:49 dingdongdoodle12 His and hers! Can’t wait to get the rest of this collection!

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2022.01.20 11:49 SaynRoy How many people have you had sex with in your entire life?

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2022.01.20 11:49 DickLipmann Ghost - Impera - Transparent Blue Vinyl Concerto Exclusive (Max 2 per customer)..

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2022.01.20 11:49 Emotional_Giraffe966 help!

im playing the r.a.d. modpack v-1.47a, and somthing is pulling me to the side.
it is so weird, i cant play like that i cant stop moving, im sliding to the side.
i really dont understand what i did and why this is happening. it isnt possible to play when something is pulling you.
and when im rotating it keeps pulling me in the same direction so its not my keyboard. (things i throw also slide to this direction)
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2022.01.20 11:49 gaeb611 My unbiased Trails waifu tier list

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