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Assista a "A solidão me fez rockeira" no YouTube

2022.01.17 15:26 Fokamenstruada Assista a "A solidão me fez rockeira" no YouTube

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2022.01.17 15:26 ZucchiniRare5313 Reddit, what minor thing can turn your whole day around for the better?

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2022.01.17 15:26 TakeHerToAGayBar Test for Science

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2022.01.17 15:26 MCClipss When should I start revising? How much should I do?

I’m in year 10 and i’m naturally good at retaining information and I’m top set for English, Maths and Science. I work pretty hard at school, do all my homework. When should I start revising? How long per day should I do before my GCSEs, in year 11 and y10?
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2022.01.17 15:26 Doom_Kaiser Important questions about the A+ cert and Linux+ cert

Hello fellow redditors! I am planning on taking both the A+ cert, and the Linux+ cert in the next few months as part of a college class, and just had a few questions about them. Any information would be genuinely appreciated!
For reference, I did study for and manage to pass my Security+ exam when I took it, so I would probably be comparing these two against that one in particular. I did use Professor Messer, and Jason Dion as my study material which seemed to work fairly well for me. Because of that, I do see myself using them again.

  1. My college professor mentioned using Pluralsight to study as it would be free as a student, but I was curious if anyone has experience on using that resource? Are there any resources you might recommend for these certifications in particular?
  2. I know that the A+ comes in two parts, but does that make it a longer cert? Or is there just less information in-between?
  3. Of the two, would one of them take considerably less time than the other? I only ask, because I'm at a full load this semester for college, and want to make sure I can at least complete one, and have enough time to focus on the other. Due to the nature of the class and me already obtaining my Security+ Cert, I only need to get one more to pass the class. I still plan on taking both, but it's more of a peace of mind thing if that makes sense?
  4. How hard would you place these two certifications among the ones you've completed, or compared to the Security+ one? 10 being incredibly difficult, and 1 being a breeze.
  5. Do you have any helpful tips I might not have asked about that you might recommend?
Any information would be invaluable to me, and if you made it this far, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my post. :)
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2022.01.17 15:26 thatgaragesound Big In Borneo - Control || That Garage Sound 138

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2022.01.17 15:26 Ok-Investment7605 what in-game formation?

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2022.01.17 15:26 lolwhyamidoingthiss Might have to quit a semester long internship due to a dislocated foot, thoughts?

Currently have an taxation internship that busy season is coming up. I have a dislocated foot and I felt pretty uneasy to balance school, work and rehab. It has only been 3 weeks into the internship and the first two weeks like training. Personally felt morally guilty to quit as the employees have been really nice to me. What should I do?
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2022.01.17 15:26 TranslatorNo6915 Anyone interested in co oping this game with me

I’ve played the game fully through before 3 times looking to just have fun and blast through it with some jolly co op I’m on ps4 aswell and I’m on the persuer :)
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2022.01.17 15:26 Round-Poetry-3816 Inviting People to your wedding function.

Is it necessary to tell your very old classmates/friends about your marriage. I find it very awkward to inform them coz i haven't talked to them in 5 to 7 years..And suddenly. Some friends tell me it's necessary to inform them.
idk what to say feels awkward after talking to them after years saying I'm getting married but i need your blessings.
People of kerala how did you do it?
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2022.01.17 15:26 xander_yi Top Korean Actor Park Seo Joon (Sonny's friend) attends a Spurs match

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2022.01.17 15:26 nuggetsaregood10 Team vapor requests to help team skys quest to expand the sky (sorry my drawings suck)

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2022.01.17 15:26 houseplantsgrowing please help me understand how this is the same plant,1 hour apart. how does it look this good in my home while it looked that bad in the store?HOW

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2022.01.17 15:26 Echoru VIP BARBER SHOP IN PHOENIX AZ

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2022.01.17 15:26 Kieran_Nox How to delete data?

How do you delete the data from your steam account? Like to completely start over. If that's not possible will deleting my character and starting a new one keep the bonus stat points and skill points acquired from the achievement ribbons?
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2022.01.17 15:26 DangerMaen [PC] W: Armor sets, Overeaters/AP/sent - Urban LL, RA and armors in wishlist H: Legacies, guns, armor

Primarily looking for these:

Please check the sheet below for details for an extended wantlist and what I have to trade:
-- The Sheet Below --
Not looking for caps, flux or junk.
Not looking for items that are not on the wishlist.
Have a dangerous day!
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2022.01.17 15:26 Aleksaaa00 Dino lvls

Is there any way to set the min dino lvl to 0 and max to 280. I know about changing the setting in the game files but when I do that I dont see much lower lvls. I want to increase the chances for lower levels and low chance for high level is that possible?
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2022.01.17 15:26 FemellaActivist How do I (30f) Get my ex (27m) back and fix the mess I caused?

My ex (27m) broke up with me (30f) around a month ago; and it hurt so much if you want me to be honest. It also hurts to even cope with the lost because I don't have much people to confide in- I'm scared that people will ask "why did he leave you if everything was perfect" because I think it's going to be so embarrassing to tell them it was because we were sexually incompatible (his words) and I just couldn't please him.
He was very very adamant that we should see other people because he is convinced that things won't work out in the long run and he aims for something meaningful, but I disagree with him because I think things will workout in the long run and he should just give me another chance to try and please him and make him feel better as he always made me feel better and pleased me.
I call him, beg him, try and prove myself to him but he always just pleads with me to stop. How could he lose feelings so fast? We never said the big L word to eachother but I know I love him! Doesn't he love me? Did these 7 months mean Nothing???
I even tried to get him jealous, in hope that he may see he doesn't want to lose me for real and he would try and come back, I just wanted him to see my worth and invoke a feeling in him that would make him desire me for who I am and not just this rough patch we faced.
I texted him that since he broke up with me, would he think of me differently if I started seeing other people. He told me that it would hurt him but he is certain of his choice and that he wants me to be happy because I "deserve" it. I asked if he is seeing anyone else or if anyone caught his eye which could have provoked our breakup. He told me no and that he isn't ready to date because his "heart hurts" and that it wouldn't be healthy; he also said it would be way too soon and that would make him question how serious we were if he did jump the gun that quickly. The problem is I don't believe him, i know I love him, but how shallow could you be to just end everything permantly because I didn't due certain sex acts? I don't believe him.
So I downloaded tinder to make him jealous and was going to send him a photo of me on a date just to let him know that I'm moving on, but things got carried away; when I texted him the photo he accused me of rubbing it in my face and that I was hurting him, but I told him he hurt me first and that all I ever wanted was just him. He told me it'd be nice to cease contact and accused me of being cruel, how am I cruel when you're the one who left me because i wasn't "kinky enough" and was "too vanilla"????
At some point I had to self reflect and make sure this wasn't about revenge, I just wanted to stir up emotions in him that would make him want me more, now I feel bad a little.
This is where things got really bad and I know I fucked up for this. I had matched with another new date on tinder, and well....we hooked up.
His words about moving on too quickly Stuck with me, and I just felt guilty, even though I know I didn't cheat or would never - it just felt like it. Then I got curious because if I already hooked up with someone else, then him being a guy maybe he did too???
So I texted him abruptly after some time of not talking, and we had a small chat for a bit and I just asked him "did you sleep with anyone else", he told me no - so I replied back I didn't believe him. He asked me why I didn't believe him and then asked if I did, I said it was none of his business what I do. Then he asked me why did I bother asking him them, so I felt it was just appropriate to tell him because I was single at the time 😕.
I called him and I told him I did, and that it didn't mean anything and I still cared for him and just wanted to make him jealous but it happened by accident, he started crying which took me by surprise because I never even heard him cry before and he accused me of being cruel and hurtful and that I never cared for him and to just leave him alone, I got defensive because I do care for him and felt disrespected so I told him that I do care for him and I confessed to him in depth for the first time that I actually love him and that it was an accident. He then told me it hurts his chest to hear someone he also loves to share that intimacy and connection with someone else and that he didn't have sex with anyone because he wasn't ready because he's still processing the breakup and he always misses me, he said it hurts to hear me discard of him so quickly and that he probably meant nothing.
This is when I got mad because why would I go through all of this trying, can't he see that? And then HE BLOCKED ME! he hung up on me, blocked my number, blocked me on all social media and he won't unblock me!
I'm scared to visit him because i don't want him to call the cops on me. What do I do? Please Give me advice, I just want to clean up this mess. I cant sleep or eat and just cry all the time. Please how can I fix this please help please.
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2022.01.17 15:26 SubstantialScarcity Pov: you are normaln't

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2022.01.17 15:26 Shapperd Eris Presonus 3.5 vs Mackie CR5-X?

Hi all!
I recently gotten a pair of Eris Presonus 3.5, and I just a little bit missing the good bass (80hz the minimum freq for the speakers), and I was thinking about which option would be more beneficial? Selling these (I'm within the 2 week return period), and replacing them with a pair of Mackie CR5-X, or just wait and later get a sub for them?
The replacing would cost ~225EUR (the price of the mackie pair), the sub alone is ~310EUR.
Is the sub that much better that it cost more than the pair of mackie? I'm not doing any editing work, just basic movie and music listening, but not Home Theatre.
Which would be better? Why?
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2022.01.17 15:26 InTheButtIsAButt Most honest and insane rags to riches video (commits crimes goes to jail) Kenny Hotz

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2022.01.17 15:26 gasfo what a sweet couple.[lol]

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2022.01.17 15:26 mrmdc I did my first visible mend on an old pair of sneakers. Probably should have washed the shoes first.

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2022.01.17 15:26 shimmyit Any buds up to roleplay as themselves in a sports/camping/sleepover/roomates themed roleplay? DMs open!

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2022.01.17 15:26 JellybBean4 Can I play with my friend that has a cracked version of this game? He has steam cracks. I have bought the game.

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