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Worried my compressor is not functioning properly

2022.01.21 23:26 Uptown-Toodaloo Worried my compressor is not functioning properly

I live in Western NJ and have noticed last week that my compressor wasn't turning on at all. I brushed it off as it being too cold outside and the heat kit in the air handler is producing the heat. My air handler and compressor are 2 years old and my air handler is a Goodman AVPTC 14.
Today I decided to look at my energy bill. Since I noticed the compressor not functioning last week my bill has been double the price. I compared the temperatures this last week to temperatures in the past and at the same temps in the past my energy consumption is up 500 kw/h per day.
Something can't be right. I checked the breaker and it isn't tripped. I have no clue what else to check or what to do. I can't get the HVAC company who installed the equipment to return my call. Any ideas on what the possible issue could be?
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2022.01.21 23:26 b_a_s_t_i_1_2_3 [Psn] [H] bundle [W] 8000credits (worth 14540)

Maverick:purple,crimson,orange,fg,striker pink
Jolt bangle:fg
Mage glass:3xlime,6xgrey,2xbs,2xpink
Laserwave:cobalt,lime,striker unpainted
Orange,grey hypnotic
Skyblue,pink Truthbeam
Grey,fg reactor
Grey Pyrrhos
2xcobalt Almagest
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2022.01.21 23:26 rotundwizard Chimpanzeethat....MONKEY NEWS!

Chimpanzeethat....MONKEY NEWS!
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2022.01.21 23:26 jab136 Feeding the bot 10 more

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2022.01.21 23:26 tylerk2489 Confirmation Post

u/discexchangebot great sale with u/weedpun. Discs are in impeccable condition.
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2022.01.21 23:25 bigwhitedogs islam is a religion of terrorism and violence

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2022.01.21 23:25 mr_asazeal Had to get another pic.

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2022.01.21 23:25 Some_space_god Should I get into the rance series?

I heard it’s a decent series and I was wondering if I should get into it(even though it’s pretty old) and if so how should I go about it’s order?
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2022.01.21 23:25 FutureDH1089 Sunday, January 23rd, 2022. Arrowhead Stadium. 6:30pm EST. You ready? Go Bills! 💙❤️🤍

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2022.01.21 23:25 CopperFir Boot Issue after Disabling CSM on Asus Motherboard

Specs (All parts new other than gpu): mobo:
rig strix b550 f gaming wifi
cpu: ryzen 5600x
ram: Corsair vengeance 3600 cl18
gpu: GeForce® GTX 1050 G1 Gaming 2G
drive: Samsung 980
NVME Mobo Manual:
Issue: After I built the computer It posted all fine I was in the mobo bios all fine. I make a windows 10 bootable drive using rufus, make it run on UEFI plug it into the mobo and it gives a rufus error claiming UEFI was not enabled. So I go to the bios and disable csm (Compatibility Support Module), reboot and there was no post. The Asus LED lights show White and a green these from my research indicate VGA and Boot Device.
What I've already done:
Cleared CMOS both possible ways (Removed battery for 10m and used onboard headers)
Updated BIOS to latest version
Attempted to boot without NVME SSD
I thank you if you can come up with anything that could be an issue. If you thank anything may be the issue it would be the world to me if you could say so.
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2022.01.21 23:25 sektrONE Puppy Won’t Eat from Bowl

We have had our puppy for 3 weeks now and she has been difficult about eating from a bowl the entire time, across two different types of food.
We put the bowl down, she’ll nibble for 10 seconds then not touch it again. She’s getting through maybe 2/3 of the food we serve her at best and that’s with us trying to get her to eat more, if we just left it she might eat one meal total a day.
She wolfed down the new food the first few days but has since gotten bored of it and is doing what she did with the original kibble.
She will happily eat it if we scatter feed or hand feed but the bowl is a no go.
How can we fix this?
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2022.01.21 23:25 CinnamonWolfie Met my crush at a dance workshop months ago, and I don't know how to approach him

Ah it feels so weird and embarrassing to be posting here. I usually just read you guys' posts but here I go
Sorry for the long post
This post is probably a mixture of gushing and advice needed.😅
So I am 18F, and my crush is 19/20M.
A few months ago, my college had a week of welcome for freshman and transfer students. They held all sorts of events for students to participate in and have fun.
One of the events I ended up going to was a dance workshop. None of my other friends had signed up for this event so I went on my own.
While I was there, I was kinda standing around (bc I'm rather shy). Then suddenly, a guy (my crush) and another girl (she never told me her name) walked up to me and asked if I came with anyone. I said no, and they said neither did they. They were trying to form a little friend group since some of us came alone, and they'd thought it'd be more fun with friends.
My crush, the girl, and I were talking, and we were all talking about how we were kinda nervous since we had little to no dance experience. I was tempted to leave out of nervousness, but my crush said "no, let's be embarrassed together."
We talked throughout the whole event, and he's so sweet.We talked about music, classes, clubs, etc while we were there.
When the event ended, we exchanged social media, and I would only catch a few glimpses of him for the rest of the semester.
This semester, to my surprise, I have a class with him. When I saw him on the first day, I started to panic. I've always been the kind of person who avoids eye contact with a crush and tries to avoid them in general because I get so shy and nervous.
Any time I see him or he looks in my direction, I immediately look away out of habit (and fear of being discovered). :'(
The other day in class, we were supposed to act out our new vocab words (foreign language class), and what he did was so cute. My heart melted. D,: (Sorry for the cringe).
Then also, he also has a cute habit of bending down when he speaks to me. He's pretty tall, approx 6 ft (1.83 m), and I'm 5' 5" (1.65 m). Idk if he does this with other people, but it could def be him having a hard time hearing me since I've been told that I have a deep voice for a girl before and I also kinda speak quietly in general.
Man, I want to become more on a friends basis with him. Ya know, talking more often and becoming closer to him as a person? I don't know if he necessarily remembers me from the dance workshop months ago since he's never brought it up, and neither have I. I want to talk to him, but I have no idea how to start the convo without being awkward or obviously outing my crush. D:
I've told a friend about this, and she told me to just start talking to him about "do you remember me from the dance workshop?" but I feel like this is too risky. D,:
Any advice?
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2022.01.21 23:25 MisterSandKing Louie at work. 3 months 3days old, 30.8 lbs. We think he’s going to be a big dude.

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2022.01.21 23:25 KYTEF Legal minds of reddit. How much feedback do you get from the jury's body language as make your case and at what point can you predict the outcome of the trial , again by the jury's body language?

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2022.01.21 23:25 thestateyourein The Upside Down

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2022.01.21 23:25 heisenbergsblackhat Hypocrisy at its finest.

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2022.01.21 23:25 Shadowmate74 Had to do 8

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2022.01.21 23:25 AwkwardTickler can we increase the ping limit by like 10ms

Playing in NZ with my friends in the US, its fucking random if my california ping is ~155 which works or randomly 165-170 which gets me kicked. This is the only game I play with this ping limit below 200. They need to change this. I feel like the only reason it is in place is to keep Chinese players from playing on west coast servers.
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2022.01.21 23:25 Skraporc Asking the real questions here: What car logo do you predict ATLUS will “unintentionally” spoof in P6?

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2022.01.21 23:25 Toasty-Wozzy Episode 35 of The Road To BDSP: Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke is live! It is time for the elite four! WE'RE GOING FOR GLORY!!

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2022.01.21 23:25 kane110214293 Can someone explain...

Can someone explain...
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2022.01.21 23:25 Chibi_Kitten SIM keeps disconnecting

I just got my phone and the SIm cards have been randomly disconnecting, I have tried many fixes including a factory reset. Can someone help me with a solution, please?
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2022.01.21 23:25 DexterKandy Pope Benedict Willfully Let Children Be Raped: Lawyer

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2022.01.21 23:25 rosheromil Hollywood Sasha | Part II: Evolution

Hollywood Sasha | Part II: Evolution
Chapter Two: Casting Shadows Following her show-stealing victory over Thunder Rosa in the Women’s Final Eliminator at Full Gear, Sasha Banks now has a guaranteed opportunity at the AEW Women's Championship. It’s expected that the Boss will fight for the title at Winter Is Coming like all the previous winners, but no. Hollywood Sasha doesn’t take orders from anyone, her employers at TBS know how big of a deal it is to have her on board and therefore allow her to play by her own rules. On the Dynamite following Full Gear, the Boss comes out and tells the AEW Women's Champion Toni Storm, that she will be back to take that title from whoever holds it at the next pay-per-view in three months’ time at Revolution.
Sasha has other commitments with the likes of Disney that will keep her busy for the next few months, as she films for, I don’t know, the fourth season of the Mandalorian or whatever. Toni Storm is determined to make it to Revolution to be the one to not only face Banks but beat her. She defends the title in a classic against Serena Deeb around the turn of the year. Banks appears via satellite in a pre-recorded segment to insincerely praise Storm for her efforts the following week. At Battle of the Belts, Storm yet again defends the title, this time against someone Sasha is also familiar with – Ruby Soho. Banks appears in a pre-recorded segment sat on her make-up chair to yet again disingenuously give support to both women like the self-absorbed celebrity she’s become.
Storm and Soho engage in a really gritty face vs face encounter on the Saturday night event, held in late January 2024. Storm manages to pick up the win and ensure a dream showdown with the Boss at Revolution. A match that has been building ever since AEW Grand Slam will now finally be on the card. The lineal champ, Sasha Banks, who is yet to taste defeat since becoming Undisputed Women's Champion at WrestleMania, will face the AEW champ Toni Storm. Will Sasha gain new gold, or will Storm take on 'lineal champion' status and become ‘the woman who beat the woman.’

AEW Revolution 2024
AEW Women's Championship – Toni Storm (c) vs. Sasha Banks
Banks comes into this match on a high. She is undefeated so far since leaving the WWE, and is making waves in the wider world as well. In fact, she comes into this match with an elemnt of complacency. Meanwhile, a young, resolute Storm shows no such weakness. She needs this win to give herself validation. After all, she left the WWE to step out of the shadow of women like Sasha. The last thing she wants is to drop the title and let Sasha cast her ever-growing shadow over not just her but a locker room of people like her. For the opening stages of the match, we see this tenacity from Storm, which Banks sells with excellent facial expressions. Thanks, Jon Favreau. An example of this would be Toni abruptly sending Sasha out of the ring with a running boot before connecting with a Suicide Dive in the early going.
We get to a stage later in the bout with both women down. The two get up, using each other as leverage. They trade rights and lefts. Sasha then slaps Storm, and again, and again. But Storm knocks her down with a devastating headbutt. The crowd appreciated that one. With Sasha down and dazed, Toni springs off the ropes and connects with a Hip Attack. 1…2…kickout by Banks! Toni is perplexed. She thought Sasha was out cold. She regroups and sets Sasha up for Storm Zero, but Sasha flips over the top into a pinfall attempt…1…2…so close! As Storm pops up Sasha takes a few steps back and hits her with a Running Knee Strike. She's out! Sasha goes to the top, looking for the Frog Splash. The move that won her this opportunity. She connects off the top..1….2….Storm kicks out! Everyone thought that was it. But the grittiness of Storm presents itself again. Whilst Banks shouts at the crowd, Storm gets up, kicks Banks in the gut, and sets up Strong Zero. She connects…1…2…kickout! Storm can’t believe it…As she looks out in disbelief, Banks quickly grabs her from behind. Oh no…Banks Statement applied! Storm’s made a big mistake. Like Britt and Hayter before her, she’s got nowhere to go. She tries to use her strength to get to the ropes but Banks rolls her back in. The referee raises her hand once, it falls. Twice, it falls again. Third time…it falls once more. He calls for the bell, Sasha Banks is the new AEW Womens Champion! The crowd feels for Toni. She just put on the best match of her career but it wasn’t enough. Banks is untouchable. The Boss celebrates with her newly won title. Now, it’s hard to argue anything other than she is what her team promotes her as ‘the lineal champion of women’s wrestling’….
AEW Womens Championship – Sasha Banks def. Toni Storm (c) (19:30)

The Boss is the AEW Women's Champion! She is now the indisputable no. 1 women's wrestler in the world. But she doesn’t call herself the AEW Women's Champion, no. She still refers to herself as the lineal champion of all of women's wrestling. No one can hang with her. She makes it clear to not just the AEW locker room, but every woman around the world that's ever laced up a pair of boots, that she is superlative. She’s done what no one, not anyone in AEW, not any of her fellow horsewoman, not even any legend has done before, because in her hand now she has the keys to a wider women’s wrestling revolution. She says she has been calling herself the lineal champion not just because it sells but to incite women’s wrestlers from all over the world. In her mind, only the Boss has the drawing power to do that…
She tells the AEW locker room that she is the inspiration, the blueprint, the golden role model to aspire to. In backstage segments we see her talking to Tay Conti and Anna Jay, with her usual fake-sounding tone, being nice to the girls and telling them that looking up to her could see them find success the likes of which they’d never even dreamt of. There are some women that oppose the celeb champion, and they all happen to be ex WWE talent, who now find themselves in the shadow of a horsewoman again. These ladies are the ex-champion Toni Storm, Ruby Soho, and Athena, formerly known as Ember Moon. After a couple of weeks of promos and altercations, Banks has the network, not TK, but TBS itself, promote a match. A six-woman tag match, in which she’ll face Storm, Soho, and Athena with her two reluctant pet projects Tay Conti and Anna Jay. Despite being hesitant to side with the Boss, TayJay go along with the match per the orders of the network. But they surprisingly have good chemistry, and in the end, Sasha scores the pin on Storm after a DD-Tay x Frog Splash combination. Has the ‘blueprint’ just been laid out for the young hopefuls?.. It’s announced in the wake of this victory that one of the unpinned women in this match, Athena, will get a shot at the title after being ranked no. 1 in the rankings. Banks and Athena will meet at the second Saturday Night Fight Night event of the year titled ‘Clash of Elites’…

Saturday Fight Night: AEW Clash of Elites ‘24
AEW Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks (c) vs. Athena
This match has some real-life heat behind it. In 2020, the woman then known to the masses as Ember Moon once ranted on twitch about Banks and Bayley carrying all the gold in the women's division during the pandemic era. Like Storm, she came to AEW after being overlooked in the WWE but finds Banks, now with even more pull backstage, casting shadows once again. Essentially, Athena is determined to step out of the shadow that Ember Moon couldn’t. The resentment towards Hollywood Sasha seems to be bringing the best out of her opponents, and it's no different with the Texan. Athena is known as the Goddess of Wisdom and War in Greek mythology and she brings both at Clash of Elites…
After a competitive 15 minutes of captivating action between two great athletes, Athena ducks a clothesline from Banks and takes her down with a Front Dropkick. She then bounces off the ropes and hits a Flatliner for a near-fall. Athena looks to go high risk, looking for the Eclipse, but Banks rushes to swipe her legs from underneath. She puts Athena in position for the Rope Hung Double Knees to the midsection. Banks goes up top herself looking for the Frog Splash but Athena quickly makes her way up. She tries to swipe Bank’s legs but Banks catches her and hits a Headscissors Driver, sending Athena headfirst into the turnbuckle. Banks then hits a Diving Meteroa from the top…1…! The two women get up, Athena dodges a slap, and kicks Banks, looking for her Cosmic Combo, as she goes for the final enziguiri, Banks ducks and Athena lands face first on the mat. Banks quickly apply the Banks Statement…After moments of struggle, Athena is forced to tap out! Sasha retains her title…
AEW Womens Championship - Sasha Banks (c) def. Athena (16:52)

The last of Bank’s ex-WWE haters is none other than a woman literally known as the ‘Runaway’. Ruby Soho is perhaps one of the women most associated with being overshadowed by the Horsewoman in the WWE and now after beating Tay Conti, she finds herself the no. 1 contender to Sasha’s title. In fact, over the last few weeks, Soho has been trying to encourage the somewhat naïve TayJay to forge their own path, rather than give in to an insincere Banks who is only looking for people to watch her back and carry her bags. This brings into play real-life issues among millennials, even more so teenage girls and young women, some of whom are all about social media clout and taking the quick route to fame.
It tests Conti and Anna’s morals, ethics, and work rate, but then again when they see someone as successful as Banks advocating for this attitude, it’s hard not to be tempted. Banks tries to play on this more by highlighting all the flaws and failures of Ruby Soho, an alternative punk-rock chick who’s essentially polar-opposite of Banks in terms of lifestyle and personality. Beating Soho at Double or Nothing will, in her mind, encourage not only TayJay but the entire locker room to take inspiration from her…

AEW Double or Nothing '24
AEW Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks (c) vs. Ruby Soho
This rivalry has gotten nasty over the last couple of months, with lots on the line. It’s a clash of lifestyles, personalities, ideologies, and most of all two of the top women’s wrestlers in the world. Soho is the crowd favorite coming in. Banks plays the role of Hollywood antagonist very well, as she arrives with her usual showy entrance. Soho sees this as the ultimate opportunity to rewrite the wrongs of her Stamford days and finally win world championship gold here in AEW. Banks starts strong, completely outwrestling Soho in the early going, reminding the fans just why they call her the Boss.
Unfortunately, things never really pick up for Soho. Banks has learned from her complacency mistakes against Storm and Athena, which resulted in much harder fought victories than she anticipated. This is a straight-up masterclass from the Blueprint. The type of which that would surely captivate any aspiring women's world champion. Soho has a late flurry but Banks cuts her off dodging an attempted Riott Kick into the Banks Statement, similar to how she reeled in Athena. Soho much like her friend has no choice but to tap out. It’s a schooling from the Boss in Vegas…
AEW Womens Champion – Sasha Banks (c) def. Ruby Soho (13:22)

Chapter 3: Claim to the Name Following the win at Double or Nothing, the Boss has big news! When she signed with TBS and came to AEW she did so with the intention of revolutionizing the women's wrestling industry as a whole. And she’s proud to announce that her starpower and name value has helped bring about the first-ever worldwide women's wrestling supercard event where ladies from WWE, AEW, Impact, Stardom, Ring of Honour, NWA, you name it will feature on the show. The Forbidden Door has been blown off its hinges by the Boss (and a whole host of execs and board members but to her, they’re not important) as she claims it wouldn’t be possible without her. Because after all, she has the one title that every women’s wrestler on the planet wants. Not the AEW Women's Championship no, her status as ‘the lineal champion of women's wrestling. I said it was a ploy from her agents and marketing team, well this was the main reason why…
It’s announced that the main event of the show will see Banks take on the WWE Women’s Champion for the right to call themselves the lineal champion of women's wrestling. And it’s a match that will become a tradition at what will also become an annual supershow event. The name - Evolution. That’s right, it’s the second installment of Evolution, but this time it’s not just under the WWE banner, but under the banner of women’s wrestling around the world. This is great news and you’d think it’d make Sasha an instant babyface. Don’t worry, her overwhelming smugness takes care of making sure that isn’t the case. And you might think, what would WWE gain from doing this, well for starters their women's division is small as hell now, and it betters the company's reputation to have an annual all-women's pay-per-view. The event would be broadcast on the WWE Network as well as on Fite, so it would attract new subscribers during Summerslam month. Meanwhile, all the other companies get the added spotlight from working with WWE. It’s a win-win.
When you call yourself the lineal champion, you’re bound to have some detractors. Meanily the other women holding championship gold around the world. One of those is former AEW Womens Champion and now current World of Stardom Champion, Riho. To Sasha’s dismay, Tony Khan arranges a match between the two champs for AEW Fyter Fest in July. The Boss is furious that TK is putting her big-time Evolution main event spot in jeopardy and proposes legal acition. Khan makes it clear or should I say his spokesperson Tony Schiavone makes it clear in an in-ring interview with Banks that whilst the Boss is holding his AEW Women's Championship then he can book her in whatever match he wants. Quite frankly Sasha and her contract situation with Turner has caused the AEW boss more headaches than he hoped for, and this is him putting his foot down. Boss meets Boss if you will. A dream match, between Riho and Banks, is signed and it will take place at Fyter Fest…

AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest 2024
Women’s Lineal Champion Decider - AEW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks (c) vs. World of Stardom Champion Riho (c)
It’s important to remember, this isn’t a title for title, winner-take-all match. It's for the right to be known as the woman who beat the woman. A.k.a the lineal champion. The first-ever AEW Women's Champion is determined to adopt that title but right now it’s the woman with the biggest claim to fame, that has the biggest claim to the name. Hey, that could be one of Sasha’s catchphrases. Banks and Riho are two of the most gifted wrestlers on the planet and would be able to put on a clinic at Fyter Fest. For once, Banks has the strength and size advantage over her opponent, and even she struggles to keep up with the diminutive Joshi, who takes her down with twilt-a-whirl-headscissors, and dropkicks among other moves.
The closing part of the match sees Riho go for a Corner Knee Strike only for Banks to counter iand drive her face into the turnbuckle with a Headscissors Driver. Banks goes from behind, scooping Riho up onto the top rope. She hits a massive Superplex on Riho! 1…2..kickout! Banks grabs Riho by the hair shouting abuse at her, she attempts a vicious Step Up Knee Strike but Riho dodges goes behind and hits a Dragon Suplex. She’s fired up and so are the crowd. Sasha stumbles back to her feet, and Riho hits a low running dropkick sending her down in between the ropes. Riho runs looking for a tiger feint kick but Sasha ducks. Riho spins round and Sasha catches her from behind with a Backbreaker. Now the Banks Statement is locked in! Riho is desperate, she's nowhere near the ropes. And she taps out! Sasha’s status as lineal champ remains…
Women’s Lineal Championship – Sasha Banks (c) def. Riho (c) (14:49)

After the bell, Banks refuses to break the hold and is eventually dragged off an unconscious Riho by officials. The Boss takes to the mic with some harsh words for the AEW President and every woman around the world looking to become lineal champ. She reminds them that nothing and nobody is gonna stop her from main eventing the show she made a possibility. The lights go out. And when they come back on, familiar music starts playing. It’s Io Shirai! The Genius of the Sky is here! The Forbidden Door has been truly blown off its hinges. Sasha looks on in shock at one of the only women she has never beaten in the squared circle....
Shirai attends to her friend Riho before squaring up to the Boss! The crowd pops! Banks takes a swing with her title belt, Shirai dodges and takes Banks down into a crossface. Sasha’s face tells the story. The refs intervene and pull Shirai of Sasha. But now her intentions are clear. Shirai has her own claim to the name, and if Sasha wants to own it, then she’s gonna have to beat her. The match is authorized by TK, much to Sasha’s frustration. It will go down at Fight for the Fallen in early July. One month away from Evolution...

AEW Dynamite: Fight For the Fallen
Women’s Lineal Champion Decider – Sasha Banks (c) vs. Io Shirai
Io Shirai is technically still under WWE contract but has been living in Japan and working with Stardom throughout the year. She came to support her friend Riho in her match with Banks at Fyter Fest and now here she is looking to do something that her follow Joshi couldn’t by beating the Boss. The match marks the first-ever occasion a WWE superstar has appeared on AEW programming, and because of that, the match is promoted to the moon. It goes on last and the two deliver an epic main event, as Banks looks to defeat one of the few opponents that she’s never managed to before.
Shirai and Banks work at a fast-paced for 20 minutes, in and out the ring, showcasing the awe-inspiring athleticism that makes them two of the best around. Banks hits a Step-Up Knee Strike, followed by a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, sending Shirai crashing onto the floor. After a few moments, she runs into the ring. Springing off the rope and looking for a suicide dive that takes out Shirai. She attempts to roll Shrai back in, but Shirai counters, and hits a German Suplex on the floor. Shirai regroups back in the ring, before going up high and hitting an Asai Moonsault onto Banks on the outside! Holy shit. The match rolls on…
Later on, Shirai has Banks in between the ropes. She looks for the Tiger Feint Kick, the move that cost Riho the match a few weeks ago. However, Io suckers Banks in, and instead of attempting the kick she stops herself, landing on the apron. Banks moves out of harms way expecting the kick. She becomes disorientated and Io sends her down with a springboard dropkick! Io has momentum, she kicks up and performs an amazing handstand dropkick to the AEW champ. The crowd is off their feet. She sizes Banks up and gets her in the crossface. Banks is struggling. But wait a minute, here comes Tay Conti. Anna Jay looks to talk her out of it at the top of the ramp but Conti pushes her down and runs towards the ring. Shirai releases the hold and stares down Conti from the outside. Don’t do anything you’ll regret Tay commentary calls.
From behind Banks, hits a reverse-rana into a pinfall on Shirai…1…! Kickout. Both women are down. Tay looks on, emotions conflicted. Out comes Shira’s friend, Riho. She gets in Tay’s face and the two women get into a standoff on the outside. The referee peers through the ropes to try and separate the two, but back in the ring Banks has the AEW Women's belt. She connects with Shirai and gets rid of the evidence. She staggers as she makes her way up top. She hits a Frog Splash! 1…2….3! We’ve seen a women's wrestling masterpiece but it’s ended in controversial circumstances. Nevertheless, it’s the Boss who’s headed to the main event of Evolution. After the match, Riho goes to check on Shirai and so too does Hikaru Shida. Tay Conti walks off looking disappointed in herself, as Sasha celebrates with the title.
Lineal Women's Champion Decider - Sasha Banks (c) def. Io Shirai (21:34)

Chapter 4: Women's Supershow Over the next month, the build to Evolution kicks into overdrive. In the WWE, they hold a mini-tournament for the Women's Championship between eight of their best competitors, with the winner facing Banks in the main event of Evolution. The likes of Becky, Bayley, and Charlotte all enter as they looked to gain retribution on the woman who bested them all at Mania a year ago. The Empress of Tomorrow Asuka also has her own sights set on the Boss, after seeing her friend, Io, fall victim to her a few weeks ago. Then there's some other hopefuls like Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, and Raquel Gonzalez who look for the biggest opportunity oftheir careers. Ultimately, the winner of the tournament is the woman who became champion after Sasha vacated the belt….Bianca Belair. The woman who gave Sasha the biggest loss of her career in their only match together at WrestleMania 37. The long-awaited rematch will be the main event a card stacked with inter-promotional matches and dream encounters.
Over the next months, the forbidden door gets swung wide open with women appearing on different shows to build up matches and hype for the event. One issue surrounding the event that gets highlighted on social media is the apparent pay gap between the women from the big promotions to those from lesser-known companies competing lower on the card. Banks refers to this in a promo on Dynamite, belittling the lesser-known promotions and their competitors like a truly entitled celeb, saying she brings in the viewers so she makes the most money. This prompts a social media exchange between Sasha Banks and the executive producer of WOW (Women of Wrestling), April Mendez, known to many as AJ Lee, who won’t stand to see her girls get undervalued. AJ’s bold stance threatens to unravel Banks’ big brainchild event as other smaller promotions star demanding their talents get paid fairly...

AEW Dynamite, July 2024
'WOW Executive Producer AJ Lee is welcomed to AEW Dynamite'.
AJ Lee is welcomed to AEW Dynamite by Tony Khan and her husband CM Punk, and she gets into a big-time war of words with the Boss, Sasha Banks. Sasha tells AJ that they don’t need her girls, because ultimately everyone is paying to see her. AJ retorts shining the spotlight on Banks’ ego and her questionable morals. AJ claims that she helped kickstart the women's revolution and paved a way for Banks, calling herself the ‘True Blueprint’. She says that her roster is grateful for the opportunity but she won’t stand to see them get lowballed by the Stamford execs. Her loved ones have already lost enough money because of those penny pinchers. Things quickly get heated between the Boss and the Black Widow, with Banks telling AJ that, like her husband, she’s far too past her prime to be stepping to the Boss, and trying to push her weight around. AJ sees this as a challenge. Banks goes to slap Lee who avoids and locks in the Black Widow! Sasha quickly taps, as referees rush to break up the two women. AJ leaves to big cheers as Sasha looks on embarrassed, I have a feeling this won't be the last time these two see each other. After Dynamite, AJ’s show of defiance results in women from the lesser-known promotions getting a bump in pay for their efforts, although it does result in a personal fine from TBS for putting her hands on their golden girl. Oh well, she’ll take it I guess…
After being embarrassed at the hands of AJ Lee, Sasha is more determined than ever to win the main event of Evolution and remind the whole world why she currently holds the title of lineal champion. Having said that though, her previously unrivaled confidence has been shaking, not just because of the AJ altercation but because of her controversial victory over Io Shirai in which she definitely could have lossed. This prompts her to speak with Tay Conti backstage. She knows she’s in Tay’s head and thinks she can manipulate her into finally siding with the Boss ahead of quite possibly the biggest match of Banks career. Tay reminds conflicted, but it remains to be seen whether Sasha’s promises of the celebrity lifestyle finally convinced her. She asks Tay if she will be there for her if push comes to shove…Tay thinks about it before she replies Sasha cuts her off, pointing her finger, and saying ‘You better be!’ before walking off.

AEW Dynamite, July 2024
'Evolution II Main Event Contract Signing between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair'
On the go-home show of Dynamite before Evolution, we have the contract signing for the main event between WWE Women's Champion Bianca Belair and AEW Women's Champion Sasha Banks. It’s a groundbreaking segment from not just women's wrestling but the entire industry. Banks tells Belair that the win she got over her at WrestleMania was a fluke and that history will not repeat herself. She takes full praise for the first-ever worldwide women's supercard, claiming Bianca is simply just the antagonist in what is gonna be another successful Sasha Banks film. For Belair this is simply what her hold life leading up to this point has been about, being the b-e-s-t. For a year Sasha Banks has claimed to be the best because she knew she wasn’t going up against the EST of women's wrestling any time soon.
Hearing Banks repeat ad nauseam that she was the linear champion, whilst Bianca herself was carrying the very title Banks famously vacated ate away at Belair, but now, now she finally gets a chance to prove she is the one deserving of that label. And when she beats Sasha at Evolution, she will be known as the woman who beat the woman. They get up from their chairs and Banks says one final remark…’Bianca the biggest difference between Evolution and WrestleMania is that this time, you’ll be crying after the second bell, not the first…’ Bianca smiles and then takes down Banks. The two women start brawling and outcomes Tay Conti! Tay pulls Bianca off Sasha, but wait here comes women of the WWE locker room quickly followed by women from AEW. Sooner or later it’s chaos! With ladies from all different promotions brawling. Dynamite goes off the air, as fans anticipate history at Evolution…

Evolution II | 'To be the woman, you must beat the woman'
Evolution II
Lineal Women's Champion Decider – AEW Womens Champion Sasha Banks (c) vs. WWE Womens Champion Bianca Belair (c)
After an iconic night of wrestling at Madison Square Garden in New York City, we finally get to the main event. Banks-Belair II, the rematch that was promised but never came, two and a half years on from their WrestleMania epic. Bianca enters first, looking to cement her claim as the b-e-s-t of women’s wrestling. Sasha arrives second. The woman in her own mind paved the way for this famous night. The bell sounds, this time there are no tears of pride from Belair, she’s all business. The inexperienced rookie who faced Banks back then is now an established household name. Banks herself has grown, achieving a new level of superstardom never before seen in her field. Bianca is undoubtedly the most dominant athlete of the two and similar to in their first encounter she manages to demonstrate this against the Boss. But Sasha is undeniably the more experienced wrestler and manages to thwart Bianca throughout the bout.
10 minutes in, Sasha goes for a springboard armdrag. As she runs into the corner and gets to the top turnbuckle, Belair stops her in her tracks. She pulls her off the top into a Gorilla Press Slam, followed by a handstand against the ropes into a moonsault. 1…2..Banks stays in it! Belair regathers and goes up high….she looks for the 450 but Sasha rolls out of the way! Sasha stumbles back and runs and Banks taking her down with a meteora for a near-fall. She goes for another, this time to a standing Belair but Bianca displays great power to hold her in position before dropping her with a Spinbebuster. Belair kips up and does her trademark taunt at Sasha. This backfires though as when she goes for a Spear, Sasha turns to her side, taking Bianca down looking for the Banks Statement! Bianca tries to get to the ropes but can’t. She instead reaches her right arm behind her head and grabs Sasha’s head, locking it in. She then powers up with Sasha on her back to the amazement of the fans! She has Sasha in position for the KOD! She goes for it but Sasha counters into a huricanrana pin…1…2…kickout! Both girls are spent. Sasha cheaply grabs the hair whilst they are on the floor, she pulls Bianca in and hits her with a vicious knee strike. Up high she goes, looking for the Frog Splash, only for Bianca to catch her in mid-air and hit a Fallaway Slam.
After a minute to regroup Bianca gets Sasha up looking for the KOD, but wait running down the ramp is Tay Conti! The woman Banks’ wants as her protégé. This distracts Belair and Sasha grabs the ropes. Bianca tries to yank Sasha off the ropes but this sees both spill into the nearby women's ref. Sasha puts Banks down with her Bankrupt neckbreaker, before seeing an opportunity. She calls Tay to get her title belt. Tay grabs the belt but before giving it to Sasha she looks at it with aspiration in her eyes. She hands it over to Sasha who grabs it- but then wait, Tay takes it away! Banks is livid. Tay leaves down the ramp as Sasha shouts abuse at her. The Boss turns her attention to Bianca but runs into the whip heard around the world from Bianca! Not another one. Bianca scoops her up….KOD!! 1….2….3! Belair does it! She takes the reins as the lineal champion of women's wrestling! Banks suffers her first loss since returning to the ring almost a year ago. Belair holds her WWE Women's Championship up high, signifying her status as champion. Not only is she EST of the WWE, but she’s also the EST of the entire world. On the night that she claimed was only a reality because of her, the Boss has finally been defeated…
Lineal Women's Champion Decider - Bianca Belair (c) def. Sasha Banks (c) (23:29)

To be continued...
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2022.01.21 23:25 Rualsum The main reason I'm leaving, is because I feel I have no possible love life in the USA anymore.

I feel like if you're a single white male over 40 in the USA you might as well just give up on dating unless you're willing to accept being a father to someone else's kids and being their ATM.
I have no kids by choice, and want none. And just once in my life I would like to feel valued for who I am, not the size of my wallet.
I work out constantly and eat well, but I feel like when you're old you are just expected to accept what's left at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to relationships.
One woman even said to me on the first date, "Wow, instead of buying a boat to live on you could use that money to buy a house big enough for us and my kids to live in." (Her profile said she had no kids)
Why the fuck should I stay here and be miserable? My future here feels suicidal.
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