Long story

2022.01.23 11:56 microwavedraptin Long story

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2022.01.23 11:56 AGreatUsernameChoice Chess?

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2022.01.23 11:56 Macacoprlsdgay putz

to com sono, mas toda vez que fecho o olho sinto uma dor agonizante. Me sinto um bosta, to de ressaca vomitando e só consigo pensar em como sou sozinho e quero acordar morto, puta merda o que tô fazendo com minha vida, nem sei o que eu sou. Queria que o mundo me esquecesse e esquece de mim mesmo.
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2022.01.23 11:56 preddert your opinion is required!

Hi all! I came across this "documentary " and I was wondering of any of you saw the entire thing, and if it's any good
Apparently the full video has been taken down so if it was any good, where can we find it? 😅
Appreciate any help
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2022.01.23 11:56 ToggafDude how do i safely tame a thylo?

ive been using my griffin around the redwood trying to find a thylo, i was able to spot a couple thylos before i got near but theres always one i cant find. is there a specific height theyre at? i feel like theyre invisible sometimes and i just get pounced out of nowhere. tips would be very much appreciated on spotting/getting it down properly
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2022.01.23 11:56 alejour (Iktr)

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2022.01.23 11:56 toma-hawk02 Kevin

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2022.01.23 11:56 crytoloover Binance пошёл в разнос! Рост на 1344%: это нечто. Не ожидал никто - это только начало!

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2022.01.23 11:56 XYG_Paranormal About wish find HP OMEN 15-AN-101TX Notebook fan control ways

Hello everyone, I'd like to ask about the effective method of fan control for my notebook (HP-15 an-101tx / i7-8750h & GTX1070 Chips)
Very thanks for help
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2022.01.23 11:56 MarioLetsPlay [H] Cheapest prices LIFETIME WARRANTY Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, Showtime, Starz, Crunchyroll, IPVanish VPN, NordVPN, Scribd [W] everything is $1.50 CashApp/Bitcoin

$1.50 each or 5 accounts for $6!!!
$1.50 each or 5 accounts for $6!!!

Message me if you'd like to buy. they all come with a lifetime warranty. CashApp or Bitcoin only and these are all shared accounts.
Click here to see my vouches.
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2022.01.23 11:56 simon160504 Qui rp l'une d'elle

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2022.01.23 11:56 MattgMac04 Trans themed Titanfal 2 Cold War Skin that I made!

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2022.01.23 11:56 Available_Ad_3871 It's beautiful. I've looked at this for five hours now

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2022.01.23 11:56 ztzzds123y HOW?

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2022.01.23 11:56 HobbesAsAPanther Does this mean I was superliked?

This has happened a few times and each time I can’t superlike them and if I swipe on them it doesn’t connect with a match.
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2022.01.23 11:56 memoriesofcold Rep. Katie Porter and her whiteboard show just how stellar a US congressperson can be

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2022.01.23 11:56 sit_ur_ass_down Shaky/Lightheaded/Buzzy feeling in head & body when I wakeup in the early morning/night.

25F, 105 lbs, 5’5. White. Endometriosis/migraine/epilepsy/generalized anxiety disorder. Takes birth control pill, pristiq, and aimovig injection.
Lightheaded/weak/buzzy feeling in head & body when I wake up in the night/morning.
This has been happening for a few months now but has increased in frequency. I can’t find anything online where anyone has experienced the same thing. Just woke up from it as well.
I wake up at night/early morning feeling lightheaded and woozy and kind of like im vibrating internally. I feel this way even when laying down. If I sit up in bed I get a head rush. It is hard to fall back asleep because it feels like I’d dying. My heart rate is somewhat low during this. Last night I had it again but I felt like I couldn’t get a deep breath it and like I kept holding my breath?? Like I couldn’t get a good breathing pattern to fall back asleep. However I eventually did. If I’m laying there trying to fall asleep while this is going on, it woll just continue with this awful sensation until I get up/open eyes for a while, etc.
I just can’t stand waking up feeling shaky and woozy. If I try to get out of bed to pee I’m stumbling around. Like I’m disoriented. I also pee a lot and drink a lot of water, i seem to pee multiple times a night. I pee more than anyone I know. I’m worried I’m peeing away all my nutrients or something.
I’m worried I have sleep apnea (despite being an 100 lbs female), or extremely low blood pressure or something. Anyone else know these nocturnal symptoms? I’m worried I’m not getting enough air and I’m terrified. I also have epilepsy and although I haven’t had a seizure that I’m aware of in a while, I am prone to nocturnal seizures and I’m worried this is related. But it very well could be something else, but I hate sleeping now because I am so scared :(
And it’s weird because it happens around 6/10 nights, but not every single night.
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2022.01.23 11:56 Big_papa_floppa [WTS] send it Sunday, Martin D-X2E acoustic electric 12 string guitar, low sodium! [VA]

Hello gafs, I bought this guitar about a summer ago brand new. It sounds amazing and it’s great but I’ve played it a total of 10 times. I love it but I don’t have a place for it and would rather have something else. It’s a spruce top and has fish-man picks ups so you can use an amp.so, these things are brand new 600$ but has no wear marks to it’s name.
Buy it value:550
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2022.01.23 11:56 Kpmm91 Best games for the aging, casual multiplayer team?

Sorry if this has been asked…I searched and couldn’t find much. My old gaming friends group has aged and we no longer have a ton of time to play. We’ve tried to get in to COD and APEX and find it frustrating as it’s impossible to compete with the talent in every lobby. Are there any games that are a bit more casual out now that you think we would enjoy? I am not hating on people that play a lot, I spent half of my life playing unreal tournament and RuneScape, just don’t have the available time anymore and would like to have even a chance of having fun before getting 360 sniped from across the map.
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2022.01.23 11:56 Amber062499 39F/Sudden 24/7 Breathlessness x 3mo

Age 39
Sex F
Height 165cm
Weight 180lbs
Race Caucasian
Duration of complaint Three months
Location Breathing
Any existing relevant medical issues-See post
Current medications-Escitalopram 5mg PO, Pantaloc 40mg PO Daily
Include a photo if relevant
Hello, I hope this is in the right place. I am sorry, I am new to Reddit in my desperate search for something to help me with a problem.
I am 39. So about 3 months ago, I began having 24/7 breathlessness (at rest too, all the time) one night out of nowhere, with no other symptoms other than feeling like my chest is congested with mucus, but not much comes up. To me, it feels like I can inhale fine, but the difficulty is that I feel like my exhale isn't long enough, like I run out of air to exhale before it has been long enough, if that makes sense. To make a long story short, I have been told this may be about 7 different things by 7 diff doctors. My doctor says this is NOT COPD and that COPD does "not present this way". I smoked cigarettes for about ten to 15 years up until about 5 years ago and vaped from about 5 years ago until December 2021 when I quit cold turkey. Up until a few months ago, I was quite active, going for walks/jogs every day of at least 2km with no problems. I went from active and productive to an absolutely useless, fatigued, breathless vegetable overnight. I was first told it was asthma, but the Ventolin and the Flovent don't help. I was told it could be COPD by another doctor, but as I said, my doctor is convinced it's not that. Another doctor thought it may be reflux, and she gave me Pantaloc, to double dose for a week and then once a day. It didn't help at all. I have had two chest x rays, but which were clear. I had a CT scan that said everything was unremarkable except for a "mildly prominent right hilar lymph node measuring 9mm. Otherwise, no significant lymph enlargement size criteria. Of course, once again, my doctor says not to worry about this, I had pulmonary function tests a few days ago, and I do not have a final report yet, all I could see was this on the screen
FVC 3.62
FEV1 2.97
FEF25-75% 3.17
PEF 7.01
My doctor tells me that this is anxiety and has put me on Escitalopram, which I started 4 days ago. I quit taking the Ativan that I was given by another doctor after taking it for a month, by tapering from 1mg, to 05, to 0.25 to none about a week ago. I have been trying to follow some Buteyko breathing stuff on Youtube and reading books on breathing.
Any opinions/suggestions/etc|?
I appreciate any responses :) Thank you!
Sarah <3
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2022.01.23 11:56 1TapsBoi Do any of you use Heikin Ashi candles to find trading opportunities?

I've been analysing Heikin Ashi charts from last week, and it seems to me like they're very Effective for identifying peaks/dips in the market, even on the 1 min candle scale.
Does anyone here use these? If so, how have they helped your trades?
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2022.01.23 11:56 Melodic-Mix-2645 add smartcover back into anomaly

any mod that adds cover animation from clear sky to stalker anomaly? just asking
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2022.01.23 11:56 Alton_Abi Blowjob Luzern

Hey bin m17 und verteile gratis blowjobs egal wie alt oder jung dm😋
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2022.01.23 11:56 chicagojournal Bears legend Robbie Gould kicks 49ers over the Packers, 13-10

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2022.01.23 11:56 Trasii666 My girl got these at her job and gets a 45% off discount. Should I grab for 120?? I think she said there’s 36 packs. Sorry I just got into the hobby.

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