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Snapchat está testando novo sistema para caixas de sair sexta feira galera!

2022.01.25 05:01 bs-brasil Snapchat está testando novo sistema para caixas de sair sexta feira galera!

Eu vim com uma pergunta que pode ser e o tempo. Eu ando com meu Iphone 3 horas da manhã e hoje é o dia mundial do AIDS e queria saber qual e a convivencia que voces tem para me dar? Tô pensando em trabalhar em um ambiente público, o que acaba fazendo com que chutassem o ar.
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2022.01.25 05:01 PercAndOptionsAddict I'm a closeted homomofo from a deeply conservative fam-lay AMA

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2022.01.25 05:01 rjerix1984 If you could posses the body of one person for 24 hours, who would it be and why?

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2022.01.25 05:01 xxpapac Qui pour voc dans 20min sur qui vous voulez ?

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2022.01.25 05:01 kignite It’s the final countdown

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2022.01.25 05:01 smartybrome Machine Learning. Curso básico de Machine Learning y Python

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2022.01.25 05:01 smartybrome Machine Learning A-Z (Python & R in Data Science Course)

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2022.01.25 05:01 TagURI7 Was DS2 easier at launch?

I’m watching a play through of when the game first came out and it looks a lot easier than what I’ve been experiencing do my first play through now, for instance it looks like areas have had additional enemies added in along with other obstacles such as explosive barrels and enemies like the hippos seem not as tanky
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2022.01.25 05:01 Key-Essay-4890 Leaves flying high\Stars paint the sky\ House is warm.

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2022.01.25 05:01 kfacter1111 Justin Tucker 66 yarder and long fg attempts

I was watching Justin Tuckers 66 yd fg attempt and I noticed that he did a little hop before the kick. After further research I found an interview with Pat McAfee that confirmed this. I am wondering if anyone has experience with alternative steps for longer kicks. I am also wondering you approach long kicks. Everything from mindset to tweaks in form.
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2022.01.25 05:01 smartybrome Data Science A-Z™: Real-Life Data Science Exercises Included

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2022.01.25 05:01 roygbeave M E (Maff Evans) - All Our Bright Futures

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2022.01.25 05:01 That-Gyoza-Life-44 Something’s gotta be done

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2022.01.25 05:01 Coupdegrace1414 [F][20]Im new here. Im bored as fuck, im looking to have some fun. HMU snap: coupd2021

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2022.01.25 05:01 smartybrome 顔出ししないYouTubeチャンネルの完全マニュアル【自分のペースでYouTuberを目指そう】

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2022.01.25 05:01 Super-Variety-2204 Confusion regarding correct option

Question and attempt: https://imgur.com/a/NmcQLg7
I have been able to solve for x, but am unsure whether the result implies option (A) or option (B). I have a feeling this has something to do with necessity/sufficiency.
Any help is appreciated.
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2022.01.25 05:01 Affectionate_Eye7812 Why do people keep Kheer in the moonlight night on Sharad Purnima?

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2022.01.25 05:01 inspyral An-chan's Tokyo 7th Sisters Debut Song『Striking Diamond』Music Video

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2022.01.25 05:00 lowEnergyHuman An inconclusive list of animals than should normally only be kept in pairs or more.

Animals have many species-specific needs and just like food, water and shelter, many animals need socialisation. It should be obvious, that a pet owner can never fully be, what a same species companion is. Not only can no pet owner be with their pet 24/7, but they can also not engage in the same set of behaviours (at least not to their full extent), that another animal would do, for example: preening, playing, running, licking, communication via body language/smell/noises and many more. Not all of these animals are agreed upon anywhere in the world, but these are only animals, I've some type of experience with (zookeeper and animal enthusiast, who grew up on a farm) and that are commonly excepted to be non-solitary here in Germany. I've found that especially the USA keep to disagree with this.
Rats - naturally live in colonies with up to 60 rats - very intelligent and social
Horses - naturally live in herds with up to 40 horses - depend on the group for survival and feel safe in it
Rabbits - naturally live in colonies with up to 15 rabbits - feel safe around other rabbits and sleep huddled up to each other
Guinea pigs - similar to rabbits in that the live in small groups - even communicate vocally with each other
A rabbit cannot socialize properly with a guinea pig and the other way around. These are different species with a different language, behaviours and husbandry requirements.
Any type of parrot - naturally live in HUGE colonies, those that don't, live in pairs mated for live - the whole essence of a parrot is socializing, just as a horse runs and eats all day, or a cat sleeps and hunts, parrots socialize, it's a huge part of their life. In Germany you won't ever find animal shelters who would adopt a parrot to a home, where it'd live alone.
Most other birdspecies/"farm animals" like chicken, ducks and geese - birds are generally very social, especially in captivity, they profit a lot from having a cage mate.
Schooling fish like neons - if a fish can build schools, they probably should do that, fish have a whole organ dedicated to make moving in schools possible
Goat and sheep - like rabbit and guinea pig, they have different husbandry requirements, but they both live in larger groups naturally and socialize frequently, also herd animals who feel safest in a group
I feel like it needs to be said that for every animal out there, there can be very specific reasons to stray from the common ways of husbandry and also to keep them solitary. An individual not immediately bonding with a partner animal is NOT one of those reasons. Especially older animals that have not been socialised properly may need more time to adapt. The outcome will STILL be a happier pet. Two or more animals can need anything from two weeks to several months to bond with each other. That's normal and to be expected.
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2022.01.25 05:00 smartybrome Conversion Optimization Mastery 2022

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2022.01.25 05:00 dablackpantha Supplemental App just closed GL everyone may we all get in

🙏 please let me be one of the 99,000 people who applied that gets in
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2022.01.25 05:00 Skum1988 If you could move to an English speaking country which one would you choose ?

Specifically if could choose between USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland or New Zealand which one would you choose ?
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2022.01.25 05:00 smartybrome Microsoft Excel : Conception Tableau de bord

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2022.01.25 05:00 shyneshyneshyne idk im confused; am i thinking logically?

I (F) went through the list in the top post comments and legit relate to practically everything there. I've looked at guys/girls the same ever since I can remember and just assumed I was probably bi (tho idek AGH). There are very aesthetically pleasing looking ppl in this world but that's the most I've ever felt.
I've only had one relationship to recall and we never slept together but I did think about it because he wanted to tho I never would've thought about it otherwise. (And tbh I'm pretty glad we didn't) I also do want a family one day, but I'm deeply afraid that I won't find someone who wants to adopt and will accept me for how I am because I don't want to have sex at all -- idk this all makes my head spin.
But here's the thing I'm lost on the most. I've debated for a while if I experience sexual attraction and I thought I did until I kept hearing how blissful(?) it's supposed to feel because I've never ever felt that and I realized that these people that I've had "crushes" on have all been superior to me in some way that stood out greatly and that I'd have to consider every time we saw each other (bosses around my age, better educated, intellect, money/status, etc.) So I'm thinking that I'm just super intimidated by them to the point of anxiousness??? If that makes sense?? Like I deeply respect them, wouldn't want to let them down kind of thing, and I was mistaking that for sexual attraction...???
Is that even a thing or am I just going crazy? Excuse me for knowing nothing about this. I don't want to sound messed up in anyway, but has anyone been in a situation like this? Idek what's going on with myself and it bothers me :/ I feel like I should know my own mind.
This is awfully embarrassing, I've never expressed this to anyone before but thanks in advance for whatever you have to say and your time to read my rant. ^
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2022.01.25 05:00 sja7 My boy Cosmo ❤️

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