Any input on choosing from these 4 binoculars?

2022.01.17 04:16 juztjame Any input on choosing from these 4 binoculars?

I have decided on picking up a set of 10x50 binoculars since my dodgy old 6x32s just aren't quite cutting it for me anymore.
I'll mostly be using it for terrestrial purposes with the occasional point to the sky when I get out of the city. I do a lot of viewing at dusk and at night even terrestrially so a wide aperture is quite important to me. My desire to get into astronomy a little more definitely has me considering the 10x magnification a bit more as I'd love to be able to make out some features...
I'm choosing from these:

Bushnell 10x50 legacy WP $232 AUD Porro 6.5 degree FOV 18mm eye relief 865g 2 yr warranty
Pentax 10x50 WP $281 AUD Porro 5.4 degree FOV 20mm eye relief 1060g 10 yr warranty
Nikon Action EX 10x50 CF $245 AUD Porro 6.5 degree FOV 17mm eye relief 1020g 10 yr warranty
Bushnell trophy xtreme 10x50 $348 AUD Roof 6.1 degree FOV 17mm eye relief 902g Lifetime warranty

It's really hard to find any binoculars to test at the moment as many stores either don't have the stock or don't allow testing due to COVID.

The Bushnell trophy is an attractive option to me - light weight, roof prism, lifetime warranty BUT it is more expensive and has one of the narrower FOV on the list.
The Bushnell legacy is cheap and light but has a short warranty.
I have seen a few claims about Bushnell's quality being hit and miss so overall I'm not sure on the brand.

The Pentax has the smallest FOV and is the heaviest but I have read Pentax quality is very good, very good eye relief (my girlfriend wears glasses so this would be nice) and it is reasonably priced.

The Nikon I have also read to be good quality but it has almost identical specs to the Bushnell while being heavier.

I'm a bit stuck here. The Bushnell Legacy is the cheapest 10x50 roof design I've seen in AU and the lifetime warranty is also a winner but I just haven't seen much about the image quality on these binoculars.
I hope I've got enough info here to try and guide my choice.
Thanks all.
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2022.01.17 04:16 CherishSlan I face my fangs!

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2022.01.17 04:16 Adventurous-Iron5870 J.Angel - Laid Back (prod. By WeThePlug)

Was geht homies , bin newcomer wollte bisschen Welle für die Single machen , lasst gerne Feedback da Jungs !
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2022.01.17 04:16 Ashwin205 Really Real Wrestling

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2022.01.17 04:16 kyrieiverson113 Eh LR-RC-LR-LG

Both of my LR’s are eh but i do think i did better on the 2nd LR. Honestly just glad i didnt get double RC.
However, that RC section, what the fuck. I started reading the first passage and just wow, barely got a grip on it. Something about an author intentionally taking out intent in literature, something like that, idek. Knew i had to skim through if i was going to answer everything on time. The next two passages werent so bad. A comparative passage about violence and aggression in relation to watching violent movies. Don’t really remember what the 3rd one was about, i can thank the 4th passage for that. Something about planets, host stars, planetary disks, some certain core theory and just a bunch of other shit related to it. That was wild, deff guessed on a bunch from there, running out of time trying to understand it.
For LG, ive seen a mix of people saying it was good for them & others saying it was pretty hard (the last two games from my single LG & the games from the doubled LG that people believe to be the experimental). I thought it was pretty good tbh. First two were ordering/sequencing, one of them included rules that said “to the left of..”, the other one i cant fully remember. Got through both of them in 11 mins, had 24 mins to spend on the last two. Got to third game, the one about markets and the departments along with the two cities, start writing everything out, once i wrote down the rules and diagram (first attempt) i tried to see how i can work based off my diagram, couldnt figure it out, moved on to last game. Finished last game, which also wasnt so bad tbh, 2 diff branches 6ppl; for some reason, i think the rules for this game made it easier in a way because i was able to make a lot of scenarios pretty quickly, but i also used scenarios in every game, except 3rd. I come back to the 3rd game with about 8-9 mins left or so. I see my original setup wasnt working so i was trying to come up with one that did. These deff werent the kind of board games ive used or even attempted to set up with the study courses ive taken. Anyways, i finally had a good setup on my third attempt and thats when things started clicking, but i was running low on time. Idr how many questions were in that game, but i wanna say i answered 2-3 confidently & guessed on 3 bc i had about a min & a half left for those. Overall, if you played around for a min and came up with a setup that worked for you (I’m more than sure several different kinds of setups were made up by those who did this game), the game was manageable; if i had an extra 5-10 mins i deff couldve gotten through it. For sure i did better on this section than the other ones and like to believe i went 19-20/23 here.
This was my first attempt, i enjoyed the test overall, but that doesnt mean i think i did super well. Just happy to have gotten one under my belt, but there were a few moments where i laughed while reading something. I will most definitely take it again, just not sure when. To everyone else, whether it be your first time or whichever time, good for you tbh & i hope we all only get high scores. These next two weeks or so until the scores release, ill be just chilling bc its out of my hands at this point. Ive been studying for a while and cant remember the last time i had two weeks off without doing lsat prep. I hope you all do the same, ofc if youre not taking the exam again super soon, but even if, take a few days and just try to relax and do something you like. We all deserve it!
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2022.01.17 04:16 Anthrax79 please, please ban me from this sub. I'm so sick and tired of you guys bitching about the opportunity to have a job. I don't even understand your mentality. I do not want to see this on my feet but for some reason I cannot stop it. please please ban me

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2022.01.17 04:16 Foux-Du-Fafa My second time following Samin Nosrat’s recipe for focaccia, turned out great

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2022.01.17 04:16 Navodaya-Times लता मंगेशकर की अच्छी सेहत की कामना के लिए घर में बैठाए गए भगवान शिव

लता मंगेशकर की अच्छी सेहत की कामना के लिए घर में बैठाए गए भगवान शिव submitted by Navodaya-Times to navodayatimes_news [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 04:16 Aggressive-Ad6506 TX Exam preparation

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2022.01.17 04:16 DudebroMcDangman Jennifer Carpenter’s Performance Over The Series

Jennifer Carpenter’s evolution as an actress over the course of the series is the most impressive acting growth I think I’ve ever seen in a show. Seriously, she got massively better as a performer every season, and her performance in the last two seasons (and New Blood, although her role was much more limited for obvious reasons) was fantastic work. She was far and away the best aspect of the eighth season.
Anyway, what an impressive evolution of acting skills. The only other growth I can think of to that same degree is Stephen Amell on Arrow, but Carpenter’s improvement is even more impressive.
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2022.01.17 04:16 president_pussygrab White Wizard's Instagram - MLK day edition

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2022.01.17 04:16 AdditionDifficult928 Sorry i speak spanish :(

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2022.01.17 04:16 CharlesITGuy Feels pointless reporting if the reported player is still cheating days later.

We all know who (Unstopable72114). From what I've seen on here, he's been caught multiple times cheating and reported, yet he's still playing and ruining people's matches and ruining the game for everyone. There is solid evidence that he's cheating. Why has he not been banned yet?
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2022.01.17 04:16 LordLongDongThe4th Well...... That was easy.

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2022.01.17 04:16 Hhmoney26 Question about AT&T stadium as well as the baseball stadium

Who owns the football stadium in arlington is it jerry jones or the city? In addition, if it’s arlington even though i’m going to sure the stadium will pay for itself in the long run why is tax payer money going towards the stadium, and how much does jones pay. Also, why are taxpayers paying for a new not needed baseball stadium?
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2022.01.17 04:16 NaanLead this Cantona Kick is the most realistic thing I've seen this Fifa

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2022.01.17 04:16 Affectionate_Hawk275 Is the axtinguisher worth it?

It's certainly been fun to use and I get why people say it's underrated and sure enough I've been owned by pyros that are good with it. The damage is nice and the fact that it forces you to hit them with something beforehand means the combo will usually one-shot everything except heavy and (sometimes) soldier. It's a nice alternative for people like me who are so bored of the powerjack.
With that being said though, is it usually worth it or is it too gimmicky? Is it worth going for the combo often?
And I don't like brining random crits into discussions but because melee crit chances are so damn high I kinda have to: if you're willing to risk your life to go for an axtinguisher combo would it not be nearly as consistent to just pick the back scratcher and pray for a 244 damage random crit instead of working for a 167 damage mini-crit?
Like your crit chance with melee starts with 15% and can go all the way up to 65% dependent on how much damage you're dealing. If you're consistently dealing damage with your other weapons you can reliably pull any melee outta your butt (other than the axtinguisher ironically since it doesn't do random crits) and just finish off your opponent with one shot which it supposed to the axtinguisher's whole thing.
I guess what I'm asking is this: Is the case for choosing the axtinguisher over other pyro melees good enough?
Is being able to reliably one-shot your enemies 100% of the time instead of about 50% of the time (assuming you’ve already dealt fire damage) really worth missing out on other really important perks like the speed boost of the power-jack and the med-pack boost of the back scratcher?
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2022.01.17 04:16 abjinternational Aptitude Test Prep : The Most Tricky Questions and More

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2022.01.17 04:16 radman1234_minecraft .

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2022.01.17 04:16 Anrikka Kim Taehyung fan art 💜

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2022.01.17 04:16 Shad0wRay Referral Code Free $25 USD! January 2022

Looking for referral? Please use my referral code gtqp6z9avc or referral link to sign up for and get $25 USD! =)
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2022.01.17 04:16 hotsteamingpho Is this a new way of griefing/trolling in ranked? "Teammate" queues in with us, drops and dies, thus denying us loss forgiveness.

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2022.01.17 04:16 AGITPROP-FIN Bugs?

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2022.01.17 04:16 frost817 Wands instead of gloves?

Why do vr sets use wands instead of gloves as controllers?
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2022.01.17 04:16 TotalWarspammer Can someone please confirm how the European UFC "Ultimate subscriptions" work? Do you get the full main card for PPV events?

Hi guys. Because I have read that USA and UK and other places still have to pay extra for PPV events id please like confirmation how the European "Ultimate Monthly" and "Ultimate Annual" subscriptions work, just so I am not misunderstanding anything and so I am ready for the Gane vs Francis fight next week.
The blurb says:
Access to all live UFC events including PPV main cards, the entire UFC Fight Library, live martial arts events from around the world and exclusive original series and shows.

€24.99 / Month
Does this mean that we get to see the entire UFC main roster of fights, included into the price?
Many thanks in advance to anyone who can confirm this. :)
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