Broken server

2021.11.29 03:01 gothiccbutnot Broken server

Why isnt anyone talking about this? Last night like 8 hour ago i was on insta,talking. then i closed it to go to tiktok and then suddenly it was broken. Black feed, stories were visible,now not really,the only notifications i get is by messages im sent but on the app they seem empty, my profile doesnt work. And apparently this wasnt going on on my other account ao i thought i was banned, then i followed 3 accounts on my other account and it shows me i have 0 followed suddenly. what
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2021.11.29 03:01 quaternarystructure Saw him sitting with his paws together and couldn’t resist

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2021.11.29 03:01 randalthor23 Wheel Of Time Show Map, No Murandy??

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2021.11.29 03:01 RoleAdvanced5766 NO WAY HOME TICKETS cineplex

Anyone able to purchase the tickets ?
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2021.11.29 03:01 SpunTheOne So got hacked tonight in a game I played. My stupid fault. Wondering if anyone can see what these files did and what info they snatched. *Dont Run them*

So I play(ed) this game called skyblock. Its a MMO on the minecraft platform. Tonight someone offered me a free 5$ minecraft plugin called SkyBlockExtra's. I was stupid, a little innebriated and too trusting and installed the .jar's thinking they were legit minecraft mods. Needless to say, my whole account got ransacked and wiped. I lose, I get it. I just want to know HOW they did it and possibly learn something about Java. Appreciate any help, im sad but, shit happens. Two jar files are here. Reminder not to run them.
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2021.11.29 03:01 dolgold Dragalia Life #411 - Contains Spoilers for Chapter 20

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2021.11.29 03:01 moe_sizlacks_nuts Question about counting.

I'm obviously missing something. I thought I understood how it works, but if a deck is hot, isn't it equally hot for the dealer to hit 21 instead of you the player?
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2021.11.29 03:01 captmorgan50 Mark Spitznagel Safe Haven

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2021.11.29 03:01 Bulldog_57 Got caught like right after this :/

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2021.11.29 03:01 AmbitionOk5285 The bangers a playlist me and my mate made over the last 4 or 5 years Just straight banign beats on here!

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2021.11.29 03:01 Head_Spend_739 Examination of the lymph nodes.

A thorough clinical examination should usually include both the systematic
inspection and palpation of the clinically relevant lymph node stations.
The most important stations are: the head and neck area, the axilla, and the
inguinal area. Consequently, the lymph nodes are usually
examined from cranial to caudal. Around one-third of all lymph nodes are
located in the head and neck area where they can be found superficially and are
therefore easily palpable. The following lymph nodes should be included in every
palpation: sub-occipital, retro- and pre-auricular, submandibular,
sub-mental, posterior triangle of the neck, and those within the area of the
internal jugular vein, which lie deep within the neck and may be palpated
ventral or dorsal to the sternocleidomastoid muscle.
Additionally, the supraclavicular lymph nodes should be palpated as well, since
enlargement of these lymph nodes is often associated with malignancies.
Abdominal tumors that metastasize by the lymphatic system, such as gastric cancer,
will often result in an enlarged Virchow node in the left supraclavicular fossa.
Carefully palpate the individual lymph node stations.
To facilitate differentiation between lymph nodes and muscles, the area that is
palpated should be as relaxed as possible.
Every palpable lymph node is considered enlarged.
If there is enlargement, pay attention to consistency, tenderness, mobility, the
number of enlarged lymph nodes, and any erythema in the affected area.
Multiple fused lymph nodes are referred to as conglomerates and are highly
suspicious for malignancy.
After palpating the head and neck, continue by examining the axillary
lymph nodes, which can be divided into different groups as well.
The pictorial or anterior group is located in the anterior axillary fold
and is responsible for the majority of lymphatic drainage of the chest and
chest wall.
The subscapular or posterior lymph node group is palpable deep within the
posterior axillary fold. It drains parts of the arms and the chest wall.
The brachial or lateral lymph nodes drain the majority of the arms and can
be palpated in the area of the proximal humerus.
All of the lymph node groups just mentioned then drain into the central
group, which is palpable at the base of the axilla. The sub clavicular or apical
group represents the last lymph node station before the lymphatic vessels
drain into the venous system. This group should be examined together with the
cervical or axillary lymph nodes. In this patient the examiner starts by palpating
the pectoral group behind the lateral aspect of the pectoralis major muscle.
Afterwards, he palpates the central group, followed by the posterior group in the
area of the posterior axillary fold and the brachial group of the upper arm.
Distinguishing between lymph nodes and surrounding muscles is best achieved
when the arm is relaxed and lowered.
Afterwards, the superficial lymph nodes of the inguinal area should be palpated.
They are divided into a horizontal and a vertical group.
The horizontal group lies below the inguinal ligament and can therefore be
palpated parallel to its course. This group is responsible for draining
parts of the external genitalia, trunk, and lower back.
The vertical group is located adjacent to the great proximal saphenous vein and
drains lymphatic fluid from the lower extremity.
Examination of the inguinal lymph nodes is best performed with the patient lying
As a lymphatic organ, the spleen should always be a part of the lymph node
assessment since splenomegaly can hint at a systemic inflammatory or malignant
The spleen is generally not palpable in healthy adults. A pathologically enlarged
spleen is palpated under the left costal margin during inspiration, as the
inferior edge descends to the examiners fingertips. If an enlarged spleen is
already suspected, palpation should begin further down.
The examination may be facilitated by gently lifting the left flank of the
patient ventrally.
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2021.11.29 03:01 Remarkable-Line6408 Just some feelings I’ve had tonight I decided to put into my notes. Not sure why I want to put it out there. Usually not me, I didn’t re read what i said so I’m sorry if it seems like babble if anyone reads this.

Finding your place in a world that never stops. At times you are at your lowest with random curveballs that seem to only pop in at the times you’re most at peace. For some reason you have made it through some very low lows and felt nothing was looking up, now you feel like you’re on the cusp of finding your place. It feels as if any day something is going to pop out at you and change your life forever, if only it had your name on it, a sign saying choose me and your wildest dreams will become a reality. Somehow you have gotten to a place where money isn’t tight, you have everything you truly need and more. Yet content is the furthest thing from your mind. You still have this gut feeling someday and someday soon you’re about to have a huge change for the even better. You’ll never know it until you take the risk of trying, or even searching for what it is. You have no clue yet you know it’s right there waiting. The thought of going out of your comfort zone frightens you and enlightens you. You want to change everyone who knows you’s perspective of yourself, but you don’t want to lose them. You don’t want to be a sheep you want to be a Shepard. You’re stable but feel below your peers and it eats you from the inside out. Why can’t you be “the guy” or even viewed as someone who could potentially be that. People seem to have think you are at your peek but inside you feel there’s so much more to yourself. Why can it look so easy to others what you truly want to be. You have a vision of yourself and don’t know what actions to take to make you look and be seen as the person you want to be seen as. You’re not a bad person, you’re not seen as a bad person. But you’re also never taken seriously and it’s because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. You’re a pushover at best and can’t take the actions to change into what you want to be. But why? What’s stopping you from changing into the man you want to be? Validation is more important to you than the bliss of emotional freedom, you can only control what makes you happy in life but you’re too busy trying to make sure everyone else’s lives are perfect. Why? What causes this for you? Is it truly childhood trauma? It’s hard for you to grasp that seeing the things you saw as a child, the feelings you had, and the way you were treated can really dictate who you are today. You know if you want to change who you are it is ultimately up to you. You just have to force your subconscious mind to agree with you, but how? How do you rewire your brain to make you into your vision? You’re handsome and intelligent but that’s not how you’re viewed. You’re seen as goofy, dumb, emotionless. At times you don’t feel like you’re seen as human as everyone else. You’re just existing in a space where others can easily overlook you and you feel distant at times and just want to be alone because you feel you don’t fit in. Why can’t you make it?
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2021.11.29 03:01 PretendSpread6 [H] Mango Languages One years Subscriptions or Upgrades.. [W] $5 PayPal/BTC

Are you bored in the quarantine? Want to do something .productive? My service gives you a 1 year subscription to Mango Languages, a language learning app.
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Mango is the award-winning language learning resource for individuals and organizations around the world. The only single solution that combines quality content, intelligent technology, and an adaptive algorithm that delivers practical phrases from real situations. This is language learning centered around you.
Unique features:
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Designed with ADA standards in mind
Bluetooth syncing
Auto play for on-the-go learning
Downloadable lessons
Delivery time:1H-12H
Validity: 1 Year
Price: $4.99
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2021.11.29 03:01 RandomMilk What is socially acceptable today that you don't think will be in 20 years?

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2021.11.29 03:01 Childeish Whats the best iphone pixel art app?

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2021.11.29 03:01 johnnygobbs1 Discounts on r13…

Wondering if you guys are still getting discounts on the new r13’s by calling agents like everyone did on the r12’s a while back?
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2021.11.29 03:01 Maria_jenifer_ What is the most delicious dish you have ever tasted?

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2021.11.29 03:01 trex67846 NFL Week 12 Recap & Monday Night Football Prop Bets (Ep. 1145)

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2021.11.29 03:01 RFgoober DoD TS/SCI

I currently hold a TS/SCI in the IC community, and am being put through the process of getting read into the DoD side of TS/SCI.
Does anyone know how long this process would take? I asked my FSO and he said he doesn't have a good idea other than the fact that the last person that did this waited 3 months to be read in.
It seems it should go quicker but I don't know anything that goes on behind the scenes.
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2021.11.29 03:01 LWMolver I made some fanart of the best boah.

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2021.11.29 03:01 ibeanez_seattle From this summer. Thoughts?

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2021.11.29 03:01 spidermangag Question about Advance conquerors Haki.

Manga spoilers ahead* We already saw luffy and kaido battling each other with coc coating. While they don't touch each other they surely do damage whenever they are unguarded. But can luffy use advance coc coating with ryuo and damage kaido from inside since ryuo doesn't need direct contact ? We have already seen zoro use coc coating over armament haki in latest chapter.
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2021.11.29 03:01 JortanM Daily Challenges and Nazar Location 29/11/2021

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2021.11.29 03:01 autotldr Swedish Social Democratic Party leader Magdalena Andersson gets a second chance at becoming the country's prime minister on Monday, after her initial attempt last week lasted just seven hours

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 70%. (I'm a bot)

Stockholm - Swedish Social Democratic Party leader Magdalena Andersson gets a second chance at becoming the country's prime minister on Monday, after her initial attempt last week lasted just seven hours.
Parliament is expected to appoint Andersson as the head of a minority government made up solely of the Social Democrats, with just 10 months to go before September general elections.
Last Wednesday, lawmakers elected Andersson as the country's first woman prime minister but she resigned just hours later - before she even had a chance to formally take office - after the Green Party quit her coalition government.
The tumult began when Andersson secured a last-minute deal with the Left Party to raise pensions in exchange for its crucial backing to get her elected as prime minister.
The Moderates, Christian Democrats and Sweden Democrats are united on most issues and together control 154 seats in parliament, while the four parties on the left are more splintered.
An economist who has served as finance minister for the past seven years, Andersson took over as leader of the Social Democrats on November 4 from Stefan Lofven.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Democrats#1 Andersson#2 Party#3 Social#4 Parliament#5
Post found in /worldnews and /europe.
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2021.11.29 03:01 adil923 Scene optimiser missing on one ui 4 beta and also links not opening from apps!

Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
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