Mid century school chair

2021.12.08 16:32 hermit-mcm Mid century school chair

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2021.12.08 16:32 Express_Platypus1792 A fate worse than death honestly

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2021.12.08 16:32 blackjixsaw I updated my custom made wallpaper from my previous post! Both neon moons have been added. PM me for a high resolution wallpaper and some additional photo filters.

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2021.12.08 16:32 SavvyCreations27 "Christmas Land", Me, Digital, 2021

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2021.12.08 16:32 AlparslanTheSyrian What do they teach in the history lesson in your country? Which topics get much attention? From which perspective do they teach you ME history and are there countries who get hate?

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2021.12.08 16:32 RyFba 30w charger hum

Traveling and staying at a hotel with it plugged in nearby so I noticed the charger hums quite loudly. Anyone else notice this or possibly mine may be defective? It's loud enough I'm inclined to move it away while sleeping
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2021.12.08 16:32 tomdickliston Orla Walsh

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2021.12.08 16:32 visodd Question about holsters for Walther PDP and Canik TP9 Elite Combat Executive...

I am considering selling my Canik TP9 Elite Combat Executive and buying the Walther PDP Compact locally. I have seen several people inn the past mention that the Canik has the same footprint as one of the Walthers when it comes to the holster. Is this true, and would my current Canik holster (optic cut and TLR7A WML) possibly work with the Walther PDP Compact with the same WML?
I know it's a random question. Hoping someone has insight. I'll post in the other group as well.
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2021.12.08 16:32 hiking-travel-coffee Is it a stereotype for accountants to have screwed up kids at a higher rate? It’s something I have noticed at my firm (ie adult children still completely dependent on parents or gotten in legal trouble). Or is it just my firm?

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2021.12.08 16:32 Hedshoda Visual hallucination onset, don't know what to do (looking for serious replies, at best keep short as I don't have the attention to read for over an hour)

I think I am finally becoming psychotic. To be honest, I don't know what is going on anymore. I keep questioning every internal experience I have, asking if it is normal or if it is unhealthy.
I used Kratom for a while and after consuming the last 2 times, I has visual hallucinations. The first one went away overnight, the other was on Friday night and today is Wednesday and I keep having moments where I am experience the same things but it is so minor that if I would not stop to look, I wouldn't even notice it. It was the same on that Friday night, I only noticed it because I started having literally a splitting headache and feeling paranoid and I looked at the ground. What I noticed was mainly the contours of thin stripes like a hair follicle wiggle and very little. Later such would spawn. At night I would same same stripes but more stacked, especially in corners and kind of vibrating like mad.
After 5 days I only get hair follicles move a bit, not always and not all, usually only when isolated and then only the end of it. When I get stressed, it is then when it manifests and not always.
I don't know if this is drug induced or if I should worry and if I should start medication.
It was suspected that I was in a prodromal stage but I was not convinced to this point. It has been suspected for years, I have been denying it because I have severe depression, and when I feel fine, there is nothing wrong with me, I am the brightest person and because I have no delusions nor hallucinations. I keep contemplating if me denying it is a delusion.
I have become more aware of the fact that people sometimes suspect something is wrong with me by giving me a weird look when I say something that is not appealing to them. For example, I said to a person that you can have two feelings at the same time or that there are negative and positive facial expressions, e.g. you can mistake an emotional expression that is positive sometimes to be negative. Two feelings at the same time would be a love and hate relationship. An example for the latter would be when you inform someone about something and they are suddenly quite and you can't tell if they are made uncomfortable or comfortable by the report.
I feel like I am losing my mind over what people suspect about me. I feel like I do certainly have some cognitive impairment, a thought disorder, but I think this is because I am so overwhelmed by nonsense in my life which shouldn't even be happening in the first place and it is extremely bizarre. Sometimes I cannot remember words, other times I talk, I get anxious and my mind goes blank. These occurances have been heavily criticized by two last psychiatrists I had. I feel like they are trying to convince me something I am not and it is getting to me so much that it is almost the only thing I think about lately other than how terrifying death is.
I am taking a test once and for all and if it says I am schizophrenic, then I accept it no matter what and I will do all in my power to keep it from getting worse.
Some characteristics I have that might be concerns are the following, but as you can see I have good explanations for them:

-Concentration is an absolute nightmare (I think this is because of vss, all the shit at home, depression, and because I was so obsessed with contemplating everything and all my life I had trouble with this cause I was always mentally burden from birth on. Mom says my grandma beat me when I was a crying baby.)
So these are things that come to mind. I am an odd person and my social skills are crap (in school I didn't talk to anyone because of social anxiety after moving to another country and because I did not want to look stupid over the language barrier) before that I was the humblest kid in school and also secretly the most beloved and respected even though I was not in the middle of the scene. I moved countries a couple of months before turning 13. I am a guy, now soon 21 in a couple of months. It was also hypothesized that I could have borderline. I also am convinced that affective disorders such as depression itself can cause some form of thought disorder. How do you even tell prodromal schizophrenia apart from major depression?
Thoughts, opinions? How did your schizo disorder start and manifest. Do you actually have another disorder that causes psychosis? Am I fucking crazy? Don't most people experience at least 1 psychosis in their lifetime? Can it not just be caused by stress?
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2021.12.08 16:32 xSixFujikura Ghost Trader ($GTR) contests and giveaways galore. Ghost Trader will be launching its presale this Friday December 10th and they are giving away prices to anyone who joins their telegram account and meets contest requirements, as well as to loyal and active community members

🏅1 BNB reward to be divided amongst 5 winners in Reddit upvote competition

🏅Sweep widget contest to win one of 400 spots available to enter their whitelist

🏅NFT reward for “best question submission” to be answered during their AMA´s

🏅$500 worth in BNB to be added to a holder´s Ghost Trader contribution every month

🏅NFT prizes for the 3 best Ghost Trader roadmap redesigns

🏅Upcoming community driven giveaways and contests in their shilling group (Ghost Raiders)

🏅Twitter and other social media shilling competitions coming soon.

🏅Future content writing talent show in the works.

🧾 Sweep widget white sale contest: https://sweepwidget.com/view/42564-thwfjxml
📱Telegram: ghosttraderbsc
🔃 Twitter: https://twitter.com/GhostTraderbsc?s=20
📸 Instagram: https://instagram.com/ghosttraderbsc?utm_medium=copy_link
🖥️ Website: ghosttrader.uk
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2021.12.08 16:32 Katashi210 The best way to test a new car: Take it to the NBR! I used the iRacing SpaGP setup with adjusted ride height, so more time is to be found, was still a decent lap and the car is very fun to drive!

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2021.12.08 16:32 archangel_cake [pregnancy] What actually causes labor to start?

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2021.12.08 16:32 ImPheannsa Gifting an Audiobook question

I have a question about gifting an audiobook. I'm planning on gifting a friend an audiobook using one of my credits. As far as I know, he doesn't have an account. To redeem my gift, will he have to sign up and pick a subscription plan, pay any fees or can he just download the app/ stream it in browser to listen?
Also, can I pay for the gift now but have it delayed for a certain date? It's a Christmas present.

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2021.12.08 16:32 peteski No! Christian Marclay

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2021.12.08 16:32 AleisterTheMagician Dope

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2021.12.08 16:32 Frosty-Ad4591 so I have a common cold these days..

i already was absent for two days in total, i have gotten better(there was only a bit of runny nose, but still a tons of coughing and sneezing) I already missed out a ton of my assignments in person, should I go back tmr or wait another day to go back?
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2021.12.08 16:32 HR_Design Forbidden Fruits has been released! Tell me what you think below🙏🔥

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2021.12.08 16:32 Cinnamon1209 Art by me| Casino night ✨

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2021.12.08 16:32 Q7g890 I think I finally finished the skeleton for haydee redux

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2021.12.08 16:32 AudienceNervous1665 SLPT: Having a hard time falling asleep? Start your car in the garage and sit in it. The gentle vibrations will help you sleep.

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2021.12.08 16:32 Modern-Moo Super snug

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2021.12.08 16:32 73tada Why is cybersecurity important to women? https://veritasr.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/v_pexels-yan-krukov-8837759.jpg

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2021.12.08 16:32 danksterbangster Nice little airdribble

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2021.12.08 16:32 peteski Bikini Girl, Lisa Baumgardner

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