OlympusNFT is launching on Q4 2021 - $20,000 Worth of Giveaway – Rules in comment

2021.12.08 17:02 NFTOlympus OlympusNFT is launching on Q4 2021 - $20,000 Worth of Giveaway – Rules in comment

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2021.12.08 17:02 Dr_Mowri season 6 episode 8 - fathers and mothers, daughters and sons is written beautifully

The way that the parent child bond between Natallie and her mother, Dr Charles and his daughter and Maggie and the child she gave up for adoption (and Oggy) is shown and interconnected is just amazing.
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2021.12.08 17:02 cleancode00 On-site vs Online option

I will be attending GA this January, and have a choice between on-site and online option. I like the going in person to have a teacher in person, the only problem is it’s an hour commute (2hr and 15min) total back and forth. On the other hand, online is good too but having a teacher right their in my opinion can make me learn better. I am confused on what to do on this predicament….
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2021.12.08 17:02 Luukipuukie #unbankieronstoddart

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2021.12.08 17:02 YuckFato 10sec long black screen after rendering

10sec long black screen after rendering After rendering my 50 second long video, the only thing i get into my folder is a 10 second long black screen video without any sound or anything happening. I dont know what to do or if i have done anything wrong.
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2021.12.08 17:02 msfettywap Is it possible to be cured?

I’ve had a bacterial vaginosis for almost two years now almost constantly. My vagina is always uncomfortable. I’ve finally gotten a doctor to believe me and she’s given me an topical cream to use for 5 days. (I’ve got three days left) So far my vagina smells more like a vagina and not like death as well as my pee. But my vagina itself is still uncomfortable, maybe a little hot feeling. It’s not really itchy or a ton of discharge. I’m just bummed it’s been so long. Is it really possible to finally have a cure?? Im tired of thinking about how uncomfortable my vagina is all day long.
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2021.12.08 17:02 Lions2727 Playing Warzone on this outdated code/engine is even more infuriating to me than having no FOV slider.

Not an expert on coding or game engines and such. But Vanguard to me has been the most smooth-feeling COD I've played in quite some time. The all-around movement and overall feel are super crisp and it just feels great to run around, like an updated version from MW19 and Cold War.
But you go from Vanguard MP to the new Caldera and I feel like I just went backwards. It's clunky and slow AF.
So evidently it stupid to assume the feel and movement of Vanguard would be integrated into Warzone: Pacific?
It's absolutely ridiculous we don't have a FOV slider, but feeling like I'm playing on an almost 3 year old game engine is ruining it more for me.
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2021.12.08 17:02 kittehgoesmeow What Led to MLB's Latest Work Stoppage? | Takeline (12/07/21)

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2021.12.08 17:02 buckaroobrazier As a person who has struggled with infertility...

Can I say something after a quick re-watch? It upsets me, the way the show simplifies IVF/surrogacy.
My husband and I tried for 6 years to get pregnant starting very shortly after we got together when I was 35. A lot of chemical pregnancies, one miscarriage, one ectopic. We certainly looked into IVF and I ABSOLUTELY have no judgement about the brave couples who choose IVF and we know it can work. BUT IT'S NOT CERTAIN!
At 39, our chances for a live birth was presented to us as 40 percent after three rounds. Which would have cost well over 20,000 dollars. Even if IVF takes, miscarriages are as possible as if you got pregnant naturally, which opens the door for an amplified traumatic experience. Especially if you are prone to miscarriages. That's not to mention the hormones, the toll on the body, the toll on the relationship.
It's not as easy as Meri CHOSE not to have another baby. It is a deep, spiritual, heartbreaking, guilt-laden decision. And women every day have to make it. They feel cowardly. They feel poor. They feel torn apart. It is a brave thing for women to say "I don't think I can emotionally handle this."
It's also a very difficult thing to decide to use someone else's eggs and/or womb. It's not easy. It's not simple. It's not certain.
I hate how Kody and sometimes Robyn insinuate "Well, you could have had more kids. We offered it."
Nope. I love my husband to bits and we chose not to do IVF to avoid the trauma of the miscarriages we suffered. The only way I survived my miscarriages was my partner. I would not have been able to survive it with a partner who ever once said to me "Well I'm going to have other kids, so this is up to you."
Fuck that.
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2021.12.08 17:02 Sir-Peanut :[

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2021.12.08 17:02 Electronic-Plant1721 Low cp and star however I’m still very happy with this catch!

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2021.12.08 17:02 ElMeroCabron Why is the Oswego store closed?

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2021.12.08 17:02 batuhan_soku Ya beler sinirim bozuldu amk

Hemoroid oldum ilk defa oluyo doktora gitmeden geçer dimi
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2021.12.08 17:02 Few_Macaron_2552 Should’ve went all in VXX PUTS

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2021.12.08 17:02 InventorPWB I made a Christmas Train :)

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2021.12.08 17:02 Jmeshareholder Abraham burry once said

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2021.12.08 17:02 sickofwords Old Crow Medicine Show - Paint This Town ( Green Vinyl Walmart Exclusive)

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2021.12.08 17:02 ___Wyvern___ My best Slimelife Shawty beat yet

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2021.12.08 17:02 Starry_Vesper Mindlessly Doodling

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2021.12.08 17:02 FutureWashingMachine Doing the bare minimum due to management and CEO being dicks - a venting thread.

Hey there,
Throwaway account, because on my main people could probably piece together (with a bit of work) who I'm working with, and I'm the paranoid type.
Warning, I am not from the US so legal advice from there will not apply. And overall I mostly want to vent and put it all on paper, because friends and family are telling me that I am visibly/audibly upset about my work situation.
So there goes:
2 years ago I left a job good job with a shitty pay, because another company promised me the same job and more, and 20% more monez. Found that job through a friend who worked (and still works) for a client of the company, he told me they had plans and stuff, so not a dead-end.
After going through the application process, I took the job and moved in late february 2020. You all can see where the first hurdle is in the distance.
My current employer makes a technical product - let's say its "washing machines". Basically, we buy brand new Chinese washing machines, stick our brand on, do some light custom work, then sell or lease them to clients. Leases come back to the shop where they are taken apart and rebuilt, then sold a (fair) bit over the price of used. We also rent machines for special events and sell used washing machines. When people buy washing machines from us, they can turn their old machines in. Those we either part for spares or repair and sell.
Some big clients have upwards of 100 washing machines on site, so the company offers a repair service, where you can either get your washer to the shop to have it repaired, or we can dispatch a tech to your house and repair it on site.
The company is about 50-60 people all told, we're 4 in tech support/aftersales with a team of 10 on and off-site techs. Not a big company, but not a small shop either.
I came from the toaster business. Lots of stuff in common, but a bunch of stuff to learn.
I have a background in technical stuff and client interface, so my job is tech support for the company (when we get a special washing mache in, I get all the manuals and point the techs in the right direction), for the clients, and aftersales (selling accessories, parts, and whatnot). I had a fair few years doing that in other industries. So once I got the gist of what I was working with, I was operational in about 2-3 weeks.
So I get there, and in early March we get sent home because of Covid. Crossing fingers, few of us were new, and they could axe us right then and there. Didn't happen, we were put on administrative leave and reduced pay thanks to a government program.
At some point we go back, and as the phone isn't ringing and the office is running at 10%, I'm sent to the shop to work as a quality controller. No issue there, small company, everyone has to do their part, etc. Get along great with the techs and shop management, learn a lot of stuff about the gear we sell, good marks all around. Then everything reopened so I went back to the office, finished training. Then new lockdown, back to the shop to help, and so on. Starting in March of 2021, after clashing with the management over getting moved around every week, I was put back in my assigned seat as tech support (my direct manager had been asking for me to get back ASAP as they were swamped).
The CEO had told the whole service that considering our leading position and the closure of a lot of the competition, we would swoop in by offering tech support on more and more brands on top of our own. So while in the office, I dug in and extended our knowledge base on every brand of washing-machine we came upon, piling up parts manuals, tech manuals, and putting together my own documents to send to the techs, so they know what to look out for, etc. In that I was backed by the off-site techs, who all come from competitors and know a fair lot about specific American and Japanese models.
On the side, I discovered that the purchasing department is useless, as the one gal working there has no technical knowledge, doesn't really want to learn, and has multiple other absurd jobs, like folding and putting away work uniforms for the workshop. And she takes about 30 minutes off her work, twice a day, to make tea for the open space. It's nice of her, but meanwhile purchase orders are usually piling up, and she'll answer that she's swamped while looking at water boiling.
On the other hand, the parts shop kept messing up orders. They were also completely useless for parts orders (through the aformentionned purchasing dept), so the workshop would come to me for parts orders to be stocked up.
Consequently the aftersales team took it upon themselves to help in any capacity (again, small company, everyone trying to make things work, etc).
At the start of summer 2021, the aftersales/tech support team did the following jobs, that are *not* supposed to be ours (on top or our regular duties):
- Ordering parts for the workshop/parts shop
- Quality control on all outgoing parcels
- Checking that parcels have actually been given to the shipping companies
- Contact with suppliers, to get prices and delivery times on specific parts (so we could send out estimates in a timely manner)
- Checking with suppliers that their princing hasn't changed
- Checking with the parts shop that special orders have arrived (those who have to be shipped to clients)
I'm probably forgetting a few, but you get the gist. We're doing a lot of extra work that falls outside of our job description.
On a personal note, I put the company devs in contact with some of my own contacts who wanted to work with us, to no avail. They called back a few times asking what's up, I ended up having to tell them that clearly the company wasn't interested.
I also came up with a few improvements to the washing machine models we sell, and got shot down. Twice because "we need orders before prototypes", which is absurd (they could have simply said "no money for prototypes"), once because "it's old tech, we don't go back", then they took my idea to the Chinese and had them develop it (and no, it's not something worth raising any fuss about, as it's just reworking an older tech into the new models, but it still stings a bit), and the latest, I was told that if we applied my idea, the clients might want to buy it, and we don't want to bother.
The first 3 were solutions to an existing issue with our models, the fourth one was destined to have a few nicer custom models for display. Anyways.
With all of that hard work, the department was up by over 10% for 2020, and we're up 20-30% for 2021. First job I've had where a 10% increase in sales is the norm and not an outlier.
When we told the CEO, he didn't congratulate us. He basically told us "meh". Then we had a company-wide meeting where they told us that we're getting a bunch of new contracts, they're super happy with the rate of production, and also no bonus and no raises for 2021 and 2022.
There are extra factors in the way the "no bonus/no raise" bit was received (very badly) that I won't get into, let's just say the company money is used for more than company stuff. And last week a salesperson from Ford was in the building, and not to sell us replacements for the company trucks and vans.
We also took hits for the various things we were doing to optimize the company:
- I was personally criticized for parts order for the workshop (orders that nobody puts in otherwise)
- We took a hit for stocking up on some parts that we need for tech support, and that we sell by the bins to clients, with a 35-40% markup as well. We were told that "clients can wait". Direct quote. In late 2021, when supply chains are crumbling and stuff we could get inside a week before is now backordered 6 to 10 weeks.
- I took a hit for parts that had been ordered for a client, but then his washing machine came back as needing more repairs, and the client just binned it. AND we sold him his 3 new washing machines. So I got a bollocking for 200 bucks worth of parts when we got a 45k contract, contract we got in part because the client is happy with our tech support... Plus the parts in question are already basically sold to another client who has about 15 of the same model machines.
- Got a bollocking for not standing at attention at our desks while checking on the parts parcels (not the same part of the building).
- Got told that we can't ask anything from the suppliers directly, because it's not our job (in the tone of people fearing we were trying to get contacts with the suppliers so we could open our own washing-machine shop)
- And I got a massive, heard-by-all, bollocking, because apparently I wasn't doing enough of a markup on a part coming from the US. I argued that I was making the usual, and they told me some shit about "the exchange rate". I had to write a fucking email about the fact that dollars to euro can't change our markup, because we're already doing 10 to 15% due to that exact exchange rate (we usually take the price the supplier gives us in $, put the markup on it, and change the signe to €). They put the order through, but the fact that there was a 30 minutes argument about potential hundereths of a percent on the margin infuriated me enough that I had to go take a walk.
- With the come-back of trade shows, a lot of positive stuff came back from clients (which we heard about through our techs that were on site), then on the last one 2 clients (out of a few hundred) complained, and that one we heard about right away, as the sales team complained to the CEO. So we became instantly the most incompetent team ever. Turned out the clients claims were utter bullshit, and the issues was with communication, not about work done. Needless to say nobody came and apologised, and the sales team didn't bother removing their complaint.
So at this point the whole department (management included) is just running the basic minimum. We're all on "not my fucking job" mode.
I'm in talks with other companies to jump ship (maybe creating my own, but in another field), and my direct boss is looking elsewhere as well. The running joke inside the service is that we should all put in our resignation at the same moment.
It's infuriating, because I feel like I was sold something that wasn't true 2 years ago. And the feeling of not being trusted to have the basic competence of knowing my job.
And also the fact that with a bit of leeway and work, we could actually become leaders for real, because of a quality product and tech support, not just because we basically have a monopoly on 85% of the country. A monopoly we have, I might add, because we're the only one to have an actual tech support staff...
Pisses me off to no end.
So that was my vent, I took out a few incidents so it wouldn't be a 2-hours read, but the main stuff is there.
TL;DR: Got to a new company 2 years ago, did my best to improve the service I'm in, but the whole department is now targeted for some reason we can't fathom, even though we're making the company a lot of money. Everyone is therefore secretly preparing to jump ship.
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2021.12.08 17:02 Visual-Bookkeeper-17 Wifi Zeld gets REVERSE WIFI CLAPPED!!!

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2021.12.08 17:02 jobsinanywhere Mechanism identified for rare disorder of glycosylation

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2021.12.08 17:02 PokerDeals #Poker Poll Time! Which of these is the best 4bet in the CO facing a BTN 3bet 100BB deep in 6m cash?

View Poll
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2021.12.08 17:02 DoggyfizzleNYC all you need is LOVE

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2021.12.08 17:02 Jaikodayo Zekrom Raid Adding 10

Add one 9877 6370 1782 or 5759 3050 4251
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