First time songwriting/recording. Will be releasing an EP in a few weeks but here's a little preview. Thanks everyone! Hope it's not trash

2021.12.04 23:36 Highway75Revisited First time songwriting/recording. Will be releasing an EP in a few weeks but here's a little preview. Thanks everyone! Hope it's not trash

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2021.12.04 23:36 No_Buyer411 Shruti Hassan [6570*4380]

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2021.12.04 23:36 ADdreaming Let me give you a user flair here!

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2021.12.04 23:36 deezuschrist84 8-Ball Break And Run: Clockwork Yellows 🟡🎱🔴

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2021.12.04 23:36 -ve_infinity Whichimachi

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2021.12.04 23:36 CaesarAustonkus Hot boxing with the Ancient Romans

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2021.12.04 23:36 Super_spy122 New to YouTube

I’m new to YouTube so can the for honor Community help me out I’m currently at 0 subs I want to see how much people will help me out my name is on YouTube is toxic_sniper102 I will be uploaded for honor And much more.
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2021.12.04 23:36 drboomz Looking for friends, daily gift exchange 4364 7601 1623

Looking for friends to daily gift exchange 4364 7601 1623
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2021.12.04 23:36 Matt5639 Something you don't see every day, T490H (Secure Access/Healthcare edition)

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2021.12.04 23:36 FleingsSquiently 👻SantaBoo👻 Stealth Launch NOW | 👨‍💻Huge Marketing Team | 🌎Massive Advertising Campaign | 📱Mobile App | 👨‍🎓Professional Dedicated Team | 💰Grab Your Bag | 🎅 Santa is Coming | 📢Daily AMAs

Santaboo Token just launched and our community is organically growing super fast, we are here to offer you one of the most professional services out there. A Dedicated Team is here to astonish you with the best experience in the cryptoworld.
💻 Website 💻
profesionally designed to attract multiple audiences and niches, will be constantly updated to track all our token statistics.
📱 Mobile application 📱
Our Software Engineers are creating one of the best application in the sector, it is meant to literally break the system. The most innovative strategies will be set in one single app, accessible from anywhere in the world. This will allow you to buy and sell our token and any cryptocurrency with a simple touch.
🖼 NFT Collection 🖼
We will give massive utility to our investor by allowing them to mint our NFTs with our $STBOO Tokens, You will get features like reduced tax on buy and sell, increased reward percentages and you will be whitelisted for our Staking Function. NFT Owners will have a massive impact on our ecosystem and will also participate in the beta phase of our P2E Game .
📣 Marketing 📣
This will be our key point, we know that having the best product to offer is not enough. We must become viral and spread the word, everyone will know about us, Billboards will be placed, TikTok Influencers hired, Youtube videos filmed, Twitter Influencers will be paid to spread all around the world SantaBoo Token. Our Marketing Strategies can't be compared to any other, and result will be seen.
Don't miss this opportunity, We stealth launched to give anyone the same chance to fulfill their dreams, Now is your moment DO NOT MISS IT!
📊 Tokenomics 📊 (1Bil) Supply
10% Taxes for Buy and Sell
5% to Marketing
3% to Liquidity
2% to Holders
Our Team after long researches decided to implement a fair system for everyone, which does not allow anyone to have more than 1% of the total supply of the tokens minted. Same goes for transactions only 1% of supply can be sold at once, that drastically reduces chances of massive dumps, and allows a massive stability to our coin value.
Telegram :
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Contract is Verified :
Liquidity is locked for 20 years :
Ownership is renounced :
Join the community we will be more than happy to have an important person like you with us.
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2021.12.04 23:36 lifes-scroll Is it secret? Is it safe?

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2021.12.04 23:36 Nyna_ann99 Physical Attraction is important.

I’ve been listening to a podcast on self love. The theme of the episode was desire and dating was mentioned. Being physically or sexually attracted to that person is giving in and understanding your desires. This has taught me something. I always think that if go by a person’s looks that I am shallow. Looks should not matter, it’s the personality or what I have in common with that person that will eventually lead to the attractiveness. I go into this mode with little attractiveness to that person thinking that I should give them a chance, seeing the potential, or I should really get to know them. Then after a date or two the interest is not there and I move on. Being honestly attracted to someone helps in some way. More prone to strike a conversation, meet up more on dates, etc. The curiosity is there and leads to that connection that we want. Obviously, what people are attracted to is is different. Not every guy wants a model, not every women wants a muscular guy. What is unattractive counts as well, whether is physical or behavioral. Go with your intuition and listen to it.
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2021.12.04 23:36 florencondia Looking for manager

Are you actively playing in under a scholarship?
I am no longer playing under a scholarship for our manager cancelled our scholarship due to the update. He no longer want to continue investing in axie
Why should we choose you?
I am already an experienced player before the update I was able to gain 227 slp maximum and 200 slp minimum, the highest mmr I was able to maintain was 1350.
I am very confident in my skills and knowlege. I will offer my loyalty to your program just like what I did for my former scholarship.
I will not be a burden for I will extend my hands in helping you reach your goal.
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2021.12.04 23:36 throwrowaboat [HIRING] Drawing of a female Yuan Ti Pureblood Bard (DnD character)

Hello all! I am looking for a digital drawing of a Yuan Ti Pureblood Bard character! I want her to resemble Holly Madison from GND with a few scaly features. I have a reference image ready to go for those interested. Ideally, I would like to have it done by Friday next week. My budget for this is 50-75$ CAD, although I am willing to pay the right price for the right person! Looking forward to seeing your work.
Oh, if possible, I would love to see examples of how you draw hair -- I want it to be as detailed and realistic as possible!
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2021.12.04 23:36 noelioli Bro is jerking hard

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2021.12.04 23:36 javiercarrillo Question about Ronin SC battery (first gimbal)

I would like to buy my first gimbal, for private/home use. It looks like the Ronin SC meets all my needs (also checked that it would work fine with my A7C) and now that the price has gone down (Amazon has it for £199), I think it’s the right time to get it.
The only thing that is putting me off is the proprietary LiPo battery.
For people who have had the Ronin SC since 2019 (or those using DJI batteries for a few years), how well did the battery age? Assuming that i take proper care of the batteries (apparently LiPo batteries are more delicate than Li-Ion), is it realistic to expect it to last about 3 years?
Thank you, and apologies if the question is too basic. As mentioned, it’s my first gimbal.
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2021.12.04 23:36 SLY-ELI88 Will the Byron drift “hoonigan”truck go on a carpet drift track.

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2021.12.04 23:36 brandvold_cubed Just got my Team Figgins mystery box, how did I do.

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2021.12.04 23:36 ein_kreativer_Name_ Hey! Could someone please draw this character here for me? I'd be really grateful if someone did it :D

Hey! Could someone please draw this character here for me? I'd be really grateful if someone did it :D submitted by ein_kreativer_Name_ to DrawForMe [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 23:36 AcidicAssassin777 Is there a Minecraft mod for being an Endermen (read post)

I am in a Minecraft modded server and I want a mod for the server that allows a player to gain the abilities and properties of an endermen but also more items related to the endermen.
Is there a mod in existence that can help me with what I am looking for? I will say I am not wanting the origins mod but the enderman part was something I liked and wanna know if there is something similar to it within the version of 1.12.2
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2021.12.04 23:36 Quick-Tea-6537 In car drivers test question

Is there a limit to how many times you can fail an in car drivers test in Alberta ? And if so what are the consequences ?
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2021.12.04 23:36 LiverMusic Hand Planes (Question)

I recently got into woodworking and there's one thing that's really frustrating me as of recently, non square end grain / boards. I predominantly cut everything with a Ryobi Suizan blade. For the most part all of my projects go as planned but 50% of the time my pieces aren't flush so I'll fill them with scrap wood or caulk for projects that are outdoor pieces. I'm assuming if I had some hand planes this would solve my problem and make everything look way more presentable. I'm looking for a plane that is pretty universal and works for a multitude of different applications (specifically end grain). I want to buy something that's good quality, wont break the bank, and lasts a lifetime. I don't want to refurbish any old planes, I'd rather just buy new and save the hassle/time that comes with refurbishing. From what I've read it seems like #4 planes are the best for end grain, however, I don't know if they're super universal. So my question is: What is a good quality hand plane that can be used in a wide range of applications and what is a great hand plane for end grain?
Side note: How often do you have to replace blades on planes? Good sharpening kits etc to look into?
Thanks to anyone that can help me out with this :)
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2021.12.04 23:36 stonerchick420eva i’m getting impressions on tuesday for my upper dentures i didn’t have immediates right after i healed first. but what is the process like i’m scared i’m going to gag the whole time.. i’m so excited to have teeth again though

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2021.12.04 23:36 MingoUSA Old school camera

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2021.12.04 23:36 PhillyRush 15 Nuclear key cards 🗝️ RNG 1-5000. Winner to be determined in 22 hours. Good luck!🤞

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