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writing some poems to help me get through this. im competitive as fuck, so maybe this subwill help :] (tw: ed)

2021.12.04 18:54 Moo_C writing some poems to help me get through this. im competitive as fuck, so maybe this subwill help :] (tw: ed)

numbers, numbers, numbers numbers on the scale numbers on the very food i digest numbers swirling around in my brain
they all add up go smaller and smaller, until eventually they are no more.
we all yearn for that day when we stop counting, when we finally drop dead on the floor so deprived of the essentials of life
finally at peace not a worry about your body, not a thought in sight
oh how i yearn.
but i continue to count continue to starve continue to binge it all adds up
it all adds up until i can bear no longer and i break down into a thousand pieces
sometime after, i pick myself up and again, i start counting crunching the numbers restarting the cycle waiting for the endless misery to cease
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2021.12.04 18:54 Anon5054 There arent even queues anymore wtf

Anyone have this issue? No queue, it just says no. error 3001
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2021.12.04 18:54 Watermelonwx1 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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2021.12.04 18:54 Sammy_the_Tetton A bit of rate calculation for an SE circut build.

A bit of rate calculation for an SE circut build.
Maybe I'm not thinking right here, but I can't figure how many assemblers I can feed from one full red belt of copper wiring to the green circut assemblers, so I'm not sure how to break down the 90 circuit assemblers into small columns I can feed from a single belt of wiring each. Can anyone breakdown the math for me?
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2021.12.04 18:54 maxieflexie How tf do you start a conversation in a train

So i sometimes see this girl in the train and i wanna start a conversation with her and see how it goes from there. Problem is idk what to talk about or how to open a conversation. Any help (bit of background: im 17 and never REALLY had a gf).
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2021.12.04 18:54 Go-On-Q Bowling Ball for Christmas

My brother recently got back into bowling after a 3 or 4 year hiatus and is loving it again. Currently he is averaging a 200 with a Nexxus F (P+S) however I’m looking to get him a lower hooking ball. I haven’t shopped around in a while, but I’m thinking one of the following would be a decent choice:

  1. Idol Helios
  2. Brunswick Rhino
  3. Hammer Raw Solid Black
  4. Storm Phaze III
He’s a right handed bowler, and swings the ball essentially starting at the head pin to somewhere between boards 10-15. Any thoughts / input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.12.04 18:54 Ishkavov They just grab everything

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2021.12.04 18:54 THEBESTINTHEWORLD111 I did not rescue this dog.

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2021.12.04 18:54 CharliesAngel3051 Seeking swanky spots!

Hey there! My husband and I will be in Boston celebrating a mini-honeymoon next week. Looking for a swanky spot with good cocktails and good ambiance - dimly lit cozy, etc. ideally will have jazz or music! Looking for any other romantic spots for dinner - would love a more formal feel - jackets required maybe? Any ideas would be appreciated!
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2021.12.04 18:54 dabs_sport My first collection dog poker nft

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2021.12.04 18:54 smita16 Struggling on large pulls with sage...advice?

I am really enjoying sage and it feels great but I find my self struggling with large pulls.
Usually with a large pull I'll start with kerachole and soteria and try to uses my AoEs to do what healing I can. Every so often I'll throw eukrasian diagnosis on the tank and for really large pulls I will use haima.
I'll throw in a druochole when necessary, but I feel like if it is a huge pull I just can't keep up and if I run out of addersgall then it's game over.
Any tips?
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2021.12.04 18:54 Puzzleheaded_Limit58 He loves his dino toy and posing like a good decent boy😂 PS : He tried destroying the plant behind him.

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2021.12.04 18:54 idealfries Looking for a video that had a cat in a ups costume and I think it has an announcer saying something, and then the video has a weird zoom out effect.

I think I first saw it on a YouTube short, but I can’t find it
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2021.12.04 18:54 dank_mood Mail call! Lucky of the draw of the chase soda!

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2021.12.04 18:54 akrak1 Who should I sit? Half ppr

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2021.12.04 18:54 gaymen0129 Those with many sex partners (body count) , do you regret it?

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2021.12.04 18:54 Qwyxc BF 2042 Origin constantly redownloading!

Hey guys,
i got a problem as the title says my BF2042 is constantly trying to redownload all its data. There is a folder for it in my origin directory whitch has about 47GB yet Origin is telling me to "update" the game and then starts to redownload 47GB´s.
I already tried to locat it on my harddrive or repair it yet I can´t find a solution to this problem :(
Anyone expierienced that same problem or has a Idee for me?
Grettings QWYXC
PS: My internet is shit and so is my English ;)
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2021.12.04 18:54 bigstepper56 2 Dropboxes For $3 DONT HMU ON NO BS

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2021.12.04 18:54 Zenmedic Smoothest the fairways have been all year.

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2021.12.04 18:54 Kasillin Why can’t I leave my abusive boyfriend?

I (17F) am in an online relationship with a married guy (28M). We are also in a bdsm relationship and he wants me to be completely devoted to him and “worships him like a god” but he has his wife and kid and often is too busy to message me :(. He also has traits of bpd and splits on me very often (and I have to constantly apologize for something I wasn’t to blame for). I know darn well he is exploiting me but somehow I just cannot pull myself together to leave him. He’s always saying how much he loves me and I guess I just need that intense love to fill my own void. Please help me, what should I do?
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2021.12.04 18:54 crytoloover NFT OPENSEA NEW : COLLECTION : CRYPTO CAT TETHER #usdt #tether #nft #nfts #art #arts #crypto #2021

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2021.12.04 18:54 i2001x [USA-MD] [H] Valve Index VR Full Kit [W] Local Cash, PayPal

I ask for $800.
I bought this kit solely for Alyx. After completing Alyx and a bunch of mods for it, I'm ready to move on. My total playtime with it was about 50 hours.
I always knew that I was eventually going to sell it, so I made sure to take really good care of it.
Everything in the original box is included. As an extra, I'm also including a mini displayport adapter (which I needed for my laptop)
I so much rather do local pickup for this transaction due to the item's size and price. I love driving and am flexible, so feel free to message me regardless of where you are in the US.
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2021.12.04 18:54 boricimo Idaho Republican official "disgusted" by Juneteenth, blasts Hershey's ad with Black family

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2021.12.04 18:54 Leopardfire123 Confused about arkosh gameplay

Hello, i’ve been watching the DPC for the past week, and am confused right now in game 2 of arkosh vs eg. I consider myself above average at dota, and love to watch videos by personalities like banana jamma slamma to improve my game. I noticed that pale horse as riki kept going top after the tier 1 tower fell even though he died every time he showed himself. I watched a video by slammer jama saying that it is not a good idea to farm your safelane after the tower falls, and he calls it the “deathlane”. Im looking for some insight on this strategy. Is this a new way to create space for his team? Answers are greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.04 18:54 crytoloover The Sandbox Game Alpha - Earning 1000 $SAND (NFT GAME GRIND)

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