Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Targa…which one wins on Twisty Road, 233 or 323? Thanks!!

2021.12.04 23:29 Randy_430 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Targa…which one wins on Twisty Road, 233 or 323? Thanks!!

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2021.12.04 23:29 philosopherkonig Apple Music through a USB DAC

Hello, I was wondering if anyone uses their iPad Air to connect to a stereo and listen to Apple Music through a DAC? I've tried using a USB C OTG Adapter to connect to Chrod's Qutest DAC without success. The iPad recognizes the Qutest and will even play music for a couple of seconds. Then all I hear is static. Any help would be most welcome!
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2021.12.04 23:29 starmoonla Can i make a return with no receipt?

I bought bluetooth earbuds yesterday for $49…the left bud literally does not work. Tried charging,resetting it and everything. Idk what i did with my receipt 😕 but i paid with a card and have proof of transaction… i also remember the exact self checkout register i was at.
Do i have any hope for returning these things and getting a refund or new pair?
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2021.12.04 23:29 Datshooter01 Anyone else wish dem hoes get hit by a bus or struck by lightning

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2021.12.04 23:29 fatboiy Spiderman-India confirmed in the new Spider Verse animated movie?

This was taken from the official trailer
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2021.12.04 23:29 GivThisPplAir Greg knew what he was doing when he asked out Comfrey.

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2021.12.04 23:29 ApexAuthor Idea: Theater Mode

Was playing some Yakuza Kiwami, and loved how they had the option to rewatch all the cutscenes from the main menu, instead of making you play through again to watch them a second time.
Some of them are kinda neat in this game, and I hate making other people wait just so I can watch. What do you think?
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2021.12.04 23:29 Sky_Peaches8586 Here is a little style practice with some OC's! ^_^ (BTW commissions are open, they're free!)

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2021.12.04 23:29 Ndavis92 Reminder about both cross posting and advertising.

We're not opposed to advertising groups, discords and "clans" but please be cognizant of the rules (specifically rule 3 and 15). Message the mod team or me directly for permission.

The rules were set up in order to discourage this becoming simply a spam fest of advertisments. I am howerver glad to see so many new faces and groups joining in our older game.

Deus Vult
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2021.12.04 23:29 oOolongteaa Lachica as Guest on Comedy Big League. At first I was looking for every site for subbed but honestly you don’t really need it ✌️ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Lachica as Guest on Comedy Big League. At first I was looking for every site for subbed but honestly you don’t really need it ✌️ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ submitted by oOolongteaa to StreetWomanFighter [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 23:29 Ryvit [PS4] is there a way to go back to old crafting?

The first few years of Minecraft on PS4 the crafting was so easy and nice, now it’s styled more like the PC version. Is there a way to change this? Can’t find an option in settings
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2021.12.04 23:29 SnooDingos6435 Ushanka price?

I really want to know the blue ushanka retail price I hope it isn't expensive
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2021.12.04 23:29 SchleppyJ4 Anyone got a video or gif of the goalpost proposal TD celebration??

Can’t find it anywhere.
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2021.12.04 23:29 nostalgiccreep [WP] As i slip away into white light, everything is at peace. But.. its not white anymore. Where am I?, ''Finally.'' She sighed, '' You will forget your last life in 1 minute, you have one last chance. You've done this 65 times. You, are the last one.''

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2021.12.04 23:29 Cmdr_ScareCrow108 SS-N-16 Vodopad go brrr

SS-N-16 Vodopad go brrr
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2021.12.04 23:29 Swanky64 How do I get intellisence to work?

I tried many times, many tutorials and download what I need but nothing seems to work. I worked once but since then it hasn’t worked since. I’m using C# by the way.
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2021.12.04 23:29 stacey_j01 Festive Fall Romp

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2021.12.04 23:29 TheJoush The Calm Before the Storm

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2021.12.04 23:29 larry_fisherman98 23/M Looking for someone help with It takes 2 plat for PS5 or4

I played it when it was first released and want to add it to my plats. If you haven’t played it before I’d be more than happy to play it again then go back for a second play to grab any missed trophies. I don’t care about age or gender and would prefer if you have a mic since communication is helpful in the game!
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2021.12.04 23:29 void_chameleon streak 115 - tratar de mejorar mi vida (quinta parte)

Este mes, estoy tratando de pasar menos tiempo viendo en una pantalla, ambos mi móvil y mi computadora. Las pantallas no son buenos para los ojos o el ciclo de dormir. Mi universidad requiere muchos tareas por Internet, pero aún así es posible hacer mucho sin una computadora.
Sobre todo, paso demasiado tiempo en Internet; dejo mucho hasta el último minuto porque hay tantos distracciones. Siempre creía que no tenía suficiente tiempo para hacer las cosas que me encanta; pero en realidad, eso no es verdad. Tenía mucho tiempo, pero no lo usaba en una manera buena. Recientemente he tratado de hacer lo que quiera sin ver a una pantalla, por ejemplo leer en español o tejar. He estado mucho más contenta como resultado de eso :D
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2021.12.04 23:29 Fuzzyhippo7 Can we talk about Treasure island?

I decided to make a quick pit stop while driving across the bay bridge at treasure island today. I’ve heard a bit about the history of this place but I’ve never spent any time there. My general question is what is preventing this place from being a bustling little island?
While driving around I did see some neighborhoods that seemed like converted military housing (similar to Presidio), and some new construction (one sight on the off ramp and then one on the SF side), but the majority of the place was abandoned buildings and empty lots with trash.
I hear military waste/ownership was a big reason it wasn’t developed more. Is that true? The views of SF and Oakland are amazing and I feel like this has a lot of potential for development in a way that doesn’t displace anyone and does bother NIMBYs. Commuting into SF seems like it would be so easy via Ferry. What is stopping full development of this area? Am I missing something here?
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2021.12.04 23:29 the_colonel93 Not liking the momentum Iowa has right now

We need a big turnover or a push down field to get away from our fucking goal line. Hopefully Cade isn't too far in his head rn. I believe in him and this team to get back to business
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2021.12.04 23:29 lil-Bill69 Blister issues?

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2021.12.04 23:29 BeastMasterSage Final Destination 23 Years Later: Cont.3

back at the fire station, Carlos, Robin, Dustin, Alex, meet up with Aaron, Dustin's mom Mrs. Emerson as they talk about the pattern of Death's design and How Alex figured out the Flight 180 design. Carlos begins to remember the pattern from his premonition, but also a change since he got the survivors out, His Mother intervened when she pushed him out of the way as Death skipped him and went to her, he also learns Miss Mancini died 2nd, Sasha 3rd, Jorge 4th, Jake 5th, Dustin 6th, Dustin's Mom 7th, Aaron 8th, Reilly 9th, Rhonda 10th, then Lastly Robin and Him.. Carlos felt like Throwing up, Aaron asked Alex that he and Clear survived, and how they should find a way, Alex then answered he knows an old acquaintance who would help, They go to the City Morgue and meet up with William Bludworth who's delighted to see Alex after all these years. Alex then asks him about Death's New Design if there's anyway to break that along with The Curse of Flight 180, Bludworth explains there are two options: the first is Stealing another's lifespan: if someone who cheated Death kills someone who isn't meant to die, they will receive that person's unlived lifespan and be safe, The second is New Life born or reborn: The only way to truly cheat Death. As the entity keeps the balance of life and death by killing those whose time is up and decides who will be born, if a life that was never meant to exist comes into being, it will be defeated as it can't kill a life it never intended to exist in the first place. or the person who almost died is reborn starting a new life. Carlos hated the 1st option yet both he and the others are confused about the 2nd option, suddenly Carlos has another vision this time about a Saleen Car, Gas Station and Fire which he describes, Dustin realizes it's Jorge's car, they split up into groups (Carlos and Dustin go to find the Gay couple while Robin and Alex go find Aaron)
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2021.12.04 23:29 imtheprobl3m I’m lonely. all I want is a serious relationship but I don’t know where to start 😞

I’m a woman (22) and I live with my sister (29) in a big city. We are very close and I love her very much but I’m very lonely. I haven’t had a relationship since I was 17 so I really crave intimacy. I don’t know if I should try dating online because it’s so risky. I hear so many stories about how dangerous it is for women to meet guys online so I want to avoid that but at the same time I’m unsure how I will meet a guy otherwise. Many people have suggested looking for suitable guys to date at my job but all of the guys I work with are gay. It’s very depressing living so closely with my older sister who is also single. My sister is constantly telling me that we have no real chance at love and it saddens my heart. We are average looking women but our view on love is warped. My father is very toxic/abusive and so my sister and I never felt loved by him. I also know that I should seek therapy because I have unresolved trauma that I shouldn’t dump on someone else.
Any advice?
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