This boy loves his electric blanket so much he can't stop curling them footsies

2021.12.04 20:32 Willow138 This boy loves his electric blanket so much he can't stop curling them footsies

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2021.12.04 20:32 703Bugeye any way to change vehicle gunner fov pc?

what the title says, is there any way to change the vehicle first person gunner fov either in game or in the settings file i cant seem to find it. thanks in advance
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2021.12.04 20:32 Chrisisvenom2 Redoing my scape given I had to reseal it. Suggestions?

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2021.12.04 20:32 dirrtyremixes Best Of Tm 2021 [TZ]

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2021.12.04 20:32 greyfalcon333 1960 : Fourteen Degrees Arctic Warming

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2021.12.04 20:32 Eshwarroy Anime_irl

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2021.12.04 20:32 Sellinweedallday Simple build with a top coat and a bit of lining. First time posting.

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2021.12.04 20:32 soul_attractor aespa and NCT 127 Make the New York Times Music Critic's "Best Albums of 2021" List

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2021.12.04 20:32 YoItsFynn Yooo anyone wants to play ssbu with me??

My discord is: fynn#2268 feel free to send me a message Don’t interact if you’re above 17😄
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2021.12.04 20:32 kilgore_trout555 Restaurant names that make you second guess eating there

Example: A person sees Burrito Addiction, they might think “No thank you, I can’t handle co dependency on burritos right now.”
Or would a name like that make you more likely to dine there? Any names that stood out and either attracted or repelled you to a location?
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2021.12.04 20:32 Ok-Zucchini312 If he wasn't wearing headphones he'd definitely be wearing a fedora

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2021.12.04 20:32 ComfortableStrings Zerkaa - NBC X MANDEM OLYMPICS

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2021.12.04 20:32 naturevalleychewy Possible kick-boxer sighted in possibly San francisco…Possibly

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2021.12.04 20:32 im_shafir Go Pels.

Or go flock yourself.
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2021.12.04 20:32 magicrectangle A Song in the Dark 3

Part 2
Annabelle's head was throbbing.
Where was she again? There had been a new song. Faint and alien, but so beautiful. She had wanted to sing along. She had sung along. Shit. She'd stabilized a bridge without a breach engine, and crossed it unshielded. Her implants would protect her from the worst of the effects, her gene mods and training would allow her to tolerate the rest. But it was still a stupid thing to do. She queried her medical implant. A contusion on the top of her head, nanites had it mostly repaired already. Heightened temporal lobe activity, spiking in the auditory cortex. To be expected with the exposure. The cyberware would help her identify and dismiss any hallucinations. This was the second time she'd had the experience, so she knew what to expect.
All singers were exposed once they completed their training. The gene mods could grow entirely new structures in the brain specifically tuned to resonate with the void, but until a singer immersed her senses in it, she'd never find her voice. An obvious lie. [Rogue thought pattern suppressed]
So she'd followed the song somewhere. The rest of it was like a dream. There was a room. It was like a tiny hospital room maybe? The singer was there, in a tiny bed. The melody's source. The chairs were just as small as everything else, so she knelt by the bed to get a better look. The singer had fur covering her entire body. She was bipedal, stout for her height, with thick musculature. Sort of like a little... bear person? Annabelle gave voice to the song with mouth and lungs, hoping to soothe the alien singer. She reached out and stroked the luxurious fur.
Annabelle instructed her medical implant to send nanites to diagnose the singer's affliction. You already knew what it was. [Rogue thought pattern suppressed] Singers always render aid to each other, and if her suspicions were correct, this one was going to need it. The dream grew hazy again, an unknown amount of time spent comforting the poor thing.
A shriek sounded out. In her somewhat delirious state Annabelle tried to get to her feet, forgetting about how tiny the room was. Head met ceiling, and everything went black.
Which brought her to the present. The throbbing had faded to a dull ache. It was probably about time she opened her eyes. You'd see better without them. [Rogue thought pattern suppressed] The room she was in was brightly lit, and mostly empty. She was laying on a table, and she couldn't move her... oh. Her hands and feet were bound, and she was naked. She imagined the social implications of that wouldn't register with the bear people, the ones she'd seen so far hadn't worn any clothes. Still, it wasn't a promising start. She triggered a basic diagnostic on all her implants.

The list continued on to the less vital cyberware, but she shoved it to the side of her consciousness. They were all in the green, she didn't need more details right now. She thought about instructing the medical implant to make her skin look like clothes, but she didn't want to spook the aliens. They obviously weren't aware of her cyberware's capabilities if they thought tying her to a table would accomplish something.
Aliens. Real live aliens. Somehow it wasn't until now that fact really sunk in for Annabelle. She was the first human being to meet real live aliens. How long until the Choir makes them real dead aliens? [Rogue thought pattern suppressed]
Annabelle found a window on one side of the room, with two bear people behind it. This room obviously wasn't intended for keeping people prisoner. The glass wasn't mirrored, her bindings were haphazard. The door did look sturdy, maybe that's why they picked it. The bear people were having an argument of some kind. She couldn't hear them, not that it would have done her any good, she didn't have the slightest understanding of the language. The older (if greying meant old for bear people) of the two seemed to be winning the argument. He wants to tear through your flesh to see what's inside. [Rogue thought pattern suppressed]
It was the younger one who entered the room though. He wore an expression that Annabelle thought combined sadness and curiosity, at least if it had been on a human. He made some unintelligible noises. They both blinked at each other. He pointed to his chest and said "Gret." She repeated it and he made a face. Maybe her pronunciation was off. She moved her hand as much as possible in the bindings to point towards herself and said "Annabelle." When he repeated it was her turn to make a face. Still, this was progress.
Gret started to sing that song. Not into the void, and not very well, but Annabelle recognized it immediately and joined in. As she sang he trailed off, his expression seemed to be almost pleading, desperate. She'd seen him before hadn't she? Seen him make that same face? He was in the singer's room. Shit. She queried her implant. The nanites hadn't determined what was afflicting the singer. Probably because they didn't have a healthy example to compare against. It was a good bet that she was void sick though. She was blind but now she sees. [Rogue thought pattern suppressed] Annabelle doubted these people had developed the right tools to deal with the void safely. If they had they'd surely have known to look for her cyberware.
If Annabelle's implants could get a handle on the singer's biology, and the void wounds hadn't had time to become scars, it was possible she could be saved. How could Annabelle convince somebody she couldn't talk to that she was the best hope for his... friend? Love of his life, all he has left. [Rogue thought pattern suppressed]
Annabelle stopped singing, and instructed nanites to her hand. She gestured to Gret repeatedly. Pointing to him, then straining the bindings. She thought the intent would be clear, she wanted the bindings taken off. She could have used tiny breaches to destroy them, but that wasn't likely to make them trust her enough to let her treat their comrade.
Gret approached cautiously. He reached for the binding, but yelling came from a speaker in the corner of the room. The older guy, probably. It didn't matter, he'd brushed against her hand. The nanites set to work figuring out what a healthy bear person was supposed to look like. She'd need to stay in proximity to him until their work was finished. After that would come the risky part. Fortunately it didn't seem like he wanted to leave. He was studying her intently.
Annabelle instructed her nanite forge to build a new brain pattern stabilizer, medical implant, and a good amount of nanites, then package them into a single injectable unit. Her finger could serve as an injector, though that wasn't what it was designed for. Many of the raw materials would have to be cannibalized from her own body, which would not be pleasant. Especially since she hadn't eaten since... how long had she been here? Long enough. They'll be looking for you. [Rogue thought pattern suppressed] The table she was tied to appeared to be titanium, that could be used for the module housings at least.
Gret had seemed to respond strongly to the song, so Annabelle tried it again to see if she could build trust, or engagement, or... something. She just needed him to stay in the room. The same desperate look came over his face and he approached her. He spoke, but it was pointless, she couldn't understand.
Annabelle's implant notified her that the nanites had completed their work. Comparing to the healthy template made it plain as day that there was a void wound in the alien singer's brain. Annabelle didn't know what the wounded part of the alien brain did, but she'd have bet anything it controlled their senses. You don't need eyes to see, nor ears to hear. You know that. [Rogue thought pattern suppressed]
Annabelle reached into the void and sifted through the songs. She heard the song for the lost, sung for her. That would have to wait. The alien song was just as faint as ever, distance had no meaning in the void. But it was getting easier for her to find it anyway. This time she wasn't going to slide across the bridge half awake. This time she was alert and focused. She couldn't afford to get a void wound herself if she was going to help the singer. Another void wound, you mean? [Rogue thought pattern suppressed]
Annabelle sang quietly. The song was foreign to the Choir, but they were looking for her now, and they might recognize her voice. She needed to be fast and quiet. The song felt as natural to her as those she'd practiced a thousand times in training. Despite the circumstances, she was able to achieve a perfect harmony almost immediately.
Gret's eyes were wide as he stared at the empty table.
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2021.12.04 20:32 44M18Hellcat My rifle being an early Izhmash import was threaded to 1/2x28 RH(it’s a Krebs customs rifle), 9mm 1/2x28 muzzle brakes work perfectly 👌🏻

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2021.12.04 20:32 Anwar4kt I told y’all Niggas 10 did get 10

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2021.12.04 20:32 JaimTorfinn Character Word Counts for Episodes 1-5

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2021.12.04 20:32 MY5T3RYS Should i be pruning the long stem thats coming off to the left of my tomato plant or leave it?

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2021.12.04 20:32 DiogenesK-9 Magic tears vs. gold coins?

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2021.12.04 20:32 ImGonnaDieTomorrow OGEN: dosi-GMOsi #6 (26.9% THC)

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2021.12.04 20:32 Chtulhu2000 Zekrom taking ten. FC 9825 1804 8620

Zekrom taking ten. FC 9825 1804 8620
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2021.12.04 20:32 pabloseabra Dear Ea… what have you done to futchamps? From a constantly gold 2 to barely qualify to finals…

Man… it’s just laughable my experience in this game. From a walk in the park to a weekend in hell. This qualifying matchmaking seems pure bullshit to me.
Are casuals still playing this shit? Why ea is pushing casuals away?
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2021.12.04 20:32 NZ_Nebula Items should receive better protection from destruction

Now, this has already kinda been suggested but not in a complete form (eg multiple suggestions but never a big one), so I’m doing it here.

I think Mojang should revamp how items are destroyed based on their either lore-based or placed-block properties.

Now, in variations of these suggestions, people have suggested the reason why is that the itemised forms lose all their properties when broken/picked up (e.g. gravel and sand are affected by gravity as blocks, so it makes sense that their items are, but other blocks aren't, so why should their items be, therefore, all itemised forms of blocks are unrelated to their used equivalents) but this is not only impractical for the game, and kinda silly, but has also been proven wrong, with the addition of netherite's fire resistance. Netherite is immune to lava, in item form, differing from other items. Therefore, more blocks should gain this.

First off: Netherite should receive blast immunity as an item. It makes sense, it has fire resistance so why not blast?
Second, all armours should receive varying levels of protection from cacti, as, in used form they prevent damage from cacti, e.g. leather survives 3 seconds, gold 4, chain 5, iron 7, diamond 10, and netherite doesn't break (this could be mimicked in things such as lava, where certain armour types survive longer). This is a continuation of the inspiration for this post, namely my opinion that netherite should be indestructible by the player and environment, and should only be able to be destroyed through a. tool wear, b. despawning, or c. the void.
Third, enchantments on armour should affect their ability to die to things such as lava and fire. Blast protection should offer increasing levels of blast resistance to dropped items, e.g. Blast Protection I could only protect from the very outer range of a TNT explosion, while Blast Protection IV could survive an end crystal (again, could be tweaked, but in principal). The same thing would apply to fire protection, where Fire Protection IV armour could only be destroyed through burning by lava, being completely impervious to the effects of fire.
This idea isn't super well fleshed out, and any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks for taking the time to read <4
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2021.12.04 20:32 pendulite Hey everyone! I’m a high school student looking for 2 people here who are MLS to interview for my senior project.

I won’t be asking too many questions (only 6) since I’m asking through DM so don’t worry about schedule issues etc. Please message me if you are interested, thanks!
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