deck improvements? also since the tesla will get nerfed, what could i use as replacement?

2021.12.04 20:38 okiasked deck improvements? also since the tesla will get nerfed, what could i use as replacement?

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2021.12.04 20:38 NewsElfForEnterprise Alex Mills: Strategic Petroleum Reserve created after Arab oil embargo

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2021.12.04 20:38 Zestyclose_Ad_1566 DD from Stansberry Research's Mike Barrett on ONDS

Ondas' Core 10x Idea
Use automated drone fleets to become the first mover in a massive new market: continuous data collection and analysis.
What the Company Does
Ondas (Nasdaq: ONDS) provides private wireless data networks for industrial end markets, including railroads, utilities, oil, gas, and aviation, as well as government entities.
Separately, its recently acquired American Robotics ("AR") subsidiary designs, develops, and markets industrial drone solutions for rugged, real-world environments. Together, the company's network and drone assets are designed to bring next-generation connectivity and data collection capabilities to America's industrial complex.
Step No. 1: Is It Still Early?
Ondas is one of investing's rare ground-floor opportunities. It's a new company preparing to use its intellectual property to unlock vast opportunities in a market that's just beginning to develop.
In a recent investor presentation, Ondas notes that critical physical assets in the U.S. include 900,000 well pads, 60,000 substations, 140,000 miles of rail and 500,000 miles of pipeline. Eventually, we think all of these assets (and countless others) will be monitored 24/7 by drones. Doing so will provide around-the-clock security surveillance, provide early warning of potentially serious problems (like a gas leak or train derailment), and create vast amounts of valuable real-time data.
As we'll address in the next section, Ondas now owns all of the critical assets and is preparing to deliver – on a massive scale – what will likely be the nation's first comprehensive industrial data collection and analysis system.
Step No. 2: What Intellectual Property Makes This Company Special?
Ondas owns a patented software-defined radio ("SDR") platform for secure, licensed, private, wide-area broadband networks called FullMAX. Customers install it to upgrade older technologies and to expand their network infrastructure.
In July 2020, Ondas completed an initial installation of FullMAX base stations and remote radios for AURA Network Systems ("AURA"), a privately held company deploying a nationwide network for command-and-control (C2) management of commercial drones.
AURA is the exclusive owner of dedicated, licensed air-to-ground radio frequencies. Ondas CEO Eric Brock says to think of AURA as the Verizon for industrial drones.
A key point to note: the Federal Aviation Administration ("FAA") requires drones to be wirelessly connected to a network. AURA is building out a nationwide network for drone navigation and is relying on Ondas' equipment to do so.
In May 2021, Ondas acquired American Robotics. This granted Ondas full ownership of AR's coveted Scout System, the first drone system approved by the FAA for automated operation beyond visual line of sight without a human operator present. AR founder Reese Mozer told analysts on the third-quarter call that Scout satisfies the requirements for 90% of all industrial drone applications.
Back in May, Mozer also told analysts everything about Scout has been automated. This includes mission planning, flight precision landing, charging, data storage, data processing, data analysis, and data transmission.
That means a Scout drone and base station can be installed on a customer's site and then operate there indefinitely. It's capable of performing 10 to 20 missions every day of the year. As Mozer puts it, "This completely changes the dynamic of how drones work and what they mean to businesses."
Keep in mind that without the kind of FAA approval AR has secured, drones must be human-operated. The fact that AR has secured approvals for remote operation and has fully automated its functions means that it has cleared two of the biggest hurdles to running an industrial-drone business at scale.
The goal is to eventually position thousands of Scout Systems in the field across the U.S. In Mozer's words during a May business update...

We're talking about sub-centimeter resolution data across thousands of assets being collected on a continuous basis every day. And what we feel that that enables our company to do is continue to increase the value of this system and provide more opportunities to extract value from all that data, whether it be internal analytics features based on machine learning and AI, as well as some other third-party integration of the data. Imagine things like insurance, banking, et cetera. We're digitizing all of these sectors that at this time do not have access to this type of data. So it's really a whole new generation of opportunity there.
In short, Ondas now owns the first scalable drone platform on the market, as well as key intellectual property underpinning the AURA drone navigation network. In October 2021, it also entered into a strategic partnership with tech-enabled services provider Dynam.AI to integrate the latest AI techniques into its product offerings.
Step No. 3: Is the Balance Sheet Optimal for Accelerated Growth?
The company has the three things we look for: a low share count (41 million diluted shares outstanding), lots of cash ($47.5 million, as of September 30), and minimal debt ($300,000 as of September 30). This means there's plenty of room to add both shares and debt to expand the business, and we expect both as we'll detail further below.
Step No. 4: Are Institutions Buying?
Institutions own 12% of Ondas' shares as of September 2021. Most notable is Vanguard, the company's largest shareholder, which more than doubled its initial investment with an additional 668,000 shares in June, according to FactSet. Vanguard is a patient, long-term investor that likes to get in early and gradually build a large position. Its recent buying activity indicates it sees the same kind of potential in Ondas that we do.
Step No. 5: Is There a Viable Path to 10x Returns?
Investors have little to work with so far on Ondas, but that doesn't impede our 10x system. Let's work with what we know...
First, during a May business update with analysts, Mozer cited research from investment firm PricewaterhouseCoopers that priced the drone market potential at $100 billion or more. Even if this estimate was only $10 billion, that's still enormous market potential, particularly for a first mover like Ondas.
Second, during the company's second-quarter call, Mozer said that since receiving FAA approval, American Robotics has seen a "significant demand ramp in high-value industrial markets such as oil and gas, mining and rail." On the company's third-quarter call, ConocoPhillips and Syngenta were both named as new customers.
Many of these prospective customers have already been experimenting with drones, so they fully understand the kind of value a fully automated system like Scout can bring to the table. For now, Ondas plans to concentrate on only the largest and most sophisticated customers who have existing drone programs and want to scale with automated solutions. Mozer says one of the big tasks currently is "qualifying who's worthy of being in this first wave of customers and who has the biggest potential to convert to hundreds of units."
Third, Ondas has secured purchase orders from at least three of these customers. In its September presentation, the company noted it has engaged more than 15 Fortune 500 companies that are either paying for or discussing pilot programs using Scout.
Fourth, the company intends to operate the business under a Robot as a Service (RaaS) model. Similar to how Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses operate, Ondas would retain ownership of the Scout Systems and be responsible for their maintenance. Customers would pay a regular fee for the data the systems collect.
Fifth, Ondas expects initial field deployments to begin next year, then accelerate in 2023. Five years out, the target is to have between 70 and 90 customers operating at least 4,000 Scout Systems. In its September presentation, Ondas estimates a single Scout System's annual recurring revenue at $50,000 per year, or about $4,100 per month. So if it can reach its goal of 4,000 deployments by 2026, that would secure $200 million in annual revenue. To that we add an estimated $75 million in network sales.
To achieve 10x returns (i.e., a price near $120), our model estimates 2026 expectations must be 40% revenue growth, at operating and free cash flow margins of 25% and 18%, respectively. We also assume the share count will be double by then (80 million shares) and that Ondas will also have added $10 million in debt to fund growth.
None of these projections are unreasonable. The company's first-mover status gives it the opportunity to reach hundreds of high-value customers before anyone else. Importantly, the cost of this service to big customers running mission-critical assets is a small fraction of their operating budgets. In other words, Ondas should be able to charge premium pricing without its customers balking.
What little information we have at this point is enough for us to conclude that Ondas does indeed have 10x earning potential, with intrinsic value potential of $120. That works out to 35x 2026 sales and is supported by current comps.
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2021.12.04 20:38 blep_hi trading my roblox account+amp for an account with better accessories

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2021.12.04 20:38 Ok-Direction508 Website project

I have a quick website project I need help with William g to pay just need to make the log in portion of the website using c# and .net framework
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2021.12.04 20:38 Latnam This is pretty cool from Visual Capitalist! The biggest employer in each state of the USA.

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2021.12.04 20:38 undecidxd ZEKROM 9626 9198 8225 10 PPL CHINY HUNT

Lets PoGo !!!
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2021.12.04 20:38 No-Dimension-2712 What's the difference between Ryzen 5 5600x and 5 5 5600g. I've got the G version but people say the x is better so I might upgrade? 🤔

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2021.12.04 20:38 Live-Cryptographer89 Question

Is it too late to turn in supplemental materials for an ivys ED?
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2021.12.04 20:38 throwawayman011 What is this strategy called?

During a pass play, the running back, instead of blocking for the quarterback, runs for a short pass. This is because the linebacker that is blitzing is also assigned to the running back during man-coverage, thus leaving a wide open man.
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2021.12.04 20:38 No-Boss4539 Made this rodrick thingy for the animated movie. I just flipped over and image of greg and drew over it.

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2021.12.04 20:38 bubblesisconfused Synced images from PC to iPhone, but can't make them local?

Hey! Recently I got a 13 for myself and I'm loving the experience, but transferring everything from my Android to it has been absolute hell. Move to iOS simply doesn't work so I put everything I wanted in my PC and now am transferring it into the iPhone through iTunes.
Thing is: I can't favorite anything! The photos don't simply go to the phone, there's a whole section in Photos called 'From My Mac' instead of it going to the normal section. How to I change that? Thanks in advance :D
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2021.12.04 20:38 The_Atl_Diva Ryan is live & Jose is coming!

Come join in the phone on Instagram.
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2021.12.04 20:38 Shopgirl_Mirabelle Stepping into the dating pool

Hi friends!
I am getting back into the dating pool and I just want to know how y’all navigate that.
A little about me, two kids, married for 15 years, divorced, then after that I was in a 5+ year relationship that ended earlier this year.
When dating, do you just go out with whoever asks and see how it goes? If you don’t like the person romantically after a date, is it usually okay to just say and then y’all can be friends and everything is cool? Do you give it a few dates to see if there’s anything there? Is it okay if you have a date but are still open to go on dates with other people? Do you go on a first date as more like friends and set that expectation?
As I’m reading this these questions sound silly, but I have literally never actually “dated” before and I don’t even know what I’m doing. I got a text from a friend that a male friend of hers was asking about me and I don’t even know what to do. I’m outgoing and friendly and enjoy meeting people. I just don’t ever want to hurt anyone or want anything to go bad.
Thank you for any advice you have for me! I truly appreciate it!!!
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2021.12.04 20:38 SweetJenn98 BM Drama

BM suffers from mental illness and it puts a severe strain on SD and SS. It frustrates my BF and he talks to me about it. But all of the drama is started to put a lot of stress on my shoulders. What should I do? I want him to be able to talk to me about it, but sometimes it just gets to be too much
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2021.12.04 20:38 fruktas21 Golden Shiba | Stealth Launched Minutes Ago | Based Dev And Team | Huge Marketing Push | Don't Miss Next 100x Moonshot!

A Stealth launch on the Binance Smart Chain that you don't want to miss! We have all been part of projects that fail for many different reasons. Fud, paperhands, presale or private sale dumps, rugpulls, slowrugs, and the list goes on and on. Here at Golden Floki we weighed out all of our options in terms of how we would launch. each had their own merits and others had their demerits. The option which the team ultimately decided on going with was a good old classic Stealth Launch.

Golden Floki is bringing back meme season. If you miss out on all the Flokis well now is your chance, because Golden Floki is your golden key to the financial freedom. Join the TG now and let’s get Golden Floki to the moon!

👉 What are the core values of Golden Floki? There are a few to take note of:
✅ Transparency – This is a decentralized token supported by a community of enthusiast. The team is encouraging open communication and they believe trust and transparency goes a long way.
✅ Trust – In cryptocurrencies market trust is paramount. That means full transparency not only with the community and development but also in security efforts.
✅ Passive Income – The team wants to give their community something back for holding and trusting in our project. They have decided to make 6% rewards in the popular Floki token.

2% Dev Tokens
98% of Golden Floki supply will be in put into the liquidity pool.

13% Tax Breakdown
♻️ 6% Rewards for all Golden Floki holders in Floki tokens taken from each transaction.
💧 3% Added to Liquidity taken from each transaction.
📈 4% Marketing Tax to push marketing campaigns and host Giveaways.
Total supply: 100,000,000,000

🔐Liquidity Lock for 7 days at launch initially and extended after MC Milestones:
- $100k MCAP - 2 Weeks Lock
- $250K MCAP - 1 Month Lock
- $500K MCAP - 3 Months Lock
- $2M MCAP - 1 Year Lock

- Starting Liquidity is 2 BNB
- Max transaction is 2% of the total supply.
- Max wallet is 2% of the total supply.

Contract address: 0x15f537ec5cc50c1f614b79b219dbeaaea7e32a29


Happy Shilling and Let's make History!!!
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2021.12.04 20:38 jkane001 Starlink Train

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2021.12.04 20:38 sorcerers_apprentice Ideas for delicious, dairy-free desserts?

Hi all! Some friends and I are planning a dinner party, and I have been tasked with bringing dessert. One of the people going is dairy-free, and I have no experience with dairy-free baking. My go-to is usually cupcakes, but I am feeling a bit unsure about dairy-free frostings...
Does anyone have some trusty, dairy-free recipes they could share? For reference, I enjoy baking a lot, but I would also consider myself somewhat of a novice, so I'd prefer something that's not super complicated. Thanks to y'all in advance :)
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2021.12.04 20:38 Exagol Bakugo in my art style

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