How much longer do you think it’ll be until they hatch?

2021.12.04 22:46 Witherking55 How much longer do you think it’ll be until they hatch?

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2021.12.04 22:46 PKthunder27 Shelving question

Hello! My room is divide into 2 parts by a wall and I'm planing on getting a bookshelf that will extend about 20 inches past the wall leaving a 30 inch entryway into the second part of my room. My dad tells me this is a bad idea because there is no backing to part of the shelf, but I can't understand why that would be a problem, is there any concerns or things I should be wary of?
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2021.12.04 22:46 SubieLover19 How many of you use N87 Gas?

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2021.12.04 22:46 CharmedBySnakes Smaller Boa species

What are some good small boa species for people new to Boa keeping? I have a Ball Python right now but am considering a boa species for a second snake down the line. I dont want a large one thats hard to handle on my own and eats large prey which is harder to get.
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2021.12.04 22:46 carguru1231 I know it’s probably hard to tell. I’ve had this rash on my face for over a week and was wondering if it looks like the butterfly rash. Not looking for a diagnosis, just some clarification before I go to primary asking to test for lupus. Thanks!

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2021.12.04 22:46 AtticusPaperchase Dehumidifier in studio

In the last couple of years I gained a few guitars and decided to take storage a little more seriously. I keep my guitars in cases, but wanted to make sure the air in the studio wasn’t screwing up my stuff. Part of that was buying a hydrometer and seeing where the humidity levels are. To my surprised it clocked in at 70% in my home studio. I live in south Texas, so while this may seem high, I always feel comfortable if the AC is on. So on a whim I googled “De-humidifier” and here we are. I bought one, it was too small, so I got a bigger one and now it pulls a half gallon of water out the air every day and now we are registering 45% humidity in the home studio. Two questions:

  1. Is this a thing? Do any of you all dehumidify? I have heard of ensuring guitars are properly humidified, but what about an environment with too much humidity? I have never met anyone who does this—even in my area.
  2. The dehumidifier is blowing out warm air. WTF is that? I assumed it would pull air in, do magic to it, and fill the water tank like the smaller one, but why is the larger machine blowing out warm air? Am I missing something scientifically?
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2021.12.04 22:46 Feital17 Question on TXRZ50 atoms settings for Series X.

Recently got my TXRZ50. I have a Xbox Series X. I have 5.2.4 speakers for Dolby Atmos. Could someone explain what settings I should have for the Xbox and receiver. Examples are what mode should the receiver be on while watching 4K blu rays? On the xbox blu ray settings should I allow or not allow the receiver to decode audio. I have the Xbox audio settings to Dolby Atmos.
If someone could go through and explain all the best settings I should have for the receiver and Xbox that would be much appreciated.
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2021.12.04 22:46 M0RDK0P0TAM Uh... Guys? Has the dog been mentioned on the channel before?

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2021.12.04 22:46 Wanderer-777 6 spot and 3 bonus eggs ! Playing quarters

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2021.12.04 22:46 EightyFiveSkip Good Day for the Dons SOS

Davidson won their 5th in a row today. They're now up to #67 in KenPom (they were 80 when they played the dons).
UAB had a really nice road win at SLU. That should help them stay in the top 50.
Most importantly (obviously), the Dons need to take care of business against UNLV tonight.
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2021.12.04 22:46 wbg777 Welcome to crypto currency’s

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2021.12.04 22:46 pedal_deals_bot Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar 1990 - 2011 - $1,315 ($1,290 + $25 S/H) 100%

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2021.12.04 22:46 the_ranting_swede The parking cost at Northgate Station is insane.

I live north of Seattle and was meeting a friend in the U District. I decided to hop on the light rail in Northgate so I wouldn't have to deal with parking deeper in the city.
It turns out that parking at Northgate Station is a flat $15 even on weekends/nights. With the $5 cost the rider into the U District it comes to $20. This costs much more than parking in the city, especially if you're carpooling.
If the goal is to incentive public transit over driving your car into the city, it definitely failed on me. Unless they dramatically reduce the cost of parking in Northgate, it's more convenient, cheaper, and lowers my Covid risk to drive all the way to my destination in the future.
For a city/region that likes to believe it's super eco-focused, we sure do seem to make it difficult to act out in real life.
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2021.12.04 22:46 certifiablycrazed Dehydration?

I know this is Reddit and I should contact my doctor, but it’s the weekend, they take awhile to respond. That said, I figured out that I’m probably very dehydrated. I’m lightheaded, dizzy when I stand or sit up, tired, and fatigued. Have been for days now. Should I go to the er and get fluids now or wait until my doctors office gets back to me?
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2021.12.04 22:46 asmokingbear Just finished my free handed Christmas project! Can’t wait to give this to my grandma! :’)

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2021.12.04 22:46 ndbm10 So I just realized the only fish I haven’t caught is the Devil Ray. According to the ToonHQ app, you can only catch that with a twig rod. So I’m on a steel rod, does that mean I can never max my fish skill or whatever then?? 😧😧😧

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2021.12.04 22:46 Atlast_2091 SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE (PART ONE) – First Look

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2021.12.04 22:46 Sure_Detective4267 idiot

you are a target because you are a fucking JOKE, all the shit, and it is shit you post, you bring it on yourself. Normal intelligent people don;t buy all you crap. Put the phone down and shut the fuck up.
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2021.12.04 22:46 iiSenqixii My third Violet Webcap

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2021.12.04 22:46 russkiwi012 Anyone know where I can find a jumpsuit similar to this one?

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2021.12.04 22:46 Silvercats2 Hi ppl, yesterday was my 1 year of NoFap

Hi ppl, yesterday was my 1 year of NoFap
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2021.12.04 22:46 bachmannvfg 👑 MidasDAO has just been stealthily launched! 📈 Insane high APY 📈 Rebase every 8 hours - earn money by staking 🔥 Buy CROWN at a discount thanks to BONDING 🔥

👑 MidasDAO is a fork of Olympus on the Avalanche Network enhanced by the described stages of development, which will bring more and more income over time. Consider it as Olympus on steroids, with a steady flow of revenues from the Metaverse, P2E gaming, yield aggregators, interest bearing tokens & other investments.
$CROWN is a decentralized reserve currency based on bonding and POL concept introduced by Olympus DAO, where community is formed when everyone bonds (mints) the underlying assets into a common reserve currency, creating a strong “bonding” for the whole community.
In accordance with this idea each #CROWN token is backed by a basket of assets (MIM, CROWN-MIM LP etc) and other assets acquired during the second stage of project development, giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below.
⭐ No insiders. No VCs. No Private Sales. ⭐ Doxxed Team ⭐ > $5,000,000 TVL ⭐ > $10,000,000 Market Cap ⭐ Mint ROI 70% in 5 Days
This is your chance to be a part of the industry's biggest revolution! 💸 Start Staking and earn Massive APY 💸
$CROWN is now available on Avalanche; purchase it at
Ape safely into MidasDAO's safe haven 🔥
Chart Discord Twitter Website
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2021.12.04 22:46 MysteryHunter007 Cazé está saturado

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2021.12.04 22:46 AllDogLover Husky Plays Pony For Baby Girl

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2021.12.04 22:46 DJD2019 Egyptian Moist Cr1TiKaL (Bit late to the party, been sick the entire week)

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