The original tomb of St. Nicholas in Demre, Turkey. This is where St. Nicholas's bones were kept before they were removed and taken to Bari in 1087. The church was sadly abandoned in 1923 when the Greeks of Demre were required to leave by the Population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

2021.12.04 21:05 TheMadTargaryen The original tomb of St. Nicholas in Demre, Turkey. This is where St. Nicholas's bones were kept before they were removed and taken to Bari in 1087. The church was sadly abandoned in 1923 when the Greeks of Demre were required to leave by the Population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

The original tomb of St. Nicholas in Demre, Turkey. This is where St. Nicholas's bones were kept before they were removed and taken to Bari in 1087. The church was sadly abandoned in 1923 when the Greeks of Demre were required to leave by the Population exchange between Greece and Turkey.
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2021.12.04 21:05 Xaterian Has the East overtaken the West in talent?

Just curious on people’s thoughts. I think so personally.
Golden Stare. Phoenix look a lot better than anyone else in the West. I don't think Utah has the talent to overtake the first two and it seems more top heavy than the East.
Brooklyn, Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee all seem like contenders in the East. Cleveland is legit, so is Charolette as far as talented rosters. If Philly sucks it up and moves Simmons they'll move up.
Even after the top 5-6, the next best in the East in some order s are Atlanta, Boston, Toronto and Indiana. Talented rosters, more or less in comparison to the West with Sacramento, Minnesota, Portland, San Antonio. Not to say the West doesn’t have players too, and I think it’s close, but I think the shift of power may have shifted back to the East overall top to bottom.
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2021.12.04 21:05 RubRevolutionary6281 I think I have PTSD but I’m too scared to say something.

((First I would like to start with this story has only been told to a total of 3 people from my mouth)) I’m currently 18 right now all of this happened when I was 14 years old. My brother had just died due to gun violence and a lot was going around town. He was a very well known person and he was hated and loved. One day a friend of mine who use to be close friends with my brother were walking and ran into a guy who I guess had beef with my brother. He was saying nasty and disrespectful stuff about my dead brother. He was mouthing off and next thing I know I see my friend going for his gun and went to shoot the guy two times in his chest. I heard from the friend that he is still alive til this day and hasn’t said anything about it. Knowing that he is still alive even haunts me. When this had first happened it started off with not sleeping at all. I would often only sleep with sleeping medicines from over the counter like melatonin or doctor prescribed antidepressants like Trazodone. it helps for a while then I went back to my normal routine of not sleeping. Sometime I wouldn’t shower because I was afraid of the guy coming to get me.(sounds very silly now) I would cry or freak out when I heard a gun go off. When I would go to sleep the dreams I had and still have are very vivid. I would have bloody hands and nobody around just at the same setting. I would watch everything happen all again but the guy would get up and aim a gun at me but I would always wake up in sweat and tears because I was afraid. And now that I’m older I just can’t focus on stuff without a flashback or a thought of this happening. Sometimes I’ll day dream in the middle of class about “what if’s” like if I didn’t run or if I found the guy again. Just anything that my mind could think of. My question here is what do I tell my doctor. I will go into detail as much as they want just as I did here but I will always refuse to say names. I don’t want this to go bigger than what it already is. I just want help and I need to know what to say to get help and diagnosed with whatever is the correct diagnosis is.
(Any help is greatly appreciated) - K
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2021.12.04 21:05 dannythegodtres how many dm requests do you have?

12 i only accept cool ppl
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2021.12.04 21:05 imgurian217 How many baffles for your 5.56?

Hello all, Just curious, for those of you with dedicated 5.56 cans, how many baffles do you have? Wondering if 6 inch with 6 baffles or 7 inch with 7 baffles would be worth making.
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2021.12.04 21:05 Bodisel68 Drinks are on nick saban tonight😎

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2021.12.04 21:04 random_guy_somewhere Where are the presents?

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2021.12.04 21:04 Gimmix_Fan_Club How do you prevent the dribble when you pour whiskey?

Whenever I pour myself a stiff one, just like the last dribble of piss when you pee, I get a little drop of whiskey that runs down the bottle. Am I just incompetent or is there another way to pour?
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2021.12.04 21:04 modnar_resu_tidder Need to expand my champ pool

Relatively new league player here that plays mid and mains veigar. I find my self playing a lot of unfavorable matchups and even when I pick second don’t have enough champs that I’m good at to counterpick the opposite team. What are some good second or third options that complement veigar counters well.
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2021.12.04 21:04 SpudDK JUICY: Hackers Are Spamming Businesses’ Receipt Printers With ‘Antiwork’ Manifestos

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2021.12.04 21:04 Kyliesfeettt Happy Saturday 🥳 21f

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2021.12.04 21:04 Necessary_Life_4354 DAE feel weirdly numb to their CSA?

Background: Husband and I were both victims of CSA
My husband was abused in the church system, and I was abused by my brothers growing up. If he even thinks about his CSA, he is immediately triggered by uncontrollable panic; however, I can function well beyond that point during panic attacks. I can function until I quite literally until I finally pass out or throw up from stress.
It's like I am a shell of a person or maybe even a robot trained tho take commands.
I feel broken a lot of the time.
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2021.12.04 21:04 PAYDE_ If you could ask any characters any question and they had to answer truthfully, what 3 questions and characters would you pick?

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2021.12.04 21:04 SunnieFlowerchild Am I being selfish?

I’m 6 months pregnant & my MIL is so excited for her first grand baby. She’s making a whole room for him and everything. She bought a crib and is implying that she wants the child to stay overnight with fairly soon after he’s born. 😫 This is so frustrating for me , because I don’t believe in letting my baby sleep overnight elsewhere until at least 6 months . But she’s so sweet and so excited for this child. I don’t want to let her down , but whenever I think of my child being away from me , it makes me incredibly anxious for some reason. Should I just suck it up and let her have to baby overnight sometimes earlier than I want? She raised three children , so I know she knows how to care for a child … 😫 But still… ugh…
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2021.12.04 21:04 Throwaway44771122 Join up
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2021.12.04 21:04 AlphaBear93 Had to draw Joker from Fire Force... This is why my pens go out the window.

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2021.12.04 21:04 noiamnotabanana I finally have 40 corruped holokeys, which tenet wweapon should I buy?

not really a fan of the grigori despite how good it is but I really like the livia, the look, the evertthing, but then again I hear the stance is trash garbage. Tenet Exec is also cool, but really low % and I don't want to have to wait another month for another toxin one just for it to be 26%, and I'm not grinding another 40 for valence fusion. Which should I get?
View Poll
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2021.12.04 21:04 Saddha123 Thus is The Lord. Itipiso Bhagava Music Video Lord Buddha (ඉතිපිසො භගවා) New | Lord Buddha

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2021.12.04 21:04 Competitive-Coconut4 Dependência emocional

Me apaixonei por uma mulher da minha faculdade, fazia trabalhos com ela e assistíamos filmes juntos, a distância por conta da pandemia, um dia encontrei ela, e começamos a construir um relacionamento, enfim começamos a namorar.
Já estamos namorando a seis meses, mas nosso relacionamento está por um fio, algo que me deixa extremamente triste pq amo ela demais, gosto dela de verdade, em todos os sentidos.
O que tem atrapalhado nosso relacionamento tem sido o meu comportamento em relação ao namoro, tenho sido obsessivo, não paro de pensar nela nem um minuto se quer, e fico extremamente insatisfeito quando eu n recebo a atenção que queria receber, sofro surtos de ansiedade esperando ela responder minhas mensagens, crio teorias absurdas sobre o porquê da demora dela me responder, fico com um medo de perder ela e cobro dela o tempo todo carinho, as vezes esquecendo que ela tem os amigos dela, a família dela e o trabalho dela.
Ontem brigamos feio numa balada, uma menina veio dançar comigo, e eu inocentemente dancei junto, sem pensar que talvez a menina estivesse flertando comigo, isso chateou muito minha namorada que começou a me tratar de forma estranha, eu fiquei muito incomodado com ela tar me tratando daquele jeito por causa de um mal entendido, e fiquei insistindo em resolver esse problema naquele momento, o q acontece é que eu arruinei o rolê dela, que não saia a meses e queria curtir com as amigas dela, e por ela me tratar diferente eu estraguei a festa de todo mundo ficando de cara feia. Chegou num momento que eu tava tão irritado que eu taquei meu celular no chão, o que foi uma cena lastimável e ridícula. Eu fiz minha namorada passar vergonha pcausa da minha imaturidade emocional.
Eu quero salvar esse relacionamento, pq ele vale a pena, é a mulher que eu amo. Mas eu preciso mudar, preciso acabar com essa dependência emocional pra poder conviver de forma saudável com ela.
Ela ficou tão chateada que nos demos o tempo de uma semana, para sábado que vem nós encontrarmos de novo e definirmos o que acontecerá a seguir.
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2021.12.04 21:04 slapchopchap The case for $STON in 2022

Greetings fellow earthlings, hope the last year has treated you relatively well
It’s certainly provided lots of speculation opportunities for me and some good friends I have picked up along the way
“Ok but what about the next stock” great question you have, imaginary person from the crowd
With all the emerging news and headlines about omicron spreading rapidly, and information now coming to light that it seems to impact otherwise healthy people, and in some cases people that would be expected to “shrug it off” are having complications like blood clots in the legs and lungs
$STON has 2 primary businesses, providing funeral home services and also provided cemetery services as well (including memorials placards etc) - I anticipate what I would continue a sustained increase in demand for their services in the coming year 🧐
The 1 year chart shows mid 2 as an acceptable spot to begin positioning in, I anticipate a ripping run as it presents itself as a value play
One other thing, 85% of the float is locked up - there is a party involved that has publicly stated a desire to take this company private. That will involve making it worthwhile for whoever can buy up the other 15%, collectively speaking. This could begin to run on the oldest rules of supply and demand
This has my interest going into 2022 feel free to check them out and see you again in the relatively near future
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2021.12.04 21:04 isleepbad Constant network issues

I know the Dev team has been working hard on things but why are there always network issues. We constantly get posts that say they're fixed and should be better than ever. Then the following week I can't get a simple smart contract transaction through.
I get it, there are growing pains. But we need to get through them if we ever are going to see wide adoption of the tech.
/end rant.
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2021.12.04 21:04 Sexy_Ad Concept art of human blitzo VS what human blitzo would probably look like

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2021.12.04 21:04 No_Abbreviations4274 MoonRocket 🚀 | Stealth Launched 30 mins Ago | Dev Active in VC | BUSD Rewards | Huge Marketing | Long Term Goals

1.Why MoonRocket? 🤔

2.Future Development 🔮
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Buy/Sell Tax (10%)
4.Roadmap 🚀
Phase 1:
⁃ Website Integration
⁃ Stealth Launch in October
⁃ Begin First Marketing Campaign
⁃ Slow and Organic Growth
Phase 2:
⁃ 3rd Party Audits
⁃ Community Giveaways
⁃ 1.5k Holders
⁃ Massive Burn
⁃ CoinGecko Listing
Phase 3:
⁃ NFT Artist Partnership
⁃ Development of Moon Rocket NFTs
⁃ CMC Listing
⁃ Celebrity Influencers
Phase 4:
🔒 Liquidity locked :
CONTRACT: 0x46c65c22b127ac20a4096d1f937146020889b77c
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2021.12.04 21:04 DanieldablifeYT Check out this video and consider subscribing!

The Fortnite Live Event, Chapter 3 Incoming! (INSANE) - YouTube
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2021.12.04 21:04 Sarenaria 22F what vibes do U get heheh

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