They don't care about us

2021.12.04 22:40 aboynameRoopraj They don't care about us

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2021.12.04 22:40 hesonnfire [FIRE] Duke Deuce x Co Cash x Kevo Muney Type Beat "Frayser Playa" [hesonnfire]

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2021.12.04 22:40 DrHaru69 Nervous System Overload

Hello, I have been kinda depresses lately and don't know if it is due listening to subliminals, although I don't overlisten or overnight. My question is, is it possible that subliminals overload the nervous system cuz maitreya fields and spirituality zone channel says so. Also if it is weak should I listen to subs about nervous system health and nervous system morphic fields or should I do something else like listening to a flush or whatever idk. Kindly help me as Im really depressed these days and want to listen to subliminals.
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2021.12.04 22:40 Aggravating_Egg_3890 Heres an angry guy I came across after playing a game of Aoe with. Yes he did say the "N" word next to lover.

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2021.12.04 22:40 DoremusJessup Far-right leaders fail to tie the knot: Warsaw meeting discussed closer cooperation and aligning EP votes, but made no mention of common political group

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2021.12.04 22:40 Graphic_Slayer69 New jobs?

So target is not great rn, everyone is quitting and the pressure and workload for me went up 10000000% and I’m a college student so I’m really tired of it. Can someone suggest any other jobs To me that pay decently well so I can stay in college?
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2021.12.04 22:40 SnorkelDick81 Zekrom Raid On Me canInv 10

4037 0850 7255
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2021.12.04 22:40 aloofloofah Cat is in disbeleaf

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2021.12.04 22:40 Aryeh_heart 媒体点名白百何!渣浪这条新闻居然不标题党,真难得能看到男凝这个词

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2021.12.04 22:40 Psychicmeow52 Monaca. It's just Monaca

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2021.12.04 22:40 Maleficent-Cake-3859 Do anyone now how to fix a Skylanders that can’t read in the game

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2021.12.04 22:40 VLenin2291 What's actually different about JW Evo 2?

From an outside perspective, aside from the different intro and goat kill animations and the addition of marine reptiles (and I would assume pterosaurs since IIRC, those got added in a late DLC for JW Evo), it kinda just looks like the same game. So what's actually changed?
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2021.12.04 22:40 verdad808 Almost too beautiful.....almost

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2021.12.04 22:40 Rtchhfzhv Join the TENNS 13-17 LEACKED Discord Server!

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2021.12.04 22:40 tempbunny123 1.5 year old male cornsnake weighing in at 43g. He was once a difficult feeder in his early months, but now has 1 fuzzy every 4 days. Any recommendations to his feeding schedule, or should I just give him time to bulk up?

Hi guys, like the title suggests, my little guy No Feet is somewhat small for his age. I've just recently moved him into a 40 gallon tank, now that he seems like a more confident eater. His feeding schedule went from 1 fuzzy a week or a fuzzy every 4 days for the past about 2 months. He's active and sheds well, so he appears to be doing well, despite his size. I was wondering if I should adjust his feeding schedule at all to help him put on weight, or if it's good as is? And when should I be looking to make the jump to the next feeder size?
Some pictures of No Feet to get an idea for his size/length
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2021.12.04 22:40 Regular_Opposite_620 Hey guys!!!! What do u think about this SB dunk shadow 480¥

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2021.12.04 22:40 Tblaze123 How many people would pee and poop the bed if they got a replacement mattress and bedding everyday?

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2021.12.04 22:40 TimShin 211204 Wonyoung Instagram Update

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2021.12.04 22:40 NotRealOpinions Kirsten Dunst

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2021.12.04 22:40 Taemashi Help

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2021.12.04 22:40 AIDANboi321 The Inauguration of Orrin Hatch from my MCU headcanon

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2021.12.04 22:40 poopypause This Restroom Has A Buttons You Can Push To Rate It’s Cleanliness

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2021.12.04 22:40 Zyhgar25 Some old screenshots I did way back in 2016

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2021.12.04 22:40 hardway2024 #Fidelitylietoitscustomers

Pass it on!
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2021.12.04 22:40 skippy9191 Reshiram on me, adding first 10. 7344 8869 0023

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