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New choices?

2021.12.04 21:13 rearl306 New choices?

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2021.12.04 21:13 psyBoobs Bored

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2021.12.04 21:13 biz_nas Number of dice for 4-player game (including Warden)

My game group has never played a d10 heavy RPG before. After reading the Zero Edition pdf, I counted at least 6d10 single digit, a couple d10 double digit, and a d100 for character creation patches and trinkets.
The First Edition talks about the Panic die and some other changes. I want to be able to gift each person with a player guide and a set of personal dice. We would be starting with Zero and then First Edition once it’s available. Basically, what would you bring to the table so that everyone can roll characters concurrently and just have an easier time? Let me know other items that have made your games more fun, better, easier, etc. I appreciate your help.
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2021.12.04 21:13 Portocala69 Candy cane Bards, Candy cane Bards everywhere!

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2021.12.04 21:13 Firerescueowl Dog sees a squirrel

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2021.12.04 21:13 Zealousideal-Elk8629 is it fine that HWINFO says that my memory clock is 1597.1

my FCLK and UCLK are both 1600 while my memory clock is 1597.1
shouldn't they be synced?
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2021.12.04 21:13 soiramio3000 BuT mAh aGeNtA

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2021.12.04 21:13 Density131 (NA PC) Plat 4 Bloodhound and Loba main

Looking for 2 people to grind ranked with. Currently in Plat 4 (almost Plat 3). I main Loba and Bloodhound. I am a bit competitive and want to play to climb plat.
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2021.12.04 21:13 Current_Selection What can I do for the burning sensation in my sinuses?

I'm on Day 7, and lucky enough to have started recovering, but my sinuses BURN so badly. it feels like if you had to sneeze times fifty and is extremely annoying and painful. Has anyone else gone through this? any advice?
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2021.12.04 21:13 ings0c Intercepting OAuth Authorization Code without PKCE

A system where I work is set up to authenticate users of a single page app (with a backend) via an OAuth Authorization code grant, without PKCE.

  1. User clicks login and is redirected to the auth server
  2. User authenticates, and gets redirected back to the callback url with an authorization code
  3. The client sends the authorization code to a public endpoint on our backend
  4. The backend endpoint supplies a client id and secret, along with the authorization code in exchange for an access token & refresh token, then it returns them to the client in the response.
  5. The client can now make authenticated requests to our API using the access token
As the endpoint in step 3 is publicly accessible, what is to stop an attacker from intercepting the authorisation code and sending a request via postman to the endpoint so that they receive the token instead of our client?
My understanding is that this is why the PKCE extension is now recommended but I'm far from an expert.
As the public endpoint adds in the client secret, it's similar to the authorization server just not asking for a client secret at all. Anyone can call the public endpoint with a code and have it pass the code + secret to the authorisation server.
Is that a vulnerability or am I worrying about nothing? If not, then why does OAuth require a client_secret at all for an Authorization code grant?
Thank you!
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2021.12.04 21:13 Sariel007 COVID vaccinations spike in US as delta rages and omicron looms

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2021.12.04 21:13 Wellfridge Settlement Safety Snag

So I was out completing the "Defending the Castle" quest, and two of my settlements were under attack. I'm sure that it's some sort of scripted event for the quest, but both of them failed to defend themselves. The idea that anyone could attack and destroy my settlements whilst I'm exploring scares me, so how much defense do I need for my settlements? More specifically, to ensure that they will almost never lose. And how should I go about paying for that? It doesn't need to be perfect, but at least an easier way to obtain gears and other materials like that would be nice. Thanks for the help, and happy building.
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2021.12.04 21:13 Otherwise_Tax6273 Mega-steelix on me 7460 7803 8798

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2021.12.04 21:13 Bendrumin Hue dimmer not working anymore

Has anyone come across an issue where hue dimmers will NOT work with the home app? It shows it triggered bug nothing happens.
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2021.12.04 21:13 xMayoNaise 4X Stocks Referral Code! Use this link, and get TWO free stocks to trade 🙌

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2021.12.04 21:13 enimsajto Empty-space filling ideas?

I have a woodsy/natural theme island and I’m not sure what to put in my open areas
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2021.12.04 21:13 Tarrabyte__ MCR - Teenagers | I bet John loves this song by MCR |

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2021.12.04 21:13 FearwithaB Ikenumas as made-up spotify genres

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2021.12.04 21:13 Life-Requirement-647 Worth it in the long run?

Me and my brother in law had the idea about starting up mining together because we got an excellent offer for a used rig, the rig is approximal 3 months old and combined by these specs posted.
so we are both pretty green in the mining industri and would here about pro & cons about this setup and what kind of setup like this would bring in on daily/weekly/monthly basic so we have an fair chance to know what to expect and what to plan in the future about more investing or let i buy it self in worth the money and sell the components etc.
and if its worth the risk mining for only Bitcoin right now or should we look in another direction and mining some other coin who has a better outcome in the daily perspective.
2x ASUS GeForce RTX 2060 - 6GB GDDR6 RAM
2x SAPPHIRE Radeon RX 570 - 4GB GDDR5 RAM
2x GIGABYTE Radeon RX 470 - 4GB GDDR5 RAM
CPUs: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 - 3.2 GHz Hexa Core i5-9600K - 3.7 GHz Hexa Core i3-10100F - 3.6 GHz Quad Core
PSUs: Corsair HX1000 - Platinum Certified 2x Corsair rm850 - Gold certified
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2021.12.04 21:13 pepperjackyo Best dinner with a view?

Where can I find good restaurants that have spectacular views of the city/beach/mountains? Not looking to spend much here ($30 or less) for one. TIA
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2021.12.04 21:13 Cirsten0925 Raiinmaker will let you influence while earning rewards!

Join us now!
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2021.12.04 21:13 musicfan2019 Folk-Rockers THE ALL CANADIAN SOUNDCLASH Releases Blistering “She Won’t Play Your Game”

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2021.12.04 21:13 Famous_Memory_432 Overflow in an organized manner

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2021.12.04 21:13 AlertCucumber1472 Made a good soup

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2021.12.04 21:13 slavyblu 🧐

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