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Blue Chew Versus Rx Pill Sildenafil

2021.12.04 19:17 tomnevers99 Blue Chew Versus Rx Pill Sildenafil

45 year old married dude, 6,3” 240. I can get hard enough to pound nails solo, but since Covid, sex has been a challenge, my wife’s a nurse and she’s always worried about bringing it home. Needless to say her worry pillow talk has the effect of softening my wang. So I found the blue chew, got sent six S’s. Loved the ordering process, simple, didn’t have to talk to a pharmacist about my “boner pills”. Took a full 30mg last Friday night at 9:30, set my timer, hopped into a warm shower, and within about 10 minutes I had a semi from the warm water. Like this stuff works. Wasn’t erect, but it wouldn’t take much…. Got out, looked in the mirror, my whole mouth was bright freaking blue, tongue, inside my lips, thank gawd I looked, that would’ve been fun to explain (but not a deal breaker, just need to make a note for the future). Foreplay commenced, and I was hard, FULL and hard! Sex was pretty normal, I did feel a rush, and I seemed to get harder the longer I fucked, no issues nutting, and and all in all it was a success. I didn’t get nail pounding rock hard, but 30 mg is a pretty low dose. I question the chewing method, and wonder how much of the dose I actually got into my bloodstream. For the simple convenience, BC is totally worth it.
Fast forward to yesterday, had my annual physical, mentioned the bedroom issues to my doc. He tells me, “yes, you’re at that age, you can’t beat Father Time…” wrote me a script for 20 100MG(!!!) S’s. Told me to cut them in half if I had issues. “One of the safest drugs on the planet he told me, He writes prescriptions to men recovering from heart attacks, so don’t worry…” Went to get it filled, hot brunette pharmacist tells me, “your insurance only covers 18 every 3 months, so it’s a fill for 6 pills a month.” (Now I know why the lowest blue chew sub is 6 pills.) So that was awkward. $36 for 18 pills a 3 month supply, but these are 100MG. Went home, and it was time for the “Pepsi Challenge” (Google in young folks) I split a pill in half then quarters. Popped a 1/4 (so 25mg because I wanted to compare it to 30mg BC S). At about 9:30, set my timer, hopped into a warm shower, about 5 minutes in, I felt just a rush, felt good. Looked down, and I was getting hard, just standing in the shower. Got out, stood in front of the mirror, and thought “get hard” and I got hard, blew my mind, at that point about 20 minutes after taking the dose. Went to bed, wife talking about the sick people on her floor (usual wang killer) and I was actually feeling bad how hard I was, like nothing was killing this boner…”, started the foreplay, and I was surging , throbbing hard. I’ve read these reviews about dudes saying “my GF tapped out” and I really wondered. Let me tell you, I was a beast. Like a man possessed and my wife noticed, I got the “please keep just keep fucking me like this”. Then she starting coming and she’s not easy. I felt so much energy, I eventually nutted, and she actually grabbed my ass and said “I want you to stay inside me longer, damn you feel good.” So to me at that point, all things being equal, pill Sildenafil beats chew Sildenafil (25mg to 30mg). But then at about 3:30 am I woke up, my heart felt like it was pounding a bit, but nothing serious. I could NOT get back to sleep, and I was really stuffed up. I thought, maybe I can rub one out for soothing relief, and boom, rock hard, so it was still working good 7 hours later, maybe too well?
I can see they both have their place, but I think with the BC, I’d have to up to 45mg to feel what I felt from 25mg of pill Sildenafil. I do question the chewing delivery system, but it’s honestly worth it to not have to chat with the pharmacist about your boner pills. I asked her “is 100mg a big dose?” And she told me, “I fill these for 75 year old heart attack survivors, since your doc wrote it, you’ll be fine.” Cool, but awkward.
I will say the BC S had absolutely zero side effects. If I would up my sub to six 45mg, the cost would be $30 a month versus $12 a month for six 100mg pill S’s, so with splitting, I’d be way ahead with the pill form. However, if you don’t have good insurance and/or don’t want to go to the pharmacy, BC is totally worth it.
Next week I’m going to swallow the BC whole and see if it’s any different of an experience. Then in two weeks I’m going to up the pill to taking 50mg and see see how that goes. Will give full reports on both. Better living through chemistry gents. Good vibes to all.
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2021.12.04 19:17 BlueSh4rk Looking past the A+ Cert and when I should take it?

Hello ladies and gents, I've been studying for my 1001 and 1002 using practice tests + Mike Myers CompTIA Cert guide and professor Messer (god bless YouTube!). I have a couple of questions for you older more experienced folk. Since the expiration of the A+ Certification is coming relatively soon, should I just wait another month to buy my voucher and take both tests? I grew up around computing so this isn't a very difficult topic for me to understand and grasp, I'm getting average 85+ on most of my practice exams for 1001 and 1002. Should I start moving into network+ and security+ or hold off on that and strictly focus on A+? If I should, which should focus on in order to get a fundamental understanding of the other to make the experience easier? Or does it not matter and just choose one and go for it? Thanks, you guys are awesome!
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2021.12.04 19:17 Select_Truth_3800 Does anyone else just quit when all 3 of your enemy’s just rush you in the early game?

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2021.12.04 19:17 TestAccountDw [Requested mode] - Free for all / Deathmatch

Similar to what Valorant/Overwatch and CSGO have, I would love to have a free for all mode. Don't think that needs much explaining as everyone is familiar with this sort of game mode from many sorts of games.
Would you guys like to see the same?
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2021.12.04 19:17 EreborAtLast Zekrom -- will try for 10, stay in. 2742 3081 2527

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2021.12.04 19:17 yurtbeer Not the greatest support

I’m unable to buy an Cro, it gets to confirm, does my faceid but when it should ask for the security code on the back of my card it just errors out telling me to contact support. I checked with my bank and they are not even seeing a request coming crypto.com. I ask crypto support and they just say “you should try in a couple of days”. Really that’s it? If they want to be the future Crypto they may want to add a couple more support people.
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2021.12.04 19:17 Dull-Hat659 [Friendship] Male US Looking to talk to some new people

I'm looking for someone to talk to and maybe become friends, I watch quite a bit of anime, enjoy food and I'll definitely listen to any of your problems if you want to talk about them. Just DM me if you're interested!
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2021.12.04 19:17 DoobyScroo Woodburning a custom world map for my brother, need help with how to go about it.

Hey everybody! So I have kind of a unique scenario that other mapmaking posts didn't quite cover. I'm making a custom map for my brother and his wife by woodburning an approximately 18"x30" wood slab that we cut from a tree burl. I myself have only played one campaign of d&d where I was a player, not a DM. Thus, I need some help with my mapmaking. I want to give them a map that can get them started, but still leaves room for their own creativity and storytelling. So far I have the premise of a rather large island similar to Great Britain that was once it's own kingdom, but was invaded centuries ago by a malevolent force (I think I want to leave the "what" that force was up to them). The kingdom then had an ensuing Civil War in which the natives who have lived there for over 1000 years took back the northern half(ish) of the land and the southern half is split between two weakened kingdoms of similar peoples, one that is remnants of the old kingdom, and the other an opposing faction that sought the throne. I have one central city that I plan to serve as a hub and place of diplomacy between the various factions that used to be the capital. I have one city for each southern kingdom capital and a few different towns or tribes established in the north. I also have a corner in the northeast section labeled as "the blight" from the invasion centuries ago. That's all I have so far.
If I want them to still be able to create their own story and campaign with my starting map, how specific should I get? What are some things I should include considering this is a map they won't be able to write on without a wood burning kit themselves? What unit of measurement should I use for distance (I was thinking about the hexagons indicating 6 miles, but I might want the land to bigger than that)? What should I include in a map key? Given that it's not an all encompassing map and that I want them to be able to branch out from it, what terrains or features are best to include? Also, how should I go about actually incorporating the map into the actual world of d&d? Any tips would be helpful! Thank you!
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2021.12.04 19:17 jmmoliveira13 CRASHMAS nas Crypto

Boas, a malta da crypto deve ter reparado, chegaram os saldos de Natal. O que é que irão comprareforçar? Eu reforcei a minha Eth e Sol, estou confiante que voltam aos ATH entretanto.
Digam as vossas investidas ;)
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2021.12.04 19:17 HairyBeardman Walking simulator giveaway

Natively build for GNU/Linux on GNU/Linux. Windows is not and will not be supported. Android build will be available eventually.
It's just a tech-preview for now and can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Unless you are bad at walking and jumping, then it can take an hour or two.
itch.io/get-MDSJT9WxrGVp itch.io/get-GxHH8aUP5f82 itch.io/get-BfrbNgVFPYbE itch.io/get-WWFHjrRVjvum itch.io/get-sRyftbJd5bnu itch.io/get-VhuBnL3VmXkq itch.io/get-RM7vF3ttzfKK itch.io/get-WaaXM3qeVWre itch.io/get-byrEvDBWPT5v itch.io/get-W5TPAyLj7uzj
I'll add more keys if/when this pool is depleeted
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2021.12.04 19:17 OptionXIII 4 years of track days on $260 worth of used suspension was long enough.

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2021.12.04 19:17 grunt2-9 eBenefits and VA dot Gov

Does anyone know if these sites have been down all day? Trying to figure out if it is just me or site wide. Thanks.
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2021.12.04 19:17 HermanCainsGhost My keyboard is starting to have issues for the third time now - can I get a replacement?

So I've had my MacBook Pro keyboard replaced three times now.
The last time was only like, 2-3 months ago, and already one of the keys is getting sticky.
I've heard that if your keyboard keeps having issues, Apple will eventually replace the computer. Is this accurate? How would I go about this?
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2021.12.04 19:17 Familiar-Equal1805 Van driver losing vehicle control on snow almost causes fatal accident for the pedestrian

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2021.12.04 19:17 jello10000 Is this repairable?

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2021.12.04 19:17 Greninja_D_Raizo Availability of Egg Moves in Grand Underground

Does anyone know if the Pokemon in the Grand Underground can have any one of their egg moves, or are some egg moves not available on these mons?
I've spent several hours at this point trying to catch a Hippopotas with Slack Off in the Grand Underground, but none have shown up. At this point, I've caught many hippos (probably ~40-60 of them) with every other egg move available to it (except for Sand Tomb, as well). I don't know if I've just been very unlucky and it's worth it to keep trying or if it's actually impossible to obtain a Slack Off Hippopotas this way. I have 4 gym badges so far, if that's relevant.
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2021.12.04 19:17 ShortAlgo $SMN Waiting for Buy signal on SMN https://t.co/xi9c8hHQj0

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2021.12.04 19:17 Real-Principle1972 Tyne & Wear Metro Ride - Park Lane to Sunderland | Cabin View

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2021.12.04 19:17 Sigfro Achievements unlocked!

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2021.12.04 19:17 Recent-Reflection434 My Black Cat 4s from Yang can I get a QC on these pls

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2021.12.04 19:17 White_Gables Where do you get your news online?

First off, I am not English but a person interested in UK news. (Just in case this helps clarify this question, I'm not an American either. English is my second language)
I use the online Guardian as my source of news. But thing is, it isn't the easiest read and since I'm bored out of my mind this winter, I'm embarrassed to admit that I'd love some light gossip.
For example, I saw on a YT channel that everyone was talking about Lilibet, Harry and Megan's new daughter. (Sidenote: what a name) I may be wrong but I didn't see that splashed across the Guardian.
So while I still love the Guardian and would read it, I'm looking for another news source.
Any recommendations?
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2021.12.04 19:17 Impresora_7936 El mejor ship

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2021.12.04 19:17 ALRAJOTH Byzantine Emperor Elimination Tournament:Choose who you wanna see advance.

View Poll
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2021.12.04 19:17 a_warm_garlic_yurt A happy little Santa

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2021.12.04 19:17 mark_____0 Super strange fossil I found in a giant rock, any help?

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