Update on my Fan made Journal. Currently finishing Chapter two.

2021.12.08 15:19 Any-Philosopher-1577 Update on my Fan made Journal. Currently finishing Chapter two.

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2021.12.08 15:19 fargito1017 Beauty

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2021.12.08 15:19 New-Dimension3254 what shifter do you suggest out of the 2 the Logitech Driving force Shifter or the Thrustmaster th8a

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2021.12.08 15:19 AggressiveMortgage0 343i Can't do a Collector's edition for us but for "influencers" they kiss ass

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2021.12.08 15:19 baixotu Carros.

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2021.12.08 15:19 lss_bvt_ios_13 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.12.08 15:19 Gucci-Goatskin [PC] [Xbox] Offering Help/Coaching, any game mode or skill level.

If your on this subreddit to get better at the game by any means, casual or ranked, conquest or duel, I can assist. I am a gm level player helping other players and getting more coaching experience in the process. Just dm me and my schedule is fairly flexible. Any platform, if on PlayStation or PC you will need discord.
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2021.12.08 15:19 rojo1986 best Norwegian online stores to buy gifts

I am looking to buy some Christmas and birthday gifts that are Norway related in someway.

Can anyone recommend any online stores to order from.

I have already looked at amazon
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2021.12.08 15:19 woodshores Fortis Watches are Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop

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2021.12.08 15:19 microalt Harvested the first plant. 46-48% RH, 20°C temp.

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2021.12.08 15:19 jc-stre3ts And the servers grind to a halt

Good luck everybody, I'll see you after finals when I'll have time to play the game.
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2021.12.08 15:19 butthoofer $UVSS Releases more details on the Upcoming Plans for the NFT exchange and IP for it

$UVSS Releases more details on the Upcoming Plans for the NFT exchange and IP for it Over the last few months not much has really been known about the next steps of UVSS since the production studio side has been the main point of emphasis as the CEO Andrew Lane has made his name as a music and talent producer. But now we are finally getting some insight and peeks at what awaits us on the other side of December.
And ITs an all in one NFT solution similar to the NSAV project that is also on the OTC markets but at a steep discount of a 3 mill market cap compared to the 163 Million of NSAV

Additionally there is more on the horizon with a name change and potential ticker change on the horizon

TLDR; UVSS is ready to adjust itself to a more appropriate market cap based off the competition in the market and all at a sweet Sub Penny Price point.
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2021.12.08 15:19 blessedmonero monerod syncing entire blockchain all of sudden

This morning, I noticed that monero is syncing into a newly made directory called blockchainexit and started syncing the entire chain into that directory, which I fear is going to take a long long time like the first ever download/sync. Why is this happening? Can I just delete this new directory and force monerod to use the old directory where the entire chain (at minimum synced to last night) has been and is still residing?
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2021.12.08 15:19 DarthPoTayTo Work is getting out of hand, and I don't know how to handle it

I work at a science center and I used to love my job. I'm not paid much, but I didn't mind because I make enough to live on, plus a little extra to put away.
Most of my work involved presenting shows (loads of fun for me b/c I get to blow stuff up and play with Tesla Coils and do all kinds of science-y demonstrations) and updating old shows or helping put together new ones as well as helping put exhibits together.
I spent almost no time on the floor interacting with guests, and we weren't expected to interact with them or anything, which is great for me b/c approaching people makes me anxious and the floor can get noisy which stresses me out. Most of our time on the floor was spent tidying up and restocking supplies, which was tedious but not something I minded.
Then the whole place went to hell when HE came.
We brought on a new manager. He's super passive-aggressive and micromanages everyone, including people not in his department. No one will stand up to him because they all hate conflict, so he basically gets to do whatever he wants and changed everything for the worse. He gets so busy micromanaging everyone else that he misses deadlines but, again, everyone above him hates conflict so much, they don't say anything to him (meanwhile, he throws his own subordinates under the bus, but at least the higher-ups avoid discussing "performance" with them too).
The manager is convinced we NEED to have people with Master's degrees in various sciences wasting their time on the floor doing customer service-y things by forcing our company upon them so they have a "magical" experience with us. Never mind that all of us went to college to avoid customer service jobs and/or have no interest in or experience, patience, or skill enough to do customer service. Besides that, most visitors have 0 interest in us, and none of us want to interact with them outside of shows either.
He's annoyingly passive aggressive and I know no one above me will fire me for any reason short of murder, so I ignore his suggestions and suffice to say our relationship is strained. I'm paying for ignoring his passive-aggressive hits though.
Instead of doing shows or any actual work, I'm scheduled to be out on the floor in a specific room for hours on end more than the other employees, and the new manager isn't even supposed to be doing the schedule, but he makes sure to do it anyway. If any of us check our phones or bring our laptops out or do anything other than babysit for parents who can't be bothered and/or make sure every single guest has a magical time (whatever THAT means), the manager will passive-aggressively chew us out in front of everyone, and he's constantly coming around and breathing down everyone's necks to make sure we're doing our job the way he wants us to do it.
And God help us if we say even one word wrong or break eye-contact with a visitor because it's uncomfortable when he's around. No one will stand up to him, especially after he convinced the President and VP that his way is the "correct" way. He was so intolerable, one of our maintenance staff quit and half our stuff is breaking down, but this manager is convinced it's fine and convinced the higher ups that we never need to change anything because the center is perfect as-is. In fairness, he is able to fix things pretty creatively, though it's more of a patch job and half the exhibits are one bad day away from breaking beyond repair (nothing is unsafe, so credit to him for that. He takes safety seriously and won't screw around with things that might hurt people if not fixed properly which is a pleasant surprise, even if it means some of our equipment is completely inoperable for the foreseeable future).
I am at the end of my rope. I've filed official complaints, but none of the higher-ups are willing to do anything about it and have effectively let the new manager take over. None of my coworkers are planning to stay and we've all started looking for new work.
I can't stay at my job anymore, not now that I have to babysit children and am expected to do customer service. I'd love to stay and get things back to the way they were, but I don't see what I can do to make the situation better. I'm not paid anywhere near enough to do customer service on top of my usual job duties, and it's gotten so bad, I've called in sick a few times, just to avoid being on the floor on a super-busy day. I'd quit right now if I didn't need the money and my immediate supervisors sympathize with me and try to make things better but there's only so much they can do.

tl;dr: My job used to be awesome until a micromanger was hired who decided the best use of the underpaid and highly educated employees was as customer service staff and babysitters. None of the higher-ups will stand up to the new manager and let him do whatever he wants and now everyone is miserable. I loved my job before and I want it to go back to how it was, but I don't know how to do that, or if I should walk out the door at the next opportunity because it won't happen. I'm really frustrated and feel totally powerless because I've come to hate a job I used to love because of one person on a power-trip, and it's a really bitter realization.
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2021.12.08 15:19 SenseBoring2729 Emissions

I’m doing a project in school and part of it is on tractor emissions. We only have John Deere’s on the farm and was wondering if any of y’all had the data on the emissions of each of our tractors because we don’t. 1998 John Deere 6810 2004 John Deere 7920 2006 John Deere 6940 2014John Deere 6150R Thanks for any help you can give
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2021.12.08 15:19 VermicelliBulky4067 Is this a normal hairline or ? It’s shorter in sides as I have had a mullet . There is no thinning or hair loss near crown and it’s very thick . I’m 16 and it’s been like this since the start of puberty and havnt seen any changes sice. I’m stressing about it a lot

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2021.12.08 15:19 Athrowawaytokeep Am i being overly cautious?

i posted a question earlier today and got some help. (https://www.reddit.com/antivirus/comments/rbpa14/have_i_downloaded_malware/) i installed a autoclicker.exe. virustotal is saying there are hits (https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b2b8828bba33755ea4830968e6bae83c3e4d2cd8b9ea6b370570fd6c115028bd/relations)
ive ran malwarebytes and kaspersky security cloud (following advice from previous thread) and no hits came back. now i'm panicking as i'm worried about inputting any sensitive information (website/email passwords/banking) and now i'm worried that the damage has been done and its just waiting for me to put in any information.
any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.08 15:19 codyurb Keep the house clean... keep the ROUTINE! Hope you enjoy this acoustic cover of this masterful song

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2021.12.08 15:19 CleetusTheDragon Got the download for campaign but nothing changed in the menus

Does anyone know what’s wrong?
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2021.12.08 15:19 ch3ybaby Has anyone done a block since the outage and is it back up like they say it is??

i have a 2pm in 40 mins
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2021.12.08 15:19 SevenAImighty The only bug we wanted to keep. Dynastic Cycle got reverted to it's non-Blue form 🙄

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2021.12.08 15:19 AJ6T9 I don't like where this is going.

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2021.12.08 15:19 obsydian7 Trials of the Seven Kingdoms

I played bannerlord when it came out for early access and played it for about a month or two. I had a lot of fun with it but decided I will wait until there is more to the game and mods.
Time has passed and I'm having an itch. I have seen some people doing playthroughs on YT with Trials of the Seven Kingdoms mod, a total game overhaul mod. Is this mod in a good enough place where it would warrant a good fresh experience with what have been done with the game since it came out?
One thing I saw which worries me is the fact that all the new custom armour from the mod seemed to have their prices whacked, where top tier armour costs close to nothing and is way too available in cities - that would be a game breaking thing that would definitely discourage me from playing.
So is this an actual problem? Are there any similar game breaking problems with the mod? Or is it relatively good and you would recommend to try it out?
Would really appreciate the help!
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2021.12.08 15:19 Freedoomsy 4K Relaxing Walk Through Bairro Alto Lisboa, Portugal - November 2021

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2021.12.08 15:19 Key_Project8484 Fanoušci barcy dnes

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