"There seem's to be a lua error. Disable the addon."

2021.11.29 01:53 IamaPerson_lol "There seem's to be a lua error. Disable the addon."

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2021.11.29 01:53 packapunch_koenigseg The ‘ole bendy boi on my Triarc

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2021.11.29 01:53 Due_Concert284 Por lo menos uno del Reddit, debe estar en esta situación ahora mismo.

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2021.11.29 01:53 LegacySwerve Good EQ settings for Spotify on pc

Can someone suggest me good settings on command center for music, using Mixamp Pro TR gen 4 with the newest a40tr, music was really good on the last gen but I noticed on these it doesn’t sound as good
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2021.11.29 01:53 Delusional_Sage What was your worst public bathroom experience?

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2021.11.29 01:53 Flimsy_Wind9232 BLACKPINK Jisoo is making her acting "debut" soon and i'm kinda... scared??

+Change the flair if it's wrong+
First of all. This post is coming from a hardcore blink, i love them so much, BLACKPINK is talented in so many ways but let's be real for a second...
I wanted Jisoo to act. I really did and i still do with my whole heart. She first was an acting trainee and i know she did "acting" roles before but in most of those footages she wasn't talking. She never really portrayed how she embodies an ACTUAL character. I never seen her express any "intense" emotions like anger, sadness, etc.
When I'm saying i want her to ACT, I'm saying like, make her do little web dramas, then little ephemeral roles in tv dramas, then let her play an important character in a movie and eventually after, a MAIN character. NOT LITERALLY PUT HER AS A MAIN CHARACTER ON JTBC DRAMA AND ON DISNEY+ FOR HER DEBUT LIKE IS YG STAGE OKAY???? That is SO MUCH pressure omg !! I can't even imagine how she felt! I know she was happy but i know at the same time she was like "omg omg omg oddeoke oddeoke"💀💀💀💀💀
And look i am not underestimating her, not at all. Because we don't know, she might end up KILLING THE SHIT OUT OF IT. And i REALLY hope she does. But again, LET'S BE FREAKING REAL. It's her actual FIRST acting role, where she's about to talk, show emotions and stuff. It's understandable that I'm kinda scared of her acting skills. I hope her acting classes really paid off and she said that the crew was really there to help her and stuff. Plus, Haein said that she picked up things quickly so I'm not THAT scared (he wouldn't say that just for the thrill of it right?? RIGHT???), but still i don't know what to expect.
One thing that I'm also scared of. Is the hate she's about to get. All Blackpink members get hate but Jisoo is the one that gets the less heat in the group (in my pov). But now she's entering the acting world, shit about to get out of hand. She's either about to get SOOO praised or SOOO hated but in both cases, she still gonna get hate. People are going to criticize her acting skills, saying whole bunch of negative stuff. Fans of other groups are going to say "my idol deserved that role more than her...", literally comparing idols acting with hers, kdramas fans will be like "this actress and this actress would've made that character better justice than she did" or people in general "why is she so privileged, she's the main character and is already on Disney+". And i get it. But still I'm scared as hell.
I know she's not going to be TERRIBLE like i know my girl Jisoo!!! BUT still i don't know what to expect.
What do you think???
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2021.11.29 01:53 Pension-North My confession

I am a black 20m but when I was a junior in high school I used to post racist videos and comments against my own people. I did it to seek approval from white supremacists and to approval from everyone. I stopped doing it because I was feeling guilty and feel like I was not a normal teenager no more. I just have a hard moving on since.
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2021.11.29 01:53 macaronist Making paper clay stronger?

I’m making a sword as a prop.
I used styrofoam as the base covered it in a pretty thick layer of paper clay. It looks great but it also feel like it will crack off immediately. I’m wondering how I can reinforce the clay to protect it while I carry the sword around?
Thank you!
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2021.11.29 01:53 Leather-Hotel-9083 Hace calor, quien acompaña?

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2021.11.29 01:53 Echo849 The state of Keyboard/Mouse compared to Controller

Today I tried out controller gameplay for the first time in several years (every Halo up to 4) after a friend suggested it, and honestly after trying for several days, it's a little more powerful than I was expecting. No, I'm not calling for nerfs to controller, since not only does it have less aim assist & bullet magnetism compared to past games, but I think it's in a good place right now as far as Halo should be playing. It's what the majority of Halo has used over the years, and what the pro scene has largely been based on for well over a decade, and further changes would probably just alienate 80% of Halo's core playerbase. It's the baseline, and it's made me realise that controller isn't powerful, rather that KB/M in gunfighting is a little weak right now, and could do with a little tweaking.
But I'm not looking at this through the lens of KB/M VS Controller, there's the option for input restricted matchmaking in ranked for a reason. I don't think KB/M vs Controller will ever feel right in any game, no matter how much is balanced around it. Changes to improve controller gameplay should be made for controller gameplay, and the same goes for KB/M gameplay.
Rather, I'm looking at this as KB/M compared to controller, and how gunfighting as a whole in KB/M vs KB/M feels like a completely different game, even taking a little longer to kill.
Now, I'll get one thing out of the way and say there's a contributing factor to why KB/M feels so vastly different to the games in MCC or even Eldewrito, and that's that Infinite's movement is WAY snappier than past games, with near instant strafe movement back and forth with little time for acceleration/deceleration, making it much more difficult to track on KB/M. (Brief crouching mid-fight does feel about the same though.)
As a result It just feels like every attempt to stay center mass with a BR to pop shields is giving me partial burst hits, like the 2nd and 3rd bullets just slip past in a near miss with the snappy movements, and that when the shields finally ARE down after 6-7 bursts, that headshot is only ever shoulder hits & near misses. But I found that it's not just the snappy movement. Long range fights in which the amount of adjustment needed is much more miniscule, even while scoped it feels like I'm tickling everyone with a single bullet out of each burst.
I chalked all this up to "hey, new game, new feel in mechanics, I've gotta improve." (And I still do, this post doesn't change that, and KB/M shouldn't just be given free headshots) But I figured I'd give controller a shot, and everything was dramatically different.
_______ [The meat & potatoes] _______
Let me be the first to say that No, aim assist and bullet magnetism aren't some kind of magical aimbot that make every controller player a god.
However, aim assist isn't just your aim moving slower over targets. When on target, aim is slightly guided towards the enemy when they're moving, and this is especially prevalent when you're moving in tandem too. When I was in a gunfight with someone and we're both strafing back and forth going for the bodyshots, once I was on target I found that I didn't have to touch my right stick whatsoever, unless they either jumped or thrusted, or until shields popped, at which point more minor adjustment was needed to either get back on target or get that final headshot.
Bullet magnetism in these 1-1 gunfights was also incredibly noticeable, in which my full bursts would land even as my aim started to maybe drift towards the side of an enemy, or 7/10 times get a headshot when aiming anywhere over their shoulder or near their head. Even at longer ranges, with both the BR and sidekick I was getting almost every headshot when shields popped with quick swipes and 'near' aim.
Now, this isn't a problem. This is Halo, this is how it's been. Controller is healthy right now. But these were all situations in which I was saying, "that would have never hit on keyboard & mouse."
Am I suggesting we give KB/M aim assist? No, I think that would make things much worse instead of improving things, constantly throwing off aim and generally getting in the way. Even some controller players have said that Infinite's aim assist is more frustrating than helpful comapred to past games.
What I am suggesting is a bit more bullet magnetism, if there's any at all to begin with for KB/M. BR gunfights feel inconsistent at every range in the shield phase, and nearly all precision weapons need to be dead on when unshielded for that headshot, shooting an inch over their shoulder won't give it to you like controller will.
But, this is working as intended. Nothing's buggy as such, it's actualy the opposite, everything is super precise and KB/M demands high precision and steady aim to compete. Some will say that's the way it should be, and I'm not here to argue against it, just explain how I felt that the experience was vastly different. Not those other obvious things like "you can flick 180 in an instant," but how shots are registered and nowhere near as forgiving.
Personally, even though both inputs have major differences and expectations, I'd like it if someone of a similar skill level on both (or worse, in my case controller) had a more consistent experience in time to kill or hitting those far off headshots that just feel like luck on one input and near guaranteed on the other.
Does anyone else feel this? Or feel differently? Am I crazy? (Am I just bad? Valid answer)
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2021.11.29 01:53 Small-Can3519 网络上正规靠谱的网投实体平台有哪些?

网络上正规靠谱的网投实体平台有哪些? 网上网du被黑有什么方法可以成功网du被黑客服说系统显示账户异常登录不给提款怎么办?网上网du被黑银行出款端口维护不给提现怎么办?网上网du被黑第三方出款通道维护怎么办?网du缅甸正规实体赌场现场银河被黑赢钱不能提款怎么办?网du被黑出款通道系统维护不给提款怎么办
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2021.11.29 01:53 FrostPrince25 Should I download Hokkai Impact

I just saw the game and it looked intresting
View Poll
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2021.11.29 01:53 burtzev [Poland/Belarus] Refugee assistance on the Belarus-Poland border shows what solidarity can look like in dark times | Resistance Studies

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2021.11.29 01:53 HistAnsweredBot On the 23rd of September 1944, most of the Free French Forces of the Interior were integrated to Lattre's 1st Army. Considering the fact that many woman took part in the French Resistance, did any of them manage to integrate the regular army ?

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2021.11.29 01:53 No-Fig5518 Ight so idk if I should finish this sketch or nah

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2021.11.29 01:53 tunaonryetoast unblocking

If I change my mind and unblock someone, will they be able to see our message exchanges again? Will I pop up in their "discover" choices again?
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2021.11.29 01:53 asmrcrunchysoap Christmas Clay Cracking! Very Satisfying and Relaxing Sounds!

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2021.11.29 01:53 No_Firefighter692 LF SHAKO O MAL

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2021.11.29 01:53 mnelso1989 Jack

I just had to use my standard mechanical jack last week to change a flat, and although it didn't fall out absolutely has a slight kink to it now.
I have a 2013 for fusion, what are recommendations to replace? Should I just go a little overkill and get like a 4 ton bottle jack?
I have some Jack stands, and am ok going overkill and spending a little more so I have a stand I could use if I ever need to lift the car for mechanical work even though it would only be for very minor as I'm not a mechanic while still having it be primarily for a spare replacement.
Any suggestions?
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2021.11.29 01:53 PTHero [StatsCentre] Cleaning house today in the front office- namely with Marc Bergevin let go as president of hockey ops & GM- the Canadiens have had a poor start in 2021-22 following a SCF run last season. However, it's been a struggle going back further as MTL is 8th worst on this list of teams

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2021.11.29 01:53 Wise_acorn Trendy suit

Was the trendy suit brought back recently? I've been trying to get the full outfit and my friend said he got the shoes recently but not sure where from
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2021.11.29 01:53 a333482dc7 Feels like.... 155F / 68C

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2021.11.29 01:53 EpicBurkeE123 Got a new dog

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2021.11.29 01:53 oppenheimerranch 100,000 Year Old Mammoth Tusk Discovered In Deep Sea Expedition -Cosmic...

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2021.11.29 01:53 mostseriousdude A picture with a deep message

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