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double standards

2021.12.08 16:42 poetrybyjdh double standards

My heart beats double standards fickle and meek, blind with wants. A romantic core with a locked door, a missing key that tends to haunt. I crave myself, taking space and control, to remember life through my own eyes, but I also need you watching me, dying to read between the lines.
———————- It’s been almost a year since I’ve been here! This is just something I’ve been feeling and messing around with. Any feedback is welcome! Thanks :)
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2021.12.08 16:42 Romafal159 ano, už jsem to říkal

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2021.12.08 16:42 LadyDevonna13 Confused about ranks

Hi, all. Previously when I've been playing I was prestige 1 (don't remember the level) I am now back to sergeant 3. No prestige level at all. I thought levels reset but prestiges didn't? I might be confused on how this works
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2021.12.08 16:42 fuzzielahfs Fostering this baby for two months

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2021.12.08 16:42 aacod15 Zenit [3] - 3 Chelsea - Magomed Ozdoïev great volley goal 90+4'

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2021.12.08 16:42 73tada Protect your kids from cyberbullying https://veritasr.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/v_pexels-cottonbro-6473102.jpg

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2021.12.08 16:42 National_Intern_9234 Jesus: Jake T. Austin / Noah Centineo ?

Personally, I like Jake T. Austin as Jesus. You got a genuine feeling that he cared about Mariana and when the show showed times that he was trying to protect Mariana or helps Ana it was underrated. In an Episode of season 2 (when the twins go and see Ana) his emotion for Ana felt so real to me. Him not knowing what to say, but wanting to just make her feel okay (which showed in his relationship between Mariana, Emma, and Haley) I just felt like the show only wanted to show Jake T. Austin as a comedic relief in my opinion so they never allowed that aspect of Jesus to be seen by most viewers. They never saw him further then that kid that can make you laugh on tv, which is why I can understand why he pursued other goals. He wasn’t taken seriously.
Noah was not a bad replacement, he played the role well (especially the TBI storyline and the Gabe storyline) but I’m gonna be honest.. if they gave Noah similar storylines they gave Jake (which is what we saw when Noah first appeared ) a lot more people would have favored Jake T. Austin. Because the Flintwood, Gabe, and the Emma storyline compared to Callie and Brandon’s secret and their storylines about it , Jack’s storyline, Callie and Justina and her other storylines in the show, Marianas’ storylines, Brandon’s play, and so much more that showed to me that Noah was on the back burner also.Also, what made Jake better to me was that he is Hispanic. Hear me out, when they introduced Mariana and Jesus they are Hispanic. I find it a little upsetting and disrespectful that they could not find a Hispanic actor like Jake T. Austin but, I digress as many television series and more often replace the character with an actor with less then the similar “qualities” that is with the actor.
Not to discredit Noah Centineo, he is a good actor but It is Jake T. Austin as Jesus all the way for me.
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2021.12.08 16:42 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Putin calls suggestions Russia is planning to attack Ukraine "provocative," following Biden call ¦ Global News on Youtube

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2021.12.08 16:42 deanfx Verizon overrides users’ opt-out preferences in push to collect browsing history (WOW!!!)

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2021.12.08 16:42 fifth80 Where is FOV located ;

I recognize there's a command for this too (/setregionfov space/ground ##), but it's also supposed to be located somewhere in the options. I even know it is, because I saw it recently. It was even in today's patch notes that they lowered the minimum players can set it‍ at. But now I can't find it at all anymore, so does anyone know where it is located?
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2021.12.08 16:42 HazardousDuke01 What do you do for a living & do you love it?

Title says it all I believe. So what jobs do y'all do and do you really like what what you do or other responsibilities sort of prevent you from taking a leap of faith to do something else?
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2021.12.08 16:42 neolee203 What is an overused line in movie or TV series?

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2021.12.08 16:42 DefNotAPumpkin The fortune cookie hath spoken lol

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2021.12.08 16:42 Captworgen Anybody remember this entry to the series?

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2021.12.08 16:42 DidionArdella NEWS: Hello Pal announces engagement of Donohoe Advisory Associates LLC $HLLPF

(CSE: HP) (Frankfurt: 27H) (OTC: HLLPF)
Hello Pal announces the engagement of Donohoe Advisory Associates LLC for consulting and advisory services in connection with potential listing of Hello Pal’s common shares on the NASDAQ capital market in 2022.
By up-listing to NASDAQ Hello Pal has high hopes of gaining new exposures and access to a larger base of retail and institutional investors in the US and internationally.
Hello Pal is a platform for mobile applications built on a user-friendly messaging interface that focus on social interactions, travel and language learning and has been designed to be easy to use.
Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/hello-pal-engages-donohoe-advisory-130000525.html
Not financial advice
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2021.12.08 16:42 Miserable-Argument40 I’ve begun to question my reality as everything around me is unrecognizable.

Unbeknownst to me a man in a lab coat was in the process of writing down the effects of the pill on the human body, the page ends with death.
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2021.12.08 16:42 persky_ ITAP of Moon setting over Kamenjak (Croatia)

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2021.12.08 16:42 Former_Extreme Hyperscorpion Pre-sale

Anyone know why the hyperscorpion is on presale? Thought this bike came out last year and was hoping to grab one during the sale... But it says it won't come till March at least.
Assuming is a supply chain thing but wanted to check in and see if anyone knows anything I might've missed?
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2021.12.08 16:42 Tiny-Currency8663 I painted my first ever miniatures. Sry for bad image quality.

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2021.12.08 16:42 erickscastellanogay So this is weird but... [General]

so if two half-bloods got married and had kids (piper and Jason, frank and hazel) would the kids have both sets of powers, no powers, or just end up getting one of their parent's powers?
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2021.12.08 16:42 Impossible-Injury-37 Need a tree guru! I have quite a few of these on some land I'm clearing out. Anyone have any idea if this is, as I've been told, a "Tree of Heaven"? I've been told it's an invasive species, but not sure. TIA

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2021.12.08 16:42 Jayu-Rider Security Managers of the Army Unite!

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2021.12.08 16:42 youngjester I made a waffle house (ft structural toothpicks)

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2021.12.08 16:42 PsycheTester [WP] You did what!? That's the first thing they teach! Don't drink bleach, don't put forks in electric sockets, DON'T SCAN THE RELICS! Congratulations, you've just doomed the ship!

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2021.12.08 16:42 NinjaFATkid I tried to help but now I want you to suffer

About a year ago I acquired a large supply of antimicrobial spray that kills 99.99% of germs and lasts on high touch surfaces for 90 days, it even kills Covid-19. I have multiple research papers and scientific study data from the US, Europe, and South East Asia all confirming its effectivity.
After trying to sell this stuff for a year (cheaper than bleach keeps surface sterile for 90 days) I'm convinced the status quo is too low and we need the bottom third of the species to die off and save resources for the worthy.
So I will be hoarding my antimicrobial miricle cleaner to myself and watch as variant after variant come along and do Darwin's work.
I wanted to help, I wanted to make a difference and the people I tried to help stay safe and keep their bussiness open have proved to not be worth the effort.
Fuck everyone who can't be bothered to act in their own self interests, this pandemic is a blessing in disguise as the majority of people who die from it are the stupidest and most selfish people. I see the covid deniers dying from covid as a 100% good thing. DARWIN WAS RIGHT
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