Women’s Puma Miles Rider “Silver Pink”: Sale Price: $19.99 (Retail $80) – FREE SHIPPING

2021.12.08 14:56 Keith_Bragg Women’s Puma Miles Rider “Silver Pink”: Sale Price: $19.99 (Retail $80) – FREE SHIPPING

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2021.12.08 14:56 jcreddit8612 All res +5 and 6 MF SC for trade (PC, PS5 and Switch) show me your offer

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2021.12.08 14:56 MattTheSmithers Hot Take: A Defense of Nate’s Dad, Mr. Shelley

I know that this is not a popular opinion here. Nate’s dad is maybe more hated than Nate himself. But I recently read a theory on this sub that proposed that after Nate’s dad becomes aware that his son his going to commit suicide, he just kinda turns away from him and decides to make no effort to help or intervene. Which, holy shit, think about what that implies about Mr. Shelley.
I think this perception is off. In fact, I think on the scale from Jamie’s Dad (being the worst dad) to Sam’s Dad (being the best dad), Mr. Shelley is much closer to the Sam’s Dad side of the spectrum. My reasoning behind this conclusion is two-fold.
First, my reasoning is based on their interactions we’ve observed. There have been two. The earliest time we see them was at the restaurant on his and Nate’s mom’s anniversary. The only way we really see Mr. Shelley treat Nate poorly in that scene is when he brusquely tells his son to not treat him like a dog after Nate whistles at him and his wife and tells them to relocate. Now is he a bit grumpy in that scene? Sure. But the simple fact is Nate was being rude, treating them like his subordinates to be barked orders at, and he corrected it. Afterward, he does give his son a nod of appreciation for the table. It’s not as if he was being this impossible to please ogre that Nate made him out to be. He simply didn’t want to be whistled at and talked down to by his son in public. Is that so unreasonable?
The second of their interactions that we observe is during breakfast. So let’s recap that scene. When Nate walks in, we can spot on the table one of his niece’s custom boxes are on the table. This implies that Nate’s brother or sister, as well as their daughter, has a somewhat normal relationship with Nate’s parents.
But beyond that, let’s narrowly focus on Nate’s interactions with his dad and walk through the sequence of events. Nate humble brags, clearly fishing for compliments, and Mr. Shelley calmly responds “humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” Call me crazy but this is the exact advice Nate needed in this moment and I think his actions throughout the rest of the season support that. Had he heeded his father’s advice he may not have perceived a kind gesture from Will as a slight at him or treated Will as his personal laundry boy, he may not have torn down Collin, he may have been able to see Ted was not ignoring him but rather struggling with his own shit and shown Ted a modicum of empathy.
I submit that Mr. Shelley probably knows his son better than any other character, saw a pattern that has probably been prevalent throughout his life, and gave him the advice he needed rather than the compliment he was fishing for. I call that being a good parent.
The second part of my reasoning is based on what we do not see. That is to say everything we hear about Nate’s dad being a monster comes from Nate himself. Nate is a biased and unreliable narrator however.
How do we know this? His treatment of Ted. Think of Midnight Train to Royston. After Ted approves the False Nine, Nate immediately complains that Ted will take credit for his brilliant idea “just like he always does.” Have we ever seen Ted take credit for Nate’s brilliance or ideas? To the contrary, Ted let’s Nate express his ideas to the team in season one. He gives Nate full credit. There is nothing to indicate that Ted tried to take credit for the parking the bus idea either. This slight is entirely perceived, but not reflected in reality.
We see that in many of Nate’s perceived slights. The kit from Will is another great example. Nate perceived innocent or innocuous interactions as slights, assumes the worst (which is usually fueled by his own insecurity) and seeks revenge (remember, his afterlife fantasy is being reincarnated as a tiger and mauling anyone who’s ever crossed him — his words).
So why is it when it comes to his dad we simply take everything he is saying at face value? Is it not possible that Nate’s view of his own father is skewed by his insecurities, just like his view on Ted and Will and everyone else? Why do we assume that the only person who Nate’s perception of is 100 % accurate is his father? Especially when we’ve seen nothing to support Nate’s read?
Look, I’m not saying Nate’s father is perfect. He is a grump, certainly aloof, and maybe a bit hard on his son. But he ain’t Jamie’s dad. In fact, he seems to be the only person in Nate’s life who held him accountable. Maybe Nate’s resentment is more grounded in the fact that someone calls his shit out (which he perceives as a disrespectful slight) and, like his beef with Ted, it is entirely invalid.
All that said, I think Sudekis and Co. are intentionally fanning this misdirect. There has been so many questions about who will get through to Nate. Maybe it will be his father, who shows him the tough love he needs, and finally makes him realize he is being a prat.
Just a thought.
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2021.12.08 14:56 Loose-Equipment5070 Tribute de vos potes

Envoyez des photos de vos potes/meufs/sœuvous/... Et je tribute
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2021.12.08 14:56 Darnae I just want to feel worthy of love

For 6 years I have been loving someone that has been destroying me. He constantly lies to me about any and everything. He has cheated (never physical) multiple times and blames me for it or he says he doesn't know why. If I get upset and yell then I'm the problem. If I cry then I'm the one trying to manipulate things. He has gone around breaking doors and putting holes in walls and breaking things because he didn't like how I reacted to him lying and cheating. But if I yell and call him out his name then I'm some horrible person. I told him I want a divorce and he begged me to give him.another chance just for him to lie some more and cheat some more. I called him out on it and then he told me he couldn't put up with my behavior and told me all I do is demean and belittle him and that he was done. All I want is someone to show me that I am worthy, that I am worth fighting for, that I deserve to be loved and cherished. This whole time he has been knocking me down, I have been building him up. Helping him get further in his career, putting his wants and needs before mine. And now I am a shell of a person. I just want to be worthy.
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2021.12.08 14:56 echandler0826 Non-Union is a comedic web series about two actors who over analyze trivial matters and get nowhere with their careers. This isn't a web series about actors.

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2021.12.08 14:56 Frictionizer Hahaha because I am a bad person!?!

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2021.12.08 14:56 pinupguy69 From my " Gotta Wear Shades" series...check them out www.butvilafineart.com

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2021.12.08 14:56 WeaselBlaster Secret text/emotes?

Recently I’ve seen people using unique text and emotes and I just wanna know how. Like I saw someone with red text, saw another person using stars “⭐️”. Is there a list? I know if you type “#105, #104, #103, #102, #101” you can manually input the given emotes.
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2021.12.08 14:56 coeus_42 What’s the worst thing you can say on a first date?

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2021.12.08 14:56 Randall090 He was like a father to me

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2021.12.08 14:56 Keith_Bragg ASICS Men’s GEL-BND Future Polarized Shoes $28.15 | Retail $90 (Restock)

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2021.12.08 14:56 liverichly Joris Voorn - My first Moog DFAM recording. Minimal Techno!

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2021.12.08 14:56 Total-Construction29 What emerging NFT artists do you recommend to keep an eye on? Pls help!

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2021.12.08 14:56 noizxuistaken Possible Game orders where Teal doesnt make DB (Slimecicle has karl's avarage)

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2021.12.08 14:56 Twitcw-tv_fireclaw6 My brain hurts

If a watermelon is 90% water and Jesus could walk on water… wouldn’t Jesus be a watermelon ?
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2021.12.08 14:56 Keith_Bragg Eastbay Up to 75% Off Select Items: Men’s Saucony Peregrine 10 Ice+ Shoes $50, Nike Boys’ Shoes from $15, Women’s Nike Superrep Go $30, + Free S/H

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2021.12.08 14:56 Kaizen638 Ants in the walls and floor.

Recently our house had an infestation of ants and they seem to be living in the walls. A week ago I used a trap to kill them. Then a two days ago they can back but on the second floor of the house. I put a trap down and the soldier ants started coming out. Is this normal? Are traps the best way to get rid of them?
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2021.12.08 14:56 caligalus 100% fact.

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2021.12.08 14:56 Rcrd_Jnky AOTD - Wednesday 12/8/21

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2021.12.08 14:56 NomiBBy Reading Frank Herbert’s Heretics of Dune, chapter 3

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2021.12.08 14:56 OwGREEN_44 Bell Chad* Collage version 2...! 🧐🍷🤙 I hope you like it.

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2021.12.08 14:56 Tylenol4ThePain [10th grade geometry] need to find the arc VF. The only problem in the entire unit that’s bamboozled me and I don’t know why…

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