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A divided mural in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

2021.12.08 15:49 Andrewsenseless A divided mural in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

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2021.12.08 15:49 _above_the_fold Holiday Green Glitter Glam Makeup

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2021.12.08 15:49 Jobin_higashikata Yujiro

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2021.12.08 15:49 CoolGorilla213 H: Vefms Gatling laser. W: Tse90 Gatling laser

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2021.12.08 15:49 Traditional-Honey-68 [Casual] Alcohol Consumption among College Students (18+)

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2021.12.08 15:49 daekie Modron Core formation setting?

Okay, so, first off, here is the caveat: I may be stupid. I have no doubt this is probably exceptionally obvious and I'm just managing to miss it, haha. But I'm.. still missing it! So.
I unlocked my Modron Core by completing Split the Party last night, and as far as I understand I've got it set up in a way that formation automation should be enabled - however, I'm... not seeing any options to save a formation? I only see it telling me 'sorry, you haven't saved any formations for this campaign yet'.
How do I save Champion formations on a Modron Core party?
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2021.12.08 15:49 Appropriate_Ad5550 Week 6 of Water Only No Poo and Things Took a Turn for the Worse

I’ve been doing Water Only since November 1st and my transition phase wasn’t terrible. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely greasy and disgusting for the first 3 weeks or so, but after 3 weeks, my hair was pretty good. I was able to wear it down in my normal styles. For the past few days it’s been atrocious. It’s like I’m back in the beginning stages again and I’m not sure why. It takes forever to dry and looks stringy and greasy even once it’s dry.
The top and bottom layers of my hair look OK, but everything in the middle near the crown of my head is gross looking.
Is it worth trying a natural shampoo bar like JR Ligett’s or will that only make things worse?
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2021.12.08 15:49 aaravaryaman he should've used a condom, dang it!!!

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2021.12.08 15:49 The_Kiwi_Gamer RLCraft Shivaxi Config Ep40 | Lycanite Boss Fighting!

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2021.12.08 15:49 porngirls612 💋

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2021.12.08 15:49 cornellartworks My unvaccinated cousin and her husband have COVID.

They have a six year old daughter and a one month old son. No clue as to how it’s affecting them, but I am so angry at them, and scared for them. My wife and I had it last year before the vaccines were available despite masking and distancing, and thankfully we made it through with extremely mild cases, but I can’t believe our family has to roll the dice again because they were too proud to get their shots.
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2021.12.08 15:49 Difficult-Way-8744 Join the Leaks Zone | 1 invite = ACCESS Discord Server!

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2021.12.08 15:49 Just_A_Plot_Device Now that's what I call HIT points.

Pardon the dad jokes, I inherited puns from my father so they're basically He-reditary.
Anyway, now that my phone and I are back, I found an interesting build with the executioner, which will work for any high HP STR or DEX character.
Abilities: either Irregular Body or Erratic Evolution Vitality (Barriers > Temp Max HP) HP Boost (HP% boosts ×2, no HP limit). Frenzy (2x HP/damage, confusion) Willpower (no confusion) (Eventually) Limit Break: the HP and damage limits will become an issue pretty quickly
Any means of increasing accuracy Or Any damaging first strike skill from the boosted stat. As many barriers as you can get
Execution (I wish I had planned that part) Get into as many fights as possible, of any kind, and end them as quickly as you can. Vitality turns each barrier into an HP%, which HP Boost doubles, which Frenzy will ALSO double, which Erratic Evolution or Irregular Body will turn into damage. By bouncing from fight to fight, the HP Boost will overlap, and after a couple fights, you'll need (more) limit breaks.
Have fun, as much as one can in this scenario anyway. ;)
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2021.12.08 15:49 Ressac_RSC Law's crew

I'm currently at zou, when they heal zunesha, and was really expecting more from the Heart pirates. Like they dont shine in battles ? Understandable. But let them shine as doctors
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2021.12.08 15:49 NaKeepFighting Ranking all I read in 2021

WARNING IM NOT A ROBOT I HAVE MY OWN BIASES AND PREFERENCES. If you think I rated a book to highly or too low remember I’m just a person not giving out awards just sharing my thoughts on what I read this year. These are little blurbs i wrote down after reading right after finishing the book some might have a link to a review I’ve written on this sub. I did a a lot of reading this year!

  1. Lathe of heaven, finished reading nov 23 9.9/10
One of the most original works I’ve read. Le Guin writes stories like a poet
  1. Dahlgren, finished reading June 19th 9.6/10
This is literature. I had trouble seeing what people’s problems were about the book not making sense until I finished the chapter on Caulkins party. Then things get a bit messy but still not unforgivably so.like others have pointed it is a circular journey it ends where it begins. It’s a behemoth of a book but it’s filled with the best dialogue I’ve ever come across, it’s real and the sex and relationships are not stereotypical or shallow. I have not read anything like it. It is pretty inspiring actually. It knows it’s gonna frustrate manny readers and it doesn’t care. The world of Bellona may as well be an alien world with its rules and characters and I enjoyed my time there.
  1. SPIN finished Feb 20. 9.4/10
The great American novel in sci fi form. Great writing. This is what Blindsight was missing, writing that draws you in makes you pay attention not just letting the ideas Stand on their own, it’s inspired. Characters are fully realized and the protagonist is maybe the most relatable protagonist for me in years. We’re invested in his struggles. Growth of a character from childhood to fourth. I don’t like romance in sci fi but I think it’s because there so much bad romance in sci fi, this may be the best romantic sub plot I’ve read in sci fi in recent memory. Just superb. The pacing builds up and dissipates, builds up and dissipates. Great novel, might check out the sequels at a future date.
  1. Stand on Zanzibar March 2nd 9.3/10
This was written In 1968! Your mind rarely wanders as the perspectives shift and draw you in, looking at this ugly world from a million different viewpoints, many correct predictions about the future. The idea of a neo colonial corporate government that isn’t dystopian is refreshing. though I can’t tell in places wether something is the authors genuine belief or something he’s mocking. The characters are realized and are actually different than normal sci fi novels. I particularly enjoyed Norman, an African American Muslim, seeing this character in this world gives it a different perspective than Donald’s who is more akin to the normal protagonist you would find in this era. The happy ending was a bit contrived, and didn’t fit with the rest of the novel and it resorted to sci fi nonsense that isn’t given much time actually any time to explore. What an imagination I’ve got.
  1. A Deepness in the Sky Finished reading April 27th 9.2/10
Vernor Vinge is a master at the space opera, great ideas good characters, having most of the action in the fleet was interesting I thought the spider stuff was on the weaker side but it’s if the whole book took place in the fleet it might have been a bit old very quick so half the time we are down on the planet and that’s fine with me. Great book!
6.The galaxy and the ground within 8.9/10 august 29
Becky chambers is back with the final wayfarer novel, sad to see it go. Here she deals with quarantine in a unique way that dosnt feel hacky or something that will be out of date in a decade. I have realized there is a theme of independence and motherhood in her novels, this one may be the one that deals with it the most however. Just as a man can have a child and not be tied down to it, he can continue his career etc so can women in this universe, pei species have the mother and leave the raising to the men who specialize in raising kids, however chambers also juxtaposed that with the single mother character, who is raising her child alone. That is not portrayed as a tragedy, it is portrayed as a choice she made. It is the two opposite ends of the spectrum. But the one constant is the women here have a lot of control over how having a child will affect their lives. You can build your life around the child or it can just be a footnote in your life. While speakers species I don’t think is a direct metaphor for a ethnicity or a people here it is a amalgamation of colonized peoples and stateless peoples, I’m thinking the British colonization of the Middle East specifically and the stateless people of Palestine. It draws many from many sources for its inspiration however but that’s just what I thought of when reading it. They are spread across the world, can have insular communities at times. There are estimates that over half the palestians in the world are stateless so that’s why I kept thinking it was analogous to speakers race. Chambers has this way of making aliens around what problems humans annanotmy have in this day and age, such as choosing gender when you get to an age.
7.Blindsight Jan 6th 8.82/10
I enjoyed reading it. It’s about conciseness. It’s about psychopaths and wanting to climb to the top. It takes place in a ship and some short expositiditons. It’s everything I should love it has good ideas and a good narrative but I just think it’s good solid. Nothing really was overtly bothering me, maybe how I felt the ending of the romance sub plot tied up but even that didn’t bother me too much. Idk I really thought about this. Solid book but if I didn’t see all the hype before hand about it I would have forgetten about it in a week. I’ll check out it’s sequel after a short book I’ll read next.
  1. Dreamsnake Feb 24 8.8/10
The hero’s journey adventure but instead of slaying villains along the way she heals people and tries to help others, a love interest chases after her and denies other women because he is in love with her while she sleeps with another younger man in a casual sense. It’s a reversal of gender roles seen in typical sci fi/ fantasy.
9.The Dark Beyond the Stars finished December 7th 8.8/10
Generation ship looks for life, long voyage the immortal aspect spices things up here gives it something extra I think. It is dark and the vibe is pretty chilling but I wish we got more hard sci fi and a dedicated gen ship. Story is pretty good, the world building or ship building I should say is the strongest. Tf is that ending? Hahah idk if I should be mad or what but what a cliffhanger! Should have built it up a little more instead of like 3 paragraphs.
A palms for the Wild-built august 30th 8.86/10
Interesting world building, lots of promise lots of different ways it could have taken but it’s a small quaint little story, feels very personal. Becky chambers’s writing just feels so cozy and reading this made me want to get under a nice blanket and sip some tea. She touches on contemporary subjects like climate change but again not in an over the head way and shows us of a path not yet taken.
A memory called empire sept 30th 8.85/10
Deals with adapting to another culture. How one culture absorbs and changes people and other cultures, dealt with more on a personal sense than a societal look at the idea.? It reads as a very action and mystery novel though. We have the point of view of a pawn that is being played on a chess board. Eventually the pawn is used to win the whole game and unlock another game entirely one where the empire winning is not guaranteed. There is some romance and it is written very fittingly, it’s deals a lot with liking someone from a different culture a culture you admire and wish you were a part of, but feeling guilty for doing so.
Hominids Feb 8th 8.8/10
Takes the opposite position on free will as echopraxia. It is universe creating. The human mind is a quantum computer. Reminded me of Dark matter by Blake griffin, the parallel universe aspect and the cliff hanging chapter ends that make you gulp down the entire novel quickly. Good characters, as you might tell by now I don’t really like romance in my sci fi but it’s done really well here so it detracts nothing. There are some parts where you squirm in your seat. The author does take some mental leaps in the perfect Society of the Neanderthals. Heavy talks of eugenics and a total surveillance society spun into a utopia but it is thought provoking and makes for a fun read overall.
Echopraxia Feb 6th 8.8/10
“Faith based hard sci fi” lots of ideas. Writing style same as blindsight. Not a lot to say here. I’ll say I wasn’t enwrapped, and often my mind wandered so I had to go back and reread. But I can recognize it’s brilliance even if the writing doesn’t feel exciting. The study of free will here is of particular interest.
A palms for the Wild-built august 30th 8.81/10
Interesting world building, lots of promise lots of different ways it could have taken but it’s a small quaint little story, feels very personal. Becky chambers’s writing just feels so cozy and reading this made me want to get under a nice blanket and sip some tea. She touches on contemporary subjects like climate change but again not in an over the head way and shows us of a path not yet taken.
To be taught if fortunate Jan 10th 8.7/10
Undeniably written in the style of Becky Chambers. Emotional, forgiving and takes it time despite being a novella. Not to say that it is meandering. Shows space travel from a normal persons perspective nice little read, very calming nothing groundbreaking however.
Schilid’s ladder august 17 8.1/10 Solid Greg Egan book, do not start here tho lmao go start at diaspora with Greg Egan. It’s my favorite of his and I think one of the more accessible books.
Incandescence july 11 8/10
If I understood general relativity in detail and all the math in it I woulda loved this, maybe the hardest sci fi, half of the book was super hard sci fi. I liked the aliens and how their conciseness was different in that sleep walking way.
A desolation called empire nov 22 2:34 am 8/10
Good characterization, maheat losses credibility here and her actions kind of don’t make sense near the end? Why dosnt she just go with 3 sea grass. Not a lot really happens in this book and the big picture stuff just falls short. Does maheat just want to turn tail then come back to sea grass as an equal? The end is the confrontation on the emotional front these two have not talked about their relationship the whole time and it all kicks off at the end. But the pay off here isn’t that great it’s lack luster it’s purposely not giving the reader what they want and while in some instances this is the Artisitcally intelligent thing to do here, we need pay off or this isn’t really a story it’s an open ended trying to sell you on a sequel
Humans august 23 7.5
Very obvious in places but a pleasant read that holds your attention . The Neanderthals just keep getting more reduclously kind and perfect. I wanted to see what changes the nerdethals would have on our planet but this really was just a love story. No geo politic so kinda disappointed
HYBRIDS sept 28th 1.5/10
Huge disappointment, huge disaster, what a farce. Ew. So much fcking recapping, even in the epilogue there is a fcking recap to something that happened EARLIER.in essence it’s basically comming to terms that another cultural is superior and adopting it completely leaving nothing behind. Not that another cultural is more popular or the people sharing it are the ones around you, no the author here makes no room for misunderstanding the Neanderthal cultural is 1000% better at everything. We are humans we suck, religion is a scam. It is written so plainly and dully, if it was written better these ideas might be worth exploring but here they are not and come off as super lazy and condescending comming from the author. Horrible money grab of a final book in a trio. May be the biggest drop of in quality I’ve ever seen.
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2021.12.08 15:49 happigappy oops!

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2021.12.08 15:49 adammarko Fig Cuttings

Hey all, currently in zone 6a/b in Massachusetts. If anyone has any additional fig cuttings that they won’t be replanting, I would gladly pay for shipping some to me. I am brand new into the fig world but am interested in starting from scratch! Please let me know!
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2021.12.08 15:49 Clomath Whie to move and win. Don't fall for stalemate! (by Reti Richard)

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2021.12.08 15:49 theGreenGreenie Emperor Henry Cavill as new thread cover art?

I mean he is one of us
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2021.12.08 15:49 venbusiness I like this project very much. I recommend you to see their announcement and work. This project will be able to give profit to their investors. This project deserved your attention.

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2021.12.08 15:49 TheDespacitoMan Would it work?

It's something I've been thinking of since my Kathril deck but it's never left my mind and it seems like the most glorious win condition ever.
Let's say you have an Ozolith down and it has a ton of +1+1 counters on it and maybe an indestructible one or something from someone like Kathril. Could you animate the Ozolith with Karn the Great Creator and have the most glorious win in MTG history?
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2021.12.08 15:49 stepanmetior S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl - All Endings (Remastered 8K 60FPS)

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2021.12.08 15:49 Tiger_D_Dragon Sleepy Winston (10mo)

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2021.12.08 15:49 trelleresito I think some peopel are missing the purpose of Unique Equipments

The Unique Equipments are basically like a mini-Zenkai, made for LF Units (or for some specific tags) who have the purpose of filling the missing parts of a unit.
To make it simple, the Unique Equipment of Gogeta is the perfect example, he was missing basically everything, stats, damage and even defense, what did they do with him? Simple, a huge damage boost and a defensive stats buffs who increases already his high defensive stats, not to mention his underwhelming Anti-Revival, wich now is basically the best one thanks to his equipment.
The reason why SS4 Goku Equipment failed for me is simple, they didn't fix anything of him, true he has now more damage, but what about his defense? Unlike Gogeta who has neutral colour and a high DR(And Blast Armor) Goku has only 2 defensive options, his cover change and dodge, because even with his equipment, he can't tank properly, he is a glass cannon, if you fail in one move, the enemy is gonna destroy your Goku easily, they didn't give him a vanishing gauge restoration buff or anything.
Gogeta had already a insane kit, he just needed a buff in stats, Goku in the other hand, doesn't have that crazy kit and he doesn't have defense, he needed more than damage, and sadly, if this goes like this, i can see perfectly Black Rose Unique equipment being only a buff to his damage and bleed, but not doing jack shit about his defensive power, wich is indeed a mistake, it doesn't help than basically all the LF in this year except Trunks, Gogeta and maybe Mirai Gohan, are all made of wet paper when it comes to defense, actually everyone needs a huge defensive buff if you ask me
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