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Hat wer socken oder fußbilder? Hab viel zu tauschen:

2021.12.08 16:23 Open-Year-8543 Hat wer socken oder fußbilder? Hab viel zu tauschen:

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2021.12.08 16:23 PhazonFire22 If you're gonna buy the item, buy the item. Tired of weirdos in my DMs blowing up my notifications. I'd rather be ghosted.

If you're gonna buy the item, buy the item. Tired of weirdos in my DMs blowing up my notifications. I'd rather be ghosted. submitted by PhazonFire22 to Depop [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 16:23 spiderboy6 Monitor for ps4 and pc?

I want a gaming monitor for ps4 and pc and budget is max.$300. I've beev thinking about samsung odyssey crg5 for $250. If there is something better, let me know.
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2021.12.08 16:23 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Anna von Hausswolff Paris show cancelled amid Catholic protests | Guardian

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2021.12.08 16:23 PaleontologistGlad66 Any kind words? (I appreciate it- Thank you)

I'm going through a new heartbreak, finals, immigration battle and am struggling to face my brother's 27th birthday, which will be on December 24th this year. He died of suicide when he was 21. I was 23 when it happened in 2016—trying not to relive so much as finals end on December 22nd.
I feel so depressed that I find it difficult to focus on studying. I have to push myself out of bed, and honestly, my dog is the only one that can get me out of bed.
Any words of encouragement to get through until December? I would appreciate it :)
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2021.12.08 16:23 Stabstone 39[M4F] I’m not going to say I’m bored, I’m just not doing anything exciting.

Ok I’m bored. The afternoon at work is dragging and my phone is too quiet.
Let’s chat and joke around and get through the rest of the day together.
If you earn enough cool points I will tell you my deepest darkest secret.
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2021.12.08 16:23 LiquidBeans Alright, I'll jump on the bandwagon. What do these characters have in common?

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2021.12.08 16:23 ShruchWroiags 🌈 LGBT Luigi 🌈 JUST fair launched 💰100x moonshot 💰 Fair and transparent tokenomics for max rewards and growth

Are you tired of missing Moonshots? Missed Catgirl? Missed Dobo? Got Rugged on Foxgirl? 🌈 LGBT - Luigi’s Got Big Titties 👀 🌈 Got you covered and just stealth launched! Get in early and enjoy this comfy Hodl to the Moon with our welcoming community. The first token to combine dank memes with bringing awareness to and defending the rights of the LGBTQ community all around the world. Join for the memes and stay for the cause! LGBT is going for full transparency all around and wont hesitate to answer any of your questions. Ticker: $LGBT Contract: 0xCD6e758A378f3b2a897394400972372038aE4490 Contract renounced ✅ LP burned ✅ Dank memes ✅ No dev tokens ✅ Thicc Big Titty Luigi ✅ White Dev Team ✅ Experienced and across timezones active Team ✅ Actual marketing plans for set Marketcap goals ✅ Tokenomics 10%💰 5% reflections 💎 5% LP 💸 Max Wallet: 2% - 200M 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xCD6e758A378f3b2a897394400972372038aE4490 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0xCD6e758A378f3b2a897394400972372038aE4490 🔒 Liquidity locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x0fdb05E03454A3229E7Fb8172140113ee0E9666d
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2021.12.08 16:23 kruzdxD 🎄 ChristmasBonk 🎄Hit that Christmas with us! | Very Low Marketcap 💎 | Contest with Prizes! 👑 | 7% BUSD Rewards! 🎁

ChristmasBonk ($CBONK) is a winter holiday time token created on Binance Smart Chain to make this magical time even more special.🎄

We are here so that each of you can spend this Christmas with our wonderful community. Together we are able to do a lot of good things and help each other. With our huge reward system, you'll never run out of BUSD for Christmas gifts for your loved ones or for your little pleasures. 🎁

Token Info
CA - 0x236931af9aad134336d8dd8f3e4196216d422e88
Total Supply - 10,000,000,000,000,000 ChristmasBonk Tokens 💰
Liquidity Locked 🔒

- 7% - Rewards 🎁 - We reward our holders with a 7% return on every Tx in the form of BUSD.
- 5% - Liquidity 💦 – To ensure better liquidity of transactions we send 5% of each Tx to the LP.
- 2% - Marketing 👪 – We know that proper marketing is the key to success, that's why we decided to dedicate a part of our fee to this purpose.

Contest 💝
In order to drive traffic to our token we have decided to organise a contest for all our holders in which you can win 3x50$ paid out in BNB! We'll draw and distribute them right away after we reach 400 holders on our telegram!

But that's not all we have for you! Today we placed $100 in ChristmasBonk wallet at $20k MCAP to give away this wallet on December 25th this year to one person drawn from the people participating in our contest!

Future Plans
We are currently working on our app, few funny Christmas browser games and planning further marketing moves among which you can expect social media activity from influencers, listings on CoinGecko and CMC, Whitepaper and many, many more. Stay tuned!

We believe that we are in the best time to invest in some ChristmasBonk tokens. We've just started, marketcap is still very low and everything around is favorable for our token to shoot up soon!

Social links:
Site: https://christmasbonk.site/
Telegram: https://t.me/christmasbonk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChristmasBonk

Hit that Christmas with us! 🎄
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2021.12.08 16:23 BanginBoopBopSnorp In search of some beautiful paths for winter time in a week or so here. My island theme is forest/fairycore.

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2021.12.08 16:23 Electronic-Smoke-835 Bonuses for Exams?

Have a HR interview risk analyst role for a Lloyd's syndicate in London, we will be discussing salary etc. First job. I have IfoA CS1, CS2, CM1, CM2, CB1 and CB2 exemptions -- would anyone here know if companies offer bonuses for these exemptions? If so, how much for each exam?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.08 16:23 Mommy_Scarlet Why do you think most guys have a mommy kink?

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2021.12.08 16:23 AdditionalShow6 Watch Basketball Live Games for FREE 🟠 🟠 ➤▎ ➤▎ Oklahoma City vs Toronto Game Live Stream Free ✳️ Toronto vs Oklahoma City Game Live Stream Free ✳️ Thunder vs Raptors Game Live Stream Free ✳️ Raptors vs Thunder Game Live Stream Free ✳️NBA 2021➤▎

Watch Basketball Live Games for FREE 🟠 🟠 ➤▎ ➤▎ Oklahoma City vs Toronto Game Live Stream Free ✳️ Toronto vs Oklahoma City Game Live Stream Free ✳️ Thunder vs Raptors Game Live Stream Free ✳️ Raptors vs Thunder Game Live Stream Free ✳️NBA 2021➤▎ submitted by AdditionalShow6 to pamakapatena [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 16:23 NebulosQ [CDMX] ¿Se puede hacer un convenio para que una persona moral no pueda brincarse a unas personas físicas respecto de unos proyectos?

Tenemos unos proyectos de encuestas en puerta, pero la institución que será nuestro cliente requiere una persona moral, por lo cual recurrimos a un conocido que tiene una empresa para ocuparla, sin embargo nos preocupa que en el futuro nos quiera saltar para obtener los proyectos para sí. Mi duda es si existe alguna manera de obligar a esta persona moral a que no pueda saltarnos para futuros proyectos.
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2021.12.08 16:23 MetaMecha Skytread fan mode

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2021.12.08 16:23 johnjay80 The NZ Basketball Team does the Haka vs USA. Look out for Harden's face

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2021.12.08 16:23 No_Mistake_3557 Rich exhaust smell on cold start/start in cold weather?

Recently I have been smelling a strong exhaust smell when starting my car as it’s been getting colder; it was barely noticeable during warmer weather. Is that due to weather change or should I get my valve seals/covers checked out? It’s an 08 Mazdaspeed if that makes a difference.
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2021.12.08 16:23 Complex_Peace3261 WHAT DID YOU DOOO

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2021.12.08 16:23 DomesticWarlord86 PSA: People With Multiple Accounts Beward

A little back story to begin:
To start off with, I technically own two accounts. I have one that I mainly play on that I've had since the original 1.0 beta with over 1400 days subscribed. Then I have a second account that's much much younger with less than a year on it that mainly my minor daughter plays when the mood strikes her. My main account is under my email, and my daughters account is under a secondary email that I rarely use. For context, both accounts are Windows, no steam, based.
With Endwalker coming out, we were both looking forward to playing to together. I pre-ordered a Digital Collector's edition for me, and a standard one for her, since she doesn't play all that often and won't care about the extras like I do. I purchase both of them on the official SE website, one under each account.
The Issue:
We enjoyed playing pre-release together. Yesterday, the 7th comes around and SE sends out emails saying that release keys are ready to be obtained and applied to your account. I get the email on my main email address that's tied to my main account. I click the link, it sends me to the SE store and shows me my order. I copy the key. Open a new browser tab and log into mogstation on my main account and hit add Endwalker and paste the key. Success. Done. I go back to SE store, and log out, not really paying attention to what account I was logged in to. I then login again, this time under my daughter's account. Grab the release key. Log into Mogstation under her account, attempt to activate the key only for it to tell me it's already used. I pause. Think "Oh no!" Immediatly log out and into my main account and check account status and sure enough, I only have the base edition of Endwalker registered. Not the collectors. /sigh. When I hit the link in my email, I assumed it would take me to the purchase that was tied to that email. No, it took me to whatever purchase I was last logged in as. Since I purchase her Endwalker last, it was showing me her standard edition copy. Yes, the artwork doesn't have the "Collector's Edition" logo on it. Had I paid close attention I'd have noticed, but I was excited to redeem my code and get my goodies.
Well, surely this happens a lot and SE support can help right? So I go over to their support page and on the first page of their support page I see a link

If you have mistakenly registered FINAL FANTASY XIV, including expansions, or an early access code to the wrong service account or Square Enix account, please view this article.
Oh great! This happens all the time! Won't be no big deal to fix. I click the link. Read over the ToS. See that both accounts are required to have the same information on them. They do, both mine. Submit a ticket and wait.
I get a response this morning. But umm...
Thank you for replying with the requested information. The account in question qualifies for the SQEXID Incorrectly Registered procedure as a one-time exception. Please let us know if you wish to proceed further with the process. If you wish to continue, we will be closing out the incorrect Square Enix ID [XXX] as part of our Terms of Service.
*Please advise, any in-game characters/data under the incorrect ID will not be transferred as this is not a service that we provide.
Yeah. That's a HARD no.
After reading over the ToS it's kind of vague. It doesn't make clear that you will lose your account if you proceed.
I'm going to just chalk it up to stupid tax and do the digital upgrade on my main account for $20.
I wanted to bring this to other people's attention in case someone else may have multiple accounts. BE CAREFUL. SE will not help you.
Accidently activated the wrong EW Expansion code on the wrong SE ID and only way to fix it is to permanently delete the original account.
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2021.12.08 16:23 otaku7029 Kkkkkk

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2021.12.08 16:23 moneyshouters Buy Ripple Or Cry Later!!!

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FIELD OF DREAMS CAR SHOWS submitted by 612MOTORSPORTS to hotrodculture [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 16:23 post-news Disturbing prediction: Christians to be banned from jobs, bank accounts, money, plane travel

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2021.12.08 16:23 baymiyagi Greed at its finest

Thank you very much dear activision blizzard,
Seeing now we have 2 seperate mods 1 having all weps and 1 having only vanguard weps, Its certain that with the coming major release or warzone update we will lose all weps br mode for good. Considering we no longer have a plunder like mode, warzone players will be forced to buy all the games you release in order to level up weps or pray that they get the meta wep ground loot and try to survive to level them up.

Wow thank you thank you thank you!!! you guys are soooooo community friendly.

ps. your anti cheat doesnt work...
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2021.12.08 16:23 zwahk Satan and the devil: "Girl from nowhere" Netflix review

It is a commonly held belief that Satan and the Devil are the same entity but nothing could be further from the truth. Satan is an angel that works for the Divine Source as a being of Temptation and Karmic Retribution while the Devil is a creature of pure wickedness and destruction.
Satan tempts humans to do evil in order to give them a chance to prove that they are good. It's easy to be a decent person when you never have the temptation to do the wrong thing. If you have a chance to do something terrible and you choose to do the right thing you are truly a figure of virtue. Satan is the Divine prosecutor who tests us and if we fail they are the one who will expose us. The Devil could care less about Karma or Justice and only wishes to see the world burn and to causes much suffering as possible.
The Background of the Devil is rather interesting, originally he was created as an imaginary Boogeyman by the church to keep the peasants in line but then a funny thing happened. Humans are one of the only animals with the power of creation and if enough of them believe strongly enough that something exists in time that thing will gain a certain physicality. One day out of the blue poof there was the Devil, and ironically it was the fear that people had of him that brought him into this world.
Satan and the Devil appear in the Netflix series "Girl from Nowhere" as a couple of Thai high school girls named Nanno and Yuri. Both of the girls are immortal and have an uncanny ability to know everything about a person when they first meet. The girls see it as their duty to punish sinners, although they take very different approaches in their mission.
Nanno is Satan. Some say Nanno is a daughter of Satan but in the 6th episode of the 2nd season it is revealed that Nanno can make copies of herself, I think it's safe to say she is a copy of the original Satan, both Satan and Satans' daughter at the same time. She is very methodical in how she tempts humans and when they give to evil she punishes them by exposing what they have done or humiliating them appropriately.
Yuri is a different story, when this character shows up in the second season she claims that she wants to take over Nannos' job of bringing Justice against those who do wrong by others. Unfortunately Yuri is two-faced, materialistic, impatient and driven by Wrath as well as the Desire for Power. Her idea of Justice ultimately boils down to Violent Revenge and by the final episode she has become so Twisted that she is helping out a serial killer.
The series ends with Nanno watching Yuri and the killer parting ways. Nanno wonders to herself if in a world where everyone thinks they can be the judge of others maybe there is no need for her anymore. As I watched this final scene I couldn't help but think about how over time the medieval evil-for-the-sake-of-evil Devil phased out the ancient idea of the Satan who was simply a necessary aspect Universal balance.
The cinematography and soundtrack for this show is amazing, you are going to have the theme song stuck in your head for weeks. This is a very gritty show so if you're unable to handle scenes of violence, sexual assault and extreme gore you should probably avoid this one. If you've ever been interested in seeing what Satan and the Devil would act like if they were to physically manifest as high school girls chances are you're going to love this series, go check it out on Netflix! Arcane Delight net
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