Selling Cliffs AP biology

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2021.11.29 02:57 Fluid_Sound_2246 Selling Cliffs AP biology

I have two Cliffs AP bio books that I used for DAT studying. PM me if interested
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2021.11.29 02:57 Charming_Reporter_18 Mr. Steal your girl

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2021.11.29 02:57 Thatonepotatodude Moon, the Mute Sorceror

I had an NPC high-elf who couldnt cast magic because she was mute. She was outcasted by her clan because she couldnt do magic. One of my players decided to help her get an owl familiar that can talk in order to help her cast spells.
Our new campaign is now set a couple of years into the future and I wanted her to return as sort of an easter egg for this new campaign!
She wears human style wizard/sorceror clothes(because she was raised by humans instead). She also has white-blond hair that's usually tied in a pony tail. Her crow is basically a normal crow with bright purple eyes.
I hope ya'll find this concept interesting enough!! Thank you in advance!
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2021.11.29 02:57 assagitaz Cheyne Christian - In the Air (feat. Josh Dion) [Bridge & Tunnel Beat Co]

Publisher: Bridge & Tunnel Beat Co
Out Date: 2021-11-26
Quality: MP3 13.89 Mb / AIFF 61.08 Mb
Genre: Afro House
Cheyne Christian - In the Air (feat. Josh Dion) / (Key Dm, BPM 120, Length 5:46)​
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2021.11.29 02:57 thatsmessedupman What should be considered the worlds biggest mistake to date?

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2021.11.29 02:57 False_Confection_717 i hack snaps for my eyes only content 20$ dm me

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2021.11.29 02:57 Neko_Akaname New Breton

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2021.11.29 02:57 undoneby Hate crimes on campus

I’m a senior student here at UMBC. Since my time here, there has been significant hate crime/hate speech activity on campus. It’s beyond upsetting, and disturbing. Although unfortunately, at this point it’s not entirely surprising. I want to gauge student sentiments surrounding this problem.
For my final story as a journalism minor, I would love the opportunity to speak to students about the issue, particularly those who have been impacted by it themselves. Please let me know if you’d be willing to talk to me, or my group-mates that are working on this story. We will work with your schedule/availability.
Thanks so much, feel free to PM or comment.
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2021.11.29 02:57 ennuiismymiddlename Everybody talks about Jerry & George’s girlfriends, but which one of Kramer’s girlfriends do you like the best?

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2021.11.29 02:57 lex_578 Question about Hockey Authentic

I was looking at jerseys on HA and was wondering what year are their Adidas climalite/aeroready jerseys? I noticed that the Crosby I was looking at had the adidas button so I assume that would be the early adidas jersey that had the smaller crests on size 46 (which is what I wear)? But that also struck me as odd because I just figured they'd have the more recent versions. Anyone have any insight on this? Also, wouldn't mind opinions on if you think getting a Primegreen is worth the extra $40-$60. Thanks.
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2021.11.29 02:57 turtle_turtwig Visions and how to achieve Divinity 101 - An Analysis + Theory

[Warning: Very long post lmao]

The prompt for today's post:
Why are people generally limited to resonating only with 1 Vision?

Main theory summarised: Resonating with a Vision is the equivalent of resonating with an ambition. Theoretically, if one is able to resonate with any ambition at any given time, this would allow one to resonate with every Vision, thereby allowing one to control all 7 of the Elements at once. Such a feat can only be accomplished by attaining a state of untainted selflessness, in which the motive for every action stems not from the selfish desire to fulfill one's own ambition, but from the desire to fulfill everyone else's. This state of existence can be likened to Enlightment, Nirvana or Divinity, a state of being that is nigh-on unobtainable now due to the narrow-minded nature that Visions and Ideals instill in humans and gods.

Visions Every Genshin character possesses iconic traits that make them easily recognisable. For example, when we hear the name 'Diluc', the terms 'conviction', 'determination' and 'grumpy grown-up' immediately comes to mind. Do not be mistaken, the point being made here isn't that the characters are not well-written or predictable. Rather, the main idea is that they are strongly defined by these traits, which we will come to learn, may not necessarily be a good thing. Before a Vision holder earns their Vision, they must first go through what some may call a 'life-defining' experience, in which they get to showcase their burning ambition towards fulfilling a certain wish. The Vision serves as an extension of the person, aiding them in their journey to fulfill this ambition. In response to this system, the Traveler brings up an extremely thought-provoking question;

But if a person is found to have surpassing ambition even as their life reaches such a desperate turning point, then the gods would look upon them with favor.
This favor is the Vision, an external magical focus given to those who have been acknowledged by the gods which they can use to channel elemental power.
You, for your part, can never receive a Vision, for an alien lifeform does not belong...
Is it wise to allow a moment's ambition to dominate one's entire life?

And the answer is... complicated. Although the Vision can help a person achieve their goals, it also has the hidden, unmentioned side-effect of sealing that person's fate. From the moment that the allogene receives a Vision, their entire life would come to revolve around fulfilling the ambition that was displayed during the Vision-receiving process. In a sense, the Visions can be seen as a sort of 'magnifying glass', in that they intensify an allogene's desire and ability to fulfill their ambition, at the cost of converging all of the allogene's efforts towards that singular point.
To me, this serves as the explaination as to why most people can only resonate with 1 Vision at a time; Each Vision is tied to an ambition, and allogenes are heavily incentivized to pursue that ambition, and that ambition alone. This can also explain why Celestia is seemingly unfazed by the chaos going on in Teyvat right now. In order to pose a threat to Celestia, one must be able to match their divinity, and this can only be achieved if one is able to resonate with not 1, but all 7 Elements at the same time.
This also highlights the key difference between the Celestians and Archons whom are confirmed in an interview with the developers as 'lower-ranked gods'. Due to their narrow-minded pursuit of a singular Ideal, Archons have become very powerful beings with respect to their own elements, but as a result, they would also never be able to resonate with any other element, meaning that they can never truly achieve the same level of divinity like that of Celestians. The exact same situation is happening for humans now, except instead of a pursuit of Ideals, humans are trapped by their selfish desire to fulfill their own ambitions, courtesy of the Visions planted by Celestia.
In a nutshell, the Celestians with their 200IQ brains have guaranteed that humans would never be able to reach divinity. This is done by exploiting the very same human trait that has made humanity a huge pain-in-the-ass to deal with in the past: Ambition. No more Skyfrost Nails need to be yeeted to cuck humanity from reaching divinity, since they are now perfectly capable of doing it themselves.

Divinity 101 So then, what would be the secret to resonating with all 7 Elements at once?
To answer this, we need to look no further than our favourite Naku-weed-smoking samurai hippy; the man, the myth, the absolute legend himself that was able to resonate with not 1, but 2 Visions at the same time; Kaedehara Kazuha
Resonating with another person's ambition is not as simple as performing a series of actions. To truly resonate, one must be able to understand the rational behind the ambition, appreciate the goal that the ambition is trying to achieve and unhesitantly fight for the ambition as if it were one's own. This can only be done if the person in question possesses an incredibly open-mind as well as a certain degree of selflessness - both of which matches Kazuha's profile perfectly.

In the time since the Kaedehara Clan's fortune had faded away and he had set off on his journey, Kazuha had traveled across many of Inazuma's islands and had become intimately acquainted with the plight of the wanderer.
And yet, there was limitless fascination to be found in this same journey of his, where the vast sky and boundless earth was his home, and all living things that inhabited them were his friends.
If one's heart is empty, all under heaven is empty.
But if one's heart is pure, all under heaven is pure.
With his sword in his hand and his chosen path in his heart, he could go on his way with a song on his lips and with nothing to fear, no matter the perils he may face.
Kazuha slept soundly that night, his mind at rest having made peace with his feelings.
The next day, he awoke to the sound of birds... and a shining Vision lying upon his chest.
- Vision, Kaedehara Kazuha

Another factor that I feel was crucial in allowing Kazuha to wield 2 Visions at once to block the Musou No Hitotachi is his lack of hatred towards the Raiden Shogun. The original motive that drove Kazhuha's friend's ambition to block the Musou No Hitotachi stems from his desire to stop the oppression of the people brought about by the Vision Hunt Decree; to prove that there will always be those that will brave the lightning's glow.
If Kazuha was not the open-minded and selfless person that he is, he would not have made peace with his friend's death, and would continue to bear a grudge against the Raiden Shogun. Consequently, the motive behind blocking the Musou No Hitotachi would be corrupted - it would no longer be about stopping the Vision Hunt Decree to stop the people's suffering, but it would rather be about seeking vengeance for his friend's death - meaning that his friend's Vision would not have resonated. This is the fine line that divides the pure and impure, which I feel really puts into perspective how challenging it is to properly resonate with one other Vision - let alone all of them.

I've asked myself this question many times since leaving Inazuma. Do I simply resent the Raiden Shogun because of what happened in that duel? Because of the lethal stroke she dealt my dear friend? I've thought about this a good long time, and I believe the answer is no. My friend died an honorable death in that duel, and the Shogun was not unjustified in her conduct. My dissatisfaction with her has its roots in the Vision Hunt Decree. No one has the right to rob another of their hopes and dreams — not even a god.
- About the Raiden Shogun, Kaedehara Kazuha

We currently have a very good example of how an impure motive can eventually lead to one's own corruption: The Bloodstained Knight.
The Bloodstained Knight was once known as the 'White Knight', a knight that was taught the values of chivalry, justice and swordsmanship in Monstadt 500 years ago. After his training, the White Knight would often jump at the opportunity to correct any injustice he witnessed. Eventually, after years of under-ending slaughter in the name of justice, the White Knight would come to a realisation:

In the end, the Bloodstained Knight could no longer tell whether the blood that stained him was his own or that of his enemies.
As the Bloodstained Knight reached out to help a person in need after slaying the monster,
The way she cowered in fear made the knight realize:
He was now a monster himself.
His path of so-called chivalry had turned him from the white knight he used to be into the monster he had now become.
'I began to lose myself in cutting, slashing and piercing. When my blade's edge met my foe's flesh, it sent a tingle up my spine.
Ah, I thought. That must be the feeling of justice getting its due.
As long as I cut, slash and pierce the evil in this twisted world,
Someday, someday, it shall all be cleansed.'
'O, foolish knight, slaughter in the name of justice is slaughter still.'
'Nay. Slaughter in the name of justice is justice.'
- Lore, Bloodstained Chivalry + The Black Sword

From the get-go, we can see that the knight's motivation for pursuing Justice is already impure. Justice is only regarded as a desirable virtue as it stands to make people's lives better. Thus, the motive to pursue justice must come from a place of compassion in order to remain true. There is a saying that goes: 'The end justifies the means.' In the case of the White Knight, the means have become the end - he pursued Justice for its own sake and not for the people - which ultimately lead him down a slippery slope into his eventual corruption.

So back to resonating with all other Visions, the conclusion here is that one has to be open-minded and selfless enough to embrace another person's ambition, and also have motivations that stem from a place of purity rather than personal agenda. This is the reason why Venti told the Traveler to take their time with their journey around Teyvat at the end of Monstadt's Archon Quest - it isn't simply a throwaway piece of advise. Rather, it serves as a warning for the Traveler to not forget that they are fighting for the people and not for vengeance against the Unknown God, lest they become corrupted like their sibling.

Traveler, as you set off on your journey once again, you must remember that the journey itself has meaning. The birds of Teyvat, the songs and the cities, the Tsaritsa, her Fatui and the monsters... they all are part of your journey. The destination is not everything. So before you reach the end, keep your eyes open. Use the chance to take in the world around you...

The theory and analysis ends here, but feel free to read on if you are interested in my other musings regarding this topic.

Can the Tsaritsa resonate with all 7 Gnoses? In Teyvat, there is now a certain someone that is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to stand up against the divine for her people - someone that loves her people so, so much that she is willing to give up everything, including her own Ideal of Love itself.

She is a god with no love left for her people, nor do they have any left for her.Her followers hope only to be on her side when the day of her rebellion against the divine comes at last.
- Dainsleif, Travail trailer
Her Royal Highness the Tsaritsa is actually a gentle soul. Too gentle, in fact, and that's why she had to harden herself. Likewise, she declared war against the whole world only because she dreams of peace.
- About the Tsaritsa, Childe

Is the Tsaritsa open-minded enough to resonate with all 7 Gnoses?
✅ Yes, she has proven this by successfully giving up her Ideal of Love.

Is the Tsaritsa selfless enough to resonate with all 7 Gnoses?
✅ Yes, she has proven this by waging war against the rest of Teyvat and cutting all ties with the 6 other Archons, effectively destroying her image as the God of Love.

Does the Tsaritsa's motives come from a place of purity?
❓ As of now, we don't know. If she could find it within herself to forgive Celestia for what they did during the Cataclysm, then yes. If not, then her motives would not be pure, and her plan to resonate with all 7 Gnoses will ultimately fail.

What would harnessing all 7 Elements look like? It is confirmed in-game that the Visions and Gnoses themselves do not contain any elemental energy. Instead, the elemental energy is stored within the leylines i.e. the roots of the Irminsul Tree. Thus, the Visions are just tools that allow the individual to harness these energies.

A giant vine that has absorbed the ancient flame that rages within the Ley Lines.
It is restless, as if filled with an endless fury.
Poets, bards and even some academics believe that elements also contain emotions and hope.
If this is true, then one can only wonder what emotions cause the Pyro Regisvine to burn eternally, writhing like one longing to be free of the confines of the earth...

The energy stored within the Irminsul glows a deep blue, which I theorize is what the combination of all 7 Elements would look like. Interestingly, the colour of the power that Dainsleif wields matches this description. Dainsleif being able to wield all 7 Elements makes alot of sense because of 2 reasons:

  1. Dainsleif is the Boughkeeper of the Irminsul [Bough means main branch of a tree], meaning that he would have the clostest contact to these energies.
  2. Dainsleif's motivations stem from a place of purity, which is proven by his neutral stance against the gods despite their destruction of his home, Khaenri'ah.

It's just my opinion, but a word of advice: Always be on your guard when around gods. You shouldn't place too much trust in them. But at the same time, don't go too far in the opposite direction... Don't go trying to overthrow them, or hunt them down.
Even if the god in question is your sworn enemy.
- Dainsleif, We Will Be Reunited

What happens when one tries to harness all 7 Elements with a corrupt motive? The entire Abyss Order and the Traveler's sibling happens. The immense hatred and festering desire towards destroying the gods can be seen as a strong display of ambition. However, the motivation behind the ambition does not stem from a place of purity and selflessness, but rather one of corruption and the selfish need for vengeance. As a result, the power that these individuals resonate with does not come from the Irminsul, but rather the Abyss itself - a void where unfulfilled dreams, ambitions and wishes go to die - manifesting as a sinister-purple rather than blue.

Unborn life, unfulfilled wishes,
Tragic dreams at the edge of the universal darkness that could never come true,
Indwell my body, and descend unto this world.
Then, my lovely children,
Like rainwater flowing into creeks, and plants growing towards the sun,
Go unto a lovely place, and display your own beauty there with pride.
- Lore, Gold speaking in the Festering Desire
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2021.11.29 02:57 cool-_-blue New knife

I’m trying to grow my collection, have about $150-200 to spend. Prefer a knife that isn’t too big and has a 3in blade or slightly smaller. I have a bugout, 945, and a WE banter. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Also while I really enjoy my Benchmade knives I think I’d prefer a knife without an axis lock. Thanks again!
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2021.11.29 02:57 unknownda1 Allor

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2021.11.29 02:57 InfiniteRNG Not a fan of symmetrical bases but I figured why not. Feedback would be nice thanks.

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2021.11.29 02:57 Walru- Best places/resources to learn music theory for someone with not much knowledge

I've been playing the drums for nearly 10 years and I'm getting abit tired of not being able to understand some of the things my band members talk about like chord progressions, scales, etc. Is there any books, YouTube channels etc that teach theory from the ground up.
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2021.11.29 02:57 joeuvan [WTS] BNIB King Seiko SJE083 - Limited Edition

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2021.11.29 02:57 ChazGower Yuuka (優香)

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2021.11.29 02:57 EBeewtf What To Watch If I Love AHS

I’m sure this has been asked before, but what should I watch if I love AHS?
I tried Nurse Ratchet and it was a little too slow for me to get into. Loved the cinematography, but I just couldn’t follow it because it was boring. I know some peeps will take issue with that but let’s all get along!
I actually don’t like horror or gore that much. I feel like AHS desensitized me a bit so I can handle it more than I used to, but is there something similar that isn’t actually horrifying. I have Haunting Of Hill House in mind, but is that super creepy? Roanoke was really freaky to me but I made my way through most of it.
Anyways, if anyone has suggestions, I’d appreciate it! I currently have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Starz and AMC. And Paramount+! All $0.99 for Black Friday! :)
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2021.11.29 02:57 skidrow6969 What are some useful and informative subreddits everyone should follow?

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2021.11.29 02:57 ThePalskinator Four-Wheelers and Frag Grenades Part 2! - ThePalskinator Far Cry 5 Highl...

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2021.11.29 02:56 thatiscoolman09 17 M [M4F] [Relationship] let me give you my affection

I’m Kevin and I’m from California. I just want to do cute things and love someone. I’d love to get to know you and see where it goes
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2021.11.29 02:56 musse12345 matinbum när han ska välja vad han ska börga med att spela

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2021.11.29 02:56 Krayowscat Just finished my submission for the Valentine's avatar contest!

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2021.11.29 02:56 Dangerous-Bobcat-701 Spooky book

Hello, so I remember a book that had a black and white image of a woman/girl that was a ghost so part of her face showed a skull. I think it was an anthology series, I remember it from the 90s 2000s in middle school lol Anyone know the name?
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2021.11.29 02:56 The_Feeger 17m doin nothin

just doin nothin , listening to music while chatting to fellow Plebbiters
im not exactly the most interesting person but i would like to share music tastes with some people , or whatever else cause i have nothing better to do
Currently listening to Mayhem
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