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2021.11.29 01:50 Parody5Gaming Flag of my phone screen 30 seconds ago

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2021.11.29 01:50 cerealkiller1036 I just started and so far this game is what I wish Skyrim was.

Don't get me wrong, Skyrim is my favorite game, but I had to make it that way. So many small things like hunger, sleep, sensible stealth, speech, haggling, and the save system were things I had to add into the game with mods. I feel less like a force blazing through quests and more like I actually live in this world. It's not even a matter of one game having the benefit of being newer. They just paid more attention to the small things.
On top of that, the towns actually feel like towns. In Skyrim, I had to add mods to give holds a realistic feel. I don't know how the combat will progress, but I feel like I'll actually keep feeling engaged, while in Skyrim I got to a point where I could just spam fireball and stunlock enemies. I think Kingdom Come just performs the "role play" of RPG better while Skyrim just becomes a power fantasy.
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2021.11.29 01:50 big_bank117 Anyone free tomorrow for an anon blowjob from a young white sissy?;)

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2021.11.29 01:50 rtanada The day Bluey's official account likes my tweet:

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2021.11.29 01:50 DjZant My collection so far

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2021.11.29 01:50 Birdy_Cephon_Altera Cave Without A Name, Boerne, TX

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2021.11.29 01:50 janqlee Poğaça 4 TL olmuş vay amk ya.

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2021.11.29 01:50 IamBeavs East coast Eden

Thinking about switching to Eden. Anyone able to post a picture of the current faction map?
Also wondering how the prices are on things like cool down mats? Pure resin? Other trophy mats
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2021.11.29 01:50 kingc95 I left the school system prior to Fall, but i wanted to explain why and see if other people were experiencing the same issues

Tldr: I left teaching Mechatronics and Java Programming to work at a start-up, hire 4 of my former students and work on robotics and cool stuff. I still coach for the district and would love to teach again when I'm older.
Long version: I began teaching CTE in 2017 after leaving a traveling field technician job for a small robotics company. I had one class part time and i was 22 years old, no degree but i figured i had a future career now. My first year i had 10 students, i had 0 guidance and Im just glad no one got injured in the shop. I had no business being left alone with no mentor to show me the ropes. I was consistently late with paperwork, and set myself up for alot of grief.
I didnt have the faintest notion of gap analysis, marzano(then it was something else), or anything else that makes up about 60% of the job. I had experience teaching summer camps, coaching and the being a curriculum writer for STEM. But no formal education so i was very lost and confused. But after my first year i learned alot and decided to stick with it.
Year 2: my class grew a little and i started to find a niche. I had some cool technology to recruit students, i had fun lessons that most students could get behind and I was finally doing lesson planning more than 2 days ahead. I was told that things were good and hopefully id get another class and work my way to full-time.
That year came and went, some promised upgrades to my classroom never happened, but i shrugged it off and kept going along.
Year 3: still only one class, maxed out, but ive now been working part time for 3 years leaving a job that paid me about double. No change, no raise, no anything. Same classroom setup i inherited, some kits and bobs but nothing concrete and still just being told itll happen
Same old, same old
Year 4: I get a second class, its going okay and im feeling good. We're getting some flexibility in my lab, IT finally gave me the software needed to do programming, i only asked for it 3 years ago! Then covid....
Year 5: still two classes, but we're in person, with weird rules, i have two classes thats secretly 4 classes cuz some kids are online and some arent. 4 gradebooks, double the students, same pay. Its a rough year, online students dont have any punishment for skipping or not turning in work, i bend over backwards trying to get them to pass, no dice. I sat alone in so many zoom calls that i started to call myself from a second account to check that the links worked. I was just sick and tired of the online mess. It was poorly managed and i think many people felt that same burnout.
The end of the year approaches and i asked about picking up a 3rd class to make me full time. Theres a huge demand for CAD and or other CAD instructor is also construction tech (also popular) and he's fulltime already. They reject the idea since he doesnt want to give up that class... Which wasnt what i asked for but whatever. So i ask about creating a second class for one of my other classes to offer. They said oh well the other programming teacher is gonna have an AP class that those students are gonna go to. He's already fulltime too. So he'll have 4 classes in the space of 3 as will the other teacher. Im still part time with 2 classes and willing to pick up a third. No dice there either. I ask about my class sizes for the next year. 6 and 10. I have seats for 24 and i know students who requested my class but were turned down.
I felt like i was being edged out and not being looked at seriously compared to other teachers, partly due to my age, partly due to my lack of a formal education (still in progress) and partly due to the budget put upon the admin of my building. So i started to look elsewhere.
I found my old boss from my former career and he had started a new company with 2 other people. I took the jump and honestly dont know what would have happened to me if i stayed. I feel like alot of CTE teachers could make alot more money in the field, but they choose to teach because they want to pass on their skill set to the next generation. Thats what i wanted to do, its why i still coach the robotics team despite quitting teaching. But the district is either unwilling, or unable to make it happen for a variety of reasons. So that talent leaves and either the program gets a new teacher whos just like i used to be, or the program dies off. Why is the retention so bad for CTE?
Has anyone else gone through something like this?
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2021.11.29 01:50 blubloode Possible Reason for Godwin's poor response to Belinda's query

Sir James Godwin always fancied Bella. He asked for her in the bar during the early season. And now that she has a high post, he wouldn't want her to go back to whatever position she was in before. Do we see Belinda face off with buxom Bella next season? Maybe you guys have figured it out all along. Maybe I'm pulling an 'Alice' here.
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2021.11.29 01:50 gattsu_sushi UCLA Transfer from Private School

Usually transfer students into the UCs are from community colleges but I was wondering if anyone knew anyone that transferred into UCLA or other UCs that was from a private uni outside of california?
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2021.11.29 01:50 Chestnut_pod What to DO with all the candle nubbins?

I always hate tossing the knobs of wax left over after the candles have burnt down -- it seems like a waste. What do you all do to reuse the perfectly good beeswax that remains?
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2021.11.29 01:50 snowy_pie Opinions about Zilliqa most popular NFTs?

Opinions about Zilliqa most popular NFTs? I want to know which NFT collections do you think are the most interesting to own when eventually Zilliqa gets more adopted and gets the attention it deserves.
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2021.11.29 01:50 TakeErParise Congrats to Kayce on her Succession cameo tonight!

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2021.11.29 01:50 Fine-Bench7507 🚀🚀🚀 run faster 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.11.29 01:50 ProofSecure9251 It won't go away. I've reported it 5 or 6 times and told it to not recommend. This is accursed.

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2021.11.29 01:50 SoreChills Blursed flat board

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2021.11.29 01:50 Peace88 Used G27 for $360 with stand?

https://ibb.co/947G1Sx https://ibb.co/Chfcfgn https://ibb.co/PGXLs2w
Or should I wait and get a t300 for ~$360?
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2021.11.29 01:50 Small-Can3519 十大正规网投平台-网投比较靠谱的大平台

十大正规网投平台-网投比较靠谱的大平台 华纳国际,作为立足于东城的一个果敢本土企业,华纳国际本着“华纳百川、德泽四方、以诚为本、互惠共赢”的经营理念,华纳国际承诺,一定会竭尽全力服务好每一个光临华纳国际的客户,让您宾至如归,做到福利共享;欢迎各界人士莅临华纳国际进行考察。 华纳国际实业有限公司主要经营产业有,文旅、酒店、商业地产、培训、金融、竞技、娱乐、投资、行业App软件应用开发、商学传媒、同城服务、餐具加工、时政媒体、餐饮山庄
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2021.11.29 01:50 kamilkantarcioglu Sierra Robotics Concept Logo

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2021.11.29 01:50 darthdeshawn Need new 3rd brake lens 2004 95 Aerowagon

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2021.11.29 01:50 Sticksy617 Thoughts on The French Dispatch

I honestly think that this is Wes Anderson‘s greatest film yet. My entire family loves his films and I’ve always been a big fan, but I always feel like some of his films have a lot more style over substance (moonrise kingdom, the Grand Budapest). This is a big reason why I hate Quentin Tarantino, but I prefer the style of Wes Anderson‘s movies, so the style over substance thing has never bothered me too much. However, the only movie that really emotionally struck a chord with me was the life aquatic and now, the French dispatch. I feel like instead of having style over substance, this film has much more style and substance than any other Wes Anderson films I’ve ever seen. I felt like we really got a chance to connect with a lot of the characters and they weren’t just being deadpan to accentuate the quirky comedy. The art direction still has Wes Anderson‘s style all over it but it feels more mature and communicates the story very well. Overall I really hope this movie doesn’t get shit on like life aquatic did because it is now probably one of my favorite movies and I want to show it to everyone.
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2021.11.29 01:50 wiremom China Eastern's Boeing 777-300ER CIIE special livery rotating at KJFK en route to Shanghai

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2021.11.29 01:50 dantimao LF: fire and grass starters FT: feebas

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