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UE5 and the lack of tessellation/displacement.

2021.11.29 02:44 PichardRetty UE5 and the lack of tessellation/displacement.

Hi there. I'm not really a dev or anything of that nature. I purely model as a hobby on Blender and mess around in Unreal barely. At the moment the current project I'm starting on on UE5 is just a street with a sidewalk and a few buildings.
I'll build on the street over time and eventually have a small map of my creations to walk around and look at inside of Unreal. It's nothing overly complicated.
An issue I am seeing right now is with UE5 it looks as if Displacement and Tessellation are not current features at the moment. I have a simple street and sidewalk imported into UE5, but they look rather bland in UE5 right now despite using Quixel Megascans materials due to them simply being flat textures.
Since I'm a hobbyist and not a dev nor an artist I was wondering what the best workflow would be to get some geometry on some assets. For example, if I want to create a brick wall with depth that isn't a flat texture I'll literally need to create a mesh that has the actual geometry of a brick wall. It's certainly doable and not that complicated, but is obviously more work than create a flat plane and then throwing a Quixel material on it that has displacement built into it to give it a 3D look.
Are there alternative methods I'm unaware of due to my lack of experience in the field or is UE5 and Nanite going to lead to me needing to spend more time creating more complex meshes since I won't be able to rely on materials with displacement maps to give my objects a more complex geometry?
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2021.11.29 02:44 Fun_Cockroach_5284 I need advice with a girl

So I know she likes me. We went on a first date a few days ago at a sort of out door shopping place that’s got restaurants and stuff, but that’s not important. What’s important is that we walked around the place for like, 2 hours just talking. Then, the next day, I went to her and her friend’s birthday party and we both talked for a while and we’re on the same team for family feud. We also text all the time and she starts a good bit of conversations. So from this, I’m 99% sure she likes me, but I don’t know what to do next. My plan was to ask her out for this Friday and take her to dinner or the movies and make my move the to kinda move from the “thing” stage by holding her hand or putting my arm around her during the movie or something (I haven’t planned it out). But I need advice. Is this a good idea, or should I do something else?
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2021.11.29 02:44 kettu- My Fan Art: Neo. If you like it, I will also do Trinity.

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2021.11.29 02:44 TreixKeangly ⭐ ShibaFloki | 8% rewards to holders | locked liquidity pool | 24/7 marketing | x1000Gem 🚀

ShibaFloki Rewards Contract
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2021.11.29 02:44 ProtectionNo2498 Trading, please help

Quick questions citizens, I’m at a loss. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and following guides. I have about 400k to invest and have a cat. Whenever I get to an outpost I can barely fill anything and the time/vs/profit doesn’t make enough for trading. I’ve flown to many outpost and follow the sc.trading site to find runs, I mainly haul spirits and Laranite. If the shop runs out of stock I’ll wait for about 30 minutes and it barely refills. Am I doing something wrong? Every guide and video I watch/follow for this patch THEYRE making 100k a run.
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2021.11.29 02:44 aaalexx123 Frank’s statement on Vigil.

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2021.11.29 02:44 -Z-3-R-0- What's your opinion on someone getting a GED instead of an HS diploma?

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2021.11.29 02:44 somedudeinlosangeles Jazz Look Like Themselves Again In Rout Of Pelicans | KSL

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2021.11.29 02:44 EestiMentioned [/r/cryptostreetbets] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.29 02:44 lifeonmars234 Pippa (11 months old now) is a little snow Panda.

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2021.11.29 02:44 artificialavocado Meet Raven. A sweet, gentle, baby girl I love so much!

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2021.11.29 02:44 CarlosVillanueva Recent pickup ⚡️

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2021.11.29 02:44 Mad_Lib206 Found some rare finds and some potential very rare cards, how do I find out exactly what I have?

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2021.11.29 02:44 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - New Rams quarterback but same bad Lambeau luck as Packers hand them third loss in row | LA Times

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2021.11.29 02:44 amberdlo One more Raid, one more Raid

Cuz IIIIiiii can't wait for-evaaaaa........ Can someone please add me to one raid. I need to finish and find out what all the hoopla is about -? Code: 047234534991 - akakawhathey
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2021.11.29 02:44 jackrocks1201 why do I have angel chance on B2?

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2021.11.29 02:44 ifoundxaway Sunday November 28, 2021

Hey you guys, how's it going?
I can't believe it's already the end of November. I think it was probably my worst month. At least the worst month in a while. I'm still kicking tho.
Today I did all of the things. D put shelves up in the half bath, I got the shelves from a yard sale a while back. I put stuff on that. I cooked, baked, cleaned multiple things.
I helped Bub with his homework from when he was sick (and I was patient!! Holy shit. Played made up games with Bub. He had been hiding under a laundry basket and making animal sounds and I was pretending to look for an animal. Then he would pop out and I'd say "Bub! Did you hear? There was a horse! But I can't find it!" "Mom it was me! Did it sound like this - moooo" "Oh yeah! You know what it sounds like! Maybe you can help me look for it!" "Mo-ommm" Next animal. Etc. Then he got on my back and we went around mooing and neighing at every corner. And various appliances to see if we could find the imaginary animals. D only saw the part where we were making mooing at the fridge etc. and was like wtf are they doing? 🤣
MIL came over and tried to give us terrible looking 3 foot tall Santa and caroler. When we put batteries in they played this horrible sounding xmas music really loudly. It was awful, I keep laughing about it. We didn't take those ones, lol. I told him we should, though, because we could use them to scare people from our house, taking care of the fact that I still don't have my guard lion or bear. I did take a shiny wreath and a plastic pine needle branch that had plastic bells on it. It's like really obviously plastic. So bad. Not sure if it's so bad it's bad or so bad it's good. We got a small Santa that talks that we will not put a battery in. I guess it had all belonged to D's mom's mom. I'm not too sure about it all. It's super corny and I'm all about that shit but I like my Christmas to look... pretty? No so very obviously bad. But it's his grandma's.
I ate well today. Chicken noodle casserole, a few ravioli, burrito, bread with seeds in it, zucchini bread. The casserole is supposed to be tuna noodle but I had chicken, and I used zucchini instead of peas. It turned out super good. I think zucchini is the only thing healthy about it. But oh, so delicious! I put some in a small container for work. It will last me a couple of days, I think.
How was your day? Eat anything tasty?
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2021.11.29 02:44 FlyingLowSH Consolidated PBY Catalina: Die Königin vom Eriesee

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2021.11.29 02:44 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Lakers overcome meltdown vs. Pistons in yet another tense performance | LA Times

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2021.11.29 02:44 Adventurous-Art-1161 [Digimon] What is the Digital world like in 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s?

I'm talking about all iterations.
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2021.11.29 02:44 Plqrocks2 Notts County FC

Starting my first ever create a club career mode and decide to make Notts County the first professional football club. Thought it would be best to start them in League 2 and work my way up, but I usually do career modes with bigger clubs. Any suggestions for where I should be scouting and what type of transfers to make to keep it realistic?
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2021.11.29 02:44 MorTuvaletPompasi Kızılay içinler hakkında

Bende kzılay içiyorum ve ben avıyla oynamayı seven bir aslana benzetiyorum kendimi, istersem beypazarında tek atarım ama avımla oynamak daha eğlenceli
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2021.11.29 02:44 YersonCz a video i made for all you genshin players who lost your accounts. i wish there was more i could do but all i can do is spread awareness for people like you all. https://youtu.be/ecscxKG8EfA

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2021.11.29 02:44 ijustrlylovedogs Why would a guy cry after ejaculating?

This happened a little while ago, but up until recently I thought it was super common for guys to do this, so now I’m really curious about what happened.
I (20f) had been hooking up with this guy (20m) for a couple months. We mainly just messed around with sexual stuff like oral sex and making out but sometimes had sex as well. There was nothing serious, no commitment, and no emotional connection.
I don’t want to go into too much detail about the sexual part itself but he was on his couch in the living room next to the porch (this is relevant) I was sucking his dick and he started to cum and he kinda cried out like different from his moaning, so I immediately looked up and asked him if he was okay. He said “yeah I’m fine,” but then he jumped up with his pants still down and said “I just need to step outside” and pulled them up as he went out on the porch.
I was really concerned like maybe I had hurt him somehow, and I looked out the window and this man is leaning against the wall and fully crying; like basically sobbing, and looking up and panting all at the same time. It really worried me, so I texted him asking again if he was okay and he didn’t even look at his phone. I had heard TONS of stories about girls crying when they cum, so I figured that he must have been experiencing something similar and I gave him some time. After about 5 minutes he came back inside and asked me to cuddle. We never once had cuddled before. It was always that I would come over, we messed around, and I left.
THEN I got worried like maybe he had some kind of ptsd and he needed comforting so that’s why he wanted to cuddle so I asked him again if he was okay and he said yes, that he was just sniffing because of the cold outside. So I guess if it was emotional he didn’t want to talk about it. We cuddled and watched an entire movie without doing anything sexual and then I left.
Now I’m hearing that guys basically never cry when they orgasm, so what happened that night?
TLDR: a guy started crying after I gave him head and I want to know why
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2021.11.29 02:44 Fit_Celebration_9696 https://discord.gg/zwBgzVtY join lol

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