I finished the cosplay!!!!! Took me a few months lmao

2021.12.04 22:30 thetruehentai I finished the cosplay!!!!! Took me a few months lmao

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2021.12.04 22:30 dialtonegeneral Y'all need to stop moving like Crook and start moving like Sick

Listen lil homies we all got insults and jokes, all of us can rag on the next man like it's nothing unless you're a mute or autistic or just don't speak English too good, but what I'm saying is don't be a hoe about it.
I got into it with some punk ass little softie on here, I'm not gonna lie I did his ass dirty and probably (definitely) made him cry with some shit I wrote about his family and him, and that little hoe ass bitch went reported me despite the fact that I deleted what I wrote after I made sure he read it, just so that other little homies don't dunk on him based on what I wrote. I ain't even gonna drop his name cuz if you know a dude snitched he'll just snitch again, but you know who you are and I know you aren't on shit and in real life you probably got forced to eat white dried dog doodoo.
If you're gonna insult people don't fuckin report them. And I'm not gonna lie but this is a Toronto thing. I got banned off toronto how many times over this hoe shit, and torontology moves the same way apparently except instead of being mouthy little hipsters, y'all illiterate and pussy. Majority of the kids move like little hoes on the street and they're gonna move doubly as little hoes on the internet, and I know most of em be from the suburbs cuz anyone from the city or a hood knows that snitching and cop calling just gets the finger pointed at you. Nobody trusts authority as much as you suburban yutes do.
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2021.12.04 22:30 Uzgahaha Giving myself a week for life to get better

I already posted this on something else and im doing it here I just want someone to tell me something good that I should wait for just something good I have lost any feeling towards the last two people I loved and now its just pain
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2021.12.04 22:30 pacifictwerkz Bois we need a fucken clean-uhp wif dis community - wat I mean is we need to find theze snitchez I meann don't we all want to fufu we ain't doing any jackshitt. i fink itz time to clean up da community full of snitches and watnot. Make fufu great again lmfao😂😂😂😂 who's wif meh!?

Bois we need a fucken clean-uhp wif dis community - wat I mean is we need to find theze snitchez I meann don't we all want to fufu we ain't doing any jackshitt. i fink itz time to clean up da community full of snitches and watnot. Make fufu great again lmfao😂😂😂😂 who's wif meh!? submitted by pacifictwerkz to Polynesianbaddest [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 22:30 averagecitizen234 The Criteria of a Guru

Perhaps you know that the word guru is a very old Vedic word. It means “one who dispels darkness”. Now, this expression “one who dispels darkness” is often used without deeper understanding. This darkness actually belongs not only to the psychic stratum or the spiritual stratum, but to all strata of human existence. That is, darkness prevails in all the three strata – in the crude physical sphere, in the psychic sphere, and in the spiritual sphere. So a guru will necessarily have to be able to remove darkness from all three strata. If he teaches the alphabet or some academic matter to students, he will be called a teacher – teacher in the academic sense. That will not do. If, again, he removes darkness from the psychic world, he imparts intellectual knowledge to his followers, that will not be enough either. And if, finally, he dispels darkness only from the spiritual stratum of his disciples, that will not do either. The fact is that a guru – if one is to be accepted as a real guru – shall have to remove darkness from all the strata of the physical world, all the strata of the psychic world, and also all the strata of the spiritual world.
Now let us look at the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, he alone can be a guru who can lift downtrodden humanity to a high spiritual level, who can illumine humanity with spiritual effulgence. That is, only a Mahákaola has the requisite qualification to be a guru, others cannot be gurus.
In order to be an ideal guru in the spiritual sphere, one must be throughly conversant with the minutest details of sádhaná, every aspect of sádhaná, important or unimportant. The guru must not only learn those things, but must also possess the capacity to teach those practices to others. Otherwise he should not be treated as a guru. The Mahákaola alone has this capacity, no one else. Kaolas are those who by dint of sádhaná have successfully elevated their microcosmic stance and established it in the Macrocosmic one; but a Mahákaola is one who is a kaola, certainly, but at the same time possesses the capacity to help others as well to get to that exalted kaola position. In the past Lord Shiva was one such Mahákaola. Lord Krśńa was another. To be a guru one must be a Mahákaola.
One must possess knowledge regarding sádhaná, not only thorough knowledge of the shástras [scriptures]. And in order to gain thorough scriptural knowledge, one must know as many important languages as are necessary for the purpose. That is to say, it is not enough that a guru acquire the necessary qualifications to be able to teach sádhaná (that is, impart lessons on the practical cult); he must possess adequate knowledge of theory also. That is, in order to know the inner secret of sádhaná, he must possess thorough and authentic scriptural knowledge; then only should he be accepted as a perfect guru in the spiritual sphere. One who has a fairly good knowledge of sádhaná and can also help others in that realm, but is completely devoid of intellect, or knowledge of languages and scriptures, cannot be a perfectly competent guru in the spiritual sphere; for, being a guru, he will have to explain the theoretical side also. If, suppose, I say to someone, “Do this,” I should also explain why he or she should do that, and at the same time I should be able to support it in the light of the shástras.
You may raise the question, “What is a shástra?” You might point to a voluminous book and call it a shástra, but that would be misleading. Shástra in the true sense means, Shásanát tárayet yastu sah shástrah parikiirtitah – that is, “Shástra is that which disciplines and liberates humans.” So a guru must be well versed in shástra, otherwise he cannot show the right path to humankind. The term guru would be a misleading misnomer – which is never desirable. Shástra does not necessarily mean the Vedas; it means the way to emancipation through inculcation of rigorous discipline; it is something that prevents one from taking license in the name of liberty. It means clear instructions that guide everyone along the path, that lead to attainment of prosperity and welfare.
Shásanát. What is this shásana? Does it mean torture? No. Does it mean punishment? No. Does it mean atonement? No. Not at all. Here shástra means anushásana. What is anushásana? Hitárthe shásanam anushásanam – that is, “Anushásanam means that degree of rectificatory punishment which will be conducive to one’s well-being.”
A spiritual guru must be well-acquainted with all the processes of sádhaná, must have the capacity to convince others, must possess complete knowledge of the scriptures, must know many languages, and must have comprehensive knowledge and intellect, plus some extra qualifications. What are those qualifications? Nigrahánugrahe shakto gururityabhidhiiyate – “the guru must possess the capacity both to punish, and to love, or bless, his disciples.” Punishment alone, without love, is not good. Love and punishment should go together, and the degree of punishment should never exceed the degree of love. Then only can one be called a real spiritual guru.
I have already said that a guru must be an authority on all subjects in all the three strata:
As a spiritual guru, he must be thoroughly versed in spiritual science – both the theory and the practice. He must know how Parama Puruśa associates Himself with jiivas [unit beings]; and he must know how jiivas associate themselves with Parama Puruśa (they associate themselves just as the Ganges merges into the Bay of Bengal). Otherwise, how can he teach this science to others?
And who knows this science? Only Parama Puruśa knows it, because He Himself has created everything. He has created our sense organs, and He has created the tanmátras [sensory inferences] that our sense organs detect. He can create anything He likes. But remember, He does not do anything. His “doing” means His thinking. Things will take shape as He thinks. No one but Parama Puruśa knows how He does it. So how can people know Parama Puruśa if He does not teach to others the science of knowing Him? Only Parama Puruśa knows the science and the method to realize Him, to know Him; because He has created both human beings and the path that they must move along. So people can know the method by His grace only. Hence it has been said in Ánanda Sútram, Brahmaeva Gururekah náparah – that is, “Brahma alone is the Guru.” Through His physical structure, He teaches the actual science to the spiritual aspirants. People should clearly understand this.
There are many people who are prone to think that in the spiritual realm there is no need to acquire intellectual knowledge for God-realization; and in support of their thesis they mention the names of some great men. Now it is true that for God-realization, academic qualification may not be necessary at all: there is no differentiation between a learned person and a foolish one. But in order to be a guru, one must be a learned person. God-realization is not enough for a guru, he must possess other qualifications as well. So a person who is devoid of learning and scriptural knowledge and the capacity to teach others, and the twin capacities to punish and reward his disciples, should never be accepted as a spiritual guru. A guru does not mean only a spiritual guru, he must be a guru for the intellectual and physical worlds also.
After the spiritual sphere comes the psychic sphere, which is cruder than the former. That is, the guru must be aware of the nature of the human mind – what it is made of, how it should be elevated step by step from crude to subtle, how all the unit minds can march together in unison towards the goal – in a word, he must know both the theoretical and the applied sides of psychology. He must know a thousand times more than is written in books. He must assimilate everything through his own refined intellect. And then only can he teach others perfectly. That shows that he must be not only a spiritual guru, but also a guru in the psychic world. There is a sense of want in the human mind. One who can remove the sense of want is a guru. In order to qualify as a guru, one must have the power to remove psychic wants.
As in the spiritual sphere, so also in the psychic sphere, a guru must be learned. He should be well-versed in the humanities; in fact, in all branches of human knowledge. In order to be a spiritual guru, it will be sufficient that he have mastery over scriptural treatises; but to be a guru in the psychic sphere, he must be well-versed in all branches of human knowledge. A limited knowledge of a few scriptures will not do. And simultaneously, he must be conversant with the style in which the human mind functions, as also in the method to control and guide it properly.
Next comes the physical world. The followers, the disciples, of the guru, are men and women of flesh and blood having physical structures. They have their sorrows and miseries, their tears and smiles. This is their life. They have their problem of food and clothing; they have their pleasures and pains, their tears of pain and tears of joy; they become elated in happy circumstances and depressed when things go wrong. It is the duty of a guru to provide his followers with the wherewithal for their progress. This is what an ideal guru is to do in the physical sphere. As a guru in the physical world, he will have to teach mankind such techniques as will solve their wordly problems – problems of food, clothing, education and medical treatment. A guru must see to it that their mundane problems are solved.
So in order to be a guru, one must come onto this earth with the highest qualifications in the spiritual field, and with the greatest capacity to face the mountainous obstacles in the physical world. To shoulder the responsibility of a guru is not child’s play.

15 March 1981 DMS, Ramrajatala
Published in: Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 21 [unpublished in English] Discourses on Tantra Volume Two [a compilation]
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2021.12.04 22:30 weavejer261 What the guns feel like when I them vs the enemy

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2021.12.04 22:30 CulturalWindow Will watch 2HRS of your video for 1HR of mine

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2021.12.04 22:30 Necessary-Bet-8149 Dick

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2021.12.04 22:30 PapayaSF Rogers: "What is this strange power you have over horses"? Astaire: "Horsepower." (Top Hat, 1935)

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2021.12.04 22:30 drk-chocolate Gift Idea- Painted over two bobbleheads to look like my friends

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2021.12.04 22:30 DokCyber Did you know ‘emas eht yltcaxe’ is exactly the same backwards?

Did you know ‘emas eht yltcaxe’ is exactly the same backwards?
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2021.12.04 22:30 harvey_milkers "el etnógrafo": themes and interpretations

hello all! i just discovered this subreddit but i've been a borges fanatic for a few years now. i first got into his work through a spanish literature class, in particular from a mindblowing lecture about "el etnógrafo". the story really resonated with me and profoundly changed my view of the world, so i'd love to just talk more about it with other borges people :)
so without spoiling too much about my takeaways (just yet anyway), what do you make of the piece, its thematic undercurrents, its symbolism etc.?
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2021.12.04 22:30 Interesting-Rich425 [POSITIVE] for /u/Wineagin [trade]

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2021.12.04 22:30 Henderman17 What time of year will second sky be?

What time of year do y'all think second sky will be in 2022? I'm tryna make some trip plans for next year and I have no idea when it'll be
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2021.12.04 22:30 Dc5217 Manager threatening retaliation for using 12 hour rule

I've been using the sixty hour rule for the last 6 months, mainly because it was the only way I could actually manage to get my scheduled day off. Now that we don't have that rule, I informed our morning sup that I would be doing the twelve hour rule and he seemed fine with it. This morning he texts asking if I would come in an hour early to toss packages so I went in at 7. So at 6:30 the evening sup asks how I'm doing and when I told her that I would be bringing two hours back because I was at my 12, she lost her shit. Now I'm forced in tomorrow and if I'm going to keep "playing this game" I'm apparently going to be forced in every day all month. My shop steward just shrugged his shoulders and said they can do whatever want in December. Anyone on here more knowledgeable than me have any advice on how to handle this situation?
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2021.12.04 22:30 desertflowerchild Who spotted the WiFi password?🤣

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2021.12.04 22:30 Fresh_Thanks_5907 Christmas dinner

Any recommendations to eat for Christmas Dinner? Definitely on a budget and don’t have hundreds to blow. Thank you
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2021.12.04 22:30 chickenlarger Anyone know the avg per hour salary for a swe internship at a startup (<10 employees) in LA?

Or if anyone has a figure of what they were paid. Thank you :-)
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