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casual friends to game w/ 23f

2021.12.04 23:20 SharpCurrency6 casual friends to game w/ 23f

Hello, I am a casual gamer I am in school but I am on break so I've been going harder than I usually do. I play COD and occasional APEX. I am down to play just about anything. I use gaming as a decompressing time just to get my ass beat by 12 YO so with that being I stress--- the casual gamer lmao.
feel free to send me a pm or drop your PSN
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2021.12.04 23:20 TrendsWide Mexico registers 2,845 new cases of Covid-19 and 251 deaths

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2021.12.04 23:20 aubery2324 VCR automatic channel change possible?

I was wondering if with a VCR, it could somehow change channel automatically, for example AV2 to AV3, is there a way to make it do this? (internal adjustments etc)
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2021.12.04 23:20 respring 💎 Mac&Cheese 💎 The Pancakeswap of Polygon(MATIC) 🔥 #1 DAO 🔥 Presale ends in 12hours

✅ XVMC is a defi protocol built on Polygon ✅ Works as DAO - A Decentralized Pancakeswap on Polygon ✅ The goal of the DAO is creating a valuable cryptocurrency ✅ To earn staking rewards users must lock up the tokens(by doing so, supply is collectively removed from the market, creating a scarce asset - and scarce assets tend to appreciate in value) ✅ Works as time deposit/certificate of deposit(CD) - biggest market in the world, worth more than gold and bitcoin combined ✅ The protocol itself can hold MEME tokens and NFTs to create narratives and make it more valuable ✅ All participants get free MEME tokens(DOGE420, DOGE69)! ✅The rewards(APY) are dynamic and are set by users - they can be as low or as high as desired!
It's a fundamentally good technology(is distributed, is decentralized, utilizes oracles, is made to create scarce asset, works as a currency and time deposit, has it's own governance and consensus mechanism) AND it is focused on price(removing sellers, creating buyers - perfect recipe for price appreciation). It also includes NFTs and MEME tokens to fill in the narratives and create an asset attractive to the widest audience possible for the highest upside potential!
One of a kind opportunity, combining revolutionary technology with DAOs, MEMEs and NFTs! You can currently get it at effectively 100K$ marketcap, while the marketcap is over 700K$. Sale lasts for less than 24 hours, so hurry up! An instant 7x(however the price could drop upon distribution!)
GET IT NOW: https://macncheese.finance/getXVMC.php
Chart: https://doge2.app/mac&cheese-finance-XVMC-price-chart-polygon.php
Whitepaper: https://macncheese.finance/whitepaper-XVMC.php Youtube explanation https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OANEMbYSpQ8&feature=youtu.be
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2021.12.04 23:20 Dripzy1k Menieres, Vestibular Migraines or something else? (20M)

Hi all, recently found this subreddit and thought I’d share my own experiences. About 2 years ago I woke up with intense vertigo, no tinnitus/hearing loss just extreme vertigo. I started freaking out and went to the ER where I was told it was BPPV even though the Vertigo lasted for ~45 min. Fast Forward a year, and I was again hit with 2 separate attacks of intense vertigo with no hearing loss or vertigo. I scheduled an appointment with an ENT and had hearing/caloric stimulation/VNG/ENG tests done. Everything came back normal and the doctor diagnosed me with vestibular migraines and recommended I take vitamin supplements to prevent migraines. I’d always get occasional migraines, but nothing that was ever continuous. Around 1 month later I developed tinnitus in one ear that would go away and come back repeatedly. I also noticed that whenever I swallowed or yawned,I would always hear a crackling/popping sound. I was pretty annoyed at first, but as I didn’t have any hearing loss/vertigo I learned to ignore it over time. I checked in again with a different ENT a couple of months ago, and my hearing came back fine. My tinnitus eventually went away until it came back last week. When I woke up yesterday, people started sounding like they were talking through a fan almost robot like. I had a pretty serious migraine and my ears were aching as well. I did some digging around online and found out that the double hearing is called diplacusis and is a form of hearing loss. However, I’ve never had any problems with ear fullness or any episodes of hearing loss prior to this. Has anyone here experienced anything similar? Both ENTS were very confident that it wasn’t Menieres but now I’m not so sure. I can handle the tinnitus, but the diplacusis is a bit worrying.
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2021.12.04 23:20 TrendsWide Britons dress up and spread good cheer on nights out in scenes reminiscent of pre-Covid times

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2021.12.04 23:20 cruelsummerbummer What Makes Scream's Ghostface Such a Scary Horror Icon? | SCREAM

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2021.12.04 23:20 No_Station5190 Po it up like skat skat skat next cup on deck

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2021.12.04 23:20 ryan_brooks007 [M4F] Taste of the forbidden fruit [NSFW]

Greetings! I'm Ryan and as the title suggests I'm looking for a sweet girl willing to play my younger sister. Here is my character details and how I see the character in the roleplay.
Name: Ryan Brooks. Age: 19 Hair: golden and curly. Eyes: blue. Height: 6ft.
Physique: Ryan is really slim but well built. More of a athletic physique he has started gaining muscles in the right spots thanks to his gym activities and sports.
Personality : Ryan stays mostly reserved, not very talkative. He rarely get out of his close friend circle. All over he maintains a stern personality all around.
Siblings bonding: Contrary to his stern personality, he is a different person when he is with his sister. The siblings are so clingy to each other that one would definitely see inappropriateness in it. But that's not right, they are just a bit more close than other siblings in their neighbourhood. Ryan is really caring , protective about his sister and he gets teased for that by his friends and cousins. But that hardly matters.
Family: The family is really small. Ryan, his sister, their parents and a dog called Jimmy. His parents runs a restaurant in the town. They live in the country side, not far away from the down though.
Kinks and limits: I'm looking for pretty vanilla stuffs. Sloppy blowjobs and sloppy kisses, tits play, nipple play, Anal sex, risky sex, Any slutty stuff turns me off.
So, if you have managed to come this far let me make it clear that I'm not looking for some short term sex chat or something like that. I'm looking for story building and long term roleplay. So, please be literate. I like writing in detail and tend to write 3/4 paragraphs in each responses depending on the demand of the scene. I'd expect you to match the same if not more.
So, if you think you're interested and fit for the role don't hesitate to PM me. Thereafter we can take the conversation to Kik or discord whatever is convenient for you. I am 18+ and all characters and participants must be 18+. Kik: ryan_brooks007
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2021.12.04 23:20 TrendsWide Ben Affleck comments on his relationship with Jennifer Lopez

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2021.12.04 23:20 Millsy648 Ditto less breeding help

I’m trying to breed some amazing Pokémon for the first time in any Pokémon game I’ve played, I understand how evs and Ivs work.
I’m trying to breed a 5-6 IV Machop but I’m struggling, the highest I’ve gotten is 3 ivs. And I’ve used the destiny knot while breeding 2-3 Iv parents. I’m nearing over 100 eggs. Should I get a better parent Pokémon, if so what are some chaining tips.
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2021.12.04 23:20 NguyenDuy45 Did they nerf or buff anything?

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2021.12.04 23:20 Pixels222 Just found out theres lose change in the arcade in Forsaken?

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2021.12.04 23:20 TrendsWide Benzema deposits 3 points in the “Royal” balance against Shakhtar

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2021.12.04 23:20 shmuggz where my girls at? 💕

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2021.12.04 23:20 TrendsWide Border taxes on carbon emissions, new brake on dirty energy

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2021.12.04 23:20 SullyZero Hope you've been good.

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2021.12.04 23:20 GoAgain333 I miss them so much.

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2021.12.04 23:20 Master-Apartment-656 2v2???

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2021.12.04 23:20 A_Simple_Terrarian Haha eyeball funni

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2021.12.04 23:20 TrendsWide Prince William’s mental health crisis: Duke reveals he was engulfed by a dark cloud of depression

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2021.12.04 23:20 nobodynewknew trying to figure out how to make conversation and friends

it's just been a really long time since i've had a social life and this is from a combination of factors i'd call a 'clusterfuck'. it's just been a whole thing. i recently started a new job, though, and i'm getting the feeling i might actually fit in.
there's also a guy there. like, seriously he's about the only guy there. he's too young for me but i'll admit i still want his attention. it even seems like i'm getting there, too, we've practically spoken! i sort of dread our inevitable conversations though. life has taught me that the less i say, the better. honest to god, i almost asked this guy 'so, what are you planning to do with your life?' as if that's a normal question to ask an almost complete stranger point blank.
i have to remind myself: baby steps, man, baby steps.
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2021.12.04 23:20 AccomplishedPark1628 Day 17 - social gatherings

I caught covid 17 days ago.. which is why I’m clean from my cart habit. I’m past the first two week physical phase, now I’m dealing with the psychological phase.
I thought I was ready for a party, but anxiety hit when I parked outside and now I’m sitting here in the car waiting for my gf to finish up.
I haven’t felt this antisocial, disassociated, and stressed since I was a teenager. I’m just so irritable that I don’t want to put up with anybody’s anything. Cravings are real but I know it will pass. Day by day
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2021.12.04 23:20 Outrageous_Dark Zdravko “Rukoljub” Ujedinitelj

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2021.12.04 23:20 TrendsWide Alec Baldwin talks about deadly incident in “Rust”: “I didn’t pull the trigger”

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