Krackinasskey just fuck and eat

2021.12.03 00:53 No_Negotiation5420 Krackinasskey just fuck and eat

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2021.12.03 00:53 ShoulderHealthy2906 Worried about a mission on authentic.

Hello y’all I’ve been playing sniper elite 4 on authentic and I realize I only have 3 missions left. One of the things iam worried about is alagarra fortress it’s more like off and on solo, coop. I usually do most of the work usually I get a guy that does not stay by me and just try’s to be a Rambo. So I’m really worried especially when I start my authentic plus play through any helps I’ll be appreciatiedor if you want to play with me on authentic just ask me and I’ll add you
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2021.12.03 00:53 rudesby Anywhere I can buy Postum?

Is there anywhere in town I can buy Postum in person? I've been looking for it online but it seems all out of stock or extremely expensive. I'm looking for the original flavor, not the coffee or chocolate flavors which seem more common online.
Thank you!
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2021.12.03 00:53 th30rum Watercolor my partner worked on as a Christmas gift for her sister. This is her sister’s dog. How do you guys think she did?

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2021.12.03 00:53 earthgreen10 If we order a jeep Sahara factory made, brand new..will we have any luck negotiating the price even past 1000 dollars?

Just asking this given the supply chain constraints and wondering what other people's experience has been.
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2021.12.03 00:53 Tiny_Professional_12 Who do you think is a better player, Jimmy Butler or Paul George?

Jimmy Paul
PTS 17.5 20.4
TRB 5.3 6.4
AST 4.0 3.5
FG% 46% 43.6%
FG3% 32.5% 38.2%
STL 1.6 1.7
BLK 0.5 0.4
TOV 1.6 2.7
PER 21 19.4
WS 87.9 76.6
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2021.12.03 00:53 Tech_geek23 What happens if you don't answer all questions on a logic based questionnaire?

So I'm in the process of interviewing for a new role at a different company in a whole other state across the country. I had an interview over Google Meet yesterday where I got told I'd move forward (and recruiter reached out to me after repeating same and what next steps were)
Well next steps were some questionnaires for the Watson-Glasser test (this was bizzare but kinda fun) and a test the company had for reasoning and logic basically.
The 2nd one was timed and I got all but 4 (of 24) questions answered (since I made sure previous ones were correct before moving on) and I just ran out of time due to analytical thinking to be right
Is this possibly an issue that could back fire? They questions were some that really made you think too. Or is this possible to come out as a quality over quantity situation?
Input please!
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2021.12.03 00:53 professorwigenstein Enjoying some heating pad time

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2021.12.03 00:53 Eastern_Butterfly_91 Average r/Beatles user

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2021.12.03 00:53 spacepeing So rich i travel half a map for milk and egg

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2021.12.03 00:53 goldencaramelo Kiko Coringa

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This is my first post in this sub. I hope you all find this useful.
I got a TAB S7 a couple of months ago, and after meticulous test, I can confidently say, this is one the best tweak and debloat guides for the TAB S7 WI-FI version. There is no actual custom ROM for this tablet, but this guide gets very close to it.

Take a look at the examples:
The debloat list you'll use in this guide is not AN EXTREME APP AND SERVICE KILLER method. All hardware and driver-specific functions, are working totally fine. All Samsung apps or services, not related to hardware/drivers, are completely removed (disabled). All non-necessary services THAT ARE TRYING TO SEND DATA OR CONTROL WI-FI AND LOCATION ARE KICKED OFF THE NEIGHBORHOOD, All third-party apps like Netflix and bloatware and services related-to, are removed. If you are wondering what's working (basically all hardware/drivers/apps):

KNOX, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Gaming, Samsung Smart Things and similar, are completely removed. AR features like mamojis, and bears and kids effects services are disabled.
You need USB DEBUGGING option activated and ADB running in your computer, do a quick search or post your question.
*Add pm uninstall -k --user 0 to every line to uninstall and pm install-existing to restore as shown in the example:
A. pm uninstall -k --user 0
B. pm install-existing


Google was not invited to the party. No Google Play services or native apps like YT, Drive, HANGOUTS etc. You can always use something like Aurora Store and F-Droid, and alternatives like NewPipe or Vanced. For other Google apps, try using the web versions. In Aurora Store, you can download any non-paid app or loggin into your account with your own purchased apps. ANY APP THAT REQUIRES THE PLAY SERVICES FRAMEWORK AND THE MAPS FRAMEWORK, WONT' WORK (You won't be able to use the UBER APP bc of the map; but first, Why will you want to take a cab in your tablet?). No Google Earth or similar app. No Mario Kart or similar that requires in-app purchases-GooglePlayFramework. Don't worry, the world is not over, you still have all the great apps: Spotify, Soundcloud, GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud, Facebook, Instagram, Plex, Netflix etc. and all web alternatives to native apps, and all one-purchase apps from the Play Store catalog. Also, many devs offer a way to buy their apps in a personal website, so look for a better deal.
Battery and memory impact of all this garbage. The play Services Framework, location, permissions, Wi-Fi never stopping, interaction of data between apps, etc. etc. You can use any Google, without Google degrading the quality of your tablet.

*TIP, take a look into the video and images to see how your tablet will look like.
*PRO-TIP, Software Update feature, always come back, so it's useless to turn-off. Better apply a new debloat when update comes, so have a backup of your data and debloat list.
*PRO-TIP, You can disable the ONE UI HOME Launcher, Samsung Keyboard, and TTS, Captions and Voice services, but you first need to replace those apps-services. If not, unexpected tablet software behavior will happen.
*SPECIAL NOTE, the Game Optimizing Service, Digital Wellbeing and one or two micro Samsung services, cannot be disabled. I'm still looking for a hard method to do the job. Any Android or versed developer?
*SPECIAL NOTE #2, The Samsung Device Care app-services, are debloated. Don't worry, battery life is perfect (still testing, but pretty normal so far. Can you share your stats before and after debloat?). What you lose: the pseudo-health interface-service. There is no battery saver mode or similar, no native disk format, and no "cleaning option". You can always apply a manual battery saver mode by restricting the behavior of your apps (background and data activity), and manually controlling brightness and the HZ speed from 120 to 60. There is no magic behind this app. Do a quick search to know more about this shady garbage, there are strong reasons to uninstall it.
*SPECIAL NOTE #3, Let's say that now we have an almost full debloated but perfectly functional TAB S7, but there are services that simply cannot be removed, remains or breadcrumbs of samsung garbage, most of them broken but persistent. If you want complete control of your tablet, use a firewall (AdBlock, NetGuard, etc.), I, personally, use AdBlock and AdBlock VPN (It's one of the easiest methods to have two VPN services running at the same time*, an Android native limitation.), and the final step to block all Samsung garbage. Block this unnecessary but persistent connections:

As a bonus, I suggest using one or two of these block lists, depending on your needs (import the hosts link to AdBlock, Blockada, NetGuard, etc.) I have Energized Ultimate and BlackJack8 running without any problem and with a strong protection not only against ads, but also malware. harmful domains, scams, etc. Remeber that you have to take the precautions Google took for you (safebrowsing service, play store app check). You'll be perfectly fine using the Aurora Store and having first class, open source system protection:

Download Hypatia from F-Droid and enjoy your debloated S7 with ad, malware, virus, and domain protection!
PRO-TIP, Also, you can always replace Chrome for Bromite or use Firefox with the unmatched uBlock Origin.
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2021.12.03 00:53 PsychologicalBrush The Bellroy case is an overpriced joke it doesn't actually protect the screen

You'll excuse the crappy pictures quality as I only had my macbook to take a pictures of it:
As you can see the top of the screen is protected fine but the bottom isn't protected by the case at all and I've pushed on it as far as it can go and there's nothing blocking inside.
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2021.12.03 00:53 PrimeGamingYT RIP Kobra - Thx DICE!

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2021.12.03 00:53 earthboundmisfit91 idk

I'm having to stop my mood stabilizer because it's causing me to lose my hair. Pretty much replaced it with edibles. Lying on the couch for hours on end. Trash TV. I have my child who's here, and one special person who's far away, and one friend, and I have my parents and I have some fish. I know that's more than some people have. Things are decent enough right now but the pain from my past, both recent and distant, along with my predisposition to depression and whatever this mood disorder is...spoils everything for me. And I can self sabotage and undermine my own happiness, because I can't accept good things for myself. I keep thinking about how I should get a job to fill the time...Then I remember I'm on disability for a reason. I left my last two jobs due to this, I'm not in the right mental headspace to be committing to another one. Things just seem so empty right now. I feel like I'm in some sort of purgatory or some suspended existence, waiting for things to change, waiting for myself to make moves but feeling stuck and unable to. Depression is hitting again now that I'm without my medication, the days are getting shorter and darker and the weather is getting colder and I'm by myself here, struggling to carry out basic household chores again and wasting yet another year of my life being mentally absent from most moments. The medication helped me go through my days without giving much thought to the past or to the disappointments in my life, being more able to focus on the present. Now… I don't know. I don't know what comes next for me.
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2021.12.03 00:53 DarthMatu52 Update on The Conclave, and the formation of the Non-Profit

Update on The Conclave, and the formation of the Non-Profit
Your donations have gone to good use! The paperwork has been filed, and the Praxeum, Inc. will be the vehicle to push Star Wars Legends forward as soon as the government approves our submission! The journey has begun in earnest.

We have set up a presence on Twitter (@Conclave2), Facebook, Discord (linked in the sidebar), and of course here on Reddit. We hope to use this reach to continue to make Legends viable well into the future.
Just wanted to update you all! It's been quiet, and we didn't want you to think we gave up! Far from it! We are having weekly meetings to continue to move this goal forward into a reality!
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2021.12.03 00:53 Illustrious-Agent-94 Hunting for the Red Dog

The current state of Miller’s “Red Dog” beer is super ambiguous. I hear everywhere that it’s been completely discontinued but then I hear word that it’s been sold recently in select stores around America. Even though Miller says it’s finished, I’ve heard people say it’s still sold in Western MA or in parts of PA. Whenever me and my homie have been out of town we’ve been checking different stores for Red Dog for nostalgia purposes, to no avail. Is Red Dog sold anywhere near you guys or is it finally deceased?
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2021.12.03 00:53 Rahl55 Kaisa is about to fall.

Looks like they are not paying their debts like all the other Chinese real estate companies. They tried to get a bond payment postponed but the vote did not pass. Things are getting spicy apes. Like always buy, drs, hodl. Link to Bloomberg article below.
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2021.12.03 00:53 monkeynandayo2 Does fire emblem have the worst fandom for a Nintendo franchise?

Members of the fandom often partake in character debates, during which they host intelligent discussions about the usefulness and tier-position of their favorite characters, and often feel that they are superior to the rest of the fandom.
Normally, this wouldn't be worth paying attention to, but due to Fire Emblem's English fanbase being the smallest of all of Nintendo's titles, elitist dominate the communities that host Fire Emblem debates. Some argue that tier-positioning are most used on games that are actually played on tournaments, like Smash or Pokémon. Fire Emblem is not the case, so it's up to you to decide if a Single Player Game Tier List Debate is actually relevant.
They claim their method of playing the game is superior and if you play it with any other goals or intentions in mind, you are a casual. Despite considering themselves the strategy game equivalent of Napoleon, they are actually ignorant weeaboo failures that couldn't play a wargame or a game of chess to save their lives.
Don't get me started on politics. I can't think about how any other toxic franchise gets this combination of elitism and political discourse. Is there any way for the fandom to redeem itself?
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2021.12.03 00:53 GEMM3Y malakai should hit the mist on Aubry

it’ll make the crowd so pissed. he could try to hit the mist on his opponent but hit aubry instead. the crowd would literally hate him then. plus it would be a very cool moment.
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2021.12.03 00:53 LE0NNNn A normal day in the office : /

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2021.12.03 00:53 CurveDesigner4449 10 page paper on Biohacking

Dm me
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2021.12.03 00:53 Puzzlehead-Turtle What should I do

I have gold pass but don’t have grand warden should I rush my th10 to 11 to get him or can I get the skin but not have grand warden what should I do
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2021.12.03 00:53 Dior_Addict46 Predictions on the next Bates courtships/engagements/weddings

Since Katie’s wedding is almost in the books who do we think will court or get engaged next. With the current Duggar scandal I guess that DuggaBates wedding will never happen. Carlin dodged a bullet.
I know Lawson and Tiffypics are engaged, but as of now we have no set date. They typically don’t wait long so I think it will be in the spring or early summer.
Trace seems to be getting awfully close to Lydia Romeike and I’m sure she’s gunning for a green card so I see them getting engaged next year. I guess the Bates only have courtship rules for their daughters.
Just going in birth order I would assume Jackson would be the next to “date” but the Bates boys seem to get married later in life than the girls. I guess because they already have a lot of independence.
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2021.12.03 00:53 Was_another_name Teachers of r/Saskatchewan - what is your greatest challenge right now?

I’ve been teaching for 20+ years (mainly grade 7&8) in pretty average neighborhoods in a city. Over the years there have been a number challenging situations to deal with. The toughest one for me right now is student attendance, and I’ve never seen anything like it. On a good day I’ll have 20 of my 29 students in attendance. I have students that barely attend. My Principal literally drives to families homes every morning trying to convince the kids to come to school. We offer to feed them, offer rides, offer activities of interest, buy them alarm clocks, etc. but they still don’t come. Other students wander in 20 - 30 minutes late after lunch every day or run away from the school when faced with being accountable for their behaviour. The parents are usually not helpful - I’ve been told everything from “I can’t get him out of bed in the morning” to “I leave for work at 7 so I can’t be there to make sure he is at school”. Sometimes they just lie and tell the Principal that they were dropped off after lunch on time, but their kid told them they were in the bathroom when I did attendance. Another mom told me that her son not attending was ok because everything is on Google Classroom so he is doing his work at home. When I told her that nothing has been turned in and there is no evidence he has even logged into the GC, she told me she didn’t know because she’s not good at computers like her son. I’m frustrated, but won’t give up on any of them.
I’d love to hear what some other teachers are challenged with right now.
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