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Boners, what the fuck

Dorsey, 45, who has a personal fortune of about $12bn, co-founded site in 2006 and posted the world’s first tweet Roe v Wade faces a direct challenge, criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors ... The Bills came into this season with big expectations, and they mostly lived up to those over the early part of the year. But after falling to the Colts on Sunday—the team’s third loss in five ... The Federalist is a web magazine focused on culture, politics, and religion. Be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray. The meaning of the is —used to indicate a person or thing that has already been mentioned or seen or is clearly understood from the situation. See more meanings of the. How to use the in a sentence. Frequently Asked Questions About the. The Hill is a top US political website, read by the White House and more lawmakers than any other site -- vital for policy, politics and election campaigns. *Please hit the CC button for English subtitles*Is there a happy ending in store for them?The moment when the cow came back made us literally crying that's s... Unrivaled sports coverage across every team you care about and every league you follow. Get breaking news, powerful stories and smart analysis from the best writers in sports. The Loss at the Heart of Guy Fieri’s Entertainment Empire. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is a mainstay of basic cable—and a rallying cry for a country that is losing touch with itself. The Verge was founded in 2011 in partnership with Vox Media, and covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture. Its mission is to offer in-depth reporting and long-form feature ... The Knot is an All-In-One Wedding Planner, with the #1 Wedding App. Get all the wedding help you need: a registry, website, inspirations, vendors and more!

2021.12.03 00:44 ThatTheaterTransBoy Boners, what the fuck

Hey all, obviously take this down if it’s not allowed. So I’m aroace and trans. I’ve been on testosterone for about 3-4 months now so I’m feelin the effects a bit and it’s great. But I’m basically horny, I think, all the time. I constantly get random boners, and there’s nothing I can do about them at all. Im also in a solid qpr and it’s awesome but everything this girl does gets me hard as a rock. She exists, boner. She calls me her handsome prince? Forget about it. I don’t know if this is a rant or asking for advice or what. Either way.
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2021.12.03 00:44 GenericName-18 Reddit Sings, Sings

I don’t know if this sort of thing has been done before ( or if it’s allowed on this sub because the rules don’t exactly say we can’t ) but here we go. I think it would be fun if everyone commented their favourite song below along with the first line and everyone in the replies keeps it going. Have a entire post where each comment thread is a different song!
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2021.12.03 00:44 Dallas__Murray Should I Change My Name?

I’ve been struggling with my name for a while now. I’ve been living near my namesake city of Dallas for a decade, and over time I’ve gotten the same two questions: “Are you from there?” and “We’re you born there?” Okay understood these to be harmless jokes at first and found them funny, but now they’re beginning to become frustrating. I’m a college student now, meaning that I interact with professors and classmates on a daily basis, and therefore I’m asked the same question even more often. Just imagine a 35% chance of being asked the same thing every single time you introduce yourself- that’s the predicament that I’m in. I sound like I’m overreacting, and I’m worried that friends and family members will frown upon me since they’ve known me as Dallas for so long, so I’m too afraid to ask: should I change my name?
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2021.12.03 00:44 deathbypepe I Got Fired From My Fast Food Job Due To Anti Vaxxers

at a certain fast food restaurant that has 2 drive through windows, weve had signs up for a year that say "Please Wait With Windows Up".
But customers very rarely follow this rule.
So i refused to give them their food, and then the manager told me that i had to give them the food while keeping a barrier between me and the customer.
But i cant give them food without opening my own window.
So i tell them to go wait out in the "Waiting Area" so my coworker can give them the food.

So now ive been fired for doing that.
The anti vaxxers have stolen my income from me, i dont know what to do.
I may have poo on my hands and you anti vaxx nutters are willing to just touch my hand like that?
Your energy is weird bapu.
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2021.12.03 00:44 cheesecake011 Traveling from New Brunswick to the US to donate eggs

My friend was wondering if she would be able to travel to the US to donate her eggs. We're just wondering if she could legally enter the US, donate the eggs and then declare the funds she gets from it before returning to Canada.
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Pablo Sanchez Has Hit 4 HRs in a games Afterwards Pablo said he wanted to go inside and have some snacks.
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2021.12.03 00:44 RabbidsCart23 Daily update on the Roman Empire #769

It’s gone.
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2021.12.03 00:44 andngaaa Avoiding US Army Recruitment like Coronavirus

video rant link
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I got a 25% off coupon code and it says I can use it in stores, will my membership combine with it or can I only do one? Also it says it expires on 12/5, does that mean end of the day? Like midnight?
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2021.12.03 00:44 EnumeratedWalrus Booking The Fallout of The Shield: Dean Ambrose's Storyline from 2014-2016

BACKGROUND: I was watching WWE weekly back in 2014. The WWE network had just gone live, I was watching every pay per view for 9.99 a month, and I thought The Shield was the hottest thing going. The Shield singlehandedly made me a fan of six man tags after some absolute banger match-ups with the likes of The Wyatt Family and Evolution, and to me the best thing about The Shield is the fact they were damn near unstoppable. As Jon Moxley recently stated in his memoir, The Shield was not something that WWE could create with any three people. Roman Reigns as the powerhouse, Seth Rollins as the daredevil, and Dean Ambrose as the pseudo psychotic "leader" with unmatched promo abilities made The Shield special whereas it did seem no other person could have replaced any member and no other addition to The Shield would have made sense. As a faction, The Shield checked all the boxes of what fans should like about wrestling from an in-ring standpoint. The Shield was then disbanded. At the time I was confused and thought the break-up happened far too soon, but in hindsight it makes sense. The Shield had accomplished everything they could, Dean, Seth, and Roman were all ready to break out as singles stars, and overall the booking of each Shield member going forward wasn't horrible (Seth Rollins in particular was actually phenomenal), but I feel there were missteps. Roman was jettisoned into the main event and was not given the proper Shield break-up feud with Rollins for a whole year, Ambrose had a great feud with Rollins but still was reduced to acting like a total goof spraying Randy Orton and Kane with condiments, and finally, WWE blew an opportunity to double turn Rollins and Roman after Seth's return from injury in 2016. That leads me to the purpose of this booking.
PURPOSE: Focusing primarily on Dean Ambrose, I am going to rewrite the Shield break-up while trying to keep the booking as similar to reality as I can. The storyline will run from Seth Rollins' betrayal of the Shield in 2014 to Money in the Bank 2016. Roman will still go out with a hernia in 2014 and Seth Rollins will still be injured in 2015, however everything else is fair game. If I change a match at a certain pay per view, I will state card changes as I see necessary, however if I do not mention a wrestler please assume everything else in the universe has remained the same. The one change I will make to this booking is the elimination of the Fastlane pay per view in 2015 and 2016. Fastlane 2015 will be replaced by Elimination Chamber, meanwhile Fastlane 2016 will be removed in favor of Roadblock, End of the Line. I will give some background information in between pay per views but will only book matches at the pay per view itself. With this out of the way, let me begin.

Some people think Dean should have betrayed The Shield, some think it should have been Roman, but I think The Shield break-up was masterful. I am changing nothing here. Seth Rollins cracks Roman Reigns over the back with a steel chair, shocking Dean Ambrose. Ambrose then tries to attack Rollins but Rollins levels Ambrose with a Curb Stomp. Rollins then embraces Triple H and Randy Orton as part of The Authority.
In the coming weeks, Seth Rollins cuts the same promo as he did in real life. Seth Rollins didn't sell out, he bought into the evolution of Seth Rollins (great line). Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are taking this betrayal very differently. Dean has immediately ditched the Shield attire for a wifebeater and jeans and starts cursing himself for ever believing someone else could look out for him. Dean is still very much a face here, but he is very reactive to Seth's betrayal and now does not trust anyone. This puts Dean at odds with Roman Reigns, who has tried to reach out to Dean and preserve his friendship with the man he sees as a brother. Roman is still wearing the Shield gear and still uses the Shield music, and even still enters the arena from the crowd. During an argument backstage, Dean snaps at Roman and berates him for holding onto The Shield after it was murdered by Seth Rollins. Roman keeps his cool and simply replies that he is not ready to let go. This is the dynamic at least for now. Seth is the cocky corporate sell out, Dean is the reactive, paranoid maniac who has isolated himself in his time of grief, and Roman Reigns is arguably handling this in the most emotionally mature way by trying to share his grief with Dean, albeit Roman is still stuck in the past.
In the match, Dean and Roman both get their hands on Seth Rollins for a moment, but Rollins is able to evade them both just enough to eventually have Dean and Roman turn on each other. Dean starts pounding away on Rollins in the corner but Roman peels Dean off to get a piece of Rollins himself. Dean returns the favor and then the two begin to argue. Dean and Roman have a shoving match as Rollins slinks out of the ring and then tensions explode. Dean and Roman fight to the outside, Dean tries for Dirty Deeds on the floor but Roman picks Dean up and sends him crashing through the barricade. In the chaos, Rollins rushes back to the ring, sets up the ladder, and becomes Mr. Money in the Bank. Roman looks on dejected and Dean quite noticeably shoves past him on his way to the back.
The next night on Raw, Dean calls Seth out for a match but is met by Roman Reigns. Roman tries talking some sense into Dean and tells him to look at how Rollins manipulated both of them last night. Roman tells Dean he is not Dean's enemy but they are interrupted by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Here, Triple H starts to stoke the flames between Dean and Roman and tells Dean that the night Seth betrayed The Shield, Triple H had only told him to attack Roman. Triple H states Dean made a choice to attack Seth and side with Roman, and thus Dean lost all leverage with The Authority. Stephanie then informs Dean that after Money in the Bank, Dean's contract has expired and The Authority has chosen not to renew it. Therefore Dean Ambrose is fired and security is sent to escort him from the ring. Roman starts to fire up and prepares to fight security with Dean, however Triple H threatens to fire Roman if he attacks any crew members. Dean puts up a fight, but is eventually beaten down with nightsticks and carried from the ring as Roman is forced to watch.
In the coming weeks, Dean Ambrose begins showing up backstage at random Raw and Smackdown! shows with a camera, assaulting random Superstars and WWE employees. Dean claims there will be more chaos and destruction until he gets his hands on Rollins and ends The Authority. Meanwhile, The Authority turn their attention to Roman and start disingenuously offering him a spot in the group, claiming he could be a great Intercontinental champion. Roman states he is much more than that and tells Triple H he will accept the offer to join the Authority if Seth Rollins can beat him at Battleground. Triple H accepts the offer and at Battleground Roman and Seth have the Lumberjack that Seth and Dean had IRL, with the justification being the Lumberjacks will keep Dean Ambrose away from the ring. On the go home show to Battleground, Dean Ambrose breaks into The Authority's office and begins assaulting Triple H. Stephanie tries getting involved, and Dean drops her with Dirty Deeds right in front of Triple H (if Randy can do it, so can Dean). Triple H then starts pummeling Dean Ambrose until security separates them and Raw ends with Dean Ambrose being arrested.
The ring is surrounded by heels and Authority cronies such as Randy Orton and Kane who continuously interfere and allow Seth to get the upper hand. However, as Rollins is setting up for a Curb Stomp, a police siren blares throughout the arena and Dean Ambrose drives a police van to ringside, bumping into the ring. Dean performs a diving elbow drop off the van onto the lumberjacks at ringside before beating Kane and Randy Orton with a nightstick and chasing off J & J Security with a taser. In the confusion, Seth turns into a Spear from Roman and Roman picks up the win, nodding to Ambrose as the Lunatic Fringe leaves the arena in handcuffs once again.
The next night on Raw, Roman Reigns begins lobbying for Dean Ambrose to be rehired, but is met with silence by The Authority. In response, Roman echoes Dean Ambrose and tells The Authority that bad things will happen until he gets what he wants. The next week, Superstars are found laid out backstage and Dean Ambrose continues leaving cryptic videos from different places throughout the arena. The Authority puts a bounty on Dean Ambrose for any active talent to find and bring to Triple H so the COO can deal with Ambrose personally. At the end of the night, The New Day manage to find Dean Ambrose and beat him down backstage, but the three are then attacked by a hooded figure dressed in black. The New Day are laid out and the hooded figure reveals himself as Roman Reigns. Roman helps Dean up and the two embrace before running out of the arena. Roman has finally earned back Dean's trust.
With his plans foiled, Triple H becomes pissed and offers to give Roman what he wants on one condition. At Summerslam, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will team to face Seth Rollins and Randy Orton. If Roman and Dean win, Dean Ambrose gets his job back. If they lose, Roman Reigns is also fired. After a committed back and forth effort, Dean scores the pin on Seth Rollins following a Dirty Deeds and Roman Spears Randy Orton to prevent the pin from being broken up. Dean Ambrose has his job back.
Roman is then written off television the way Randy Orton was written off television in real life with Seth Curb Stomping him into the steel steps. This is done because Roman was shelved with a hernia around the time of Night of Champions when he initially had a match with Seth scheduled in real life. Dean is not written off television and instead begins to regain momentum with some key victories against Kane and Randy Orton while allying with The Big Show for a handful of tag team matches.
This match plays out as it had in real life with John Cena putting up a valiant effort against Brock Lesnar before Seth Rollins rushes down to the ring, causing the disqualification and attempting to cash in his Money in the Bank. Dean Ambrose rushes to the ring and thwarts Seth before the two are separated by security. Neither Rollins nor Ambrose were booked for Night of Champions, however they both ended the night in chaos. Therefore, there is only one solution:
This match is largely the same as in real life, however as Dean gets the upper hand and looks to put Rollins away, Kane comes to the ring and tears the Cell door off its hinges (continuity). Dean fights Kane off and Big Show rushes to the ring to even the odds, however in a turn of events, Big Show turns and knocks out Dean Ambrose. Big Show thus joins The Authority, Seth Rollins scores the pin on Dean Ambrose, and then Curb Stomps Dean through a cinder block for good measure.
The build to Survivor Series then centers on a feud between John Cena and Seth Rollins. John Cena is not happy Seth cost him the title match at Night of Champions and begins supposing that WWE may be better off without The Authority. The Authority has already built their ranks. Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Kane, Big Show, and Triple H. John Cena selects Dolph Ziggler for his team, however Dolph is immediately taken out by Luke Harper and beaten so badly that Dolph would not only miss Survivor Series, but had to vacate his Intercontinental Championship. The Intercontinental Title was then awarded to Luke Harper who joined Team Authority, taking Triple H's place on the team. The next week, it is decided that if Cena wins The Authority will be removed from power but if The Authority wins Cena must retire. One week out from Survivor Series, Cena still has no recruits for his team and it appears he will have to go it alone. Cena cuts a promo from the ring and states if Sunday is his last night in the company, he will go down swinging. Seth Rollins and Team Authority interrupt and Seth mocks Cena for having no one else by his side. Suddenly, The Shield music hits and both Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns make their return through the crowd and side with Cena. In real life, Roman did not return until TLC, however I am making an exception since Roman will be taking part in a multi man tag team match where he can be protected. Rollins does not lose confidence and states Team Authority still has Cena, Roman and Dean outnumbered. Team Authority circles the ring, preparing for a beatdown when the lights in the arena go out...
We're here.
The lights turn back up and Team Cena is joined by Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan in the ring. Rollins and most notably Harper look shocked and Team Authority retreats as Cena looks at Wyatt with distrust. On Smackdown!, Cena calls Wyatt out and asks why Wyatt has decided to join him. Bray Wyatt appears in the ring with Cena and tells him while The Authority are trying to take everything from Cena, The Authority has already taken something from Wyatt, and Wyatt is going to bring him home. Cena warily shakes Wyatt's hand and the match is set.
A few key moments happen in this match. Erick Rowan is eliminated by The Big Show, Roman then brawls with Big Show outside the ring until both men are counted out, Bray Wyatt eliminates Luke Harper and carries him away with Erick Rowan, also allowing himself to be counted out. The match boils down to Cena and Ambrose Vs Rollins, Kane, and Orton. Cena nearly puts Kane away with an Attitude Adjustment but Orton scores a blind tag while Cena has Kane hoisted on his shoulders. Orton then RKOs John Cena and eliminates him from the match. It is now Dean Ambrose against Randy Orton, Kane, and Seth Rollins. This is where I would give Ambrose the performance Dolph Ziggler had in the same position. Ambrose goes back and forth with Orton for 7 minutes before catching him with a backslide, then eliminates Kane, and then is viciously attacked by Triple H before a debuting Sting evens the odds and bashes Triple H with a baseball bat. Ambrose and Rollins then battle one last time in the center of the ring with Ambrose getting the better of Rollins with a Dirty Deeds, scoring the pin, and knocking The Authority out of power.
The big change here is that The Authority will remain out of power for at least one year, therefore the next night on Raw there is a town hall moderated by John Cena in which the new General Manager is selected. After some speculation and fanfare, John Cena reveals the man in charge...
Here Comes the Money...
Shane McMahon returns and puts over John Cena while trashing Triple H and Stephanie. It is easy to despise Shane McMahon now due to his "Best in the World" run, however many forget how exciting it was to see Shane in his actual 2016 return. Here, I think it is a better fit to have Shane return to restore the legitimate power of the McMahon family to the WWE with the full backing of his father rather than some weird storyline with a lock box that I still don't understand. Anyway, here Shane starts proving how cool of a boss he will be by calling Stephanie a bitch like it's the Attitude Era again. Shane also states his first order of business will be decided by John Cena, the captain of the team who won at Survivor Series last night. John Cena considers this but reasons that he did not actually win and realizes abusing this power would kind of be a dick move, so Cena turns to Ambrose. John Cena gives Dean Ambrose a heartfelt thank you for saving his career with an outstanding performance and decides, even though the idea of it scares him, that Dean Ambrose should decide Shane's first order of business. Seth Rollins then storms to the ring and starts raining on everyone's parade. Seth states that even without The Authority he is the future of the company and Dean Ambrose will just be a stepping stone on Seth's path to greatness. Dean fumes and states that Seth has taken everything from Dean. His brotherhood, his job, and even tried to kill him. Dean then smiles and says he is going to take from Seth what matters to him most. Dean turns to Shane and requests that Seth Rollins is stripped of the Money in the Bank briefcase and Shane complies. Seth freaks out and more fuel is added to the feud between he and Ambrose.
I think this match could be fun. Ambrose is not feuding with Bray Wyatt, so instead we continue his feud with Rollins, have Rollins continue his feud with John Cena, and throw in Randy Orton who is no longer tied to Rollins but has history with John Cena at TLC considering the fact they had a title unification match one year prior. After some back and forth, Cena wins (lol) and is scheduled to face Brock Lesnar in a true rematch for the title at the Royal Rumble.
Roman Reigns is not booked for TLC and is instead healing from the hernia and training for the Royal Rumble. Also on the show, Dolph Ziggler beats Luke Harper in a banger ladder match to regain the Intercontinental Title he never lost. This starts Ziggler's push that should have started at Survivor Series in real life.
Before I get to the Rumble, Brock Lesnar defeats John Cena in a competitive match. It pains me that Seth Rollins is not a part of this match as he was in real life since it may be the greatest triple threat match ever, but there is an opportunity later on and I have plans for Seth here.
There are a handful of changes I would make to the Rumble. Daniel Bryan does not return until Elimination Chamber 2015 which takes place in February, therefore he is not eliminated early on in the Rumble killing the mood and momentum of the entire match. The final three are Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins because of course it is. Seth Rollins is joined in the ring by Kane and The Big Show who are still acting as his cronies and the three isolate and beat down Reigns and Ambrose. Ambrose is eliminated and as the vultures swarm Roman, he is saved by not The Rock, but by Sting. Sting hits the ring and fights off Kane and Big Show allowing Roman to fight from underneath and eliminate Seth Rollins to win the Royal Rumble match. For accuracy, I am going to assume Roman gets booed anyway.
Over the next few weeks the question of the Money in the Bank briefcase continues to come up. Dean gave Shane no instructions of what to do with the briefcase and when Seth asks Shane what is happening with the briefcase Shane just brushes Seth off. Here, Seth gets fed up and on Raw, Edge comes along and Seth threatens to deliver a Curb Stomp to Edge unless he gets the Money in the Bank briefcase back. Shane appears on the Titantron and states he has found a solution. Shane sets an Elimination Chamber match for the Money in the Bank briefcase and tells Seth he will allow Seth to compete for the briefcase only if he lets Edge go. Seth shows restraint and allows Edge to leave, thus cementing the match.
In the match, Cena eliminates Orton who reenters the Chamber and puts Cena down with an RKO. Dolph Ziggler then eliminates Cena and Kane before falling victim to Seth Rollins. Rollins then battles Ambrose and hits the Curb Stomp on the steel grate to regain his Money in the Bank briefcase.
Also on the show, Roman and Brock have a staredown that ends with Brock decimating Roman with 8 German Suplexes and standing tall. Also, Daniel Bryan returns and is confronted by United States Champion Rusev. It is also announced Triple H will face Sting at Wrestlemania 31.
Here is the Wrestlemania 31 card:
At Wrestlemania, Dean Ambrose defeats Seth Rollins in the opener as Randy Orton did in real life. Meanwhile, I change nothing about the main event. Seth Rollins cashes in and performs the heist of the century leaving Wrestlemania 31 with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
After Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar creates havoc on Raw and attacks Shane McMahon, getting himself suspended indefinitely. Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose lays claim to the World title since he beat Seth at Wrestlemania setting up the match at Extreme Rules. Throughout the month, Roman and Dean go to war with Seth, Kane, and Big Show and it is determined the title match must take place in a steel cage to prevent interference.
Seth Rollins retains by escaping the cage after Kane comes up through the ring and distracts Ambrose. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns beats Big Show in a Last Man Standing match because that match was amazing in real life. Nothing about that match changes.
Roman then sets his sights on Rollins, but Ambrose still has claim to the title after a dusty finish at Extreme Rules. Also, Brock Lesnar's suspension is lifted. So...
Oh. Hell. Yeah.
In this entire booking this match excites me the most. Brock Lesnar tears through the former Shield and the interfering Kane and Big Show. Rollins, Ambrose, and Reigns are finally forced to work together just about a year after their break up to neutralize a common threat. The former Shield hits a triple powerbomb through the announcer's table on Brock and we get a sneak peak of The Shield triple threat. Roman and Dean hit Seth with a Double Powerbomb through the other announcer's table before heading back to the ring to settle the score man to man. Dean gets the upper hand and hits Dirty Deeds but Rollins rushes back to the ring, dumps Ambrose, and hits Roman with the Curb Stomp to retain.
Seth and Dean then arrive at their blowoff match and nothing changes from the original.
This match at MITB 2015 is arguably Seth and Dean's greatest singles match, so I would change nothing in it. Seth wins the match and Dean is in the ring and begins to cut the same "Hard Times" style promo that he did after the match. Dusty Rhodes had just passed and I feel this promo was a great tribute. As Dean finishes the promo, the lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears, attacking Dean with a possessed look in his eye. MITB 2015 goes off the air with Bray Wyatt proclaiming "Evil is Coming."
Also at MITB, Sheamus wins the Money in the Bank briefcase clean. Bray does not interfere and cost Roman the match, but Roman is not happy about Bray attacking Dean. This sets up a match at Battleground.
Dean Ambrose has not been seen since Money in the Bank and Roman wants retribution. Roman nearly has the match won but a returning Luke Harper interferes and ensures Bray Wyatt picks up the victory. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins successfully defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena after an interfering Brock Lesnar draws the disqualification by attacking both men.
Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper then begin attacking Roman weekly with the message "Evil is Coming" because with phrases like "Follow the Buzzards," "Let Me In," and the simple "Run," I'm convinced Bray Wyatt can get anything over. This continues until Dean Ambrose returns and a match is made for Summerslam.
We are still in reality as Roman and Dean defeat The Wyatt Family. In the coming weeks, Bray Wyatt still assures us "Evil is Coming" and we later witness the debut of "The Black Sheep" Braun Strowman. Also at Summerslam, Seth Rollins successfully defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena and Brock Lesnar in a triple threat match (yes, it happens here), pinning John Cena after a Phoenix Splash.
Bray sits this one out because I don't want to drag Chris Jericho into this. Braun Strowman chokes out Dean Ambrose and picks up the win for The Wyatt Family. Also at Night of Champions, Seth Rollins defeats Brock Lesnar in a No Holds Barred match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after interference from The Undertaker. Brock Lesnar would then face The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at the next pay per view.
Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, and Luke Harper continue to make the lives of Roman and Dean a living hell and Seth Rollins begins to laugh at them from afar. Bray Wyatt then turns his attention to Seth and tells him that hubris will be his downfall, because evil will come for Seth Rollins too. Seth Rollins is then attacked by The Wyatt Family as well and escapes with the help of Kane, however Big Show falls victim as he stands face to face with Braun Strowman. Braun chokes out Big Show before lifting him for a thunderous Powerslam that puts Big Show through the ring. Later that night, The Wyatt Family attack Roman and Dean once more but the duo are saved by Seth Rollins in a tremendous and shocking act of heroism. Roman and Dean look on with distrust, but determine they all have a common enemy and it would be best to put their differences aside for one night...
You know where this is going...
The Shield Vs The Wyatt Family never felt sweeter. Roman Spears Braun through the Cell wall and Ambrose and Rollins hit stereo dives off the side of the Cell onto Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper through the announcer's tables before returning to the ring. During the match Erick Rowan returns during a blackout to give the Wyatts the upper hand. Kane rushes to the ring and tears the door off the Cell (continuity) to even the odds but it is all for naught. Bray eventually pins Roman Reigns and then the Wyatt Family carries the lifeless body of Kane to the back. In the main event, Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker and The Wyatt Family then attacks Undertaker before carrying his lifeless body to the back, setting up the Survivor Series match which happened in real life.
Here, Seth Rollins suffers his knee injury at a house show and is forced to vacate the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. A tournament is announced for Survivor Series and this plays out as it did in real life. Throughout the tournament, Sheamus continuously interferes in Roman Reigns' matches. Dean believes Sheamus is afraid that he can't beat Roman for the title, therefore Dean pledges to protect Roman from Sheamus during his matches. At Survivor Series, Roman Reigns defeats Alberto Del Rio despite interference from Sheamus. Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose defeats Kevin Owens to advance to the finals.
Here the match can play out as it did in real life with one massive exception. During the match, Dean hits Roman with a superplex and both men are down. Sheamus rushes to the ring and cashes in his Money in the Bank contract. Sheamus clocks Dean Ambrose over the head with the briefcase and Roman rises to his feet. Sheamus then smiles at Roman, shakes Roman's hand, and leaves the ring. Just as The Rock turned heel to win his first world title in 1998 against Mankind, Roman Reigns has sold out to The Authority to defeat his brother. Roman Reigns pins Dean Ambrose, becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and is joined in the ring by Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Rusev.
The next night on Raw, Roman explains that no matter what he did, the fans never cared for him. They booed him at the Royal Rumble, they booed him at Wrestlemania, and they booed him at Survivor Series. Roman claims the fans always loved Dean Ambrose, so he brutalized Dean just like Seth did before him. Roman states that he is the one who killed the Shield and burns his vest. Roman then claimed Dean is nothing more than the Abel to his Cain and stated from now on they are enemies. Dean rushes down to the ring but is swiftly beaten by Roman and the League of Nations (minus Del Rio, because he sucks).
Dean is later seen backstage in an undisclosed location licking his wounds, now truly and desperately alone. The lights flicker and Dean is approached by Bray Wyatt with The Wyatt Family in tow. Bray tells Dean that he tried to warn him that Evil was Coming, that he tried to beat some sense into Dean and show him the light, but by putting his trust in Roman, Dean has inflicted all of this pain on himself. Bray then asks Dean if he trusts Wyatt and tells him Evil is Here, before asking Dean to help him fight it.
This match is pure chaos as Shane McMahon, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Rusev all interfere before The Wyatt Family appears and evens the odds. In the end Roman ascends above the mayhem and clutches his title, defeating Ambrose and retaining.
Roman takes the night off and does not defend the title, citing Brock Lesnar's title reign as precedent and stating he does not have to defend the title at the pay per view. Shane McMahon and The Authority agree. The final five in the Rumble are Dean Ambrose, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Rusev, and Brock Lesnar. The League of Nations team up and eliminate Lesnar who then goes on a tear, returning to the ring and eliminating Wade Barrett and Rusev. In the confusion, Dean Ambrose eliminates Sheamus and escapes Brock's wrath, earning a spot in the main event of Wrestlemania.
Sheamus and the other League of Nations members make it their mission to prevent Dean Ambrose from making it to Wrestlemania. Unfortunately, Brock Lesnar is still pissed about the Rumble. During the match, Brock decimates Barrett and Rusev on the outside and Dean Ambrose picks up the win in the opener. Later in the night, Roman meets with The Authority and tells them that enough is enough. He will sign a contract for Wrestlemania against Ambrose and end his career at Wrestlemania 32. At the contract signing, things turn physical as Ambrose and Reigns begin to brawl. Suddenly, Rollins rushes the ring and puts both Roman and Dean down with a Curb Stomp to a mixed reaction before leaving the ring. Rollins limps up the ramp and yells out, stating he is back to reclaim what is his. The next night, both Ambrose and Reigns claim they want the same thing, so Shane McMahon gives it to them.
I understand Rollins did not return until Extreme Rules, however I think he was honestly ready to go based on his recovery documentary. So long as Rollins keeps a light schedule and does not wrestle until Wrestlemania 32, I think this match is possible...
Wrestlemania 32 sucked. I think this match makes it suck less. We get the Shield Triple Threat where Roman is properly booed and he scores the pin on Dean Ambrose to retain. Seth Rollins puts on a gutsy performance and the knee injury gives the fans a reason to want to see his redemption arc. Following Wrestlemania, things look much the same as they did in real life albeit with Roman Reigns as the heel and Seth Rollins as the face. Seth Rollins will go out another two months to heal before returning at Extreme Rules, so the pay per views still look the same.
In the lead up to Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins tells the fans that when he went out with the injury, he understood how it felt to be alone. Seth said no one called him up to ask how he was or to check on him. Seth claims The Authority used him to get what they wanted and then moved on to Roman. Seth claims watching Roman betray Dean sickened him and made him rethink what he has done in his career. Seth then claims he will right the wrongs of the past and kill the beast he created in Roman Reigns.
Within 15 minutes, every member of The Shield won the World Title, Seth Rollins gained redemption and turned face, and Dean Ambrose enacted vengeance on Seth Rollins, beginning his heel turn heading into the brand split of 2016. And the story of The Shield ends here.
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And by this I mean Anthony Brown not being a genuine liability on every single play.
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