2021.12.03 01:59 Alarming-Ad-4479 Help

You know those girls in high school who are dye their hair, use eyeliner and have a messy/emo hairstyle and doesn’t seem interested in dating? How do you approach those girls? Because I tried talking to one but she didn’t even bother to look lol
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2021.12.03 01:59 Little_Lychee987 What screams “I’m a pseudo-intellectual”?

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2021.12.03 01:59 JDNWACO New to rocket league.

Would you guys mind telling me what to work on first? Maybe a small list of what to master. I have about 10 hours total played and I’m learning but idk what I should master first. Tia
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2021.12.03 01:59 Here_to_help_Steer ArchAngel Token Contest Started Today!

ArchAngel Token Contest Started Today! Do you like to participate on contests? Then join ArchAngel Token Official Telegram Channel which is found on our website The Rules will pinned there and the contest will run from today till Dec 4 at 9:00pm Easter Time. Good luck to you!
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2021.12.03 01:59 InformationForward39 Shift Work and Pet Sitting

Hi, folks. First time poster in this subreddit. This is just a question of curious. A little background info: I do some house/pet sitting occasionally, as a part time hobby/side hustle for a little extra money. I have three regular clients whom I’ve known for several years that are very pleased with my services and trust me to take care of their pets like they were my own. All of them are dog owners. I think it helps that they’re very familiar with me and my unusual schedule.
I also work a full time graveyard shift schedule (5pm-5am) 3-4 days a week. I’m thankful my current clients pets are adaptable to the situation and have always done very well with it. What works easiest for me to do this is staying at their houses when I sit for them. I try to keep as much consistency with potty breaks during the day, even if I am losing a few minutes of sleep, but overall the arrangement works well for everyone.
Does anyone else work non-traditional schedules alongside pet sitting? How would you go about explaining the scheduling when approached by potential clients and are they generally understanding?
Thanks all! I look forward to hearing your insights!
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2021.12.03 01:59 Laoweek My biggest city yet, 500k pops (sadly reached object limit)

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2021.12.03 01:59 AstroBillyBob Double Shot: Why was KP’s picture blurred out when Vinny asked Uncle Nino about who he should pick?

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2021.12.03 01:59 PuzzleheadedSun3589 Realistic (and possibly harsh) Dating Advice For Introverts…

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2021.12.03 01:59 SleepingOnMarbles Waiting on my tilt table test appointment but...

I did a quick "laying down, sitting, standing" test with my home BP reader. I waited two minutes in between readings. I'm not sure what "normal" heartrate changes look like when changing positions, so I wanted to share my result and see if it looks like it's leaning toward POTS.
122/73 pulse 79 (laying down)
120/73 pulse 90-irregular (sitting up)
123/86 pulse 123 (standing)
123/82 pulse 92 (sitting)
123/70 pulse 75 (laying down)
I already have a tilt table scheduled but it isn't for a couple weeks so I thought I'd see if anyone here has some insight for me. Thanks!
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2021.12.03 01:59 lssqa_dev_3 LssTest-TextPost

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2021.12.03 01:59 InverseFlash Respect Sir Bedivere! (Fate)

The gravity of my sins made me want to rip out my own heart. Despite remembering that, I still turned an unfaithful sword toward the king.
Sir Bedivere was the most loyal of the Knights of the Round that rallied in Britain's greatest castle, Camelot. He served his king with the utmost devotion, and did so with extreme pride. It is said that upon the hill of Camlann, it was he who found the dying Arthur Pendragon, and brought him to a nearby forest to ease his passing. Arthur commanded Bedivere to take Excalibur from him, and return it to the lake it came from. Bedivere started to, but could not follow through on the act of killing his king. He returned to Arthur, and lied, telling him the deed was done. Arthur saw through the knight, and ordered him to fulfill his last request. This repeated once more, and on the third trip, Bedivere placed Excalibur within the shoals of the lake. When he returned to Arthur, his king lay still.
In the events of the Camelot Singularity, Bedivere had never been able to complete that third task, and instead kept the sword for safekeeping. However, when he returned to Artoria, she was no longer there. Bedivere's selfishness led to Artoria never passing on, but instead taking up the sacred lance Rhongomyniad, and leading the Wild Hunt through Europe for centuries. Bedivere searched in vain for his king, until he washed up on the shore of Merlin's Isle of Avalon. Merlin granted the weary knight's request: one last chance to fulfill his king's wish.
Class Saber
Strength A
Agility A+
Luck B
Endurance B
Mana C
Noble Phantasm A
Thanks to u/Cleverly_Clearly for helping gather feats. Thanks to u/virlex15 for providing Grand Order profile scans.
Abbreviation Source
GO Fate/Grand Order
WA Fate/Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table: Wandering; Airgetlam
PA Fate/Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table: Paladin; Agateram
VI Fate/Grand Order The Stage: Order VI: Domain of the Holy Round Table Camelot Replica: Agateram
Strength Blocking
Durability Speed Skill Class Skills
Magic Resistance (B): Invalidate magic with chant 3 verses or less. Receives mostly no damage even against Great Thaumaturgy or Ritual Spells.
Riding (A): Capable of freely operating vehicles and beast besides those with the rank of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast.
Personal Skills
Calm Composure (B): He does not get confused in any kind of situation. He suppress his own emotion and calmly observes his surroundings, guiding towards the most optimum tactics. Grand plus correction to mental resistance. Resistant especially against confusion and impatience. Even if he alone takes on hundreds or thousands of enemy soldiers, Bedivere will never be bewildered. This skill would also work in a steward-like manner.
Vow of Protection (B): Plus correction to encampment defense. Raises defense power of all member in allied camp.
Military Tactics (C): A tactical instinctive ability in regards of battle involving large numbers. Grants correction in the case of using an anti-army Noble Phantasm or when against the enemy's own anti-army Noble Phantasm. He is said to be an everlasting commandant.
In Combat
Noble Phantasm: Dead End Argetlam, Flash, Silver Arm
Devour my soul and come forth, o silver shooting star. ...Dead end, Airgetlam!
A slash special move utilizing the silver arm that concealed a colossal amount of magic energy. Only possible to be activated during the time of Switch On・Argetlam's combat activation. A flashing anti-unit, anti-army annihilation attack that blazes on the enemy line by means of "hand swing".
Noble Phantasm: Switch On Argetlam, Take the Sword, Silver Arm
Switch on, Argetlam!
A silver arm given by the magus Merlin to compensate for having only one arm. Not the "silver arm" divine forged armament that was utilized by the Celtic war god Nuadha, but a transient Noble Phantasm whose existence was backed by granting it the same name with the one in the myth. Its true identity is the "unreturned holy sword" existing only in a "if" history-----The one used by Bedivere summoned in Chaldea is not the holy sword itself, but an imaginary holy sword. A continuously active type of Noble Phantasm. Usually his output is that of an average human, but when performing activation for combat, the Strength, Endurance, and Agility parameters rise, and he gains a bonus for his sword attack. (His written status already takes parameter rise into account)
This is nothing compared to the light of my king's blade.
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2021.12.03 01:59 mawdrynn Who Robbed Roger Moore?

Who Robbed Roger Moore? Like so many stories about the Oklahoma City bombing, there are multiple versions of what happened during the November 5, 1994 robbery of Roger Moore. Roger Moore, also known by the name Bob Miller, met McVeigh at a gun show in south Florida in January 1993. They stayed in touch as they worked the gun show circuit throughout the country.
McVeigh was friendly with both Roger and his wife, Karen Anderson, who lived together part of the year on 10 acres of land near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Anderson was at a gun show in Louisiana on the morning of the robbery. Almost nothing of Karen’s was taken except for a .308 rifle with a custom stock and a checkered black-and-white K-mart bedspread used to carry the stolen items out from the house.
Approximately $60,000-$65,000 was stolen from Roger Moore during the robbery: $12,000 in cash, 15 handguns, 70 long rifles, two .50 caliber sniper rifles, ammunition, 200-250 precious jewels, pre-Columbian jade, tiki dolls, one videocamera, two Minolta cameras with flash and tripods, a Minolta lens kit with two telephoto lenses, and $10,000 in gold and silver coins. The thief also stole Moore’s van, which was later found abandoned.
Around 9:15 on the morning of November 5th, Moore was held at gunpoint after stepping outside to feed the geese. Moore testified that he saw “a horrible picture, a man dressed with camouflage, with a black ski mask, carrying a pistol-grip shotgun aimed right at my face.”
The assailant also wore combat boots and gloves and brandished a pistol-grip shotgun. He blindfolded Moore and bound him with duct tape. The man mentioned an accomplice, but Moore only saw one person on his property. Moore described the single assailant as a “gringo with a suntan”, standing 5’10” to 5’11”, weighing 165-185 pounds and having a stocky, muscular build.
So who robbed Roger Moore?
Timothy McVeigh
Moore did suspect McVeigh, who had been to his home on three occasions and would have been familiar with the layout of the property, but said he knew definitively that the assailant was not McVeigh. Moore told investigators that although he heard McVeigh was in Ohio on the day of the robbery, he believed McVeigh was smart enough to send someone else to do the job. “Tim really stands out in a crowd and there’s no mistaking him.”
In addition to not fitting Moore’s physical description of the assailant, McVeigh had an alibi — he checked into the Knights Inn motel in Kent, Ohio on November 4. From November 5-6, McVeigh was working a table at the Niles Gun Show.
McVeigh did obtain blasting caps for the Murrah bomb in the robbery (and may have even obtained other components from Moore, as Nichols later implicated Moore as a co-conspirator who provided materials). McVeigh was mysterious about his connections to “Bob in Arkansas”. His own defense team learned that Bob Miller was actually a man named Roger Moore not from McVeigh himself, but from two Detroit journalists.
Terry Nichols
McVeigh and Terry Nichols have both claimed that Nichols was the perpetrator of the Moore robbery. Nichols was 5’9” and weighed 160 pounds at the time. Nichols always wore his glasses and did not have facial hair (Moore described the assailant as having some facial hair and a strong odor).
Nichols claimed “On November 1, 1994, McVeigh approached me about robbing Moore. Initially, I refused. McVeigh threatened to harm both me and my family if I did not rob Roger Moore. McVeigh then went in to great detail about the case with which the robbery would be carried out. He says that ‘it will be much easier than you think. Moore will be like a kitten and will give you absolutely no trouble at all — just trust me.’ At this point I said ‘If it is that easy, then why don’t you do it yourself instead of the two of us?’ McVeigh then said: ‘You’re going to be doing it by yourself. I will be in New York with an alibi and since Roger doesn’t know you, any investigation will come to an end.’ Instead of New York, I later discovered that McVeigh’s alibi would be his presence at a gun show in Ohio when the robbery took place.”
Nichols claimed McVeigh gave him information about Moore’s schedule and home along with the target date of November 5, 1994. Shortly after the robbery, Nichols mailed Tim $2,000 in $100 bills and rented a storage unit where he stored, among other items, a black ski mask.
In a search of the Nichols’ home, investigators found a safe-deposit box key taken during the robbery (Nichols claimed it belonged to McVeigh), along with some of the guns. Nichols later claimed that the Kinestik found at his Herington, Kansas home also came from Moore’s property.
McVeigh provided around 20-25 guns from the robbery to Michael Fortier to resell at gun shows. Fortier testified that McVeigh told him “Terry had did Bob” and warned him to watch his back. Fortier went on to describe what McVeigh told him about the robbery: "He told me that Terry had parked his vehicle on this dirt road near Bob's house and he had to travel through some woods to get to Bob's house and that Terry had hidden behind — this man named Bob's shed or garage, I'm not sure which. And when Bob came out in the morning, Terry confronted him. Terry had a shotgun, and Terry ordered Bob to go back inside the house, and he tied him up and put all Bob's weapons into Bob's van. He said that during this time, Terry got tired and had to untie Bob and have him help him, and he retied Bob up and got inside the van and drove to where his truck was and unloaded the weapons and then drove away.”
Michael Brescia
Elohim City leader Robert Millar told journalist J.D. Cash that Brescia assisted with the robbery of Roger Moore. David Paul Hammer, an inmate serving time on Death Row with McVeigh, gave reporter Mark Hamm a list of names that supposedly came from McVeigh himself. The list consisted of “Richard Lee Guthrie, Peter Langan, Scott Stedeford, Mark Thomas, Michael Brescia, Shawn Kenney, Elohim City, OK compound, the Aryan Republican Army.”
One of the Aryan Republican Army’s (ARA) goals was to fund domestic terrorism. McVeigh certainly had a passing awareness of the ARA/Midwest Bank bandits, and it’s possible that he may have even participated in some of their bank robberies.
Brescia was 5’9” and weighed 175 pounds (and generally fits the description of John Doe No. 2). David Paul Hammer alleges that Richard Guthrie and Michael Brescia both may have been the perpetrators of the robbery, though Roger Moore only saw one man.
Richard Lee Guthrie, Jr
Richard Guthrie — a professional armed robber with Navy SEAL training — was in Arkansas at the time of the robbery. Guthrie was 5’7”, weighed 170-185 pounds, and frequently donned a moustache. There are some indications (from both McVeigh and Moore) that the Arkansas robbery was meant to be a murder, and Guthrie is the only man on this list with experience as a hired killer.
McVeigh knew Guthrie from the gun show circuit (they first met in February 1994). ARA leader Peter Langan said in an interview from prison that Guthrie was the one who robbed Roger Moore. They may have surveilled Moore’s home together on two separate occasions, and Langan could give no alibi for Guthrie during their time in Arkansas.
At the time of his January 15, 1996 arrest, Guthrie had among his possessions a driver’s license bearing the alias “Robert Miller” (the same alias that Roger Moore used on the gun show circuit). Guthrie killed himself after his arrest, without ever testifying about the Aryan Republican Army’s involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing.
Roger Moore
Did the 1994 robbery even take place? Various version of the story have been told by Roger Moore himself. The defense counsel for Terry Nichols alleged that Moore may have lied about the robbery in an insurance scheme. Details about the value of what was taken vary, along with details about the crime itself. To some people, Moore claimed the robber fired his shotgun once, but to others, he claimed the gun never went off. In some accounts, his dog barks.
In his testimony for the Nichols’ trial, Moore said he knew the robber was a “professional killer”. Though he couldn’t identify him “in any way, shape or form,” Moore did know for sure that McVeigh was not the assailant. Moore suspected McVeigh’s involvement not just because of his inside knowledge of certain hidden items — Moore and McVeigh had gotten into an argument during a Soldier of Fortune gun show in Las Vegas.
At other times, Moore claimed the federal government was behind the crime. Some sources have even said that Roger Moore himself was a government agent or informant who may have facilitated McVeigh meeting various extremist characters.
There is a great deal of speculation regarding who actually robbed Roger Moore on November 5, 1994, much of which cannot be verified. Do you believe the story McVeigh told to Michael Fortier and his lawyers? Or do you think there is another culprit to consider beyond McVeigh and Nichols, implications of a larger criminal conspiracy?
Who do you think committed the crime?
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2021.12.03 01:59 Sorry_Intern4007 Is there a deadline to switch to v2?

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2021.12.03 01:59 MandiocaGamer A rare win in Kaleidoscope Breakthrough for the History Pre Nerf - Colorized

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2021.12.03 01:59 CumWagon3D__ I think I’m losing feelings for my girlfriend of 10 months and I don’t know how to let her down easy.

I need some help. Recently I (17m) and my girlfriend (17f) we’re buying each other gifts for Christmas and got into a but of an argument where my mom stepped in and gave me her true opinion on her. This is when I started fully considering ending our relationship. But it’s not where these thoughts began. For her birthday this year I got her a cheep necklace because I was tight for money and she knew this but continued to talk bad about me to a mutual friend (who’s boyfriend constantly gets her extravagant gifts) who still makes fun of me for getting a shirt gift. Fast forward to now, she never comes over to my place as she is apparently “worried about what my parents think of her” and always makes me drive to and pay dates. I don’t want to hurt her but I’m not happy and I’m also very stressed with school as well as hockey taking up all of my time I just don’t know what to do. Please Reddit, help me
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2021.12.03 01:59 Cosmic-Federation Flags of the Amandine Federation (My nation in minecraft server)

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2021.12.03 01:59 Katieroshell Other day, and yes that's a fallout 4 tattoo peeking thru lol (26)

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2021.12.03 01:59 politicalinsensitive I have this strange circle thing in the back of my throat, I have no pain while I am swallowing? any idea what it could possibly be? going to doctor soon

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2021.12.03 01:59 FoodieSamreen [Homemade]Weight loss Drink Magical Fat Cutter morning drink

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2021.12.03 01:59 panchovilla_ Hardcore SMP [Hardcore] [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {Death Ban} {Graves} {Land Claims} {1.18}

Welcome to Hardcore SMP! We're a fresh server that just upgraded to 1.18 and have a lot of room for growth!
Server IP :
Discord :
Death Ban: Upon death you will be banned for 24 hours. A grave appears upon your site of death or most recent re-spawn point and will contain your xp and items. Graves are lootable by any player!
Land Claim: Griefing is allowed, but can be mitigated by using land claims! Each hour spent on the server gives you 150 claim blocks, the more time spent online the more blocks you get! However, upon death, you loose all your claims and must reclaim your builds and chests.
World Border: There is a world border of 3,000 blocks in every direction, once the server gets more players we'll expand this according to demand and size.
How long will you last? Join us over at Hardcore SMP!
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