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POV: You chose Bosom [PART TWO]

Find out how to watch Bosom Buddies. Stream the latest seasons and episodes, watch trailers, and more for Bosom Buddies at TV Guide ... The two-time Oscar-winning actor will appear in an upcoming ... Therefore, Old Testament saints went to a place called Abraham’s Bosom. In Luke 16, Jesus describes two distinctly different places, where man’s soul went at death: 1. the place of comfort called Abraham’s Bosom and 2. the place of torment that we refer to as Hell. 1) Abraham’s Bosom Was Not Heaven. Two years after Bosom Buddies ended, Scolari followed that up with an Emmy-nominated turn as TV producer Michael Harris on Newhart, which earned him three consecutive nods for Outstanding ... The latest Tweets from Poe's Law 🇷🇺: 3.33 You can (not) redo (@LivingScribe). Too weird to live | Too rare to die | #1 Fan of Sparkling Water | Top 5% on ... In 1980 he starred in the comedy Bosom Buddies with TomHanks about two friends who dress as women to live in an affordable women’s only apartment. The series lasted two years before it was canceled. "Bosom Buddies" was on the air for two seasons at ABC. On the show, Scolari and Hanks dressed as women in order to move into an affordable women-only residence. The two actors remained good ... (WJW)– Peter Scolari, who starred alongside Tom Hanks in the 1980s sitcom “Bosom Buddies,” has died at the age of 66, TMZ reported on Friday. He battled cancer for about two years. Peter Scolari, who rose to stardom on the brilliant-but-canceled “Bosom Buddies” alongside Tom Hanks, died Friday morning at age 66 of cancer, after a two-year illness. His death was confirmed ... The breast is one of two prominences located on the upper ventral region of a primate's torso.In females, it serves as the mammary gland, which produces and secretes milk to feed infants. Both females and males develop breasts from the same embryological tissues. At puberty, estrogens, in conjunction with growth hormone, cause breast development in female humans and to a much lesser extent in ... Peter Scolari, who co-starred with Tom Hanks in TV’s "Bosom Buddies," died Friday. He was 66. His manager, Ellen Lubin Sanitsky, told CNN the actor had been ill for two years with cancer.. Aside from "Bosom Buddies," Scolari appeared in various films and television series including "Newhart," "Murphy Brown," and "The Good Fight."

2021.12.04 21:03 Yeeter_of_Worlds12 POV: You chose Bosom [PART TWO]

POV: You chose Bosom [PART TWO]
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2021.12.04 21:03 TimmyChips Guys, why are there useless, shiny blue rocks in my large iron ore vein? In all honesty, never thought I would find a large ore vein in survival

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2021.12.04 21:03 Raredzzi Does anyone know whether PC performance is better than it was near release?

Refunded earlier. I would like to give it another try when I get more than 30fps and less stuttering w/ PC that runs BF V ultra settings 100-120fps.
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2021.12.04 21:03 No-Technician4548 Madness Combat 9.5 part 3 official leak

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2021.12.04 21:03 ZoolShop Newly discovered Comet Leonard to fly by Earth in once-in-a-lifetime event: Here’s how to see it

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2021.12.04 21:03 Multisensory Closing Steam with FFXIV running

I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be an issue, with FFXIV using its own client, but can anyone confirm if you can quit Steam and not mess up the game running?
My girlfriend is using my laptop, signed into my Steam, but on her FFXIV account. I don't want to try it and risk the queue.
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2021.12.04 21:03 WPudian "A distant memory..."

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2021.12.04 21:03 wyhivska I worry about this toad's relationship more than my own.

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2021.12.04 21:03 antdude Giant Balloon Hulk vs Comic-Con - Guinness World Records

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2021.12.04 21:03 teresarosedesign Just finished my first ever quilting project!

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2021.12.04 21:03 jaeminds Songbomb and mental illness.. also TW!

So as someone who suffers from mental illness themselves, I do wonder if Grizzly BearByrd has some type of mental illness.. I have psychotic depression, PTSD, and Bipolar I. She definitely gives me antisocial personality and psychosis vibes…. What do ya’ll think?
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2021.12.04 21:03 succulentboi_pavel Ai, "penis"

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2021.12.04 21:03 heartlessfam PSD prepara debandada nas listas de deputados

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2021.12.04 21:03 RaspberryCommercial4 The regulars are an a youtube ad! Glad to see they are doing well!

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2021.12.04 21:03 LtChestnut [OC] While photographing the amazing Pleiades star cluster, a laser from a nearby telescope photobombed one of my images. I liked it so much, I decided to keep it in the final photo!

[OC] While photographing the amazing Pleiades star cluster, a laser from a nearby telescope photobombed one of my images. I liked it so much, I decided to keep it in the final photo! submitted by LtChestnut to space [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 21:03 eointheaviator Cleaning the espresso machines? (mastrena 1)

Does anyone have any kind of guide or learning materials for this?
I have never done and was never shown an in depth cleaning of them. How do you properly remove the bean hoppers would be one question of mine? (I’m writing this at home, so I’m not sure if it is relatively easy but I will try it I when I’m back tomorrow)
Are there any other things that need removed and cleaned other than the main things? I’m used to rinsing and cleaning the outside and the obvious parts like steam wand, grounds drawer, etc
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2021.12.04 21:03 Volnutt7 (BDSP). LF : Heracross/rayquaza/dragonite FT: Mew or dialga cloned

Can also trade other BD exclusives
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2021.12.04 21:03 sharewithme Word of The Hour: interseptal

interseptal: between septa
See tree for interseptal: https://treegledictionary.org/define/interseptal
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2021.12.04 21:03 ReturnOfOcho LF: 6 iv foreign ditto FT: shiny foreign ditto

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2021.12.04 21:03 cameroni17 Job titles?

I’ll graduate with two A.A.S from a community college one in industrial maintenance/electrical and one in automation/mechatronics. What are all the job titles I need to look up and what different directions can I go with these degrees?
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2021.12.04 21:03 xxfallen420xx FAILS TO DELIVER JUNPED TO 2700% WE AINT SELLING. HOLDING STRONG AF. (link in comments)

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2021.12.04 21:03 sjanevardsson Eden's Promise 3 - Rewards and Rescue part 1

First Previous [Next]() The end of her first cycle on Eden’s Promise came without fanfare for Livi. She was finally used to her third watch hours and the occasional long days that required more than one engineer on some task.
This was one of those times. They’d taken on an unusual load deep in Qolor space: colony equipment, food stores, insta-habs, and a dozen “first landing” colonists. Their destination was on the edge of Qolor space near a former Hegemony system; barely patrolled and possibly occupied by pirates.
The Promise had two Qolori fighter escorts, so she wasn’t too worried about who or what they might run into. She’d been briefed extensively on the Terran Merchant Fleet response to pirates. It boiled down to don’t fight, open the door rather than making them cut the ship apart to get in, don’t risk any lives for cargo, get any information you can to provide to the fleet, and return with all haste to a friendly port to report it.
“Livi, got yer head in the clouds again?” Ava’s voice surprised her, and she nearly dropped her helmet.
“Yeah, sorry. Just thinking about going where there might be pirates.” She pulled her helmet on and turned it a quarter turn until it clicked and then sat so that Ava could check it before she went out.
“Thinking about a thing won’t change it happening or not, lass.” Ava checked all the seams and seals of Livi’s suit. First the neck, then the upper hands, the lower hands, the feet and finally, the main torso closure.
“Which sensor is down?” Livi asked.
“Port, midships three, just above the docking airlock.”
“Oh, so we could walk down there first and make it a short trip then?”
“Nay, the docking airlock won’t open without a ship docked. You’ll be going out this airlock.”
“Okay. So,” Livi said, tracing the route in her head, “up to the top, then astern four rails…no, five rails, and the sensor on the port side.”
“Good lass. I’ve got you on comms, so you won’t be alone.” Ava handed Livi a new sensor and mount and pointed to the airlock door. “Jorge and Otto are standing by in case there’s any trouble. And you have your tools?”
Livi patted the large adjustable tool hanging from her waist and verified that her small tools were safely in their cargo pocket and connected to her suit with lanyards. She gave a thumbs-up with both of her lower hands.
With that, Ava cycled the airlock. Livi stepped out on her third solo space walk in the cycle she’d been aboard. The sensors were dead easy to change; disconnect the power, loosen the lock nut, lift the gimbal out, drop the new one in and reverse the process.
Magnetic boots kept her connected to the ship, but as soon as she was in a place to do so, she clipped her tether onto the first rail. That was the only thing they existed for. Livi made her way to the fifth rail toward the bow, unclipped from the fourth and clipped to the fifth. To her left was the sensor with the lock nut marked “M3P.”
“At midships three port sensor. No apparent external damage.” As she worked, she spoke every action, as a sort of diary along with the holo recording that was happening. “Removing the power connector. Plugging power connector into tester…power is nominal and not fluctuating. Loosening lock nut…lifting out sensor and gimbal…installing new sensor and gimbal…tightening lock nut to 35 newton-meters…reconnecting power…sensor cycling green.”
“That’s perfect, Livi,” Jorge said over the radio. “We’ve got a clean signal, let’s put the gimbal through its paces.”
She watched as the gimbal rotated the sensor through 360 degrees in a sphere. “Looks great from here, no stuttering or binding.”
Ava’s voice carried less of the ‘boss’ vibe, and more of the gentle tone Livi remembered from her as a teacher. “Good job, everyone. Livi, come on back in.”
Livi made her way back to the airlock and waited for it to cycle. No sooner had it pressurized than the humans Ava and Jorge burst in, while the apprentice engineer hung back. Jorge helped her remove her helmet while Ava applied adhesive to a patch and pressed it to the chest of her suit. It was an EVA certification patch.
“This ain’t the official one,” Ava said, “but you earned it.”
“Congratulations, Fourth Engineer Livi Doe.” The voice was stilted, a result of coming through a translator that converted clicks and whistles into something approximating Terran Common speech.
The congratulations came from Apprentice Engineer Otto, whose species was known as Makshutrin by the Federation because their language was entirely whistles and clicks and impossible for the other sapient races to copy.
Otto stood just under one meter tall, a compact body on four stout, rubbery limbs with a prehensile tentacle tail. They had two tentacle-like arms that ended in six smaller tentacles that acted as hands. Their hands and arms could stretch to nearly half again their normal length, and their “fingers” could grip smooth, flat surfaces with enough strength to hold twice their mass.
“Thank you, Ava, and Jorge. Without you, I wouldn’t have such a cool job in the first place. And thanks, Otto. Have you decided if you’re going to sign on to the Promise, or move on?”
“I am thinking Hope’s Promise would be a good way to spend a few years,” they said. “I lived on Luna for fifty-one Terran years after the Hegemony war. My kind were used as slave ship mechanics because we can endure hard vacuum for many hours without a suit, and because we can live on nothing but cellulose.”
They curled their tail thoughtfully. “I avoided being a ship’s mechanic because of the bad memories, but enough time had passed, I figured I would try it out. It turns out I like hanging out with humans, and especially their pets.” They sighed. “Parrots are the best. They can actually speak \high-pitched whistles and clicks** with a little training. Not that they really know what they’re saying, but they are great mimics.”
“While I’ve got you all here,” Ava said, “we need to have a little conversation in my office.”
“Uh oh,” Jorge said. “What did I do this time?”
Ava didn’t answer but led them into her office where she closed the door. “About our little side project.” She gave Jorge a side-eyed glare. “It seems that someone was unable to keep it entirely secret.”
“That’s okay, chief,” Otto said. “I wouldn’t dream of betraying your trust.”
Ava sighed. “Regardless, it seems to have worked out in our favor. Otto, why don’t you tell them what you told me when you saw the rings on the workbench?” Again, she glared at Jorge who had the decency to seem at least a little embarrassed.
“Those are Sylanth strike-team communications devices, although they’ve been removed from their protective cover.” They made a pair of circles with their fingers and moved them apart as they talked. “A pair starts out together, and one goes on the strike ship while the other stays on the mother ship. Light beams are pulsed through for communications. The protective covers are designed to be blast-proof so that only light can pass through. Stripped as they are, they are incredibly dangerous. That’s why I said something.”
“Right. That sounds like a great way to communicate FTL. Otto tells me, though, they’re only good out to around two light seconds or so. More for secrecy than for rapid communication.” Ava sat behind her desk. “And none of this conversation leaves this office, and any time those devices are out, the engineering bay is locked. Understood?”
“Understood, chief.” Where Jorge had looked embarrassed, he now looked well and truly cowed.
“I have the power figured out,” Livi said. “It’s only needed from the common area power. The sensor power rails provide the same output.”
“If we can figure out a way to ramp those up,” Jorge said, “we could have stations talking to each other in real time.”
“Aye, that’s where my mind was, too. Until we know whether it’s possible, though, we keep this mum.” Ava drained the last of her coffee and checked the time.
Jorge caught the hint and spoke up. “Everyone get cleaned up, and meet in the rec room in forty minutes for the awards ceremony.”
Livi followed behind Otto, who found it more efficient to use his arms, one to each wall of the hallway, to slingshot himself forward at a pace to match a human running. For her part, a quick jog was enough.
In her cabin, Senna was checking her dress uniform. No one-piece gray today, the two-piece tan uniform with four short sleeves, slacks with a sharp crease down the center, highly polished soft boots, and a cap.
Livi changed into her dress uniform and the two Tyraxians helped each other brush out their ruff and ensure the fur on their arms was smooth and even. Livi decided this was as good a time as any.
“I have something for you,” she said.
“What is it?” Senna asked.
Livi reached into her locker and pulled out a double-walled titanium mug like the one Ava and Jorge had given her. Like hers, it had the stylized dove of Hope’s Promise inscribed on side, and Senna’s name inscribed on the other, in both Terran and Tyraxian script.
“Oh, you really didn’t have to do that,” Senna said, “but thank you so much.”
“I noticed you seemed interested in mine when we’re drinking hot kinia fruit, so I figured I’d make you one as well.”
Senna’s eyes grew wide. “You made this?”
“Yes. Jorge says I’m the best fabricator in the fleet. Don’t know that’s true, but I like that he says it.”
Senna gave Livi a hug, then they both laughed as they rearranged each other’s ruff. They made their way to the rec room, holding clawed lower hands like relatives. Once there, they split off, Senna to sit with the navigation crew, and Livi to sit with engineering.
For most of the ceremony, Livi sat quietly, cheering loudly when Senna was promoted to Fourth Navigator, and again when Otto was promoted to Fourth Engineer. When her name was called, she expected to be given her EVA certification pin.
As Livi approached the captain, she saw Chief Purser Aalia Sa Morna rush in on all fours, carrying something in her hand. The Qolori purser handed what she was carrying to the captain and whispered in her ear before moving back to where the overhead light best showed off her feathers.
“Looks like it’s a two-for-one, today,” Captain Hollis said. “As of today, we have another fully EVA qualified crew member.” As she pinned the helmet insignia to Livi’s uniform a few of the crowd whooped, Ava’s voice clear among them.
Captain Hollis then removed the rank insignia from Livi’s epaulets, confusing her. “Congratulations,” she said, pinning on her new rank insignia, “Third Engineer Livi Doe!”
Livi shook the captain’s hand and received a handful of rank patches and EVA patches for her work uniforms. She returned to her seat in a daze. While a promotion was certain during her first tour, unless she got kicked out, she hadn’t expected it so soon.
Before she knew it, the ceremony had ended, and Jorge was shooing her off to her room to get some sleep and telling her and Otto to take their next shift off. Otto was taking their time returning to their cabin, munching on a brightly colored napkin they’d snagged from the galley on the way.
“Good job, Otto.”
“Thanks. I guess you’re still my boss, though.”
“Nothing changes,” Livi said.
“Except pay,” they said. “We both get paid more now. And you get hazard pay for having extra-vehicular activities certification.”
“You’ll get your EVA certification soon, I’m sure.”
“Well, I’m eligible to train for it now that I’m no longer an apprentice,” they said, “but going out without a suit is painful after a couple hours.”
“Why did you start as an apprentice anyway?” Livi asked. “I thought you were a ship’s mechanic a long time ago.”
“Technology changes a lot in fifty years. Plus, Terran and Sylanth technology are nothing alike.”
They went into their cabins and Livi stripped out of her dress uniform and hung it carefully. Too excited to sleep, she removed the old rank patches from her work uniforms and replaced them with the new ones, then applied the EVA certification patches.
Senna came back in as Livi was finally getting ready to sleep, carrying something wrapped in a brightly colored napkin. “The bridge crew brought a cake for all the people promoted. I thought you might like a piece.”
“Thanks, Senna. I’ll eat it when I get up, I just need to sleep now.”
“I’ll be quiet,” Senna said. “Just going to change my patches before I go to sleep.”
Livi and Senna were woken out a deep sleep by an all-hands alert. “All hands to stations. Dropping from warp in two hours, ten minutes. Answering distress call per article 17-J.”
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2021.12.04 21:03 41PH4B3T50UP When you find the little treasures

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2021.12.04 21:03 HudsonAdmin Cycle 340 Priorities

Overview We remain in second place in the Galactic Standings with 724 CC; we fortified well despite some late undermining.
Expansions this cycle are Hudson (4), Winters (3), and Patreus (weaponized).

As always, Hudson is hiring, please join our Discord today! (discord.gg/fuc) We offer training and finance for new CMDRs, the toughest BGS in the galaxy, and a large community of CMDRs to wing up with, share advice, and discuss all aspects of the game.
For the Federation! o7

Battle Cattle Operations Please review the Fortification & Preparation guide post to check to make sure you're up to speed with PowerPlay mechanics.


"Choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you."
― Grail Knight, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Please do not prepare any systems at the current time. Any preparations are announced on the Discord only - usually late in the cycle. Those module shoppers wishing gain 750 merits, please Take 750 supplies From Nanomam to a Hudson control system – e.g. Phanes, Anlave (nice High Tech), Tun (good missions for Fed rank here) are all a short distance away.
Preparation Vote:
Please vote consolidation to 40%, then hold.

"What is the object of defence? To preserve. To preserve is easier than to acquire."
― Carl von Clausewitz, On War

The Plan:
Trust the fortification list to make sure our garrison supplies end up where they are needed most. Systems are listed in order of priority.
There is no advantage to fortifying systems beyond 100% - please check in GalMap first, and if your target system is already fortified, take your forts elsewhere, so they are effective.
Caspatsuria has been a repeated target for undermining activity, so feel free to sure it up with forts early cycle.

Combat Operations Undermining
"Hence it is only the enlightened ruler and the wise general who will use the highest intelligence of the army for purposes of spying and thereby they achieve great results."
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Primary Target for Undermining:
Please focus on our expansion this cycle.
Join the Discord for further coordination of undermining. Link: FUC discord

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together."
― James Cash Penney
We have 4 expansions this cycle - Kormt, Khants, Polecteri, and Panorua. Please focus your efforts on Khants.

Diplomatic Overview
“Diplomacy and Defence are not substitutes for one another. Either alone would fail.”
― John F. Kennedy, Address at the University of Washington, 1961
Winters is our closest ally; we are neutral to the Alliance and all Independent powers. We are not on good terms with any Imperial power; Aisling Duval and Torval are currently the main threats to the Federation.

Communications The FUC discord is our main communication tool and gathering place. It is used 24/7 and we strongly recommend Hudsonites join up to the Discord. Discord allows text, picture, video and voice communication, so is far better suited to the rapidly changing picture of the PowerPlay universe. Furthermore there is a full training programme for recruit pilots and a finance programme for new players to the game to enable them to get up to strong ships quickly. Join thousands of other Hudsonites on the FUC discord today!

Federal Rank, Minor Factions and Missions The FUC discord details on a daily basis where you can help Hudson by running missions, dropping exploration data, doing bounty hunting, or fighting in combat zones.
Note – rather bizarrely FDEV gave Hudson the BGS ethos that feudal and patronage governments in Hudson space help reduce his fortification triggers. There are no federal feudal or patronage minor factions in the galaxy! Thus please DO carry out missions for feudal and patronages in Hudson space, but be very careful where you carry out missions for Federation aligned factions – as they may actually hurt Hudson. Good places for Federation rank are Sothis/Ceos, Tun, Nanomam, Tollan and Sol. No harm will be done by federal missions there.

For the Federation! o7
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2021.12.04 21:03 DeathSimulator YB needed that gun charges case cuz it saved his career

The way I think about it is like this: YB was on some MURDA SHIT for several years, and music videos like Bad Bad or Dead Trollz kinda give you the idea of how lit this young nigga was. He coulda done something bad and ended up in jail for a very long period, or sum bad happened to em like getting shot by the opps.
that arrest in LA came right in time, he got locked up for about 7 months but matured very quickly it seems like (cuz when u locked up u got more time to sit down and think deep about life and mistakes you've done) I think from now on he'll be very careful with everything he does publicly. and hope some OGs like Birdman drop him some more game cuz I think YB past that street shit he should become a CEO like young thug and make Never Broke Again/4kt really big.
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