2021.12.04 18:58 TheZombaslaya Blursed_Change

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2021.12.04 18:58 watan592 وزارة العمل بغزة : الوضع الاقتصادي لا يسمح برفع الحد الأدنى للأجور

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2021.12.04 18:58 como-8849 [WTS] Grand Seiko Elegance Collection SBGW231

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2021.12.04 18:58 Hummingslowly Are there any discord servers that host events for Legends of Runeterra?

It somehow didn't occur to me today that this might be a thing. I remember going to a card shop when I was a kid and playing in yugioh tournaments. Of course the experience probably wouldn't be the same but I wonder if something similar existed for LoR?
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2021.12.04 18:58 pompstomp What’s the next expansion going to be? My guess is Mutants.

Assuming there is anything to the RIM pattern in expansion names, what do you think is next?
I’m going with Mutants. How cool would that be? Unpredictable mutations occurring to colonists like a third arm, razor teeth, wings, steel skin, redundant organs, sixth sense, and so on. These could be triggered by events or just a random ailment causing the mutation. The possibilities are crazy. They don’t need to be X-men style superpower mutants, just oddball things that modify the pawn.
That third arm increases work speed. The razor teeth speeds up eating time. Wings make moving faster and ignore terrain.
Mutations could be removed by a skilled doctor if desired. Body purists would hate them of course, at least the physical mutations. In any case, mutations would be an interesting addition to the game.
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2021.12.04 18:58 DruDC2SF Help! Urgent moving truck permit question

Hi all! I’m that annoying woman who’s way too excited about moving to the city. We are humanly here but our belongings are somewhere outside El Paso. Truck should arrive Saturday Dec 11. Here’s the rub — stick with me here, I need your advice! My United Van Lines moving coordinator and Chuck the driver (50 years experience) both eyeballed our street (rental bike rack in front, public lot next door) and said the only option was to ask the neighbors on the other side if we could block their driveways for a few hours. Both said, people understand, let them know ahead and they’ll cooperate. Don’t think that’s gonna happen. I bought $100 worth of See’s Candy to hand out for the favor. First one shut me down, nope, too many people use the driveways. The second one at least took my cell number and said he has contact info for “the community” and would get back to me. My gut says this ain’t gonna work. How did you move into your SF home? Our stuff is coming off an 88-foot truck to a smaller 35-foot tender truck. I’ll call to ask about the $450 permit on Monday morning, but no clue where I’d put signs. Help?!
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2021.12.04 18:58 Extension_607 Looking for some coil packs for my 09 1500. 4.8l long bed. Have a pretty bad interment missfire. I can’t afford oem by any means.

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2021.12.04 18:58 MccrauecyHydrauz 🎄Xmas Chronic 🎄Fair Launch NOW💥 Based dev & team!! 🚀 x1000 potential

📌 Fair launch on December 4TH 20:30 CET!!
Low tax gem! Potential 1000x Based dev and team huge marketing and give aways incoming.
Combine Xmas and Weed and you've a guaranteed moonshot!
Always do your own research and only invest what you can afford to lose.
We will implement mini games that will give daily rewards to the top players of the games 🎮
🚀 FAIR LAUNCH 👤 Experienced De
🔥 Dedicated Team 💎 Low Mcap gem 🕹 Upcoming XMAS Games
🔹️ Total supply: 100M
🔹️ 6% Marketing 🔹️ 4% Liquidity
🔒 Locked liquidity
📄 Contract: 0x92c95761B77fDEA4A5d97E33F5c43160d775aC23
🌐 Website:
👥 Telegram:
📣 Twitter:
European based team, 100% SAFU.
We are in a bullrun now, buy cheap sell high. Hold and show your diamond hands. Don't be a pajeet and go for the happy meal but go for the oyster and lobster 😋
Be your own Santa and buy Xmas Chronic token.
Go with the hype of Christmas and Tha chronic ! A perfect combination!
“With DeFi, we are building the finance system of tomorrow that is more efficient, faster, more rewarding, and levels the playing field for everyone.
🧁 Pancakeswap:
🔓 Liquidity Locked:
🔓 Ownership Renounced:
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2021.12.04 18:58 palmasayshello Please help me find this white crop cardigan!

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2021.12.04 18:58 LigmaNutz_ Need two

Room 663 490
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2021.12.04 18:58 MikeGaming777 Where Has Matty Gone?

I Have The I’m A Celebrity App And You Can’t Vote For Him Because He Doesn’t Appear Fsm, But I Got A Notification Saying Who Will Join Matty In The Las Vegas Trial, And He’s Not Appeared In This Episode So Far.
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2021.12.04 18:58 AtlasAndMel What’s your favorite source for Perks and Builds?

I love seeing discussions about perks and builds, so I wanna know what or who is your favorite source to go to when you wanna know what perks are good and how to incorporate certain perks in a build?
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2021.12.04 18:58 senatorarmstrong34 The trio (u/blackink-303 me and funny fnf shit)

The trio (u/blackink-303 me and funny fnf shit)
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2021.12.04 18:58 nathanboi109 whats his rap name

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2021.12.04 18:58 d0c98 PLEASE HELP!! (emergency)

i want to upgrade my pc, atm i have i5-4570, gtx 970, 8gb ram, and i want to upgrade my cpu, ram and motherboard i5-11600k, 16 ram and ASUS TUF GAMING B560M-PLUS WIFI, the gpu will stay the same (gtx 970).
someone please tell me if this will boost my fps in cs go, pubg and warzone i dont play any other games and not even planning
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2021.12.04 18:58 anytarseir67 test

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2021.12.04 18:58 DurlaC Charsi Food?

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2021.12.04 18:58 Ykana1 Best License Plate of All Time

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2021.12.04 18:58 Kulars96 Who is the one person currently that you are deeply appreciative of?

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2021.12.04 18:58 twatty_mctwat ich🇦🇹❓🇩🇪iel

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2021.12.04 18:58 mrfunnyish Taxi Drivers of Reddit, has a passenger ever asked you to follow another car in a rush (like they do in movies)?

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2021.12.04 18:58 CherrySarah Ideas for Regency/Victorian Families

So I love playing regency/Victorian hoods and am in need of story ideas! I'm creating families at the moment and have some ideas in mind but I feel that I'm often just repeating old ideas. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!
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2021.12.04 18:58 bot_neen Zafra de la caña de azúcar en Colima - Sábados de Foro

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2021.12.04 18:58 Anti-Skill [A][US][Sargeras] 1 night 10/10H

Hello and thanks for clicking!

My name is Rymik. I'm apart a semi-casual guild on Sargeras. We are looking for friendly players who want to learn and excel with their class & spec, to join our regular Sunday night raid at 8:30pm-11:30pm server (Central) time.

We are currently 10/10N 10/10H

Our current Needs are:
Mage: Medium
Warlock: Low
Havoc Demon Hunter: Low
Ret Paladin: Medium
Shadow Priest: High
We could also use players who are skilled with a healing off spec.
Though that's just for raiding, for M+ we welcome anyone who's a good fit!

We’re an established guild with some long-time players as well as newcomers. LGBT+ friendly, with members from all walks of life. We aim for AOTC each tier and have achieved that goal consistently in the past.

Raid explanations are quick and pulls after wipes are also. If this sounds like the kind of guild that interests you please reach out to me.

Please message me on discord at Anti Skill#3210 or at AntixSkill#1719 for info or invites!

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