Ever Get The Feeling Your Void Doesn't Take You Seriously?

2021.12.09 00:23 ianmoone1102 Ever Get The Feeling Your Void Doesn't Take You Seriously?

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2021.12.09 00:23 Available_Dream_9764 Let’s go Kraken! Fuck the Penguins! We got this. We just need people eating more chicken (or fake chicken) parm!

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2021.12.09 00:23 allenbyNY Question 2: Would you rather, change sex, as described before (in last poll), or go thru Gene Therapy as given for Covid 19?

You can go thru with the hormone/sex change treatment and not have to do gene therapy, or, you can go thru with gene therapy (and a booster or two) and stay the same sex you are currently.
So, I could stay male and undergo gene therapy as given for Covid, or transition (pre-op) and not have to go thru with the gene therapy.
You have to pick one—the NWO shows up at your door with both options, Death is not an option. They say: you can jab up, or switch sex.
What’s your move?
Please upvote this poll. Thanks!
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2021.12.09 00:23 Swampy0gre NEW META CONFIRMED (half) joking

Shout out to the military history visualised channel.
This video from MHV breaks down what historical divisions would look like in HOI4. With the adjustments to combat widths, it begs the question, what if the meta divisions are actually close to historical compositions?
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2021.12.09 00:23 tarkthesharkjr [JOB] [Impromptu] Lying Lessons <2021-12-09 23:59 UTC> 🏳️‍🌈🍁

{2021-12-09 23:59 (UTC)}
My run disclamer has changed, please read it Player count: 3-4
Duration: 4-6 hours [9 Hard cap] (Really)
Communication: Discord, and Roll20 (IC)
Edition: SR5 + Hub House-rules + Table Rules
In Game Location: Seattle
Game theme: Investigating Magical Phenomena
Threat Level: Dangerous
Prerequisites: Discord, Roll20, an approved hub character, microphone/headset, Read The Damn post
IC Teaser:
“Do you hate your vices? Do you feel they bring you only suffering? Tell me, what is a vice if not a desire for sin that once indulged blossoms into a need to do so.
Buddhism teaches us that to achieve enlightenment we must eliminate desire. That to want to invite suffering, that not money but greed itself is the root of all evil . But that is not the Word of God.
We often tell ourselves that we can control our desires, but as we see in the book of Mathew, not even Chirst could stop himself from being tempted . We are all of us imperfect creatures, ruined forever by that first taste of sin, and we shall shall always desire for sin.
But the devil wasn't as smart as he thought. When among us bite into that forbidden fruit, they acquired not only a taste for sin, but the wisdom to do otherwise! We are all of us capable of restraint, of defying our vices, like Christ in the desert.
In this way, our most high divine god, the perfect strategist, beat the devil at his own game before it even began. For our Lord knew those worthy would turn away from sin, and be guided to righteousness by our own shame and guilt. He knew that even once we knew the delicious pleasures of the unholy, those of us with the will for good would defy our desires and turn away from our vices.
But that wasn’t enough for our Lord, oh no! For our Lord Allmighty knew that we suffered for greatly our sins, that our guilt and shame were more than any mortal sacrifice could attend to. And so he offered up for sins his only son, christ our lord savior so that we might be lifted from our burdens and dwell with him in the kingdom forever.
Any sin can be forgiven by my children, but still we must now allow ourselves to be consumed in vice. We cannot control our desires, nor our vices, but we must resist them. Even if all falter, there is no desire that cannot be withstood, there is no vice that cannot be denied, for in the light of our lord’s grace, all may be redeemed, my brothers and sisters and for that we must rejoice.
I’m not asking you the impossible. I will not stand here and tell you not to be tempted to degrade ourselves through elective surgery or sorcery. I am here to tell you that with Christ's help you can resist that temptation.
That yes, the devil’s temptations are terrible, more than any man can resist on his own even, but that with God’s guidance we can turn away from sin and live in his grace forever. And to those already cursed through these unwholly offerings, I tell you this, I do not hate you. You are created in God's image, and you can return to him if you are ready.
I know it will be hard, but no one is beyond the reach of his grace. Invite him into your heart, and you can save yourself from your curse. You do not need to hate what you are, anymore. Turn your back on your vices. Deny the devil, cast aside your magic, and your false flesh. Let God into your life dwell with him in the light.
Redemption isn’t easy. It hurts. But in the end, God delivers us from temptation. When we surrender ourselves to God and suffer in his name, in time he grants us complete absolution, and delivers us from our desires, and heals us of our vices.
That my friends is our gospel, our truth. And these years we have believed and prayed for absolution, and our path has been a long and difficult one. I have seen so many of you transform your lives and your bodies on your journey to be closer to him. But this week, I have witnessed an even great confirmation of our faith.
Just over a year ago a man came to me in this very building after one of her sermons, and told me of his child. He told me they were afflicted with sorcerous possession, one that they could resist. They took me to this child, and together we prayed, but I saw the wickedness in them, I saw no desire to change, we hoped little and prayed much.
I had not seen that man, or his family since that night, though I prayed for them often, but than we returned to our beloved city earlier this fall they reached out to us. They told us that their prayers had been answered, and so we went to see for ourselves. And do what we saw?
We saw a young bright servant of god reborn in his image, unmarked by surgery, and free from the temptation of false miracles and the curse of the devil’s sight. It was like they had been reborn, perfect and without vice, and better yet, a bastion against all witchcraft.
I see your skepticism, my friends, and I do not blame you. We are beset each day by countless peddlers of false miracles, and we all know it. But this was no such deception, but rather an authentic miracle, confirmation of his offer of ultimate absolution.

Job: Occult Investigation
Tags: [ Fixer] [Credstick]
My order requires deniable assets to carry out an investigation into magical phenomena outside of our jurisdiction and potentially recover it if necessary. Violence may be necessary to fully accomplish our goals.
Response Information:
IC Response:
OOC Response:
Please note that “Dangerous” is my way of obfuscating the run threat level. This is done as a measure to improve game immersion.
Thank you for reading through this and I appreciate your interest in my run. I know my requested criteria for application can come across as persnickety.
The majority of runs on my table draw from the more transgressive side of the postmodern genre As such I have my own set of table safety rules I expect you to abide by. Click this link to read them.
My runs often include triggering content.Consider the following a non-exhaustive list of potentially triggering themes explored on this and any other run posted here:
Race(meta or otherwise), Gender(sexism, queerness, phobia), Sex/Sexuality (Positivity, BDSM, Sexwork, Querness, Explotation, Assault*), Religious/Spirtual themes, Disability(Physical/Mental), Bigotry, Mental Health, Suicide, Psychdelics,Body-Horror, Drug Abuse/Addiction, Bullying, Gaslighting, Terrorism, Murder, Anthropods, Cephlopods, Metahuman Trafficking, and Torture.
By applying to this run, or you consent to go on a run that may deal with these concepts. Keep in mind that like all other consent, you can revoke or modify this consent at any time.
To that end, I agree that if chosen for the run, you will make your best effort to inform me of any lines or veils that deal with the above content, preferably prior to the posted runtime.
If you have any questions about this run or my post, please contact me via discord @Clara#8787
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2021.12.09 00:23 minkamagic Transfer nonogram.com progress?

Can you move progress to another device? I started on my iPhone but found the it to be a bit too tiny, how do I move my progress to a tablet? Or not possible?
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2021.12.09 00:23 bjornoya has anyone been meeting them after the show?

wanted to know if its worth sticking around for a while after
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2021.12.09 00:23 AskElegant6598 Life science coop

I’m in coop life science and have heard from some older students that coop isn’t worth doing if ur in life sci. I was wondering if I could have some opinions on this, and if you’ve done coop life sci before, it would be great if you could give me examples of where you/people you know had your placement!!
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2021.12.09 00:23 MortalDanger00 COME BACK BILL

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2021.12.09 00:23 LionsLeafs This was the ‘95 dodgers

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2021.12.09 00:23 Shadow4096 What happened to hedwigs theme

So iirc the last time we hear it is the beginning of 5 idk why they changed the openings honestly they should have kept it for 6 and 7 part 1 and 2 but just make it sadder
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2021.12.09 00:23 PinkPedal222 how can i get performances or perform at house parties?

i been rapping for 3 years now(since i was 16, now im 19) its time for me to take it to another level and start performing or getting buzz. how can i get a fanbase and shows? i dont know how to get shows and i want to peform in front of people my age, not people who 30+ years old.
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2021.12.09 00:23 iAlphaXOmega Wild Rift Coaching - Platinum Pantheon Jungle

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2021.12.09 00:23 throwaway1995eyyy I’m recently engaged and can’t stop thinking about somebody else … is this engagement nerves or something else?

(Obv this is a throwaway account)
Bit of back story: been openly out as a lesbian for 9/10 years, last slept with a guy when I was 19, it was alright, sex with women was so much better. For me, that confirmed that I was in fact a lesbian. Been with my fiancée for just over 3 years
So me (F26) and my fiancée (F24) got engaged about 2 months ago, which we had spoken about and both wanted. And I am so happy that we are engaged, I really genuinely am.
About a month ago, I started having sex dreams about a guy I work with. we get on quite well, but I’ve never hung out with him (M29) outside of work. It’s one of those types of “friendships”. These dreams are so insanely hot, and it turns me on. A month later, I’m now at the point where I’m thinking about sex with him when I’m awake, when I see him at work, I want to jump his bones.
My fiancée and I have been going through a bit of a dry spell this last year or so - which is more down to me that her admittedly.
I am polyamorous, however my fiancée is mono, so I too am “mono’ in a sense. I don’t even think this guy likes me in that way. I feel like I’m losing my mind, fantasising about a guy, when I’ve been so openly and proudly gay for so long. I feel so shit for feeling this way about anybody other than my fiancée, where it feels like I’m cheating on her, even though nothing has happened.
Could this just be engagement nerves, I’ve never been engaged before and this is obviously a big commitment, or is this a poly thing? Am I just trying to have my cake and eat it too? Am I really questioning my sexuality, am I really attracted to this guy?
TLDR: I’m a lesbian who just got engaged and I’m having sex dreams about a guy I work with. Starting to question my sexuality and if I have commitment issues.
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2021.12.09 00:23 PikachuKid1999 Hi guys i farmed for 2 hours for this, is it good?

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2021.12.09 00:23 qwenmn GIRL MEETS "NICE" GUY WHO BROUGHT HER TO HOTEL, DISAPPOINTED WITH HIS PERFORMANCE A girl shared a story about how she met...

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2021.12.09 00:23 JZAce Me after watching the trailer

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2021.12.09 00:23 goodgollyitsollie [Request] what would the speed of sound in the atmosphere be on Mars (in Km/h)?

Given that the speed of sound is influenced by temperature and air pressure, would it be faster or slower than on Earth?
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2021.12.09 00:23 WuTangSooDo 26 year old with vague fitness goals! Looking for accountability bud!

Hey everyone!
I'm a 26 year old trans dude (will not be tolerating any transphobia here, just including it because it's relevant!). I've always struggled with weight, but now that I've medically transitioned and am generally more comfortable with my body, I'm hoping to get in shape and finally tackle some issues I've been working through.
I need to be more active, but am terrible at holding myself accountable. I would love to take daily walks, workout a few times a week, do some strength training, and eventually start running. I live in Colorado, so I really want to be able to do more kayaking/hiking/mountain adventures.
Feel free to comment or inbox me if you wanna work through some of this together!
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2021.12.09 00:23 veralmaa Risma Cecar Kepala Pos Pengamatan Gunung Semeru, Ahli Vulkanologi: Gampang Saja Marah Kalau Kena Bencana - Bisnis.com

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2021.12.09 00:23 doctahgirlfriend My handsome husband mirin our son

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2021.12.09 00:23 SimpleRegards I almost fapped to porn but instead just shut it down.

I peaked but never fapped. I’ll restart my streak tomorrow. Good luck everyone! Keep fighting for a better life and stronger will.
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2021.12.09 00:23 tk2025 Help with new miner

I set up my miner 29 hours ago. It's been stuck on "create a challenge" for the longest time. For about 20+ hours. Is it normal?
Also, am I suppose to get any witnesses within a day?
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2021.12.09 00:23 Superb-Coyote-8579 ITAP of Leading an Autumn trek

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2021.12.09 00:23 advocatecarey Vernon Hills, Illinois

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