The Bremen Town Quest & Resource Harvesting (spoilers inside)

2021.10.18 06:11 DoghouseRiley73 The Bremen Town Quest & Resource Harvesting (spoilers inside)

At the end of our last session my players' characters smited (smoted? smooted?) Nessie in a single round, and we ended the session with the party tying ropes to poor ol' Nessie's corpse & starting to drag it to the edge of the ice. When we start back up next time some local fishermen on their way back to shore will offer to help the party tow Nessie in for some meat.
With that all being said, does anybody out there that has already been down this road have any suggestions for Resources to collect from Nessie & how much of each is available? Obviously a metric fuck-ton of meat is there (although I have already decided that plesiosaur meat will taste pretty much like knucklehead trout, which the party has already grown to hate)?
I can & will pull numbers out of my ass when the time comes (or more likely weasel around it by having the Bremen townsfolk just trade something for Nessie), but I'm curious if anybody came up with something Interesting...
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2021.10.18 06:11 marvel8899 Colwrit 25AC or ESPM 155AC

can someone tell me which one of these two AC fulfillment class is easier with less workload?

Thank You in advance.
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2021.10.18 06:10 skyguardian18 I don't condone cheating done by my fellow collies, but this shit is just too funny

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2021.10.18 06:10 limitedprophecy Streak 38: Los vecinos nuevos

Hace un año, mi esposa y yo nos mudamos a una casa en un pueblo nuevo. No conocíamos a nadie en nuestro barrio, pero sí supimos cómo conocerlos: los postres.
Cocinamos casi todos los días en nuestra casa (y por eso, un mitad de mis posts en este subreddit se trata de la comida). Mi esposa especialmente es buena en hornear los postres, y a ella le gusta mucho. Durante la pandemia, ha sido difícil hacer los postres porque solo es nosotros dos en la casa, y no queríamos comer mucho azúcar. Pero cuando nos mudamos, nos dio cuenta que ahora teníamos un método tanto para hacernos amigos como comer menos postres nosotros mismos.
Hace dos semanas, vecinos nuevos llegaron en el barrio. Hemos estado un poco ocupado, pero tuvimos tiempo para cocinar esta tarde. Horneamos un pastel de arándanos y naranja -- pues, mi esposa lo horneó y yo limpié la cocina después. Se lo trajimos a los vecinos, y los conocimos. Son una mujer y un hombre que tienen unos cuarenta años, y son muy simpáticos. Espero que podamos hablar con ellos mas en el futuro.
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2021.10.18 06:10 -ed_ Experimenting this…

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2021.10.18 06:10 NewsElfForEnterprise Bitcoin hovers near 6-month high on ETF hopes, inflation worries

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2021.10.18 06:10 josemrx55 [USA-PA] [H] PayPal [W] Cheap unlocked Android phone

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2021.10.18 06:10 unarthodox2013 27 [M4A] Anyone interested in a weekly film study group?

Before the pandemic, I used to attend a weekly film study group. My mentor in filmmaking made a list of films to watch and what's special with that film or how it contributed to the films of today. I'm not sure if he is still willing to facilitate such activity. While I still have the files and all, I'M NOT A CINEPHILE OR FILM BUFF, okay?
I can host via zoom. Gcash donations are accepted, hahaha. We can do this on Saturday afternoon or night. It doesn't have to be every week as well. If you have suggestions, you can hit me up.
Me: Check my former posts, lols.
You: Interested in films. Preferably beginners since if you attended art or film school, you might find it boring.
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2021.10.18 06:10 Jaylee1983 Finally won!!

Just won a same game parlay for the Steelers vs Seahawks. Bet $20 with a +20000 odds to win. Made $4000. HELL YEA!!
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2021.10.18 06:10 camii_1111 Pija

Quien poronga el cristhian y la cyntia? Los veo en todos lados🤨
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2021.10.18 06:10 throwaway3i8y33 Roommate Rage

Just recently switched to a new college and was randomly assigned a roommate. He seemed okay at first but was extremely nerdy and weird. Turns out he has high functioning autism, which I don't care about, but he is insanely hard to live with. This in combination with me who has anger problems is a BAD combination. He leaves the common area disgusting and refuses to clean after I text him asking nicely and expects me to do it for him. He also talks to himself EXTREMELY loudly and about weird stuff and I can hear him making strange noises while masturbating in his room. He also sings very loudly in his room. Also anytime I have friends over he sits down with us and tries to be apart of the hangout even though he is uninvited. I tried being his friend but he is too god damn weird and when we went to a pool party to meet other residents at my apartment complex he jumped into the pool with his shirt on and started splashing people like a 5 year old. Because of this I feel that I made a bad impression on my peers and am limited in friend choices. Having to live with this freak makes me insanely angry and I have had several episodes of extreme rage. I snapped one night and went into the kitchen and took all of his dirty dishes out of the sink and smashed them on the floor. He freaked out and tried to call his mom so I took his phone and smashed it on the floor as well. Another instance happened last night when I couldn't take his loud singing anymore so I kicked down his door and put him in a chokehold until he passed out. He is too scared to report me or anything so I know that I need to move out or something before something really bad happens. Any advice?
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2021.10.18 06:10 cinemabears This big gal is down 8 lbs (22 to 14) in 18 months.

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2021.10.18 06:10 zull101 Bonjour tout le monde. Plutôt Zemmour ou Mélenchon ce matin ?

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2021.10.18 06:10 jman014 I have a coupon, what BB’s do you think I ought to get? pull your sales pitches below!

Ight so I can get 100% cashback in dubloons on a purchase.
I like BB’s, but I’m open to trying a good cruiser.
I own Tirpitz and Dunkerque, and I’m partial to French/German ships.
I’ll gladly listen to whatever your recs are though!
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.18 06:10 manmadewater I downloaded an app from the Internet. it was an then I use rar and now I have a file with the game assets and stuff which says .apk but I can't seem to find an .exe or something that I can install the game with

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2021.10.18 06:10 Safe-Literature5786 People who's partner is a urologist, what do they say when they check your genitals?

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2021.10.18 06:10 ChrisSkates420 What is the best fire staff in the game?

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2021.10.18 06:10 idk_a_username135 looking for a nice clan

looking for a friendly clan who is welcoming of everyone
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2021.10.18 06:10 G-Rose079 Oblock Nena reaction to Breezy

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2021.10.18 06:10 MusicianTT T1 Two Shades of Blue Tie Wing Long Nose Fighter with Tri Thrusters. T3 Korvax Economy Euclid.

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2021.10.18 06:10 HappyHrHero Update: Alton Brown Live!

I had posted a week ago about going to see Alton Brown live! last night, and a few folks had requested me follow up on how it was.
It was a really great time! Wasn't sure what to expect going into it, and was still a bit surprised. Will try to be a bit vague on details to not spoil it for any one seeing him later in the tour. I expected a fun time when he early on explained why he wanted live v tv, and said 'no network would actually air what I really want to do'. Both stylistically and language/content (mild swearing that was just reaction not part of his 'script' and some mildly raunchy stuff; PG-13 at most)
Did a song in each set, first set was heavily more of a stand up comedian style which was hilarious, but also very fan interactive, both quick, witty responses to 'friendly' heckling, and calling out on people in the crowd and improving responses. Added a segment mimicking the style of a tv show genre he always wanted to do since he was a kid, involving crowd members on stage.
Second set was a bit more mad scientist Alton, but wont go into more detail as he had requested the second set not be shared as to not ruin it for others later in the tour.
Highly recommend going if you get the chance, looks like he is going all over the US.
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2021.10.18 06:10 JuenoPea2 Meowmere

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2021.10.18 06:10 YeenBoiAydenn Halo: Reach UNSC Marine

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2021.10.18 06:10 HotMomentumStocks Stellantis and LG Energy Solution to Form Joint Venture for Lithium-Ion Battery Production in North Americans

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2021.10.18 06:10 Olivebuddiesforlife me_irl

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