Was this SA and where do I go from here

2021.10.18 06:30 thadarbs Was this SA and where do I go from here

Trigger warning. Possible SA
So to preface, I (30M) had only ever been with my ex wife. She cheated and we got divorced. Been little over a year and I decided to make a tinder act. I was very clear I wasn’t ready to get serious, but felt I needed to start putting myself out there. Met a woman (36F). I wouldn’t say hit it off. We chatted briefly. Pretty dry honestly. I opened up about what happened and told her sex was the last thing on my mind and was I couldn’t give trust freely again yet. She said she understood and invited me over to watch a comedy. I show up. It was kinda awkward but luckily she had dogs and comedy lol. Anyway. We sit on her couch and cuddle. I’m for it. I crave physical touch and my “cup”. Was pretty empty. After the special, she cut the tv off. Goes to her room. Turns the tv on and get in bed and tells me to follow. This is where I should have left. But idk. A grown man, and I didn’t feel like I could. I mean, she gave my the cuddles I’d been needing. So I go sit on the bed. She puts on another comedy. And suddenly got pretty aggressive. She rolled over and started kissing me pretty hard. I wasn’t in to it. Moved my face, all that. She starts with her hands. I tell her no multiple times. She’s still grabbing my face and kissing me. ( side note. Her breath was terrible. So no chance that would get me in the mood). She is grabbing my hand and putting it in her body. I tell her no not tonight. She starts to strip. (Another moment I should have just gotten up) she keeps moving my hands and stuff. She’s talking dirty( way dirty). Im not getting it up and I’m very not into it. Keeps asking for it. Trying to take my pants off. I keep telling her no. In multiple ways. Finally I felt so pressured I just start fingering and rubbing her. She is grabbing at my throat( which I’m not used to but not sure I would be against it with someone I trust). Asking me to bite her because she likes pain. I try. Just not into it. Finally I tell her to just do it herself. She finished and keeps asking to finish me. It’s a hard pass. I stay watching the movie because honestly I didn’t even know what to do next. I doze off and wake up to her going down on me. After like two minutes I pulled her up and faked an orgasm so she would stop. She goes to bed and again. No idea why I don’t just leave. But I stayed and went to sleep. The next morning I wake up to her shoving herself against me. It’s morning so I have morning wood. She starts begging and bends over. I’m groggy and tired so I sit up and she backs into me. I do the deed and finally orgasm. She gets up to shower and I just grab my stuff and leave.
I went home and threw my new clothes I was wearing in the garbage. I took three showers that day and couldn’t get her breath off me. I still feel gross thinking about it.
I can’t say it was SA. I had ever opportunity to leave and just stayed because I felt like I couldn’t go. Maybe I just didn’t like how aggressive she was being. It’s obvious my heart wasn’t ready for sex. But now I don’t feel like I should trust dates anymore. I don’t even have the words to describe what happened. Honestly I feel raped, but at the same time, no one held me at gun point. I know my No was ignored multiple times, but I never left when I could have. How can I say I was assaulted when the only thing keeping me there was some twisted form of social pressure and guilt for her giving me cuddles so feeling like I needed to give her what she needed.
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2021.10.18 06:30 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Dingo] [Titanium White Dingo: Rascal Stripes] [Titanium White Standard] [MainStreet]

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2021.10.18 06:30 fakejorsythe Playing with 16mm looks on the 4k! Feedback welcome!

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2021.10.18 06:30 Luminary7744 El's trying to channel his inner DK. By's just glad no one else is around...

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2021.10.18 06:30 mogumogu086 Would I be better off buying a second hand DS Lite?

Which one would be better choice? Powkiddy V90 or DS Lite that costs a bit more?
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2021.10.18 06:30 creyeet Black stuff on my cat’s carpal pad???

Ok, so this morning my cat left the house this is normal for us she does it every day but when she came back today I realized there were black stuff on her carpal pad. At first I thought it was dirt but it looks more like a cut, it's not that big but is is black? My cat doesn't seem to be hurt by it but is there anything I should do?
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2021.10.18 06:30 liangcha_PLUS Notice: Surface pro7+ can't output 4K@60Hz via dock (for now)

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2021.10.18 06:30 Mertness Winter Is Coming! - love this early layout

Began a new city with my roommate. We've built dozens of cities together, but I really love this early city layout.
~from Detroit (console, PS4)
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2021.10.18 06:30 Relevant-Pay-1879 City Maps all changed

I don't know if anyone else has been having this problem, but all of the city maps on all of my saved maps have changed all of the sudden and I have no idea as to why. I was messing with the city map seed on one town, but then put it back to normal, so I don't know if that caused it but considering it was only one town it would seem like another problem occurred. I also checked across browsers and the same problem had happened. It wouldn't be much of a problem but now towns that, for example, only have 5 thousand people look way too big for the supposed population they have and it's now difficult to make out a city map of a town with only just 25,000 instead of it being difficult at 50,000+ like before today.
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2021.10.18 06:30 Turbulent_Cupcake_96 Using Fortiguard DNS cannot resolve some domain

hi there,
i have problem with resolving some domain with fortiguard dns, but if im changing to public dns, for example , it works, it can resolve the domain and subdomain too. i tried to remove webfilter and dnsfilter in ip4 policy using fortiguard dns, but no luck.
can anyone tell me how to check where ever i must check. thanks
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2021.10.18 06:30 MethLoved Swyftx have blocked withdrawals for my account

I misclicked 'paying for ransomware' as my reasoning for withdrawing funds and Swyftx has now blocked me from withdrawing my crypto. After contacting support and verifying my identity, they questioned me about a wallet address that I have saved that doesn't belong to me, but my girlfriend. They said that before re-enabling the option for withdrawals on my account, she needs to have an account with Swyftx so that they can confirm her identity. This just makes no sense to me and support is not helping me to understand why this is the case. Has anybody experienced this situation before?
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2021.10.18 06:30 fluffylord1 Infinite In Media Res by Mat Zo

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2021.10.18 06:30 My_Sweet_Peach Should I wear underwear? ;)

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2021.10.18 06:30 el3rod سعرالذهب اليوم فى الامارات 18-10-2021 #اسعار_الذهب_فى_الإمارات_اليوم #العروض #el3rod #تخفيضات #خصومات #تسوق #عروض #تخفيض #خصم #عرض #اخر_عروض_الامارات #الامارات #عروض_الامارات

سعرالذهب اليوم فى الامارات 18-10-2021 #اسعار_الذهب_فى_الإمارات_اليوم #العروض #el3rod #تخفيضات #خصومات #تسوق #عروض #تخفيض #خصم #عرض #اخر_عروض_الامارات #الامارات #عروض_الامارات submitted by el3rod to el3rod_UAE [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 06:30 Throwaway33483952 A lecture on all neurotransmitters and how they all work together

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2021.10.18 06:30 fotosix I approve & deny adoption applications for puppies, AMA!

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2021.10.18 06:30 thisiswhatsup1 Enjoy Pedicures and Shoe Shopping?

Hi all! I hope you're doing well. I'm looking forward to Halloween (as always) and another fall!
Anyways, do you enjoy pedicures? Shoe shopping? If so, let me know. I'd love to treat you! Thanks in advance! 🥰
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2021.10.18 06:30 MattRocksYourSocks depends

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2021.10.18 06:30 mothisname First thing I thought was bigfoot

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2021.10.18 06:30 MacJonesandCheese [McCullough] Julio Urias is still lined up for Game 4, Dave Roberts said.

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2021.10.18 06:30 ImBehindBars Would technically P5P help with Prolactin?

With a side effects of Growth Hormones specifically MK-677 wouldn’t supplementing P5P help keep the prolactin in control?
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2021.10.18 06:30 Agitated_Instance858 Issue Id #

Can anyone tell me exactly what the issue id number is and what it is used for? Can you have multiple different issues on one id number ? Also What if anything can Ohio pua redact from my claim? one last thing the date, 1/3 down from top on right hand side of any correspondence, I feel stupid even asking but what exactly is that date for, the dates on my things are so scrabbled I have paper they have sent post marked months in advance and dates that have been changed so I want to make sure the date isn't something I just wouldn't have guessed.
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2021.10.18 06:30 Mabulaf El modo foker

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2021.10.18 06:30 yunumate This is my desktop, inspired by this subreddit

This is my desktop, inspired by this subreddit
I'm pretty new to customization, should I add anything?
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2021.10.18 06:30 Sketzu Military.Finance to Launch Collection of Historically Significant NFT’s To Preserve Our Nation’s History in The Blockchain

Museums and veteran media personalities giving life to our countries most significant moments and people in support of our veterans
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Military.Finance supports Veterans benefit projects while making valuable contributions to historical national heritage and contemporary pop culture. To date, the community has donated $70,000 to veteran charities and injected over $15,000 directly to veterans and soldiers that were in need. Military Finance (token symbol $MIL on Binance Smart Chain) art pieces are publicly verifiable digital assets minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
The Official NFT Presidential Series - Launching Halloween Night
The first fine art collection being minted is "The Presidents" series. The first of these commemorative limited edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be a fully original digitally painted and animated portrait of George Washington with contemporary and historical cues. "We're excited about the Presidential Series because of who and what they represent," said Shawn Burst, one of the first admins in the community. "We've taken a lot of time and research, collaborating with very talented artists in order to create something authentic, thoughtful, unique, and inspiring." The Presidential Series will release its first NFT at the end of October, honoring George Washington and his many achievements. The NFTs for this series will include additional unique materials including anything from premium content, to exclusive access to high-profile media personalities, to merchandise and swag commemorating the NFT. Ownership and authenticity of Military Finance NFTs are publicly verifiable by anyone with an internet connection. Transfer of ownership by gift, donation, auction, or public and private sale is immediately accessible anywhere in the world, at any time by virtue of the Ethereum blockchain, a globally decentralized immutable ledger. Military Finance raises funds to support its mission for supporting Veterans benefit projects from initial sales of these commemorative pieces, and from commissions on sales at the NFT exchange platform opensea. For more information, visit Military.Finance and follow the project on popular social media platforms with convenient hyperlinks at https://www.Military.Finance. SOCIAL LINKSTelegram: https://t.me/Mil_Finance_NFT Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Mil_FinanceReddit: https://www.reddit.com/Military_Finance/new/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/military.finance/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/militaryfinancetoken MEDIA CONTACTCompany: Military.Finance Contact Name: Shawn Burst Address: 2121 Eisenhower Ave Arlington, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA E-mail: 321310@email4pr.com Website: https://www.military.finance/
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