Does Height Affect Hitboxes in Combat?

2021.10.18 07:34 Anvanaar Does Height Affect Hitboxes in Combat?

RIGHT - let's make this one properly googlable! xD
I recently finished my first full Code Vein playthrough. I did so with a minimum-height female character. And yes: Throughout the game, there were a few attacks on a few Lost that would legitimately whiff and fly over my character's head at certain angles.
I do also know that using console commands / cheats / whatever to mess with character height beyond the normal limits does do some wacky things to hit- and hurtboxes.
So, let's give the baby a name and make this one googlable: Does character height actually affect hitboxes (and hurtboxes) in combat?*
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2021.10.18 07:34 AdibIsWat Definitely calculated that triple barrel on xin

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2021.10.18 07:34 FumaTofu [Short Comic] Shou Tako

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2021.10.18 07:34 Dry-Zucchini123 In Creed (2015), character Ricky Conlan gets sentenced to prision for charges of illegal gun possesion. This is a reference that he is an Everton fan.

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2021.10.18 07:34 tysbonus 6’3-183 lbs. Big Debate in the tiktok comment section so, decided to take it to the pro’s. Is it reasonable and in that span of time?

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2021.10.18 07:34 FaradaySaint It's worth reading the entire letters from Liberty Jail that sections 121-123 are based on.

This week for Come Follow Me, we'll be studying Doctrine and Covenants section 121-123. These have some of my favorite verses, but they always felt choppy. I thought I knew the historical context, but when I decided to read the full letters, it made much more sense.
Why do the first few verses of section 121 switch from Joseph's prayer to God answering him? They actually don't. There are three whole pages of context between verses 6 and 7! Joseph explains why he has felt abandoned, but also why he feels God's peace when he receives letters from his friends and family.
Joseph also seems to be seriously calling some people out with the whole "many are called but few are chosen." Who is he talking about? Well, he specifically calls out Sampson Avard, the leader of the Danites, but it is obvious that he is also referencing the dozens of other leaders who have left the Church and testified against him in trial.
There are actually two letters, and the second one ends with a long sermon about the importance of religious freedom, which the Latter-day Saints have been denied. In total, the two letters are about 26 handwritten pages, so you'll read a lot more than just the verses we have in the scriptures, but I promise it is worth it. The Joseph Smith Papers has the transcripts, which you can read here:
March 20, 1839 (121:1-33)
March 22, 1839 (121:34-45, 122, 123)
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2021.10.18 07:34 CANTINGPEPPER16 What is your game plan?

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2021.10.18 07:34 MediaTrafficOrg The CW claims “Powerpuff Girls” pilot was really bad, only thing right was the cast; Chloe Bennet Leaves Series

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2021.10.18 07:34 JimmieJ48fan Reddit NASCAR Cup Series Fantasy League Week 34-Kansas (Sun 10-24 3pm)

Standings after Week 33

Rank +/- Driver Points Behind Wins Plof Pts Winnings
1 -- CaptainBert^ + 4171 Leader 7 71 $7,637,308
2 -- JJohnson48fan* 4142 -29 5 52 $7,574,963
3 +1 hgimn* 4130 -41 3 39 $5,996,353
4 +1 DaltonTG^ 4127 -44 4 36 $6,759,167
5 +1 justbo-lieve^ 4123 -48 3 32 $5,774,708
6 +2 carpetbeggar^ 4115 -56 2 28 $5,483,507
7 -- laserviper* 4109 -62 4 28 $6,628,809
8 -5 SamsungGearS2* 4091 -80 4 40 $5,832,619
9 -- panther24^ # 2602 -1569 3 36 $6,027,111
10 +1 GTA1984* 2578 -1593 1 20 $5,332,968
11 -1 Maddi10* 2557 -1614 3 32 $5,857,799
12 -- Rowdy54* 2554 -1617 4 38 $5,955,139
13 -- HoovDawg^ # 2473 -1698 1 35 $7,468,144
14 -- KJH278* 2455 -1716 4 32 $6,515,340
15 -- JTodd14^ 2393 -1778 3 24 $5,633,629
16 -- JamieMcMurray26* 2333 -1838 0 19 $5,304,662
17 -- Slumerican^ 2293 -1878 2 14 $5,698,630
18 -- KEMxxG^ 2206 -1965 0 6 $5,306,430
19 -- Mike1494* 2079 -2092 1 14 $5,577,960
20 +1 turtlemaster942^ # 2062 -2109 0 5 $5,039,841
21 +1 mva812^ # 2061 -2110 1 11 $5,133,678
22 -2 MoneyMike^ 2059 -2112 0 17 $5,400,822
23 -- scooby10672^ # 1717 -2454 0 11 $4,696,848
24 -- WranglerMan^ # 593 -3578 0 5 $1,717,801
25 -- GoodOlBoys01^ # 361 -3810 1 6 $1,550,547
26 -- Lonely4_ever^ 121 -4050 0 2 $274,104
27 -- monopoly_mane^ # 57 -4114 0 0 $677,375
"#" = Rookie
"+" = Clinched Championship 4 Position
Points Spreadsheet
Manufacturer Standings after Week 33
On the Manufacturer tab of the Points link above
ROTY Standings after Week 33
On the ROTY tab of the Points link above
Kansas Speedway. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hollywood Casino 400
JJohnson48fan, CaptainBert, DaltonTG, hgimn, justbo-lieve, and HoovDawg
Poles Won (AKA: Highest Average Starting Position of Picks)
Races Won (AKA: Scored most points during a week)
Used This Week: GTA1984, JamieMcMurray26, JTodd14, KEMxxG, KJH278, Mike1494, mva812, panther24, and turtlemaster942
Playoff Grid
Clinched Championship 4 Position This Week
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2021.10.18 07:34 Teffisk Does riding through the bonk make you stronger?

I went on a 65 mile ride yesterday sort of by accident. I just found a nice route along the way, but didn't bring enough food with me. I started struggling about mile 45 and was basically limping the last 5 miles. My 17 mph speed dropped to like 12. Today I feel like a shell of myself :')
Along the way, I was thinking of putting coaches who yell things "These are the ones that count!" when you can barely lift the bar anymore, implying that when you're depleted you build the most strength. Do you think this applies to riding?
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2021.10.18 07:34 PArecluse IMPORTANT: Candidates for positions that will affect PA

Local election: Hospital District 1, Commissioner District 1 POSITION 2
J. Thomas Oblak vs Jim McEntire
McEntire is one of the two main guys that are pushing for right-wing candidates to win in all positions in Port Angeles. He's co-leader of the so-called Independent Advisory Council, which put Armacost in as mayor and then plugged a couple of other people into the Sequim City Council. Now they're backing McEntire, plus candidate for all 4 Port Angeles City Council positions on this year's ballot -- basically running against the four incumbents:
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2021.10.18 07:34 Chandru1 10/17 10:33 PM, 3 sneezes

It's fall allergy season here.
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2021.10.18 07:34 Prestigious_Ad9348 Hello! I’m looking for a builder to design my futuristic house if you are a builder or know anyone can me please dm me. Thanks in Advance!

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2021.10.18 07:34 james33299 Biden admin tells Supreme Court that Guantanamo detainee can provide limited testimony

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2021.10.18 07:34 unif2 Relevant pics for my previous post entitled "Pop OS installer not starting when booting chromebook from bootable USB"

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2021.10.18 07:34 Shotgun133565 This this match was FIRE
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2021.10.18 07:34 PierreA51 qui est réveillé ?

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2021.10.18 07:34 james33299 Bidens caught violating DC mask mandate at posh Georgetown restaurant

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2021.10.18 07:34 ThrowRaNotHimbo My (22M) girlfriend(22F) calls me Himbo even after I told her it hurts me and makes me feel bad.

We have been dating for 3 years. We moved in together 7 months ago. She picked up this term about month ago. She has being using to refer to me often. I know she is trying to compliment me but it makes me feel like shit.
All I hear is her calling me dumb. My parents assumed that I was stupid because I have AHDH. I had to work really hard to overcome that. It really wrecked my self confidence for a while and I had to work really hard for them to realize that their son is not dumb.
I have talked to her about it. I explained to her why I take it as an insult even though she doesn't mean it that way. She doesn't get it at all. She points out all the positive traits and says Himbo doesn't have to be less intelligent. It is really having a negative impact on me. I don't know what to do at this point.
TLDR : My girlfriend calls me Himbo often but I hate it and explained why, she thinks I am over reacting?
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2021.10.18 07:34 Serendipstyx if someone hugged me right now id just start bawling.

it’s been years since i felt anything with anyone. i just want to feel like im genuinely wanted. like someone out there really does care. but i think they’re long gone.
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2021.10.18 07:34 Panditcasm_ Based DC vs virgin marvel

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2021.10.18 07:34 Late_Purpose7623 I'm not intentionally starving my kids

I share a lot on reddit. Love it or hate it but talking to people who have been in my shoes and survived is the reassurance i need right now. Pathetic to you maybe, but I’m lonely and starved of adult conversation. Anytime I make a post asking for advice there are people who hound me with questions that aren't relevant to my post and sidetracks the conversation to the point where my posts are getting locked. I've decided to make this and pin it to the top of my account so people don’t keep asking on every post and I'm to the point where I come off a bit snappy and annoyed but don't hold that against me, it's my grief.
We have been at the campground since October 1st and have been going to the township for dinners every night. The township is going to be closed for a week to “covid clean” so I needed ideas on how I could stretch a dollar. The first post had too many rude trolls telling me to feed my kids pennies and to end my life too so my kids would go to a “proper” mother. The second got locked after too many questions off topic.
My husband was the breadwinner, he took his life. The DHS office still based my need off his income, I qualify for nothing until November 1st when I will apply again and it will be based on my income. My small town has a pantry but you can only go twice. No exceptions, no loophole, no amount of begging. A small town also means 211 is scarce and not available to me. The church in town is the same church that turned me away because what my husband did was a sin. I do not have a car, the next town is a 40 minute drive. If you’ve ever lived in a small “everybody knows everybody” town you would understand.
I know $15 to feed 5 people isn’t sustainable. I know that it is diddlee squat and near impossible but here we are. My kids get two free meals and two snacks at school everyday and on the weekends their lunch lady sends them home with sack meals. It definitely makes me embarrassed that I can't provide for them but pride aside, I'm grateful for it.
That being said, please stop telling me I'm a bad mother when there is nothing I can do about it besides love my kids, pray til the first, and make do with what I have. Please stop lecturing me on proper nutrition, please stop telling me to contact the church and DHS. Nothing is happening until the 1st. I know it’s frustrating, there should be resources but this is the hand I’m dealing with at the moment. I’m grieving my best friend on top of all this and my emotional health is dismal. I don’t need to read about how terrible I am in my inbox. Please.
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2021.10.18 07:34 SnooDoughnuts5189 just hi

This is a meme :)
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2021.10.18 07:34 james33299 Suns’ Mikal Bridges agrees to 4-year, $90 million extension

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2021.10.18 07:34 SE_to_NW CCP deterrence: Fragile, brittle, and weakening

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